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Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Disaster Before and After Photos

The Drastic Changes In Nicole Kidman Due To Plastic  Surgery

In recent years, it has become a trend that celebrities must look perfect in shape and appearance. In a battle to defeat others, each and every celebrity  try best to give everlasting, the most perfect and faultless appearance. Nicole Kidman is included in the list of celebrities who have undergone the surgeon’s knife several times  in their life to sustain their beauty. The small size of breast, loose skin, wrinkled face, wider nose uneven forehead and shapeless buttocks are the features that look disgusting in the appearance. Nicole Kidman plastic surgery attempts are the result of her eagerness to look younger and attractive.
With fame comes intense scrutiny, so it's understandable that many celebrities choose to go under the knife for a little tweak or two.

No one likes getting older and stars especially worry about staying youthful looking and in demand, but it seems that even young celebrities in their twenties are opting for plastic surgery.

Unfortunately the results of these fillers and procedures aren't always as natural-looking as they might like, and stars such as Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery) and Megan Fox (Megan Fox plastic surgery spent $60.000) now appear much older than their tender years.

Not all celeb plastic surgery is bad, although from the looks of things it can easily be taken too far – Nicole Kidman is just one example of the perils of overusing botox!

The rumors related to Nicole Kidman plastic surgery have captured the attention of the public. People have observed visible changes in her figure as well as facial expressions. It has been thought that she has taken the treatment regarding her breast, lips, neck, cheeks, buttock and eyebrows etc. though the actress Nicole Kidman had not approved her plastic surgeries but we can get our point by comparing her bundle of pictures. With the help of her pictures, it is clear that some specific changes cannot happen through a natural procedure. These can be obtained only with Botox injections, fillers, breast augmentation and face uplift. Within a month, she has gained the well shaped and well sized breast. Her cup size has been increased from A to C. It cannot be a natural process, definitely she has undergone for augmentation with silicon pads.

Unfortunately, the outcome of Nicole Kidman plastic surgery is horrible. She has lost her pretty looks. Due to excessive use of injection, her lips look overhanging and swollen in shape. The drastic changes in her facial expressions have made her weird and freaky for the audience. It is ridiculous that she has not admitted the truth regarding her surgeries. She has continually denied the media reports and proofs. However, the public can easily realize that skin cannot get altered naturally. She is a public figure and has a long list of her fans. They still like her appearance as she has not become the true victim of bad plastic surgery like Joan Van Ark (Joan Van Ark plastic surgery gone wrong).
It is concluded that reports regarding Nicole Kidman plastic surgery are somehow true. There are some factors like health, aging, stress, and lifestyle that can put their impact on the figure and facial skin but these effects are always slow in the process. Moreover, nature cannot change the shape of lips. The breast can increase in size with age and delivery procedure but the tightness and sudden enlargement are only possible by breast augmentation.

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Rumors Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Pitures

Nicki Minaj has never admitted to having plastic surgery, but photos show different before and after looks. Is there proof of the Nicki Minaj plastic surgery?

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery has taken the better part of the media and general public discussions. Rumors suggest that she has done a number of plastic surgeries such as breast implants, nose job, facial and butt implants.

Rumors Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

The rapper's well defined sexy curves might have benefited from diet and exercise, but the change seems to be too great and has raised a lot of questions about the work she's had done.

Butt implants are the most common allegation which Nicki Minaj has denied or simply refused to acknowledge, but her breasts also seem to have grown in size much more that the natural expectations for her weight and BMI, causing speculation over alleged Nicki Minaj breast implants.

Last but not least, the Nicki Minaj plastic surgery rumors also include her face and even her skin. From a nose job to a jaw bone structure lift, there seems to be a lot done in the face department and some speculation also includes skin bleaching.

Nicki Minaj Butt implants

It is being rumored that Nicki Minaj has had a butt implants. The allegations came into light when Nicki Minaj after and before plastic surgery pictures were compared. What is being revealed is that before she became celebrity, she had flat butt and smaller backside.

The new photos reveal something different in butt appearance. They indicate her new butt appears much tighter and bigger than when she was not a celeb. It is thought that she has been on the spotlight since augmenting her butts. This has made her to draws attention which boost the sales of her music.

Nicki Minaj Nose jobNicki Minaj nose job has come into spotlight. Despite coming into light and saying she has not done any plastic surgery on her face, the recent and previous photo brings the differences. The previous photos reveal a thick nose with round nose tip. Today, Nicki Minaj has a more pointed and elevated nose tip. Her nose has become smaller and slim.

