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Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift, Eyelid Surgery Photos

Barbara Walters now 84 year old, famously like any other celebrity denied undergoing the knife in any form. But if you compare her pictures over the years, you would see prominent signs of surgeries. What caught everyone’s eye was the simple fact that even though Barbra’s overall appearance aged like anyone else in their 80′s, but if you take a closer look upon her face you would realize that she doesn’t have any wrinkles and her teeth look nothing like what they did before. Judging from all the pictures over the years, it looks like she has extensively undergone:

Barbara Walters plastic surgery rumor is growing wild nowadays. The daytime TV anchor has recently appeared with a very tight and unnatural looking; in fact she is no longer young. So then, many celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites start to speculate that she has had a deal with the surgery.

If we are taking a comparison of her photos through the years, it is undeniable that she appears with extremely fresh and younger look. Many think that she has had a full facelift and some other minor treatment to fight the aging signs.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, says, “Barbara Walters is likely having a facelift combined with filler injection.” She looks 20 years younger than her real age.

Well, it is very common that the veteran actress needs some facial treatment to maintain her look in front of the camera. Walters is not the only one of veteran Hollywood celebrities who has had facial work done; Kris Jenner, Helen Hunt, Katie Couric and some other celebrities also have it too.

In addition to having a facelift, she also appears to have had a neck lift. As the evidence, her neck looks very nice and firm. Unlike other women of her age, she doesn’t seem to have the excess fat or sagging skin around the neck.

Moreover, we can also notice that her eyes appear wide open and free from under eye bags or drooping skin, unlike many other women experience when they are getting older. It makes us speculate that she has undergone upper and lower eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). Additionally, her forehead also looks so youthful which may be, as a result, of a forehead lift.

Well, Walters has not officially talked to public about the rumor, but if she has some work done to her face, I need to say thanks to her plastic surgeon. She looks fantastic for her age.

Experts seem to agree with the media too. Beverley Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami  says; “Barbara Walters appears to have had another facelift combined with way too much fat or filler injections.” The doctor also mentioned that she looks a bit overdone, but that could have been because her face is still settling from the surgery and injections.

Of course, Walters haven’t addresses any of the rumours or expert opinions yet – but then it’s a little too early, we think. At a cousins wedding in February 2013, Barbara showed up looking much younger for her years. We think, she is one lady for whom plastic surgery has done wonders. The 82 year old is going good for now, but watch your next move Barbara – you don’t want to cross the line and get scarred in the battle against age, do you?

Barbara Walters Young

Botox Injections – When you start taking a closeup on Barbra Walters face, the first thing you would notice is that she doesn’t have any wrinkles or crows feet. Which is extremely common amongst people post their 40′s, especially celebrities as they are mostly sleep deprived. It either means that she has been a steady fan of Botox injections or granny found a cool trick to iron out those wrinkles.

Eyelid Surgery – Another cool trick that Barbra Walters has managed to pull with her superhuman reporting powers is that her eyes show now sign of aging and bags. Explained in simple words, anyone above the age of 40 will undoubtedly have drooping eyes and bags under their eyes and the dark circles tagged along with under eye wrinkles are just an added bonus. And like the most of her face, Barbara’s eyes does not have either of them. They look as firm and perfect like they did decades ago and there is no miracle makeup in the world, except plastic surgery that can do that trick.

Face Lift – After going through all the pictures of Barbra Walters over the years, it looks like she has been a long going fan of face lifts. Why? Simply because as you start aging, gravity starts loving your face and starts dragging it towards itself and causing your face to sag. Apart from the loss of skin elasticity is also another things which causes the face to sag and Barbra is amongst those few people who has kept her face from doing any gravity tricks all at. Translations, Face Lift. Because without the help of Face lift’s, someone in their 80′s would require thousands of stapler pins to hold their face up.

Neck Lift – There is an ancient saying that Face Lifts and Neck Lifts go hand in hand and this is one saying that has become a staple for Barbara Walters plastic surgery list. If you look closely at Barbra’s neck, then at your grandmas neck and then back again at Barbra’s face, you will she that your grandma has 10 times the wrinkles than her face. But incase of Barbra’s neck, her neck matches her face in every way and zeroed out the wrinkles completely. Which means that she has been a long going fan of Neck Lifts as well.

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Did Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery Disaster Before and After Photos

Has Barbara Hershey Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Barbara Hershey was born Barbara Herzstein on February 5, 1948, in Hollywood, California, to Arnold Norman, a horse-racing columnist and Melrose Herzstein.

Barbara was lanky, thin, and painfully shy, although by the age of ten she distinguished herself as an “A” student.

