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Ana Ivanovic Plastic Surgery Botox Injections Before and After Photos

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Ana Ivanovic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections Plastic

Some people ask us to write about tennis player Ana Ivanovic and her plastic surgery, but to be honest, we don't think that this serbian beauty has any procedure done.

Ana Ivanovic is one of the world top tennis players but she is also one of the most beautiful girls playing in the last couple of years.
Ana's frame looks very natural and there is nothing that makes us suspect any surgery, not breast implants or facial plastic surgery procedures.

She is also very young, on her early 20s is hard that she would need some little help from minor procedures such as botox injections.

Comparing pictures of her some years ago the only difference that we see is that she is growing up, her features are different and maybe is that what makes her special.  She looks more mature and possibly thinner, but her nose, eyes and everything looks the same to us.

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Has Amy Winehouse had Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Lips Before and After

Is Amy Winehouse Addicted to Plastic Surgery?
Amy spent $6,000 on breast implants in an effort to regain her former, pre-drugs, curvy body. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Amy Winehouse’s breast implants). Now, it seems that Amy has undergone a lip augmentation to further enhance her appearance.

Plastic surgeon Dr Richard Ellenbogen says, “Those lips remind me of the backside of some barnyard animal. What was her doctor thinking? Then again what was she ever thinking? When patients sex up, its the lips and boobs…both probably overdone by request. Jocelyn Wildenstein, watch out– You have a fan club!”

Amy Winehouse’s Breast Implants
It has become more then obvious that Amy did indeed get plastic surgery to increase the size of her breasts. You can see more before and after photos of Amy’s breast implants, here:

In addition to her amazing voice, Amy Winehouse was also known for her lengthy hair extensions and gigantic retro bouffant. Sadly, long hair extensions are not light! When your natural hair is being weighed down by, literally, several feet of fake hair something is bound to break. And unfortunately, natural hair is going to break before synthetic which results in awkward bald spots on the scalps of chronic hair extension users. Although it was probably the least of her problems, Amy Winehouse also suffered from bald spots caused by the overuse of hair extensions.

Rest In Peace Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse has been found dead today, at her apartment in London. The cause of death has not been confirmed, but the popular singer has publicly battled a severe addiction to drugs and alcohol. Amy has spent the last couple of years in and out of rehab and many people figured it was just a matter of time before her addiction took her life. Last month Amy was booed off stage as she stumbled and slurred incoherently thorough a performance, which led to her canceling her European tour.

Amy Winehouse was an incredible talent and she will certainly be missed. We are sorry that she was not able to get the help she needed and hopefully this tragedy will serve as a warning against the use of drugs to her fans and friends.

Amy’s Breast Implants Have Their Own Agenda

Amy Winehouse got breast implants in 2009 and she still has not quite figured out how to keep them from popping out to greet the paparazzi.

Amy Winehouse got breast implants in 2009 and she still has not quite figured out how to keep them from popping out to greet the paparazzi.

It seems like every single set of pictures I have seen of Amy since she got her breast implants, include a shot or two with her nipple (or entire boob) hanging out. I guess Amy Winehouse isn’t exactly known for being classy, but nip slips are so 2001. If you really can’t control your breasts, get into the habit of wearing pasties, girls!

Amy seems to be going after the typical pop star look of bigger is better, getting over the top implants and a trout pout to match. Rumor has it that next on Amy’s plastic surgery wish list are buttock implants.
According to the British tabloid The Sun, a source close to Amy said, “Amy loves her boobs. She can’t stop touching them and showing them off to friends. She says she feels womanly again and wants to be more curvy like she used to be. She thinks by having another op and bum implants that she will achieve her dream pin-up look.”
While it’s great that Amy seems to have a focus that isn’t a white powder, addiction in any form is never a good idea and people with plastic surgery addictions are never satisfied with their appearance, no matter how many plastic surgery procedures they undergo.

It’s clear that Amy Winehouse also had lip augmentation to make her lips look more plump. It’s unfortunate that instead of being seen as sexier, mostly people just made fun of her for getting too much lip filler put into her mouth. She began to look silly and sloppy due to excessive, and poorly done, plastic surgery procedures such as this one.
Sources who were close to the recording artist knew she wanted to continue with her plastic surgery and get procedures done like butt implants to make her figure curvier and more feminine. She loved 1960′s style, as can be seen in how she dressed and wore her hair, and wanted to truly reach that goal of looking like the perfect, retro, crooner-club girl.