Nicki Minaj Breast implants

Despite her denial about the allegation that she has had plastic surgeries, it is hard to explain the origin of her big and heavy breasts. The previous photo show a Nicki Minaj with small boobs but today, she has the biggest which seems to have raised her confidence and self-esteem.

Her breast seems to be surgically enhanced so as to improve their physical appearance. This has made her more famous as they cannot be ignored by anyone who attends her shows. Her breasts have grown in size more than the natural expectations. This has caused allegations of possible Nicki Minaj breast surgery.

Nicki Minaj Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nicki Minaj is fighting back after claims that she had plastic surgery on her face. In a new interview, Nicki reveals the secret to her flawless look — and it’s not what you think!

American Idol judge Nicki Minaj always looks super glam on the show — whether she is rocking pink hair or a crazy hat, she’s always making a statement. And now, she’s responding to haters who say she has had plastic surgery.

Did Nicki Minaj Get Plastic Surgery On Her Face?

In an interview with Extra, Nicki told correspondent Renee Bargh: “I’ve never had surgery on my face. They’ll see contour and they’ll think you had surgery on your nose, no no no, look at RuPaul’s drag race and you’ll see how you can make your nose look any shape you want.”

“When people see my makeup they think all types of crazy things that I’m doing to my skin, but it’s makeup.”

Reality star Kim Kardashian (see Kim Kardashian plastic surgery) is a huge fan of contouring and even tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo of what it looks like.

For her second lipstick shade in the VIVA Glam makeup line, she’s going for a more subtle look. “It’s a bit more grown and sexy and like… less is more.”

“Me of course!  Oh, I wouldn’t sing, I would just stand there and flash my boobs!”

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Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Lips, Breast Implants Rumors Before and After Pictures

Rumors did Naya Rivera have plastic surgery?

As Naya Rivera plastic surgery has become rampant in Hollywood regardless of age, Naya Rivera became one of the young stars to be rumored to have undergone a cosmetic procedure. Before and after photos show the apparent disparity in her cup size. Experts like Dr. Archangel Salzhaue told Maine Heal that the Glee star may have possibly done something to enhance her appearance.

The doctor explained, “Naya Rivera clearly has had a breast augmentation as unconcealed by her terribly full cleavage, and has had a face lift yet unconcealed by her excellent profile and outlined nasal tip.” Other professionals also shared their expert opinion that the actress has had facial fillers and lip injections to polish her entire look.

People are also considering the fact that her body has just reached its full maturity since she is still young. There are also other factors to consider that may have caused her body to experience change such as weight gain, make-up, lighting and other red carpet tricks, as well as the garments being worn. The actress has remained silent over the truthfulness of the reports.

Naya Rivera Breast Implants

According to reports, Rivera’s first surgery was the breast augmentation surgery. She also seems to have undergone nose surgery also known as rhinoplasty in Medical terms. Proof of her undergoing rhinoplasty can be noticed due to her well-defined nasal tip.

Although, the types of surgeries that Rivera has gone through were just mere rumors, the rumors were confirmed by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon based in Miami. Dr Salzhauer also added that Naya had also been injected with dermal fillers in order to enhance her cheeks. Evidence of this can be seen in her before and after photos where she appears to have obviously injected herself.

Naya Rivera’s Busty New Instagram Pic — Did She Get A Boob Job?

Wow! Naya has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, there is no denying that, but did she recently get an enhancement? Fans were suspicious of a breast augmentation after she posted a busty bikini pic on her Instagram on March 18. We spoke to multiple plastic surgeons — see what they said below.

According to four plastic surgeons, they all agree that it appears like Glee star Naya Rivera, 27, had breast implants, increasing her previous B cup to a D cup. See what they had to say about the surgery — the down time, cost and the different types below.

Naya Rivera: Boob Job? — Expert Plastic Surgeons Speak On Her New Body

In my opinion, without seeing the patient in person, it does appear that she has had larger breast implants put in.

As far as choosing how big to go, Dr. Weintraub says: “One must be careful to look natural, and in proportion. If a statuesque woman is totally flat-chested and wants to have large breasts, one could go from an A to a D, but I would not advise doing anything that ruins the natural proportion of a woman’s body and begins to look fake.