She was very quiet; many assumed she was deaf. She was given the name Sarah Bernhardt because of her dramatic performances in the backyard.

Did Barbara Hershey have cosmetic surgery?
The Chicago Tribune referred to Hershey as “one of America’s finest actresses.”

She earned an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for her role in a mini series entitled A Small Town In Miami and an Academy Award nomination for Portrait of a Lady.

Additionally, she won an award for her performance in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ for her portrayal of Mary Magdalene.

She won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in Shy People.

Hershey was featured in Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters and many other less memorable films, television movies, and several television series.

It is aptly stated and validated to be true that Hershey is a “great little actress, not just a pretty face”. However, she did not attain professional acclaim, recognition for her gift, or success until after almost twenty years into her career had passed.

The star of the movie "Beaches" - Barbara Hershey recently broke up with her partner - the star of "Lost" - Naveen Andrews after being together for a long time. No one revealed the cause of the break up but according to a reliable source is probably because Barbara is a plastic surgery addict and her partner cannot stand her any longer. This has been proven to be true because after the breakup, Barbara still uses fillers and uses them more and more. Barbara Hershey has used fillers, Botox and a facelift.

It is known that Barbara younger than Andrews 21 years but in the photos, as they are at the same age. This is obviously due to a long-term contract with Botox and fillers to have a free wrinkles forehead, shiny and smooth skin. Because of this, people often recognize Barbara with a hard, raw, no emotional and always stretch face. Everyone can see in all the photos of the couple when they were together, the age difference is not apparent whether Barbara Hershey is older than Andrews over 20 years old. That's a pretty big age gap but if not clearly interested in their lives, you will never realize this.

The surgery began in the Barbara's Botox injections. And as a result, you may not see any fine lines or wrinkles because Botox has made them disappear. However this has made her face becomes frozen, different from the vivacious, agility and smiley face of her before. But she also uses lip pump method to bring a pair thick and curved lips and it was very trendy in the world of Hollywood. Barbara admits to using collagen lip injection method in the early 1990s, before starring in the movie "Beaches". After that, she has endured a lot of criticism, meetings, interviews revolved around this issue. However, in spite of the curiosity of fans, Barbara still used fillers and extra parts other cosmetic surgery. From here, Barbara Hershey officially entered the plastic surgery route and become an addict cutlery.

After breaking up with Andrews, Barbara has had a facelift and this helped her more in the movie "Black Swan" as the mother of Natalie Portman. This decision helped the film was nominated for an Oscar. However, many people wondered, did not know Barbara's cosmetic surgery may be an example of bad plastic surgery, but the consequences of this bringing benefit to everyone (or at least the movie "Black Swan").

Barbara Hershey has more than 60 years old but still aging not leave any signs on her face. Her forehead does not show any manifestation and it looks a bit "frozen". Although Barbara always avoided answering the problems of her plastic surgery but just compare the images before and after this and it should not give any more explanation, her rumors about plastic surgeries are true.

Did She Have Cosmetic Surgery?

In the movie, Beaches Barbara’s cosmetically augmented, lush, and full lips stole the show. Comedian Steve Harvey referred to her as “that little big lipped girl”.

Erma Brombeck stated in an article: “I have no idea what ‘Beaches‘ was all about. All I could focus on was Barbara Hershey’s lips. She looked like she stopped off at a gas station and someone said, ‘your lips are down 30 pounds. Better let me hit ‘em with some air.’”

Barbara admits that she received collagen injections for her role in “Beaches” and not as part of any longer term or permanent cosmetic enhancement.  Her lips returned to normal soon afterwards.

Like other famous actors and actresses (see Bethenny Frankel and Kim K plastic surgery), it has been reported that she has received several touch-ups over the years.
Barbara Hershey’s Plastic Surgery After Break-Up

It was reported that Barbara Hershey had an extensive face lift after her relationship with her significant other, Naveen Andrews, was severed or terminated in May 2010.Barbara Hershey before plastic surgery

They were in a committed relationship for 12 years. Although Naveen was twenty-one years younger than Hershey, in photographs, they looked almost the same age. This was suggested that Hershey’s perpetual youth may have been the result of her use of rejuvenation procedures such as fillers to provide her with a smooth, shiny, creaseless, sculptured looking forehead, and wrinkle free face.

Some say the skin on her face is unnaturally taut and has an eerie plastic appearance.

One doctor from Manhattan, who has not personally treated Barbara Hershey himself alleges and unequivocally believes that she may have recently undergone a major face-lift in order to look younger after her breakup with Naveen and for the role of Natalie Portman’s mom in Black Swan.

Her look could have conceivably influenced movie decision makers to decide in her favor.