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Did Amy Childs have Plastic Surgery Cheek Fillers, Breast Implants Before and After Pictures

Amy Childs Cheek Fillers!
"I had a boob job five years ago but they dropped and I then found that it was because it had flipped over and I didn't know, It was really dangerous but it can happen," Amy stated at her jewellery launch on Wednesday.

Amy Childs had her first boob job when she was 18, going from an A cup to a D cup, but faced problems with the first procedure.
The reason why Childs has had a second boob job in 2012, going up to a DD, was that her original implants had shrunk.
"I had my boobs redone in June after they really dropped. Having another boob job is the best thing that I have ever done," Childs exclaimed.

"I am so glad that I've had it done because it means that I don't have to wear a bra. I went from a 32 C to a 32DD," Childs gushed.

Amy also opened up to New! magazine about her boob job: "I couldn't wash for a week. That was horrible. I had trouble sleeping - I had to sleep on my back and couldn't move. I just had to have total rest."
"I feel so much more confident now. It bl**dy hurt but they were so worth it!" Childs admitted.

Childs added of why she made the decision to have her second boob job in less than four years: "OMG, they were so saggy. People were saying they were fine but they didn't see what I was like without a bra. I would wear a lot of padding. I had padding in everything - my bras, bikinis. Now I don't need it."
According to Amy's doctor, the reason her boobs had begun to sag was because they had "flipped" inside her.

Amy explained: "After the operation the surgeon told me that my old implants had actually flipped inside me.They had turned so they were more at the bottom and leaving lots of empty skin."
Childs told Now magazine: "I'll probably have another boob job after I have kids, but I'm happy with my figure at the minute. I had my boobs done because they were tiny - I went from an AA to a D. It's lovely to not have to wear dresses with padding. I think I've got another 20 years before I get any more surgery!"

The plastic surgeon who performed Amy Child's boob job was Mr Michael Payne.
Childs was so excited that right after she left his clinic she wrote on twitter: "Thank you to@hospitalgroupuk especially Dr Michael Payne and the best 2 nurses who have looked after me Betty and Elaine."
But according to New York plastic surgeon Dr. Elliot Jacobs: "Her implants are already too large for her frame. If she were to exchange her implants for even larger ones, they will only increase the weight and she will stretch out and drop that much quicker."

Amy Childs Breast Implants Before and After
Amy Childs came to The Hospital Group for her second breast enlargement in June 2012. She went from a 32C to a 32DD and decided on Allergan Natrelle anatomical breast implants.

Amy was thrilled with the results and said it was the best decision she’d ever made and said “I feel so much more confident now!” When looking at her before pictures she said “they were so saggy. People were saying they were fine but they didn’t see what I was like without a bra. I would wear a lot of padding in everything. Now I don’t need it.”
Her cosmetic surgeon was Mr Michael Payne, and he was really pleased with how the operation went. During the breast implant replacement he removed her old implants which had been positioned in front of the muscle, then replaced them with Natrelle breast implants but positioned these behind the muscle. This technique, along with the anatomical shaped implants also helped to lift her breasts, vastly improving the overall shape. During her stay with us both her mum and boyfriend David were here to support her.

Amy was discharged from our Dolan Park Hospital, near Birmingham the morning after her breast surgery and was busy tweeting about her experience, “Thank you to@hospitalgroupuk especially Dr Michael Payne and the best 2 nurses who have looked after me Betty and Elaine.”

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Has Amanda Seyfried had plastic surgery bra size before and after pictures

Amanda Seyfried bra size is a constant source of speculation

There is something about this gorgeous grey eyed blonde hair actress that catches your attention at the very first glance. Thanks to her German descent, tabloids love to publish the Amanda Seyfried bra size story as quite obviously her curves fascinates all. Known to many as of the “Mean Girls” and also as the “Mamma Mia!” girl, this highly talented has captured the hearts of many with her flawless acting and her very curvaceous sexy body.

 Amanda Seyfried bra size.
Amanda Seyfried plastic surgery hit the news hard when posing for Allure, she mentioned that her breasts looked much smaller compared to how they were when she was a teen. Apparently she has lost a lot of weight because of which her assets seemed to have shrunken. Much to the dismay of her fans the cup size reduced from a D to a C but she looks like she has maintained that full figure which all of us love and admire. She was revealed that she has a lot of insecurities when it comes to her own body. She mentions that she constantly wishes that some parts were a bit tighter but have given up the battle fighting as she feels now that she needs to be happy with what she has.
 Amanda Seyfried plastic surgery

The exact Amanda Seyfried plastic surgery currently is a 34C which is no land can be referred to as tiny or insignificant. Even if she mentioned that it was earlier a D, it is very hard for us to notice the difference as in a low cut dress, she still looks the same ravishing her as she did before. Her awesome figure along with her amazing talent to sing has made her a popular choice for musicals. In Mamma Mia! Itself, out of 17 soundtracks that were present, she contributed to 8 of them with their beautiful and serene voice. She is one actress who has been naturally endowed with beautiful curves and who we feel has absolutely no requirement to go under the knife for any reason. Right from her bright luminous complexion to her sexy figure and from her amazing acting to her perfect singing, Amanda is one actress who would go a long way in this tinsel town and we wish her all the love and luck. We pray that she doesn’t succumb like most celebrities into the harsh world of cosmetic surgery or drugs like her Mean Girls co-star, Lindsay Lohan whom she actually described as being very talented and bright.

Early Career and Success on Television and Film

Amanda Michelle Seyfried was born on December 3, 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States to occupational therapist Ann and pharmacist Jack Seyfried. Her older sister, Jennifer Seyfried, is a musician. In 2003, she graduated from William Allen High School.

At an early age, she began her modeling career, appearing in print ads for clothing brands including Limited Too with Leighton Meester. During her teenage years, she took voice lessons, studied opera and trained with a Broadway coach. She decided to stop modeling when she was 17 and worked as a waitress in a retirement community.

She then started acting as an uncredited role in the daytime television series Guiding Light and played the recurring character of Lucinda “Lucy” Montgomery in the soap As the World Turns. This was followed by another recurring role in the television drama All My Children.

In 2003, she auditioned for the part of Regina George in Mean Girls; the role was eventually given to Rachel McAdams. She was also initially considered for the role of Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, but the producers of the movie decided to give her the role of Karen Smith. The film received positive reviews and became a blockbuster hit, earning over $129 million.

After Mean Girls, she auditioned to portray the title role in the series Veronica Mars; the role eventually went to Kristen Bell. She instead played Lilly Kane, the title character’s murdered best friend. In 2005, she was cast as the lead character in Rodrigo García’s film Nine Lives.

In the mid-2000s, she made numerous guest spots in such shows as House, Justice and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In 2006, she made her breakthrough for her portrayal of Sarah Henrickson in the HBO series Big Love.

Following Big Love, she played a supporting role in the 2008 horror film Solstice. That same year, she played her first leading role alongside Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!, a film adaptation of the musical of the same name. The film was a commercial success, earning Seyfried further recognition.

She was then cast as Anita “Needy” Lesnicki in the film Jennifer’s Body, playing the title character’s best friend. It premiered at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. The following year, she co-starred with Channing Tatum in Dear John, a film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name.

Although the movie garnered negative reviews, it became a box office success, becoming the first film to break Avatar’s Number 1 box office reign. She then went on to appear as the title character in the erotic thriller Chloe, playing an escort who is hired to test a husband’s fidelity. Her performance received positive reviews and the movie became a box office success as well.

In 2010, she landed the lead role in the romantic comedy Letters to Juliet. It generated mixed reception but went on to be a box office success. Also in 2010, she was included in Forbes’s “The 17 Stars To Watch” list. She next appeared as Valerie in Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood. The film garnered negative reviews but was a moderate commercial success, earning $90 million worldwide.

Her recent films include A Bag of Hammers, In Time, Gone, Les Misérables, The Big Wedding, Lovelace and Epic, while her upcoming movies are A Million Ways to Die in the West, Fathers and Daughters and Ted 2.

In the subject of staying young and the unending quest for perfect beauty, the 28-year old actress had admitted in an interview a few years back that she has considered plastic surgery in some occasions. She said: “I’ve considered a lot of things – like I want to have a nose job and fix my skin, but I just think that maybe at some point people would go too far.”

When it comes to some people going to far in the hopes of achieving an everlasting youth and beauty, she couldn’t be more right. Nowadays, people get something done and end up getting more, either to further satisfy their desire for a perfect face and body or just to correct the damage their first surgery had caused. So, at some point it becomes endless for some, and Seyfried is smart enough to acknowledge that.

She further explained: “All the people with all their money, they spend all their time shooting things in their faces and doing stuff that probably isn’t good for you, just to look a certain way. It’s like, we’re troubled.” She also said that since she’s just in her 20′s, she opts to age gracefully – for now.

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Alyssa Milano Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Breast Implants, Nose Job Before and After Photos

Alyssa Milano Boob Job Photos

Alyssa Jayne Milano is best known as an American singer, producer and actress. She was born on December 19, 1972 and got the fame when she had role as Samantha Micelle on Who’s the Boss sitcom. Now, the beautiful sensual actress becoming a host on the third season of Lifetime’s Project Runaway: all stars is rumored having plastic surgery. She looks so pretty with beautiful face and great body shape like young girl. Although she has been forties’ right now, her stunning appearance still makes people adore her. So, that is no wonder if there are many people say that she has some works done to maintain her appearance.

Alyssa Milano is not a name to forget easily when you have gotten acquainted with the lady behind it. Alyssa first bewitched the world while starring in Charmed and ever since then people’s eyes have been on her. And while a lot of time has passed, her beauty appears to remain at the same level. Is she still the same though? Does she actually look the same as she did back when she starred in Charmed? Read on and find out more.
Alyssa Milano is known for the fact that she changes her hairstyle quite frequently and that her hair color has gone from blond to black and from red to a lot of other shades of hair color. While she does not necessarily deny this (it would be impossible to!), one thing she has never acknowledged publicly is related to the plastic surgeries she may have undergone. Secret or not, if you take a look at the before and after pictures, you will notice that there is more than just her hair that has changed and that it is not just growing up (or old), but something else a swell.

One of the plastic surgeries Alyssa Milano has been “accused” of is something related to her chin and to her jawbone. Apparently, if you take a look at the pictures, you will realize the fact that her jawbone and chin do actually look quite differently. In the pictures taken nowadays, it all looks a bit more masculine and although it may be the short hair’s fault as well, it appears that her entire physiognomy has changes.

Alyssa was clearly beautiful before and she continues to be beautiful. But some criticize the fact that by going under the knife she lost that one special trait that made her different from all the other beauties. Furthermore, she is also criticized for having went under the knife for a breast implant as well. Again, checking the before and after picture is quite revealing in this matter: you can obviously see that the size and shape of her breasts looks different now.Why Alyssa may have felt that she needs plastic surgery, most people cannot know. Since she was already considered to be extremely attractive and incredibly beautiful, it is almost impossible to believe that she may have wanted changed something about the way she looks. However, the pictures speak for the truth.

Some people may disbelieve it, but most of them can believe easily after they look at and compare Alyssa Milano before after photos. People believe that she has gone under the knife to advance her career. So, she decides to have breast implants to make her bust fuller and rounder than before. It is not like other many celebrities who always hide their surgery procedures, but Alyssaopenly shares and admits that she has got breast augmentation in front of public. She desires to have rounder and larger cup size because sexy and beautiful appearance becomes her assets as a famous actress. So, it is no wonder if her new cup size now looks fuller, tighter, and larger than she used to in the past.

As it was reported by many celebrity magazines, she openly told that she was unhappy with the size of her breasts because they were too small. Thus, to boost her confident, she went to a plastic surgeon and did some implants to increase her cup size. Some people think that she has applied a successful surgery without any imperfectness. Her breasts really look not overdone but it looks natural. Therefore in her 40-year-old-age she can still look attractive and stunning. Her fans also say that she has had a right choice to improve and enhance her performance so that it makes them still adore her appearance and her talent.

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Did Ally Walker get Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Images

Nobody can forget her role in the movie “Universal Soldier”. She was beautiful and stunning those days. Just like other celebrities in Hollywood, there is also some rumors around her fans that she has undergone knives. Is this true ?

Okay, Let’s check her photos. If you check her old pictures and compare them with the recent ones, you can’t find any difference for the first look. If you look closely, you can see some changes in her nose. Yes, she had nose job. Before, her nose was round shaped. Now it’s thin and narrow. Well, her rhinoplasty was not at all a good one. The change didn’t really make her any better look. Some of her fans said that she took a wrong decision about the nose. Her nose didn’t suits on her face. Her nose literally lost its shape. It looks odd. Isn’t it?

We have seen many celebrity plastic surgery fails. One should take intense care about the cosmetic treatment decisions. Because you have to pay big for a little mistake. It even affect celebrity’s career.  Unlike Ashley Tisdale nose job, Ally walker’s was an awful one. She regrets the decision.

Ally Walker also has done face lift. I said so because there is no marks of aging in her face. Not a single line or wrinkle. It is surely of the lift she had. It made her skin soft and shining. It tightens the skin around her face. Almost every celebrities at middle age doing this face lift to keep the young look. But in case of Ally walker, her face is an example of plastic surgery disaster. Her old look was better. She would look fine without any cosmetic surgeries in face, seriously.

What Kind of Plastic Surgery Procedures Did She Get?

Ally Walker who was born on 25 August 1961 is best known as one of multitalented actresses in Hollywood because she is not only good in acting but she is also a film producer, director, and screenwriter. However, her success in film industry seems to be stained with the rumors of plastic surgery that has mostly ruined her face appearance.

Based on Ally Walker plastic surgery before and after pictures comparison, she likely had face lift and rhinoplasty surgery. The signs of those surgical procedures can be seen on her face appearance especially on her nose which looks thinner and more narrowed whereas she previously had a bit round nose shape. Unfortunately, her nose job seemingly does not give her plenty of advantages because she does not look better but her appearance even looks weird after having a series of facial surgery. Even though her nose shape has changed to thinner and narrower but it does not match to her face features. Therefore, some of her fans considered that what she had done on her face was the worst decision that she ever made.

In addition, she did not only have a rhinoplasty surgery but she also seemed to have facelift procedure in which the signs can be seen from her face that stays far away from aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skins. Whereas her age now is roughly 51 years old in which mostly women in her age will show the wrinkles around their face. The use of facelift surgery also has made her face look smooth and shiny.

Well, what Ally Walker has done on her face is normal for the celebrities at middle age but unfortunately she is not likely successful in her nose job although it has changed her nose shape but it mostly does not match to her face construction. We hope that she will not get any plastic surgery procedures in the future and keep aging gracefully.

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Has Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Admits Breast Implants, Nose Job Before and After

Amanda Bynes became extremely defensive recently after noticing that tabloids were using old photos of her as opposed to current ones. While many didn’t notice much of a change, besides the new piercings and different hair, there is at least one brand new feature — Amanda’s nose. Over the weekend, the former child star admitted to the surgery and explained why she made the change.

In early June, 2013 Amanda told TMZ that she had gotten another nose job, and was planning on a third. “I have no bandage on. It’s healing on it’s own like my doctor asked,” she said to explain why there appears to be no evidence that she’s had work done. “I’m getting one more in 3 weeks, they are short amazing surgeries done while I’m awake but under general anesthesia. It’s almost perfect.”

“The reason I’ve asked all magazines and blogs to stop using old photos of me is I don’t look like that anymore!” Amanda told her followers on Twitter. “I had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I look so much prettier in my new photos that I don’t want old photos used anymore!”

“I’m so sick of magazines and blogs using old photos!” Amanda added. “When will they stop? I will never look like that again! Having surgery was the most amazing thing for my confidence!”

Since the surgery, Amanda has been tweeting close-ups of her sniffer around the clock so clearly she’s happy with the results, but we can’t help but ask, Was her old nose really that bad? It seems like a perfectly good nose and as for the webbing, it appears to be unnoticeable in photographs.

Amanda is also rumored to have gotten a breast augmentation, but so far she hasn’t admitted to it. However, she has been posting plenty of photos (some even topless) in which she looks a lot more top heavy than before and by a lot we’re talking a couple cup sizes.

Has Amanda Bynes Had Plastic Surgery?

Despite accusations that Amanda Bynes is now a young plastic surgery star, she has not confirmed any sort of cosmetic procedures.  Like others such as Kat Von D (see Kat Von D’s plastic surgery), no one seems to know.

For that matter no one has come forward and said they have insider information, or that they’d seen her medical chart.

All that people have scraped up so far are the obligatory images that show Bynes with a changing appearance.

And if you look at those pictures they do clearly show that Bynes looks different now than she did when she was younger.

Bynes has a slimmer face now, and it looks as if her cheekbones are higher and more defined.

Her teeth are bright, and some have accused her of getting dental veneers which make her mouth look over crowded.

And there are also the obligatory accusations of breast implants, lip procedures, rhinoplasty and other, “standard” cosmetic surgeries in Hollywood (see also Kim Kardashian plastic surgery before and after)

But just because she’s been accused, does that mean that Amanda Bynes has gone all the way and gotten celebrity cosmetic surgery at such a young age?

There is, however, another explanation for the differences that people see in the Amanda Bynes before and after pictures.

It’s important to remember that Bynes was a child star, and most of her acting was done in her teens.

Even her photos in Maxim magazine, showing that she’s definitely all grown up, were when she was in her early 20s. The simplest explanation for the fact that her face and lips have changed shape is that she’s growing up.

Bynes kept her baby fat for longer than most actresses, and it was very obvious that she was keeping it because of all the work she was doing at the time.

Now that she’s finished growing and maturing, she’s finally shed the looks of her teen years.

That isn’t to say that one explanation is right and the other wrong, but it’s important that when you listen to rumors about plastic surgery that you look at every possible angle to see what seems most likely.

Given how young Amanda Bynes is, and the fact that she never had any mysterious down time that would indicate surgery recovery, the idea that she’s gone under the knife seems ludicrous.

But who knows, maybe the Amanda Bynes cosmetic surgery rumors are true, after all.

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Has Alicia Keys had Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Photos

Definitely looks like she had a rhinoplasty. Her tip is less bulbous and her Ala (sides of the nose) has been narrowed. Her rhinoplasty appears natural at this time. Her dorsum, or bridge, appears a little more square as compared to her pre-op.

Do you want to see the differences of Alicia Keys plastic surgery before and after pictures? You may see here. Alicia Keys is one of American R&B singer who is 32 years old. She was hit by plastic surgery rumor after people notice her pictures that showing her appearance. I do not think it strange if Alicia Keys perform plastic surgery procedure in this case she got a nose job because she is a worldwide singer who certainly must maximize her performance.

She was born in an ethnically black skin of African American who now she almost totally changes her appearance becomes more exotic beauty. Well, let see the detail of her nose before and after having nose job. Before she got nose job, Alicia Keys’ nose looked wide and a bit big rounded, but now her nose is really perfect for her face. But now, it sleek, thin, more up turned with a narrow bridge and tip.

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif was quoted as saying: “Definitely looks like she had a rhinoplasty. Her tip is less bulbous and her Ala (sides of the nose) has been narrowed. Her rhinoplasty appears natural at this time. Her dorsum, or bridge, appears a little squarer as compared to her pre-op.” Do you think that it is bad? I think Alicia Keys looks better with her appearance today.

Alicia Keys to Marry Swizz Beatz with Plastic Surgery?

Alicia Keys is famous for singing about boys and men and the single life, but it seems that talented songstress has finally decided to settle down. After announcing her pregnancy, the Grammy winner then declared her engagement to producer/rapper/DJ Swizz Beatz. While Swizz Beatz may be musically gifted, he in no way matches the beauty of Alicia. To help level the looks playing field, some plastic surgery could help Swizz Beatz out.

29-year old Alicia Keys recently announced her engagement to 32-year old Swizz Beatz , the father of her unborn child. Swizz Beatz already has a family from a previous marriage, but this time around his wife is an international star and has the looks to prove it.

While not bad looking, Swizz Beatz definitely has some features that could use some taming down, including his ears and nose. The large nose could be corrected with a nose job if he was interested in getting rid of the bulbous shape.

Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Plastic Surgery

Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “Swizz Beatz does not need any plastic surgery.  He is good looking and natural.  He could have a rhinoplasty.  However, if his nose does not bother him, why change it?”

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “It would be very difficult to match the beauty of Alicia Keys.  Her fiancé Swizz Beatz could really enhance his profile with a Rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure giving him a very sculpted and refined look.”

Dr. Paul A. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “If Swiss Beatz were to have any plastic surgery performed, it is up to him.  His current look is natural, and he can go either way and still look good. Alicia Keys appears to have had rhinoplasty performed at some point in her life. Her bridge is narrower, and her tip is a bit less bulbous than it was in earlier photos. Overall, her current look is natural, and any work performed to her nose was not too aggressive.”

Alicia Keys, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty
In the past, there have been rumors that Alicia Keys has had a nose job of her own, slimming down the sides and getting rid of some of the bulbousness at the tip. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Alicia Keys’ plastic surgery). However, the slimmed down nose could just as easily be a result of growing up and growing into a nose.

Dr. Shafer says, “Alicia Keys is beautiful.  She does not appear to have had any invasive plastic surgery.  Her nose does appear a bit narrower which compared to her earlier pictures.  However, this could just be the lighting, camera angle or natural aging process.”