I always prefer to use the transaxillary, sub-pectoral approach, meaning that I insert the implant through a tiny incision in the armpit and position the implant under the muscle. This technique leaves no visible scars anywhere near the breast, and it does not interfere with future breast feeding. In addition, the recovery is very quick:  if a woman has the procedure on a Friday, she can be back to work by Monday, so long as her job does not entail great physical exertion.

There are two types of implants, Dr. Weintraub explains: “There are saline and silicone implants. Silicone behaves more naturally, and comes in different styles to suit the individual patient.”

More Experts Suspect A Boob Job

Dr. William Bruno, Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, agrees that she has had work done and tells

In the most recent photo, her volume appears larger. The roundness of the cleavage as well also suggests a breast augmentation.

Most patients can increase their bra size by one to two cup sizes, depending on the elasticity of their skin.

The cost of implants vary between doctors and areas of the country, but our experts say that saline implants cost between $4,500 to $6,000 and silicone ranges from $6,500 to $10,000.”

Most patients choose silicone due to it’s more natural feel. You must be 22 years old to be eligible for silicone in the United States.

Naya May Have Increased 2 Cup Sizes — Expert

NYC-based Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman tells us EXCLUSIVELY that the defined cleavage and roundness of her breasts suggest implants.

Early photos of Naya show breasts that are likely a very small B. Subsequent photos appear to show that she has had breast augmentation. The well defined cleavage and roundness is suggestive of breast implants. She appears to have increased to a small C in 2013 and may have even had them enlarged again to a very large C or small D cup.

Dr. Schulman says the procedure takes about 90 minutes to perform. Downtime is only 2 days but he recommends waiting about 3 weeks before any vigorous exercise.
Are There Risks Associated With Breast Implants?

David Cangello, M.D., Director Of Plastic Surgery at JUVA Skin, Laser and Plastic Surgery Center also weighs in on the risks and rewards of a breast augmentation:

“Looking at those 2 photos, it certainly does appear that she has had breast implants. Her breasts are much larger in the “After” picture and she has that roundness to the middle aspect of her breasts that is characteristic of the shape of breast implants.

It is difficult to say whether they look natural because they are being pushed up somewhat by her bathing suit top. Assessment of whether breast implants look natural is best done when the patient is not wearing garments.

The risks in going “too big” are related to how much the breast tissue is stretched by having a large implant placed underneath it. The most common problem associated with having implants that are too large is that overtime the breast skin stretches because of the weight of the implant and ultimately a secondary procedure (breast lift) is needed.”

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Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck Images Before and After

Media Moguls Are Trying To Spot Out Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Effects
Now It's clear that Nadya Suleman has had plastic surgery, and her face next to Angelina Jolie's (see Angelina Jolie plastic surgery) has circulated the Internet many times. But have you seen younger photos of Nadya Suleman?

Nadya Suleman is a well known celebrity. It is stated that she resembles with Angelina Jolie to some extent. Nadya Suleman plastic surgery news is circulating among media groups due to her changed appearance. If we look carefully at her teenage photos, we get to know that she had a long nose with wide nostrils. It is obvious that age factors effect on the outlooks but age cannot make the size of nose smaller and narrower.

There are rumors in media moguls regarding Nadya Suleman plastic surgery. She was unemployed and it was her responsibility to take are of her children. How could he manage the expense of surgeries like Rhinoplasty and collagen injections for lips? May be she had paid through her credit card by increasing the debit rate.

Nadya Suleman plastic surgery attempts are refused by the actress and she calls the rumors baseless bunkum. However, people are in suspicions due to the full size of her lips, it will be the result of some kind of plastic surgery or lip injections. It has been noticed that Nadya Suleman has some similar facial looks as Angelina Jolie has. May be she is the greatest fan of Angelina and transformed her nose and lips to get similar expressions as Angelina Jolie carries. Dr Anthony Youn states that Nadya Suleman and Angelina Jolie are eerie, both have sane eyebrows with smooth forehead. However Nadya Sulemans clarifies that she is not similar to Angelina Jolie in appearance. However, both of them are similar to some extent due to lots of children. Nadya Suleman says that unlike Angelina Jolie, she has to take care of 14 children herself. Brad Pit will definitely assist Angelina but she has to work like a cook, nanny and a chauffeur. She spends lots of money on weekly shopping and grocery. It has been reported that Suleman serves 1,800 dollars every month on food.