The Oscar nominated movie, Black Swan was released earlier this year. The movie was excellent but the Hershey’s look left some wondering whether it is an example of plastic surgery gone bad as the “after” result left a lot to be desired; it looked a bit unnatural and ‘plastic’.  Kenny Rogers’ cosmetic surgery falls into the same category.

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Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants, Botox Injections Before and After Images

Barbara Eden plastic surgery is a confirmation that age is not a barrier when it comes to beauty and glamour. Many celebrities more so women have developed sensitivity around their appearance that drives them to do whatever it takes to look good and gorgeous. The face has been defined as the center of attention and attraction. This has made lots of women to procure cosmetic procedures that aim at working on the face and making it better and more presentable.

Regardless of age, many of celebrities believe that beauty plays a major role in career and life success. Barbara Eden is not a strange case; she also acts out of the need to stay in shape and style.

Her old age surgical procedures may be some of the few cases that are reported or rumored but does not make it the only one. Her youthful appearance at her age has made many people to be curious about the kinds of treatment that she uses. Of course diet and exercise are out of question.

Did Barbara Eden Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by before and after photos, she indeed has something strange and unnatural for 80-year-old women. Her face does not reflect much aging signs but it looks so smooth, fresh, and tight. We guess that she possibly has got some cosmetic surgery procedures like facelift combined with Botox injection. Generally women’s face in her age will show many frown lines around their face, but what we see on Eden’s face, it still looks great.  Hence Barbara Eden cosmetic surgery rumor seems to be true. Does she stop with facial surgery? Or are there still many surgical procedures that she possibly has got?

If we compare before and after photos, she apparently does not only have plastic surgery face, but she also likely has got other procedures like nose job and breast implants. Well, let’s identify the other signs of her surgical procedures beyond facelift and Botox. If we look at her latest nose shape, then we compare with her old one. It seems to have changed. It has to be noted that Barbara previously had a bit wide and rounded nose, but it now has changed to be more narrowed and pointed with pinned down nostrils. We strongly believe that such nose change is only able to be obtained through a rhinoplasty surgery. Meanwhile, if we look a little down to the parts of her body exactly in the chest area, her cup size still looks wonderful and tight. It has to be kept in mind that her age has crossed 80 years old in which women’s bust appearance generally will decline. But what we see on her breast, it still looks full, tight, and rounded. Therefore, we really believe if she has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for breast implants.

What kind of plastic surgery Barbara Eden has done?


The accumulation of fat in old age is a very common phenomenon. It can be explained by the fact that at such an age, the body metabolism is usually very weak and slow. This combined with the slow rate of activities makes fat burning a difficult and an uphill task for the body.

One of the easiest ways of getting rid of these excess fat deposits is through liposuction. Through surgical procedures, the fat is carefully removed leaving behind a much leaner body. This is what Barbara Eden went through.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Barbara Eden nose job had a bit of a round nose evident from her before photos. This could have been something that the celebrity was not happy with considering that it kind of fell out of place with the rest of the facial features.

Looking at the nasal organ of Barbara Eden today, you would notice that the nose is somewhat narrow, her nostrils smaller, her nose tip sharper and refined and a nose bridge that look a bit artificial. This is the work of a nose job.

Botox Injections

Almost every celebrity would want to look smooth, free of wrinkles and stress lines. This makes them look young and vibrant. It is actually a statement against aging. Botox injections are usually done by experts’ cosmetic surgeons who use chemicals such as Restylane and Juvederm to get rid of wrinkle traces. Looking at the face of Barbara, you can tell by the smoothness that something must be a miss. Wrinkles would have been expected in place of the smooth face.

Breast Implants

There were rumors existed about her breasts also. Yeah, the list not completed the yet. She also had breast implants. Well, it was not a failure. The enlargement fits her body perfectly. If you check the photos of her before and after, you can see that her breast size increased than before. It is because of the surgery she had done. Now she have larger cups.

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Barack Obama Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Facelift Before and After Images

Did Barack Obama have Plastic Surgery? 
Early pictures of law student Barack Obama reveal a geeky kid with a big nose and hair to match. The nose in his early pictures is quite wide and very round. Fast forwarding several years to the current presidential campaign, and some insiders have claimed that Obama’s nose looks more refined at the tip, which may have been the result of a conservative rhinoplasty procedure. A reader of Orange County based plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia’s blog, identified as Corey queries, “Since this is a plastic surgery forum. Have you seen Barack prior to his rhinoplasty?

Check out the pictures of him while in law school. Very big nose. Wonder if he could have been president with the old nose? He wasn’t very attractive then.” Dr. Di Saia responded, saying “It looks like the blogger might be right. The old Barack image features a more rounded nasal tip. His later images look consistent with a minimal tip rhinoplasty to me. It makes for a more “Caucasian” look. Maybe.” On the other hand, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif told Make Me Heal that he doesn’t think that Barack has even had the minor rhinoplasty.  