Nadya Suleman plastic surgery can be confirmed by spotting out the visible differences on her face. In her old photos, her lips were thinner in shape and size but now her lips especially the upper lip looks more significant and fuller. Same is the case with her nose. It was longer in size and nostrils were wider in appearance, however in recent pictures the nose has become smaller with thin nostrils as well.

Many outlets are noting Suleman’s facial and coloring similarities to Angelina Jolie nose job. The comparison is not a diss to the actress as she seems to be having children she can take care of, and is more of an observation about Suleman’s assumed obsession with Jolie. It’s interesting that Suleman’s first interview was with Ann Curry, who is one of Angelina’s favorites.

The nose does not get smaller as you get older. It gets bigger, longer and/or more bulbous, and any plastic surgeon will tell you that.

You'll be able to see a difference in her nose, and upper lip. The upper lip in the before photo is thinner than in the after photo.
Nadya Suleman hasn't commented on the reports that she has had a nose job and had her lips surgically plumped. Instead, she has kept the media focused on the birth of the most recent additions to her brood of 14 children.

Friends of Nadya Suleman, who already had six children before giving birth to a further eight, said she had altered her appearance to look like Jolie - who herself has six children.

"It's one thing to clip out a celebrity's photo from a magazine and ask your [hair] stylist to copy that cut. Who hasn't done that? But to have a nose job, have collagen injections in your lips and start talking like Angelina that's over the top.''

Has Nadya Suleman Had Cosmetic Surgery?

In current day society it is not uncommon for a woman to undergo in-vitro fertilization in effort to conceive more children when other methods simply are not working.

However, the nation went wild when the press released information about a mother of six became pregnant with octuplets after undergoing this procedure.

Also known as “Octomom,” single mom Nadya Suleman (born July 11, 1975) shocked the nation when she revealed her decision to try for more children in addition to the six she was currently supporting by using food stamps due to her unemployed status.

As if carrying octuplets isn’t shocking enough, rumors of plastic surgery began to fly when Nadya Suleman’s looks changed drastically.

Fuller lips that resembled those of Angelina Jolie were telltale signs of celebrity plastic surgery in attempt to look more like a famous movie star.

Unlike other bad plastic surgery pics, Nadya Suleman’s obvious rhinoplasty and fuller lips as a result of botox improved the looks of this busy mom.

By viewing before and after pics of Nadya Suleman, you can tell that her nose has become smaller (which should not happen as one ages) and her lips have become larger and fuller.

Similar to Joan Rivers’ surgeries, Nadya Suleman’s nose appears to be more narrow and slim, yet one’s nose should actually widen and elongate with age.

However, “Octomom” still has yet to confirm rumors of plastic surgery and instead focuses many interviews and questions on her growing brood.

Did Nadya Suleman have plastic surgery after giving birth? Refering to the “after” pictures in magazines worldwide, that is the question that many are asking.

One year after giving birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman bared it all in a bikini for Star Magazine.

However, many fans were hypocritical of her lack of stretch marks that once covered her stomach and her lack of excess skin after carrying a total of fourteen children.

In fact, the “Octomom” seems to be exactly the opposite of many other celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong with her amazing figure.

In opposition to Kate Gosselin’s plastic surgeries, in which she bared all for the public to acknowledge, Nadya Suleman actively refutes any claim that she has had a tummy tuck or laser stretch mark removal.

Yet, many fans are skeptical and reluctant to believe Nadya’s claims that she is very resilient and bounces back to her pre-pregnancy figure easily.

In fact, she even gave tips to readers of Star magazine on her personal dieting and fitness secrets. While “Octomom” claims she never received a tummy tuck or lipsuction, the scar around her hips and the unusual shape of her belly button suggest otherwise.

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Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery Nose Jobs, Chest Augmentation Before and After Pictures

Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery has been very popular among ladies for her flavor in fashion and beauty. Do you believe that Miley Cyrus also done medical treatment as the other stars? In fact, according to doctors and photo evidence, Miley cyrus has done medical treatment such as Chests Augmentation and Nose Job reshaping.

Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery: Breast job. Check “Miley Cyrus chests augmentation below”, though Miley Cyrus’s chests dimension not that large, you can see her chests dimension very circular, even a little bogus. Miley Cyrus’s boob job has been inquired by physician Dr. Tahl Humes. Dr. Tahl Humes of Vitahl Medical Appearance in Denver said: “Her chests are very awesome and circular and it looks like she has had them done,” Miley Cyrus has done chests augmentation which can be accepted from another part. It’s has been sound judgment ladies with little structure hardly had big chests. Her boob job was further verified by both Eileen Niccole of Lemon Nation, California’s Cosmeticare and New Jersey-based board qualified physician Dr. Mark Glaat. “Whoever did them did a very good job. She might have had little improvements, which is awesome, because she is a little girl with a little structure.”
Miley Cyrus’ nasal area job is quite clear if you evaluate Miley Cyrus nose job before and after images. Her nasal area seems much smaller than before, which seems printed well with her experience now. Her unique nasal area shape seemed a little strange… now much better. Miley Cyrus has declined all the gossips about her possible Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery. Her lovers believe that she is being truthful and her looks are all organic. Miley Cyrus is still very younger and her whole body and experience can still change a little – it is organic and it is considered a part of growing up. Either way, most of the people would believe the fact that Miley Cyrus is a wonderful younger woman and she does not need any kind of medical adjustment to improve her looks. Even if she did have a medical treatment, it was done extremely well and slightly – she looks completely organic and there are no symptoms and symptoms of operations seen on her whole body.

Did Miley Cyrus Have Plastic Surgery?

The words “Miley Cyrus” and “plastic surgery” don’t appear to really go together.

Miley Cyrus is the daughter of country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus and she’s had a successful career as a singer and actress already.

She’s perhaps best known for her starring role as Hannah Montana in the Disney TV drama by the same name, where she plays a girl that is a pop music star as well as an average teenage girl.

But with movies, television and photographers around all the time, is it possible that Miley Cyrus has gone under the knife?

Ever since Miley attended the CNN Heroes 2011 ceremony in December, fans and journalists alike started to wonder about the authenticity of Miley’s boobs. Such was the frenzy that Star magazine consulted 3 independent plastic surgery experts for their opinion.

Dr. Tahl Humes of Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Colorado said: “Her breasts are very nice and round and it looks like she has had them done,”

Whoever did them did a very good job. She might have had small implants, which is nice, because she is a small girl with a small frame.”

Take a look at the video above, the before and after photo and leave a comment below. We beg to differ with the expert and so does Miley as she later Tweeted that “these babies are real”!

Is it true that Miley Cyrus could have gotten a nose job?

Many of her audiences say that her nose appears as if it was slimmed and thin. Miley Cyrus nose job came into speculation after some individuals compared her old photos with recent ones. Their conclusion was that there were some defined changes on her facial appearance.

The difference was brought out since the old photos showed that she had a wide nose but with recent pictures, she appeared to have a more thinned nose. The nose tip and bridge appear as if they have undergone some cosmetics procedures.

By comparing Miley Cyrus after and before nose job pictures, you will realize that the wide nose and grins have been replaced with less gummy and toothier smiles.

Miley Cyrus nose job

Her nose job was also scientifically proven from the fact that as the body grows the nose’s bones and cartilages also grow and increase in size. This was proven by a clinical surgeon in New York.

Italian scientists have also indicated that the nasal cartilages still grow even when the nose bones stop growing at puberty. This means that your nose cannot decrease in size as you continue growing. The allegation was used to conclude on Miley Cyrus after nose job.

From her after and before nose job pictures, it seems that her nose tip has become pointier than before. The nose tip also looks rotated and slightly pitched. Rumors suggest that the pitched nose tip could only happen after the cartilage of the nose tip is tampered with during surgery.

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Mickey Rourke Face Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Pictures

Mickey Rourke is a professional fighter, who joined boxing after his acting career. It is no more a secret that Mickey Rouke has changed his face with some treatment. Mickey Rourke plastic surgery has not only changed his looks but also made him the victim of bad surgery. The wrestler and actor Mickey Rourke announced that his horrible face looks are the result of hiring the wrong surgeon. Since that period, he has tried to change his freaky looks with more plastic surgeries.

Mickey Rourke is said to have had two surgeries. One is to recover his broken nose and another one is to recover his busted cheekbone. Unlike others who have undergone successful surgeries, Mickey Rourke plastic surgery did not go well. After the surgery, he got a freaky look. The reason why he got bad looks is that he hired a wrong surgeon. Once he got a bad look, Mickey resorted to having one surgery after another in the bid of regaining his lost looks.

Many people have been heard saying that Mickey Rourke now looks like a monster. Journalists have collected some of his before and after surgery photos and there is no doubt that Mickey’s looks greatly changed after the surgery. His looks are horrible.

In most photos, his face is swollen, bandaged and eyes bruised. From the photos, you can easily see the endless efforts of him trying to regain his attractive looks like before the plastic surgery.

Nose Job

After he broke his nose, Mickey is said to have undergone nose reconstruction surgery. Although, the surgery was meant to restore his usual nose, the pictures suggest that he might have overdone the surgeries. The pictures show his nose looking odd and weird. Instead of the nose being pinched, the nose looks bigger and it has swollen particularly in the nasal tip region.

Facelift Before and After

According to experts and media journalists, Mickey has had multiple facelift surgeries to regain his looks. From the collected photos, he looks worse after every surgery. Because of the repeated surgeries, Mickey’s face looks stiff, frozen, and sometimes expressionless. The face looks as if he has had been injected with an excessive amount of Botox.

Lip Enhancement

Not only is Mickey said to have undergone facelift and nose surgeries, journalists believe that he also underwent lip enhancement surgery. This can be seen in his before and after photos where his lips are larger and thicker as compared to before. Although, the full lips are meant to do him more good looking, this is not the case. Despite the lips being thick and large, they are swollen, making him look ugly.

Looking at Mickey’s before and after photos, you can say that his decision to undergo surgery was rather dumb and inconsiderate of him. However, according to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami based plastic surgeon, Mickey looked much worse than he is today. According to Dr. Michael, Mickey’s skin was very tight that made him look very weird. Dr. Michael goes further and says that the situation is not like that anymore. Mickey’s skin is now relaxed and he might regain his attractive looks.

He has crossed his early 60s and has been given the plastic surgery treatment for several times. Media reporters have collected his after surgery photos and his photos prove as if he looks like a horrible monster. His face is swollen, bandaged head and bruised eyes have made him pathetic. Mickey Rourke plastic surgery shows his endless efforts to regain his old attractive looks. He was a renowned actor but his boxing career had spoiled his handsome appearance. Moreover, he was recommended to end his boxing career due to his neurological problem. He again joined the acting career but his wretched face could not give him popularity.

Mickey Rourke Plastic surgery was not only condemned by the media but he had also shown his regrets for wrong surgery. He told in an interview that he undergone rhinoplasty twice due to his broken nose. The surgeon had to perform operations for his crushed cheekbone and nose. It was a deadly and horrifying operation as my ear cartilage was cut to be implanted in the nose area. His boxing career ruined the looks of his face and he had experienced the surgeon’s knife to mend the mess of his face.

There are a few celebrities who like to admit their plastic surgeries and Mickey Rourke is included among them. Mickey Rourke Plastic surgery is completely discussed in front of the media and we have no need to compare his past and present photos to spot out the significant differences. His face changes are the direct result of boxing career and wrong plastic surgery. He himself has admitted his face reconstruction procedures. However, it is guessed that he has undergone for facelift to conceal the effect of aging on his face. Truly speaking, Mickey Rourke confirmation had made it difficult for the audience and reporters to differentiate the reconstructive surgeries from anti aging attempts.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Facelift, Botox Injections Before and After Pictures

Recently there were some rumors about possible Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery. Having in mind that she is a beautiful actress and she’s in her 50s, there is nothing strange that people started wondering how she manages to maintain such beautiful looks. Michelle Pfeiffer is a very well known actress and she has many fans all over the world. During her career, she has starred in many successful movies such as “What Lies Beneath”, “The Deep End of the Ocean”, “Dangerous Liaisons” and many others.

Has Michelle Pfeiffer Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Are Michelle Pfeiffer’s natural good looks due to genetics or is this another case of celebrity plastic surgery?

The five foot, seven and a half inch leggy blonde is as well known for her stunning physical features such as her trademark husky voice, eyes shaped like a cat and full lips as her numerous acting credits.

Born on April 29, 1958, Pfeiffer is as famous for her outspoken personality. The actress from Santa Anta, California native has starred in numerous films including I Am Sam, What Lies Beneath, The Deep End of the Ocean, Dangerous Liaisons and Wolf.

In a recent edition of Elle magazine the actress is quoted as saying, “I’m all for a little here and there — fine. It doesn’t matter to me if people have plastic surgery or they don’t, or if they do Botox,” she told the mag.

Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery say: “But when people don’t look themselves anymore, that’s when you go, ‘Oooh,’ and it’s kind of sad. It’s uncomfortable for us but if they’re happy with what they see in the mirror, does it matter?