Has Barack Obama Gotten Plastic Surgery?

 Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has been compared to that of the Kennedy’s. But would the democratic candidate be quite so handsome without a nose job in his past? Make Me Heal looks at the rumors of an Obama rhinoplasty.
Early pictures of law student Barack Obama reveal a geeky kid with a big nose and hair to match. The nose in his early pictures is quite wide and very round. Fast forwarding several years to the current presidential campaign, and Obama’s nose looks more refined at the tip, which is likely the result of a conservative rhinoplasty procedure.

A reader of Orange County based plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia’s blog, identified as Corey queries, “Since this is a plastic surgery forum. Have you seen Barack prior to his rhinoplasty? Check out the pictures of him while in law school. Very big nose. Wonder if he could have been president with the old nose? He wasn’t very attractive then.”

Dr. Di Saia responds, “It looks like the blogger might be right. The old Barack image features a more rounded nasal tip. His later images look consistent with a minimal tip rhinoplasty to me. It makes for a more “Caucasian” look. Maybe. Nice pickup.”

He sure looks happy in the picture on the left. Oh, no wonder, he just got lei'd.

It's subtle, but yeah, there's a difference.

The picture on the left looks like he had a huge cold sore or boil underneath his right nostril. Other than that, I don't see it.
Obama Rhinoplasty?

I doubt it.

Obama just wore his nose down kissing Soro's A$$.

Obama has a bad case of proboscus carborundum.

Another reason he should not be president.

It takes a lot of butt kissing to wear down a nose as big as Obama's used to be.

He probably has over 100,000 miles on his nose and the warranty has run out.

From what we do know of Obama’s lineage, he would not be entitled to reparations as he has no slave ancestry. His father came from Africa and his mother was a white American whose family in fact may have owned slaves somewhere along the line. But nothing to show he’s descended from American slaves brought over from Africa.

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Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Breast Implants,Facelift Before and After Photos

The famous model Bar Refaeli has buzz the media by her shocking news, the news told that her beautiful face and body are unnatural. Her beautiful face and body made by several plastic surgery procedures. So, what kinds of procedure she had? Based one some sources, Bar Refaeli has several surgery procedures including breast implants, nose job and vampire facelift. Let’s we discuses her plastic surgery procedures one by one.

The first procedure is breast implants. As everybody knows, Bar Refaeli has a beautiful couple of breasts and as a model, it makes her carer increased. Unfortunately, the breasts she has now are unnatural. She did breast augmentation procedure to enhance her breast. As you can see now, her breasts are bigger and more rounded than before. This issue is strengthened by the expert Dr. Jhon Di Saia said that Bar Refaeli at least has breast implants. It is very embarrassing the super model Bar Refaeli has unnatural breasts.

The second plastic surgery procedure is a nose job. Based on an expert statement who said that Bar Refaeli has a nose job procedure, it makes the issue spreads in many medias and shocked many people especially her fans. The expert said that Bar Refaeli nasal tip looked smaller. It is very hard to proof that she did a rhinoplasty or nose job procedure, but if you take a look at her before after carefully, you can see that her recent picture of her shows that her nose looks smaller and thinner than before.

The third surgery procedure that Bar Refaeli has is vampire facelift. This issue buzzes many online medias recently,. It was started when she post her picture on instagram. The picture shows that she did vampire facelift including juvederm and Restylane. Some sources say that she paid $1.500 for the vampire facelift.

Bar Refaeli Breast Implants Before and After

Well if we look at Bar Refaeli plastic surgery before and after Photos, she indeed has some changes on her bust appearance. It looks too big for her tiny body frame. We guess that she has been under surgeon’s knife for breast implants so that her new cup size can look bigger than before. On the other hand, if we look detail at before and after photos, she apparently does not only have boob job but we also found that her nose now looks slightly different. Her nose now looks well defined with smaller nostrils appearance where as her old picture reveals that she previously possessed wide nose appearance with slightly rounded at tip. We suppose that she has got nose job as well for her nose shape changes.

There are many disputes regarding to Bar Refaeli plastic surgery rumor, some plastic surgery experts agree that she has breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgery to enhance her image. As it was explained by Dr. Jennifer Walden, she said that this beautiful and sexy model apparently had got very well plastic surgery procedures like breast implants and nose job so that she could look wonderful in her 28-year-old-age. The surgeon ensured that both of her surgery procedures, boob job and nose surgery, were well done hence her appearance still looks natural and conservative.

On the contrary, not a few of them disagree if this model has some beauty enhancements through cosmetic surgery procedures. They ensure that she is still young so everything can happen to her. They add that if we found some differences on her appearance, it may be caused by makeup or camera effect or view angler. It is hard to know whether Bar Refaeli plastic surgery rumor is true or false because she never gives confirmation about it.

In short, regardless of whether Bar Refaeli has plastic surgery or not, we notice that she indeed looks more mature in her 28-year-old-age. If she really has been under knife for her changes, we believe that all the procedures of her plastic surgery are well done. However, if she really ages naturally, we would be proud of her because she is still able to stay away from plastic surgery interest. Whatever she has done to her appearance seems to be great job.

hese are both tell-tale signs of a boob job. Surgeons can’t make the same conclusions about her nose though, as the minor changes it’s undergone since her youth appear to just be the result of aging and great genetics (her mother was also a successful model).

Make Me Heal can’t help thinking that not all of her fine assets are nature made and that her large breasts are the work of a skilled plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden agrees, stating: "Bar Refaeli has an amazing body, and it does appear that she may have undergone breast enhancement by the look and voluminous shape of her bustline in the bikini photos."

Bar’s implants are well-done, as nearly their only giveaway is their large size on her slim frame.

New York City plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer notes: "Bar Refaeli is naturally beautiful. She certainly has a great body and face. There are a few pictures of her swimming which show her left breast volume shifted upwards as compared to her right.

While other pictures at the same photo shoot show the breasts at even position. This could possibly be due to the implant shifting within in its pocket. However, I see no other evidence which would suggest plastic surgery. There is no question why she is a supermodel – she is gorgeous."

It has to be noted that plastic surgery amongst supermodels is common, especially nose jobs and breast implants, leading "Body Work"…Breast and Body Contouring expert Dr. John Di Saia to surmise that Bar has: "At least breast implants."

Bar may also have had a rhinoplasty, another common plastic surgery procedure amongst supermodels.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., states: "Difficult for me to tell exactly, but I think her nasal tip looks a little smaller. It she did have one, it was conservative and it looks good."

Although Dr. Nassif specializes in the face, he also notes Bar’s large chest, saying: "They do seem a little large to be natural."

Dr. Shafer quoted as saying: "Compared to the SI photo, Bar now has two new moles on her abdomen which were not previously present. Her inner thighs also seem to getter farther and farther apart. I doubt this is due to lipo or another other procedure."

Dr. Walden claims: "Bar Refaeli’s facial features do not appear to have changed much since she was a child. Her nose looks more proportionate to the rest of her face, which could be the result of a conservative rhinoplasty or just growing into her features. It does look as if she has had breast augmentation, as her bust seems too wide for her frame."

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Bar Paly Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job Photos

Bar Paly: Real Or Fake?

Before she lit up screens with her bombshell good looks, Pain and Gain star Bar Paly was just you regular, run-of-the-mill highly paid Israeli model. However, something, or shall we say “somethings” led to her going from a pretty face to a full fledged actress. Those “things” are her huge breasts…and maybe some acting talent, but we’re going to stick to talking about her breasts. Now the question arises as it always does: are they real? We unfortunately can’t say for sure whether Bar Paly plastic surgery( see more or not, because the older pics we can find where here cleavage looks smaller look a little doctored and may have been before a growth spurt (we also don’t know how old she is). However, we can say that her breasts seem a little large for her frame and seem a little too perfect to be real. So did Bar Paly have plastic surgery? We don’t know folks, take a look at her and judge for yourselves.

Is Bar Paly Acting with Plastic Surgery?
Bar Paly is the latest supermodel turned actress to hit the big screen, showing off her assets. So is the secret to silver screen success plastic surgery?

While Bar probably takes good care of her skin and body in order to have a long career, she may have boosted her chosen profession with breast implants, which help her fill out everything from bikinis to ball gowns with just a touch more cleavage than you might expect from a thin woman.

Breast implants are common in modeling, as is nose surgery, which may also help Bar find success on screen as she looks great from every angle.

Bar looks hot and managed to compete with her better known named costars, which is impressive for someone new to the field.

He was arguably the one who made Rosie Huntington-Whitely a household name when he cast her in Transformers 3.

And the actors of director Michael Bay's new action blockbuster seemed to be appreciating his latest supermodel discovery during filming yesterday.

The 47-year-old has cast Israeli-born Bar Paly in Pain and Gain, alongside The Rock and Mark Wahlberg.

The usual hard man couldn't wipe the smile from his face as he drove the vehicle on a set in Miami as Bar waves her hands in the air.
She was later seen prancing around in a skimpy white bandage dress, which exposed her bright pink bra, and strappy heels.

The blonde plays Sabina Petrescu, an illegal immigrant who fantasizes of becoming the next Marilyn Monroe.
The film, based on a true story, follows two bodybuilders - Mark and The Rock - who find themselves embroiled in a kidnapping scheme.

Monk star Tony Shalhoub plays the target of the plot.

Bar has already shown off her acting skills in The Ruins, The Starter Wife and the upcoming Charlie Sheen comedy A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.

Bar Paly had plastic surgery to improve her self image. The before & after pictures show that she had breast implants.

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Avril Lavigne Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Job Before and After Photos

Has Avril Lavigne Gotten Breast Implants?
Avril Lavigne, the pop punk princess has almost certainly had a nose job since entering the music scene. But Make Me Heal suspects there might be some more plastic surgery going on for the 23-year old, below the neck.
Avril Lavigne Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Nose Job

One feature of Avril Lavigne’s appearance is she has a pretty nose, unfortunately this nose is not natural. If you check about Avril Lavigne’s nose job before and after photos below, you can see her nose was much bigger, round and bulbous than what it looks now. After the nose job, her nose was much better refined with a thinner bridge and smaller tip.

Avril Lavigne Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Breast Implants

Avril Lavigne’s breast size was just A cup. Then after the breast implants, her breast size suddenly became C cup. It’s 90% the result of the boob job because you can see she didn’t gain much weight before and after. But we have to admit her breast implants are nice ones because it seems natural.

Avril Lavigne is no stranger to changing her image, having undergone a rhinoplasty to make her nose longer and less bulbous. According to NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. George Lefkovits, “Her old nose was too short and bulbous. The new nose has better balance and proportion. The tip is more refined.”Avril Lavigne, Rhinoplasty

Now it seems like the young married woman may have undergone a breast augmentation.

Avril Lavigne, Breast Augmentation

Avril appears to have gone from a small A-cup to a C-cup. The singer is on the thin side, so any growth in her breasts would be disproportionate and give her an overly done appearance. Her breasts also seem to be riding higher than before and are very round, other possible indicators of a breast augmentation.

On the other hand, Avril hasn’t worn revealing clothing until fairly recently, so it is possibly her breasts have just been in hiding or the singer is now wearing more supportive, push-up bras that accentuate her breasts than she has in the past.

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Audrey Hepburn Plastic Surgery Bad Before and After Nose Job Photos

Audrey Hepburn Measurements — flawless and timeless

The amazing and timeless beauty who made the iconic little black dress by Givenchy famous, the beauty who starred in My Fair Lady and won countless of awards is none other than the inspiring woman by the name of Audrey Hepburn. She belonged to that golden age of Hollywood when curves were appreciated and movies were known for its content and classy and elegant women who acted in them. It was that time when stick thin models were not preferred as there was no concept of size 0! Audrey Hepburn Measurements are definitely in the top of charts when it comes to defining the perfect body figure for a woman.

This film and fashion icon had been through a tumultuous time as her childhood and adolescence was affected by World War II. After the war got over, Audrey’s life finally got into place and her acting career began shortly. Her waif like figure has always been the subject of much discussion and introspection as frankly we haven’t seen anyone quite like her. To be very precise Audrey Hepburn Measurements are 32-20-35 proving the fact which we just mentioned. Having a 20 sized waistline is beyond any woman’s dreams. We have not even seen any celebrity in recent times who could even come as close as a 23! It has been said that Hepburn herself thought that she was too skinny for her own good and constantly kept fighting with her inner self. She felt that her breasts were not bigger and her nose was weird and had actually questioned as to how so many people appreciated her beauty! Shocking isn’t it?!

Who is the most beautiful woman of all time? My wife, of course. Who is the most beautiful celebrity of all time? I would have to say Audrey Hepburn. In my opinion, Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of Hollywood grace, style, class, and beauty. While there are so many stars today who are getting bad plastic surgery (and I have commented on quite a few), I do think it is important to recognize someone who has had good work done.
Now, do I really think she has had work done? It’s hard to say. I always tell my patients that “Good plastic surgery is so natural that people cannot tell it’s been done.” Audrey looked absolutely beautiful even at an advanced age. I thought she was glowing in the overlooked movie “Always,” which to my knowledge was her last big role. Could she have had a mini-facelift to tighten up her neckline, and some eyelid lifts to keep her from looking worn out and tired? Quite possibly. Either way, she always looked fantastic and carried herself with a grace that is rarely seen today. She is an example for all of the aging actresses that it is possible to grow older and remain naturally beautiful. Her work with UNICEF must also be commended, as she spent time with children in third world countries way before Brangelina appeared on the scene. I, too, did my part for UNICEF when trick-or-treating in my store-bought Batman outfit…

The British actress Audrey Hepburn who also worked as a humanitarian as well, was born on May 4, 1929 in Belgium. The actress died at her Switzerland home at the age 63 due to appendicle cancer, but she earned huge popularity for her acting in films. She also won many awards and accolades through this acting as well, including Tony Award, BAFTA award, Emmy, Grammy and most importantly Oscar award. She was the fashion icon of her age and is still known as the one of the most famous actresses of all time. She was the darling of the millions of hearts who loved her lot.

Though the plastic surgery procedures were not common in those days, yet it is said that she had a mini facelift or an eyelid surgery before her death. She was loosening skin on her face, so she underwent a mini facelift through which she tightened the skin on her face. Same was the purpose of eyelid surgery as well. Through that eyelid surgery, she removed the sagging skin on her eyebrows and tightened the area around her eyes, which also removed her crow’s feet as well.

The American Film Institute says that she was the third greatest female face the American cinema has ever had. Her name is also included in the International Best Dressed List Hal of Fame as well. She did various blockbuster movies, such as Roman Holiday, Charade, My Fair Lady, Wait Until Dark, Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Images

Most people know that Christopher Ashton Kutcher is a successful American former model, producer, and actor, but some may not know that he has been rumored to have some works done to maintain his youthful appearance. Does he really have plastic surgery? If he does so, what kinds of surgery procedures did he have? Let’s see below..!

The famous star who was born on February 7, 1979 and best known as Michael Kelso in that ‘70s Show Fox sitcom is clearly handsome so that most women adore him so much because of his appearance. But, some of his fans are surprised with his new appearance. So, what is wrong with his appearance? Some people think that his latest appearance now looks a bit unnatural. They are afraid if his unnatural appearance is all caused by cosmetic surgery procedures.

Ashton Kutcher Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Judging by comparing between before and after photos,there is something strange on his face especially on his nose shape. It apparently has been reshaped through rhinoplasty surgery so that his face now looks a bit change. It has to be noted that he previously had bulbous nose, but it now looks narrower and more defined at the tip and middle cartilage. Some celebrity plastic surgery watchers believe that he has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for nose job. Luckily, Ashton Kutcher nose job has been successfully carried out so that his appearance now looks more attractive and his new nose shape looks fit to his face frame.

In addition, one source claimed that the successful actor does not only once surgery, but he reportedly had got two surgical treatments. First, when he was at high school and the second is one later on. Regardless to whether he has got surgery procedures more than once, the former model now looks great and elegant. It is not like other actors plastic surgery such as Burt Reynolds, Rupert Everett, or other male public figures like Bruce Jenner and John Kerry plastic surgery. Most of them reportedly have got bad results from their beauty enhancements.

Personal Life and Plastic Surgery Reports

Kutcher is also highly known for his marriage to actress Demi Moore, who is 15 years his senior. He began dating Moore in 2003 and they were married on September 24, 2005. However, on November 17, 2011, Moore announced her intention to end her marriage to Kutcher. Following more than a year of separation, the actor filed for divorce from Moore on December 21, 2012.

In April 2012, it was reported that Kutcher started dating his That ’70s Show co-star Mila Kunis. The following year, on November 27, his divorce from Moore was finalized. The actor also created much buzz after it was announced in 2011 that he’ll be replacing Charlie Sheen in the series Two and a Half Men. It became more controversial as it was believed that his contract of one year was worth nearly $20 million.

The 36-year-old actor also sparked rumors of a plastic surgery after he was included in In Touch magazine’s list of Hollywood actors suspected of going under the knife. According to the report, 15 to 20 percent of plastic surgery patients are male. Several sites on the internet also claim that Kutcher did undergo a procedure to enhance his nose.

It has been noted that the Two and a Half Men star has an improved look with his narrower nose. Although his representative has denied the claims, expert Dr. Matthew Schulman has said otherwise. He supported the allegations, saying: “His nose is slimmer and appears less crooked”. The difference is distinctive but not to subtle as to cause widespread attention. Plus, it gave him a more masculine look contributing to his soaring career.

Has Ashton Kutcher Had a Nose Job ?

36 year old American actor, producer and former model is well known for his performance in the sitcom That 70′s Show. He showed off his brilliant acting skills in some of the best movies in the recent past like Jobs, Dude, Where’s My Car?, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, The Guardian, and What Happens in Vegas. It’s hard to believe that Ashton had to go under the knife to change something on his face – it sounds absolutely unnecessary. Nevertheless, it has been done and is it better for him now. Take a look at his before and after pix and decide yourself.

The nose surgery rumor is still highly debatable. With one section of celebrity watchers insisting that he had his nose reshaped to be narrower that his masculine natural nose. While other, including experts like celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif have their doubts. It is also opined that if Ashton has indeed had plastic surgery, then he has pulled it off without leaving any tell-tale signs. We agree too, Ashton seems to have had the services of an extremely neat plastic surgeon who has done his job well.

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Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Photos

This American actress and an artist who needs no introduction has been in news right from her early childhood. Ashley Tisdale was born to Mike and Lisa who were an American father and Jewish mother on 2nd July 1985.

She had an inborn talent. She participated in all the auditions meant for children even at the age of three, and she has been seen on almost more than 100 commercial television advertisements. She also has the talent of singing and her voice modulation.

Ashley Tisdale with Christopher French

Ashley Tisdale was the voice behind the famous Disney series Phineas and Ferb; she rented her voice to the character Candace. She also has to her credit some television film roles and music albums. Right from the eighth year of her life she has been in the limelight.

We shall talk of such a celebrity for the looks that she has now obtained by the septoplasty which was undertaken for Ashley Tisdale Nose Job, a little later as we get to understand the personality of this important and multitalented individual.

With so many films and television productions and albums, she has her own company by the name of Blondie Girl Productions which was launched in 2008. She is also known to have played various roles which have got appreciation from the fraternity.

She came to be known as one of the sexiest and top paid artist for promotional campaigns and performances at the fashion shows and shooting for beauty and cosmetic products. Ashley was also found in Forbes High Earners List below 30.

The Celebrity Nose in the Spotlight was the reason when Ashley had decided to get a plastic surgery for the correction of her nose done. The septoplasty was done for some medical reasons as stated by her also. But the disappointment was already there.

Ashley Tisdale regrets admitting to Nose Job. She had some bumps on the nasal septum as a resultant of a childhood fracture. Ashley wanted to get this corrected but was not at all happy with the result of the surgery.

There are some pictures which show Ashley Tisdale Nose Job before and after pictures. These clearly show how the nose was much better before the job.

Some interesting points about Ashley Tisdale Nose job are seen also on the net which define the changed looks of this celebrity and the confidence that she now has to present herself.

The big question is who did Ashley nose job? Who was that person in whom she put her trust and confidence to get a better look and also get rid of those medical problems that led her to take such a decision?

It was supposed to be a Korean Plastic surgeon who undertook the task of changing this celebrity’s look and help her overcome the problem related to her nasal septum. This celebrity’s nose came into spotlight after getting the corrective surgery done.

This kind of surgery is the most common in the group of celebrities who are always facing the camera for various reasons. Ashley nose job was entirely done because she faced inability to breathe from the right side of her nose.

Ashley Michelle Tisdale  is an American actress, singer, songwriter and television producer who rose to prominence portraying the candy-counter girl Maddie Fitzpatrick in Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and the female antagonist Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical film series. Tisdale became the first female artist to debut with two songs simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100, in the week of February 12, 2006,with "What I've Been Looking For" and "Bop to the Top", both songs from the first High School Musical soundtrack.

I can't believe Ashley Tisdale is joining the other hollywood celebrities and saying that she got a nose job for medical reasons. What does everyone else think-was it for medical or cosmetic reasons?

Ashley Tisdale Nose Job may have been for functional or medical reasons as well, but she has certainly changed her appearance.And in my view the results aren't good. I don't think she is to happy with it either. She looks much better in the before shot. There was nothing wrong with her nose in the beginning.

After Going through these Ashley Tisdale Nose Job Before and After Pictures in my opinion the tip of her nose looks smaller. I don’t feel like Nose Job was exactly needed. She does not look much different and the rhinoplasty was not an improvement.

Ashley Tisdale claims about her Nose Job that prior to the surgery her breathing problems worsened to the point that she could no longer breathe from her right nostril.Growing up I always knew I had a deviated septum on the right side of my nose, which caused trouble breathing.This may have lead her to Nose Job but i am not fully convinced.

She also said the older I got, the worse it got. I went to get it checked out, and the doctor told me the septum was 80 percent deviated and that I had two small fractures on my nose.Tisdale vehemently denies having gotten the surgery for cosmetic reasons and says that she is not a supporter of plastic surgery.I didn't do this because I believe in plastic surgery. I did this to help my health. I literally almost could not breathe out of the right side of my nose,said Tisdale.

Looking at Tisdale's old nose it seems that her bridge twists to the right slightly at the top, but is otherwise quite a nice nose that does not require cosmetic enhancement. While Tisdale's case may indeed prove to be a medical necessity, it is likely that her corrective surgery will have some cosmetic benefits and that the star had taken the opportunity to also improve upon her nose while repairing her deviated septum.