But has Michelle Pfeiffer herself had plastic surgery?

What kind of plastic surgery Michelle Pfeiffer has done?

Cheek Implants:
Comparing photos of Pfeiffer in the middle part of her career to earlier photos, suggests she may have had cheek implants.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty):
This option is especially likely after rhinoplasty became more socially acceptable following Michael Jackson’s cosmetic surgery.

When examining plastic surgery before and after pictures, Pfeiffer’s nose is noticeably thinner in the latter portion of her career. Pfeiffer herself, however, denies ever having had rhinoplasty and you could never describe as awful plastic surgery.

Further supporting this belief is that her cheeks have not been subject to normal sagging that comes with aging. Again, however, Pfeiffer denies having had cheek implants.
The actress denies having a facelift, but suggests she is open to this procedure in the future.

Her lack of wrinkles for her age suggests she may have had a mini-facelift (see also natural facelift without surgery) and/or fillers to maintain a wrinkle-free appearance.

It would not be unusual for stars to maintain a youthful appearance with non-surgical options such as Thermage and chemical peels, even if she has not had a facelift per se.

Breast Implants:

It is obvious that Michelle Pfeiffer has not had any breast augmentation work done. Her breasts are small and have not undergone any significant change in size or shape since early in her career.

Botox Injections and Fillers:
While collagen could have been used to fill in her famous, full lips, the actress’ lips have not changed dramatically throughout her long acting career, predating the use of fillers such as collagen.

However, enhancements may have been completed, as lips thin with age.

Pfeiffer’s wrinkle free forehead and quoted openness to fillers such as Botox suggest she may have had Botox injections in this area.

Michelle Pfeiffer: Before & After Plastic Surgery?

If actress Michelle Pfeiffer has had work done, it is natural and enhances, rather than detracts, from her overall personna, which is of a beautiful actress, aging well.

Any surgery she has had done is subtle, in contrast to more dramatic celebrity cosmetic surgery as the many obvious and admitted operations completed in the case of Joan River’s plastic surgery.

The 53-year-old actress has always been stunning, but she reveals to Elle that plastic surgery doesn't bother her, as long as it's done right.

"I'm all for a little here and there fine. It doesn't matter to me if people have plastic surgery or they don't, or if they do Botox," she told the mag. "But when people don't look themselves anymore, that's when you go, 'Oooh,' and it's kind of sad. It's uncomfortable for us but if they're happy with what they see in the mirror, does it matter?"

We are all familiar with her plastic surgery lips in which by looking at it, must have been enhanced with lip injections. Possibly collagen or Restylane injections to her lips to plump them up.

Plus she has also had a nose job (see her thinner nose bridge in the pictures) and many more other cosmetic enhancements to her face. On the other hand, she looks amazing at 53. Her small breasts are natural though.

She has kept away from breast implants for a while, and probably she won't succumb to that if she has been in Hollywood all these years and haven’t done it yet.

Did Michelle Pfeiffer Undergone Plastic Surgery?

There have been various speculations about which procedures actress has possibly gotten if there really has been a Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery. There were some rumors about rhinoplasty, but actress has denied having it. Another speculation was about cheek implants. Looking at the photo comparisons it seems that her cheeks have become fuller, but it is hard to decide if this was a result of plastic surgery or maybe it has happened for different, more natural reasons. Perhaps she has gained some weight, or her face shape changed a little as a part of growing older. It is possible that she has had Botox injections, because her face looks smooth and wrinkle-less despite her age.

However, actress has denied having face-lift, rhinoplasty, implants or any other more serious procedure. She hasn’t denied having Botox injections and has even talked about it during one interview. She doesn’t see anything wrong with having plastic surgery and has stated that she might get a face-lift or other plastic surgery when she gets older. At least for now, actress looks youthful and beautiful. It seems that she is using Botox injections, but her face doesn’t appear frozen and she can still show some emotion. Of course, if she will continue to use face fillers, she might cross that thin line between youthful and “plastic” appearance. Her fans are hoping that Michelle will not become one of the plastic surgery gone wrong celebrities.

All in all, it seems that even if there was a Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery, it was very minor – probably just Botox injections. There is a possibility that she will get more plastic surgery in the future. During various interviews she has stated her positive opinion on plastic surgery and it is something that makes her fans worry a little bit. We can only hope that she will continue to age gracefully and won’t decide to surgically alter her looks too much.

Video Michelle Pfeiffer consider plastic surgery: