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Nicholas Ryan Plastic Surgery Botox and Filler Injections Before and After

A Man Paid $5,000 in a Futile Attempt to Gosling Himself

There's not a whole lot to say except this is making us feel depressed: A 32-year-old aspiring actor named Nicholas Ryan spent $5,000 for an intensive round of Botox and filler injections in an effort to make his face look more like Ryan Gosling's. He even changed his last name to "Ryan" in Gos' honor.
The Daily Mail details Nicholas' Gossification, complete with photos of needles penetrating his face. "I wanted more definition in my jaw bone, like Ryan Gosling," Nicholas said. "I'm going for roles that demand a more rugged look in a man's face." His plastic surgeon confirms that tons of guys come in clutching pics of the Notebook sex beast, saying, "Ryan Gosling is the must-have face in America...He is considered to be the sexiest man in Hollywood, and it's not just his charming smile and blue eyes."

Indeed Gos is the Most Hottest, but Nicholas' quest to be his doppelganger didn't work. Because there is only one Ryan Gosling. And one Channing Tatum. And one Nicholas Ryan. Trying to morph your face into someone else's face is pretty much impossible. (If it weren't, I'd look exactly like Kate Middleton right now.) If getting some Botox and fillers made Nick feel more more confident, more power to him. But, not to be too after-school special-y, we hope Nicholas learns to love and accept his own face and gets tons of roles for being himself. 

Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery: Man Spends $5,000 To Look Like The Actor

Nicholas Ryan, an aspiring actor from New Jersey, spent $5,000 and two hours in the operating room to look more like star Ryan Gosling, reports the Daily Mail. Or in this case, still nothing at all like Ryan Gosling.

"I wanted was more definition in my jaw bone, like Ryan Gosling," says the Los Angeles-based actor.

His plastic surgeon, Dr. Tim Neavin, who specializes in making people look more like their favorite celebrities, says Ryan has some similarities to the star, but needed work on certain areas to take him to the next level.
"The patient," Neavin said, "has some deficiencies, so we built those areas out to give him that squared-off jaw Ryan Gosling made famous."

Yes, it's interesting to hypothesize where our world would be had actor Ryan Gosling not come forward and introduced us all to the "squared-off jaw." If you have problems pronouncing it, don't worry, we've only known about it since the the start of Gosling's career, circa "The All New Mickey Mouse Club."

Kidding aside, this guy really looks nothing like Ryan Gosling. It's important to invest in your career, but $5,000 on a jaw?

Still, the aspiring actor says the surgery has made a difference, that he's getting more acting gigs, and that people have actually told him specifically that he looks like Gosling.

Nicholas Ryan Nose Job Photos.

"I went to a pool party this week, like we do here in LA, and this girl came up to me and she said, 'you have a very Ryan Gosling look to you.' I couldn't believe it!" said Ryan. "After all the stuff I had gone through, it was amazing."
And then, we imagine, the girl removed her disguise and quietly exited the pool party, happy to have helped the business of her plastic surgeon friend Dr. Tim Neavin.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ryan Seacrest Botox Injection, Eyelid Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by the before and after photos, it is obvious that Seacrest has changed dramatically through the years. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he underwent some pretty intense plastic surgery to look like that.
Ryan Seacrest's forehead is smooth, but still has a few lines - the same happens to his crow's feet around his eyes - making his botox results seem more natural. He made a smart choice to not overdone his face to the point that it stops having any facial expression.

It is apparent that Seacrest had a quick fix to his teeth by getting veneers, a really expensive teeth treatment that the majority of celebrities prefer.

It is evident that Seacrest's nose used to be very bulbous in the past, but now the shape of his nose is changed as the roundness of his nasal tip is reduced, an obvious indication of a nose job.
Seacrest's eyes are more walnut shaped, a sign of an upper eye lift.
When asked about how he keeps himself looking young, Ryan Seacrest has never revealed his secret. For instance, when someone asked how he looks younger than his age Ryan Seacrest comically replied: "placenta." In addition, Ryan Seacrest has been quoted stating the following about botox: "I've never done Botox in my life. But I've probably tried everything else under the sun."

Conclusion: Whatever plastic surgery procedure Ryan Seacrest undergoes, it is obvious that works for him as he appears younger than his actual age.
 In these pictures of Ryan Seacrest it appears that he has enhanced his appearance with some plastic surgery procedure.
In this picture his nasal tip looks less round and more defined than before, although his facial expression is not the same than in the previous ones, on which there is not a remarkable difference. If he did a nose job (rhinoplasty), it looks very natural and not over done as other celebrities.  Usually when the nose takes the attention from the face is in a negative way, taking it from other attractive features as the eyes, mouth or cheeks.  Some doctors say that the wide of the nose shouldn't be bigger than the eye's.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Botox, Facelift, Eyelid Before and After

Sally Field told "Ladies Home Journal" magazine for their May issue that she is thinking of plastic surgery:

"I think about it all the time because I see friends who’ve done it and they look great and younger. I have an ego but it’s an actor’s ego more than a woman’s ego. It’s about roles."

It appears though that in 2009 Field has changed her mind...

Sally Field revealed to "Good Housekeeping" magazine she is not going to have a plastic surgeon sculpt her into a younger version of herself.

It has to be noted that Jane Fonda announced that she and Sally Field had agreed not to have plastic surgery. (In Fonda's case not another plastic surgery...)

"You know what?" Field claimed, smiling at her friend's statement. "I don't think Jane and I ever made that pact. But I have such faith in her, if she says we did" - she shrugs - "OK."

"I see myself on TV and I say: "Oh, I wish that weren't happening to my neck. And your face is falling down, and your eyes are so puffy," Field was quoted as saying. "But then I see some of the women (who have had plastic surgery) who I thought when they were younger were so beautiful. Now I think: "Oh dear, don't do that!" And it seems so terribly disrespectful to who they are now."

"I don't want to look old and worn, but what can you do? My real focus is being an actor. I care more about having the opportunity to play roles that I haven't played than I care if my neck looks like someone's bedroom curtains" Field continued.

Sally Field referred to Helen Hayes and Jessica Tandy's gracious aging on-screen. "They were so beautiful in their 60s and 70s and 80s," Field admitted. "There are roles I want to do when I'm an old woman, and I don't want to look like a weird old woman. You know: "What is the matter with her mouth?"" Field joked.

On the other hand,  plastic surgeons have some recommendations for Sally (if she changes her mind) in order to stay in the running for good movie roles. The options are the following:

1. A new generation of laser treatments that can rejuvenate her face, eyelids, neck and chest.

2. Botox to raise her eyebrows and reduce wrinkles.

3. Dermal filler to plump up her smile lines.

4. An upper-eyelid lift.

5. A mini facelift to tighten the skin at her jaw line and neck.

It has to be mentioned that there are some plastic surgeons who insist that Sally Field had her her own plastic surgery past and she has already gone under the knife at least one or more times.

Some plastic surgeons beleive that for her age, Field's neck line is remarkably youthful without the typical sagging skin and turkey neck that forms by this age. Additionally, Sally Field’s jawline is quite tight and has no excess droopy skin or loose muscles around the jaw. Furthermore, Sally’s eyes look unusually refreshed and open, and while there are some crow’s feet and some bags under the eyes, her top eyelid is not hanging over and neither lid is particularly heavy from any skin sagging. As a result, it is quite possible that Sally Field had some plastic surgery procedures done gradually throughout the years, including a facelift and a necklift, as well as maybe a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

One of the famous hosts of “Brothers and Sisters” show, named Sally Field who was born on November 6th, 1946, was going with public controversy about youthful appearance in her age. It can be seen clearly that the sign of her aging has disappear completely. As many people know that it can be done easily by going  under the knife as well as other famous actresses did during this time.

Firstly, Sally Field admitted that she has been thinking seriously before she decided to do plastic surgery on her appearance. After that she concluded that it was fine to do it, in order to keep her role as star moving on. However she did not share at all about what kind of plastic surgery she did, but so many photos of her are able to tell what was going on her.

The prominent changes happened on her appearance is that the very smooth skin of her neck. As a woman who is getting in her 66 age, her skin should have had wrinkles and sag. It might be the impacts of Necklift she did. Further, she also probably did Botox injections and Filler injections surrounding her face. It might be proved by the tightly skin on her face; even there is no wrinkle anymore on her forehead.

In addition, she may did Laser treatments regularly, because her skin is not only tight and smooth, but also bright and fresh as well as teenager’s skin. Fortunately she got the expected result of all plastic surgery she did, because it does not look to much as well as plastic surgery that is done by most Hollywood actresses. Lastly, she felt sad in the end; because she realized that she had to go it, in order to compete with other actress all the time.

Did Sally Field Have Plastic Surgery?

When Academy and Emmy Award-winning actress Sally Field admitted recently to considering plastic surgery, this caught Make Me Heal‘s attention as a bit of an understatement as it seems that she had a bit of work done already.

The legendary 61-year old actress and current star of the TV show “Brothers and Sisters” said that she thinks that her peers who have gone under the knife turned out great and she wants to keep up with them with a bit of cosmetic surgery. But We thinks that Sally Field may be underplaying her own plastic surgery past, as she appears to have already gone under the knife at least one or more times.

For Sally’s age, her neck line is remarkably youthful without the typical sagging skin and turkey neck that forms by this age. Additionally, Sally Field’s jawline is quite tight and has no excess droopy skin or loose muscles around the jaw. Furthermore, Sally’s eyes look unusually refreshed and open, and while there are some crow’s feet and some bags under the eyes, her top eyelid is not hanging over and neither lid is particularly heavy from any skin sagging. As a result, it is quite possible that Sally Field had some plastic surgery procedures done gradually throughout the years, including a facelift and a necklift, as well as maybe a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). It is also likely that Sally’s youthful skin complexion has been aided by laser skin treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, Fraxel, or Thermage and dermal injections like Botox, Restylane, and Juvderm. Overall, the results are natural and attractive and Sally Field does not have the “Overdone” Hollywood look.

Sally says she is not happy with her changing appearance as she ages and feels that her actor’s ego is unduly affected by competition as she competes for roles.

Whether or not she has already undergone plastic surgery or has yet to go under the knife, Make Me Heal is excited to see an actress of her talents back both on the small screen as well as the big screen in Steven Spielberg’s next directorial film “Lincoln” that is currently shooting.

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Sally Kellerman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sally Kellerman is an American singer and actress and is mostly famous for her role as Major Margaret “Hot Lip” Houlihan and she played this role in the movie MASH which was released in 1970. Apart from this, she was also nominated for the Oscar Awards for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Sally Kellerman was born on 2nd of June in 1937 in Long Beach in California and was the daughter of Edith Baine and John Helm Kellerman. She did her early studies of the Hollywood High School and later she attended the Los Angeles City School.

She had also attended the Actor’s Studio which is based in New York City with some great names in the industry which include: Jeff Corey, Shirley Knight, Dean Stockwell, Robert Blake and Jack Nicholson. She is quite a good singer. At the age of 18 she signed a contract with the Verve Records and also sung for the album which was being made by Decca Records. Apart from singing debuts she had lent her voice to many musical films like Lost Horizon, Open House and Independent Film.

She had also worked in a number of television series which include: The Bellero Shield, Where No Man Has Gone Before and The Human Factor. Sally Kellerman got married to Rick Edelstein in 1970 or 1971 as the exact date in not known but in 1975 they parted away. Then in 1980, she got married to Jonathan Krane and they had three children named Claire, Hannah and Jack and all of them had been adopted by the couple.

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Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants Photos

Salma Hayek Jimenez or best known as Salma Hayek is a Mexican actress who firstly built her career in Mexico. Her first Telenovela that rose her name was “Teresa”. Her name started to fly higher when she took a role in a film entitled”El Callej√≥n de los Milagros” (Miracle Alley). Then she move to Hollywood. Desperado was one of film that she starred.

Salma Hayek on Plastic Surgery: 'It's Not Beautiful'

Salma Hayek understands the desire to stop the aging process, but she says beauty, as you get older, is something to be brought out and enhanced, not manufactured by a doctor.

"I believe that every woman is entitled to fight to preserve her youth," the actress, 44, tells Allure in its September issue, on newsstands Aug. 23.

Just not through plastic surgery. "It's like the uniform of a generation," she says. "And it's not necessarily beautiful. It's not wrinkled-looking, but it's not beautiful."

The Oscar nominee freely admits that she's showing signs of aging. Asked whether any part of her body looked better 10 years ago, she replies with a laugh: "My boobs. They're not bad, by the way. I'm not complaining about them."

Yet she radiates youth, partly because she's been applying "creams" her whole life, she says. This summer, she even launched a beauty line, Nuance, which in many ways is a tribute to her grandmother, who studied to be a beautician.

"She started working on my skin when I was 12 or 13," Hayek says. "I never used soap on my face. Once, she shaved our heads and put egg on it and all these things. But I have to give her credit – my hair is great."

The philosophy behind the new products, sold at CVS, is that "within you there is beauty, and you have to learn how to find it and enhance it in a natural way," Hayek adds. "One thing that is exciting about being a woman is that you can rediscover your beauty over and over and over."

As an American Hollywood actress, it’s no longer a secret to know that most of them had ever sailed around plastic surgery. Salma as well the 47 years woman had done several kinds of plastic surgery. When the rumors appeared, she had ever tried to decline every rumors about her activity, and told that, she had never have a plan to do any plastic surgeries, she got everything in herself naturally.

But, many people in the forum wouldn’t believe it, based on several kinds of photo rose. At a glance, she might looked so natural, it looked like she had no plastic surgery. But if we looked her a bit intensively, there you will find the differences.

The first rumor told that the Mexican woman had something done with her nose. Seeing from the photos previous and current one, people can see that her nose looked different. In the past, her nose is rather big with a wider bridge of nose. And after the nose job, it got narrower and smaller nose.

The second rumor is about her breast. She had ever done her breast so big and a lot rounder. She might be one of sexiest woman in t America, for her breast looked so perfect. It’s too big to be natural breast, for she had smaller one in the past. People strongly believe that, what she did is the result of plastic surgery. This is Salma Hayek, she certainly disagree with the rumors. Is it true or not?  The people might have ability to decide whether she had it or not.

Salma Hayek Breast Implants(Boob Jobs)

Just look at the photo above, you can confirm that the rumors you heard about Salma Hayek’s breast implants are not just rumors, it is true only. But in an interview with dailymail, she denied all these plastic surgery rumors. Saying that she doesn’t want to do any Botox or any plastic surgery on her face. It’s all done by cream. Salma didn’t comment anything about breast implants, clever move.

Salma Hayek looks beautiful and stunning with new breasts. We know many celebrities who had overly done these augmentation procedure and made themselves into big fail like Patti Stanger. But she was just opposite because of the perfect amount of Silicone. Congrats to the plastic surgeon who ever done it. It’s a big success. I think she felt good after the work done. It added confidence and self-esteem, you know as a celebrity appearance is an important factor next to talent.

Video Salma Hayek plastic surgery before and after.

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Sam Trammell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sam Trammell Talks 'True Blood' Season 6 Cliffhanger With Eric

It’s time to take five minutes out of your day to make a very important decision – who should be heat magazine’s Torso Of The Week? For fans of tan there’s rugby playing Strictly Come Dancing star Gavin Henson. If you want to get another look at those guns then vote Gav. And up against Gavin, for fans of the supernatural, we’ve got True Blood star Sam Trammell. We’d happily look at either of these handsome chaps with his top off, but only one can win. So vote now, and we’ll put your winner in heat.

Spoilers ahead. "True Blood" star Sam Trammell chatted with Vulture about the Sam-Nicole backlash, his character's condom fail, and how he's going to petition showrunner Brian Buckner to get Eric back on the show.

One of the questions left from the finale is whether or not Eric is dead. You probably can't say, and you may not even know, but people do not want Eric to be dead.
I don't want Eric to be dead! But I honestly don't know how that works itself out there. I don't know what happens next with him. It's good that he's near water, even if it's frozen water. That seems to be a safer place than somewhere you couldn't put it out. It seems like it could go either way

Sammi From Jersey Shore Plastic Surgery Boob Jobs Before and After

Jersey Shore Girls: Did JWOWW and Sammi Get New Plastic Surgery?

So there we were last night being our hyper-observant, multitasking, no life selves, watching Jersey Shore, the Jersey Shore Aftershow and reading the Twitter streams of the entire cast.  No big right?  But then, our plastic surgery synapses began firing smoethin' fierce and we had to do a couple double takes.

Let's start with JWOWW.  JWOWW has obviously had plastic surgery on her breasts and she has been very upfront about it.  But if you remember, recently we began questioning the integrity of her lips (see the very end of THIS post we did ), because it looked like she had a plumper pout during a recent media appearance.

Well, yesterday, on the Jersey Shore Aftershow, JWOWW and her lips walked out and our eyes popped out our heads.  Did she get lip injections or some other lip work done?  We're not saying she did, but.........

Draw your own conclusions.  (We see what you did there Jenni).

Ok, lets move on to Sammi.   This one is a little more complex so pay attention PATsy Nation.  Recently, a Jersey Shore daily clip was released with Sammi talking to Snooki about getting breast implants or a lift (P.S. she also dissed JWOWW's work in the process, mhmmm).  Observe Exhibit A (which took place in the Summer of 2010):

Notice the "sporty" nature of her upper region.

Now, fast forward to yesterday when Sammi tweeted this picture of herself (AKA Exhibit B):

Hmm, she certainly looks healthier up top.  Now we know that a serious bra can do wonders, but... they're pretty BIG no?  What do you think?  Did Sammi have work done??? 

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, we know he's not a girl but we're starting to wonder if Pauly D has pec implants.  No? Yes?

Sammi just tweeted this pic of herself. Um... interesting.  We'd like to get your thoughts.  We see what you did there Sammi (P.S. we know you took the pic Sammi, no matter how hard you tried to mask your left arm extending ever so slightly! We know those tricks... Um hmmm):

The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City New Jersey; home of slots, table games, old women and even older men in matching track suits playing slots while drinking free coffee for 8 hours at a time, and…plastic surgery? Reports are coming out that the famed Jersey gambling spot will be running a player’s card (the cards they give you to keep track of your playing time) contest in which the top prize is $25,000 worth of plastic surgery. According to Kathleen McSweeney, senior VP of marketing for Trump Entertainment Resorts, “We wanted to change the face of a typical casino promotion, and with this one we are literally doing it,”. What a whitty press release (*stares blankly, shakes head in dissaproval*). The promotion, which also allows the lucky player to except his or her winnings as just cash (so the promotion is basically just them giving away the money and suggesting that the winner get some work done), should draw some new blood into the casino. Who knows, maybe some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey will show up:

Jacqueline Laurita might want a new boob job…
Or maybe Teresa Guidice wants some Botox…

Or Mellisa Gorga want to get her breast implants re-done.

They better watch out though, the Jersey Shore girls might want in:

JWoww seems to keep getting boob-jobs…

and Sammi might want to go up a size and settle the dispute over whether or not she’s had her breast’s augmented.

It’s going to be a Jersey style showdown; you bring the Bon Jovi and house music, we’ll bring the denim and hair gel!

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Sammy Sosa Plastic Surgery Before nad After Changed Skin Color

Has Sammy Sosa Been Playing with Plastic Surgery?

By now you may have seen photos of Sammy Sosa with his altered skin color. The photos above are taken 6 months apart, with the first photo being the most recent. What is he doing to his skin?
According to a source he has been doing a “rejuvenation process” on his skin and was “surprised” it came out so light. It appears that he has had one (or both) of two things: he has been using skin lighteners like hydroquinone and/or he has undergone aggressive chemical peels or laser treatments. Both the lightener creams and peels/lasers can create changes in the melanin of the skin resulting in a lighter color. In caucasians this is usually modest, however in people with darker skin (like Sammy) it can be pretty startling. With time his skin may recover some of the lost color. However, if he has had a major invasive treatment, it may not.

Baseball legend Sammy Sosa’s ever changing appearance has led to frequent rumors of plastic surgery, rumors that have followed into retirement.

43-year old Sammy Sosa has been rumored to have Vitiligo, a skin condition in which there is a loss of color in the skin ever since his skin began becoming lighter and changing his appearance. Sammy is currently lighter than ever, which he has attributed to being the result of using a cream.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Sammy denies having vitiligo, a skin condition that lightens the pigment of skin, but he did confirm the use of a face cream and he would not provide the name. That “cream” seems to have had a very strong bleaching effect.”

Sammy’s appearance is so changed that some fans have suspected the legendary ball player of having had plastic surgery, although it seems unlikely and his color change is the reason he looks different than fans remember him from his playing days.

Is Sammy Sosa whitening his skin?

One can’t help but do a double-take when looking at former Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa these days.  That’s because his skin has transformed from a coffee-brown complexion to one more akin to coffee with heavy cream.  Former Cubs employee Rebecca Polihronis, who talks frequently with Sosa, told the Tribune’s Fred Mitchell that people are making far too big of a deal out of Sosa’s new appearance,

"He is going through a rejuvenation process for his skin," Polihronis said. "Women have it all of the time. He was surprised he came out looking so white. I thought it was a body double. Part of (the photo appearance) is just the lighting.

"He is in the middle of doing a cleansing process to his skin. The picture is deceiving. He said, 'If you saw me in person, you would be surprised. When you see me in person, it is not going to seem like the picture.'

"People who saw him in person did not react the same way. He can't believe it is such a big deal."

The reason it’s such a big deal is because, well, we know historically darker skin often has been deemed more of an albatross than an asset. I would like to say we’ve moved away from that unfortunate type of thinking. But it’s still prevalent in far too many circles. Having light skin falls into the same camp as having “good hair.”  I would like to say we’ve moved  away from that, too. But if you’ve seen entertainer Chris Rock’s new documentary/movie, “Good Hair,” you know that’s not necessarily the case.

The reason Sammy Sosa is in the spotlight is because he appears to be yet another brown person unhappy in his skin.  He says that’s not true. But in the photos, Sosa’s eyes appear lighter and his hair straighter.  It does make you wonder….

When we consider even the specter of skin whitening, we think of the spectacle that was Michael Jackson.  He also said he was happy in his skin. He blamed his problems with pigmentation on the skin condition, Vitiligo. But few people believed him in part because he had chosen to have his nose whittled down via plastic surgery and his once curly hair chemically straightened and lengthened with a hair weave. 

Interestingly, it’s not just some people with African ancestry who covet light skin. Here on Exploring Race we’ve talked about the role light skin has played in other parts of the world. In China, light skin in often preferred because it is associated with wealth and one not having to toil under the hot sun. In some parts of India, parents are known to seek lighter skinned mates for their children so that their grandchildren have a better shot at having a “fairer” complexion. In Brazil and Japan, skin lightening creams are a big business. 

This all reminds  me of  Rev. Joseph Lowery’s inauguration benediction when he said “Lord… we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around, yellow will be mellow … “

Is Sammy Sosa bleaching his skin? Should we care? There's a larger question here that has to do with perpetuating stereotypes and certain standards of beauty. It's why some people were upset in 2008 when singer Beyonce's skin appeared to be lightened in a group of L'Oreal ads for hair coloring products.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sandra Bernhard Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift, Botox and Fillers

Did Sandra Bernhard Have Some Funny Plastic Surgery?

Sandra Bernhard was never one to be known for her good looks. But recently her face has changed and it looks like she may have gone the way of other female comedians such as Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin and opted for some funny plastic surgery.

57-year old Sandra Bernhard still looks as unpleasant as ever, thanks to her bulbous nose, but lately she also looks a little smoother and shinier, which could be the results of plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift and maybe Botox or fillers.

Sandra Bernhard clearly hasn’t gone in for nose surgery as her nose is still as prominent as ever, however she does look a little different in her more recent appearances, which could be a result of anti-aging procedures.

In the past, Sandra Bernhard has said that she is not a fan of comedienne Kathy Griffin, although it is probably her comedy (or lack thereof) that Sandra objects to, rather than her copious amounts of plastic surgery.

Sandra Bernhard Will Continue To Be Ugly Through Her Fifties

Some things never change, and in the case of Sandra Bernhard’s face, that’s too bad. Last week she celebrated her 56th birthday leaving little doubt she will continue to be ugly through her fifties and beyond.

It was 1982 when the Martin Scorsese film The King of Comedy was released and we first gasped upon seeing her face on the big screen.  In the film, her character teamed up with Rupert Pupkin (Robert DeNiro) to kidnap Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis). Many thought Scorsese had hired the make-up artist from The Exorcist to create such a grizzly image. “That was all Sandra” Scorsese recalled years later, “Our first videographer heaved at first sight and quit during filming. DeNiro punched her for no reason, said she disgusted him. Jerry just popped a few more pills”.

Although she wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery in the years that followed, she could find no plastic surgeon up for the challenge. She was just too retched and most feared any new clients in the waiting room would flee mistakenly assuming they had done that to her.  Her father Jerome, a proctologist declined the job claiming she looked about right for what he’s used to working with. So she embraced her ugliness.

As a lesbian she had encounters to keep her in the public eye. Madonna and Bernhard appeared on the David Letterman show together and the two alluded to a lesbian relationship that included a staged confrontation. The only thing viewers could believe for certain is that no man would ever do her. Madonna lost some appeal with her fans until she later commented “Look I’ve never been that wasted and God knows I’ve been that wasted”.

A mouthpiece for liberals and often just a mouthpiece, Bernhard is always willing to make herself visible on behalf of far left candidates. Although they certainly welcome her support to their campaigns, most have requested it be kept to voice over work only.

Bernhard proved she can be ugly with her words too. In 2008 she warned Sarah Palin that she would be gang-raped by Bernhard’s “big black brothers” if she visited Manhattan. Although when caught up with for comment, the brothers in New York collectively claimed “That girls’ always trying something… there’ll be no gang raping happening if Sandra’s part of it, but give her credit, she keeps trying”. She also told Palin to stay away from the Old Testament and referred to Palin’s Christianity as “new goyish crappy shiksa funky bullshit!”.

For a while Sandra Bernhard blamed her ethnicity for her looks claiming “it’s the curse of being Jewish”. Unfortunately for her, no one was buying it.  Winonna Ryder, Alicia Silverstone, Brooke Burke, Sarah Silverman, Elizabeth Banks, Gina Gershon, Goldie Hawn and many others prove Bernhard’s theory was pure B.S.  Woody Allen once said, “I’m one homely Jew, but at least I’m better looking than Sandra Bernhard.”

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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Botox Injections

Sandra Bullock might take some advantages when she decided to go under the knife. It doesn’t not only make her more confident in working as a public figure, but also help her career too. She looked much youthful after she decided to use some botox. And in recent years she appeared with a new nose.
Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

She clearly had a rhinoplasty or nose job. The nose seems reshaped well. As many people know that Sandra bullock used to have a wide nose with big tip. And when she had a nose job, the nose had changed significantly, the wide bridge of the nose had turn narrower, while the big tip had turned to be smaller.

A plastic surgeon from Miami, Dr. Michael Salzhauer stated that Sandra Bullock had her nose done. The shape of the nose was narrower than before and the new nose looked fit to her beautiful face. The 48 years old Sandra had created a big decision to let herself  did plastic surgery. And she did it so well so far. It’s fortunate that she didn’t change extremely, so that she was still recognizable. She completely looked more beautiful now.

Sandra Bullock Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Sandra Bullock is no longer young anymore when we are talking about the celebrities’ age average, but no one denies her ability to act in front of the camera given the fact that she had played in various films. With so many movies she played in, tons of gossips and rumors have been coming to the surface as she is exposed by some media. We are not only talking about her acts, the relationship, the fashion style or even her worth net, her beauty around the face and body is also being chased by the paparazzi and news seekers.

The rumors regarding Sandra Bullock plastic surgery started to make appearances in magazines and internet news portal headlines once people started to see some her old pictures that was uploaded on the internet. Because of those old pictures of Sandra Bullock, countless entertainment journalists not to mention her devoted fans as well created the speculations that she has had plastic surgery for her different look.

As we are seeking for the truth about the suspected nose job procedure, there is no single proof that supports such a suspicion and yes, it is still debatable for its truth. According to the photo comparisons between her old photos and the current ones as the only proof of Sandra Bullock plastic surgery, people believe that she had had the nose job in some moment of her life. Her old photograph shows that her nose was rounded while the current one provides some proof of plastic surgery being done because her nose is a little bit sharp.

Sandra Bullock Plasstic Surgery Is Still A Controversial Issue

Sandra Bullock is a famous Hollywood actress. She is popular among the public and media due to her top-notch movies like The Net, Speed and A Time To Kill. For the last few years, Sandra Bullock plastic surgery has become the hot topic of discussion. However, the rumors against her plastic surgery are still unconfirmed. We can only get the help of her recent and old picture to spot out the major differences. Her pictures show that she has taken the procedures like Botox injections, Rhinoplasty and face lift. It is often believed that Sandra Bullock undergone for Rhinopplasty at the start of her career. We can find out that her nose is smaller and thinner now.

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery is still a rumor however, her smooth face and free of wrinkle skin can make a person suspicious. She has crossed her early 40s and her skin is remarkably attractive and shiny. Truly speaking, the medical procedure has become so accurate and professional that a common eye can’t find out the difference between natural looks and medically treated appearance. However, the procedure of Botox injections and facial fillers have become common among western countries. Almost all the celebrities of Hollywood have undergone for some kind of treatment to look perfect in shape.

Unlike other celebrities, Sandra Bullock plastic surgery does not give horrible looks.  Meg Ryan and Jocelyn Wildenstein are the victims of bad plastic surgery. In case, Sandra Bullock has experienced the surgeon’s knife then her treatment results are extremely good in nature. She looks gorgeous and stunning. We can not find horrible and freaky looks on her face. It is admitted that she looks beautiful and eye catching with her natural as well as plastic surgical appearance.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that Sandra Bullock plastic surgery rumors are some how true in nature. She has surely done nose job because we can find out the change shape of nose in her recent and old pictures. It may be possible that she has taken fillers, Botox injections and face lift to sustain her good looks. We don’t depreciate her efforts because she has not over used The Botox injections and cosmetic surgery on her face. Unlike many actresses, who have spoiled their admirable and gorgeous  beauty by excessive use of injections and surgical treatments.

None of the rumors regarding Sandra Bullock plastic surgery have been confirmed, at least for now. The only evidence which is supposed to show which procedures she has had is photo comparisons. A list of procedures that she might have had includes rhinoplasty, face lift and Botox injections. These three procedures are probably the most popular ones amongst celebrities. Some people believe that Sandra Bullock has had a rhinoplasty procedure many years ago, when she has just started her career as an actress. If we look at the comparison photos, we can see that her nose does appear to be thinner and smaller than it looked in her early years.

However, there is absolutely no proof that there has been any more Sandra Bullock plastic surgery procedures. Her face does appear smooth and almost wrinkle-less and it is a little bit suspicious having in mind that actress is already in her 40s, but this still doesn’t prove that she has been using Botox injections. Nowadays plastic surgery has become so professional that it is hard to tell if a person has had a plastic surgery unless something goes wrong. We all remember stories about plastic surgeries that went terribly wrong such as Jocelyn Wildenstein or Michael Jackson plastic surgery, but this is certainly not the case. It is possible that Sandra Bullock has had some plastic surgery procedures done, but the results of them were very subtle and successful. One way or another, most of the people would agree that she is a beautiful actress, with or without plastic surgery.

All things considered, we know that there is a big possibility that there has been at least one Sandra Bullock plastic surgery done. We cannot state it as a fact until it has been confirmed, but it seems that she might have gotten a rhinoplasty procedure at some point of her life. Either way, the changes on actress’s face were very subtle and even if she did have plastic surgery, it hasn’t made any drastic changes and hasn’t ruined her appearance.

Did Sandra Bullock do a recent “plastic surgery makeover”?

I actually think OK! Mag and their “experts” are right on the money – about a decade ago, I think Sandra had some real plastic surgery in the form of an overzealous eye job or something in that area. Remember Two Weeks Notice and how funky her face looked? That’s when it happened, and I think that since then, Sandra has only been doing little stuff, like fillers here and there.

As for Sandra and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively – meh. Whatever was happening between Sandra and Ryan, it either wasn’t romantic or it wasn’t romantic for very long. At this point, I just believe that they were really close friends. And I don’t think Sandra’s fillers have anything to do with Blake specifically – they’re probably more to do with aging in the industry generally.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sandra Denton Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Breast Implants

What happened to Sandra Denton?

Sandra Denton is one half of the 80s rap duo, Salt n Pepa. The group currently has a reality show on VH1. Sandra has been appearing suspiciously 'different' since the first episode, but no media outlets noticed since the group's heyday was so far in the past. But, I noticed! Her eyes look totally different and have changed from an almond shape to something larger. Her nose looks shaved down and overall, she looks 'younger' but in a plastic way.

I’m looking forward to the new VH1 show, Let’s Talk About Pep.  It’s the urban version of “Sex and the City”. According to a recent interview, Pepa, claims not to have had sex in the last four years. Seriously? I don’t believe it but it makes good TV.

Her new show, is a  real-life comedy following Sandra “Pepa” Denton of Salt-n-Pepa fame as she emerges from several years of romantic and sex drought, brought on by some seriously lousy relationships.

Now she’s ready again to search for love and action in the capital of hooking up, New York. She’s joined by three friends also trying to negotiate the romantic minefield of NYC.

Sandra Denton had plastic surgery to improve her self image. The before & after pictures show that she had breast implants and a nose job. Overall, were Sandra Denton's 2 cosmetic surgery procedures a good or bad idea?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Santa Claus Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation in Santa Claus, Indiana

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Many magazines and newspapers, not to mention blogs and websites, like to speculate on what plastic surgery different celebrities may or may not have had. It is of course important however to remember celebrities are people too, and entitled to make their own decisions without being judged. But when someone keeps their youthful looks as they grow older, it is natural that people will want to know what their secret is.

There is one particular celebrity who has kept his appearance the same for so many years it is nothing short of miraculous. But despite being world-famous, there has been remarkably little comment on the question: has Santa Claus had plastic surgery?

This jolly fellow has been giving presents to good children for hundreds of years, but his appearance has remained unchanged in that time. Some might say that this is simply down to Santa being a magical, immortal being. But it could simply be that Santa has an excellent plastic surgeon to keep him, if not looking young exactly, then gracefully retaining the same mature appearance year after year.

Most plastic surgeons will ask for you to be clean shaven before undergoing plastic surgery. Although there have been no sightings of Father Christmas without his trademark white beard, he only normally makes public appearances in the month of December, so there is plenty of time for him to have surgery each year.

However, most pictures of Santa show a rather wrinkled appearance, especially around the eyes, and he would likely benefit from a facelift or necklift, such as my own Turn-Back-Time TBT Facelift, which restores a youthful look by returning sagging fat to its original position, with natural results. Eyelid surgery could also help Santa Claus to maintain that twinkle in his eyes.

Would liposuction be a viable option for reducing the size Santa’s ample belly? Probably not: liposuction is no substitute for healthy diet and exercise, and is best suited to reducing stubborn pockets of fat. The number of mince pies that Santa must consume over the course of his deliveries must be in the thousands, so a strict diet and plenty of exercise is likely to be the solution.

So if Santa is looking for a plastic surgeon to help improve the youthfulness of his appearance, we would be very glad to hear from him; I don’t know whether he would use our contact us form, or drop a message down the chimney!

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Sara Gilbert Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

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You might remember Sara Gilbert for her role as Darlene Conner-Healy on the sitcom Roseanne.

Did Sara Gilbert Have Plastic Surgery?

Sara Gilbert is from a Hollywood family. As Hollywood families tend to do everything from share a career to a plastic surgeon, suspects that not only does Sara act like her older siblings; she may also use plastic surgery like they do.

37-year old Sara Gilbert is best known for her role as Darlene Conner on the popular Roseanne sitcom. She currently has a recurring role on the Big Bang Theory and pops up elsewhere as well.

Although age has taken a toll on Sara’s looks, she is the younger sister of known plastic surgery fan Melissa Gilbert, giving reason to suspect that Sara has also spent time under the knife.

Sometime in her youth, Sara probably had nose surgery as her tip is a little smaller than it used to be. However, she seems to have held off on Botox and fillers, which could help improve her looks.

Dr. Jonathan Hall is one of the top plastic surgeons in Boston, who is know for his natural appearing results. Dr. Hall, who has not treated Sara Gilbert, says, “Well, her face has put on some weight between 1999 and 2007 (haven’t we all!). The forehead looks relaxed and the eyebrows are nicely arched, so she could have had a good treatment with Botox.  A subtle volume loss under her eyes, flattening of her lips and deepening   around her “parentheses” lines goes along with normal aging, and probably means that she has not had fillers yet.  Her nose does look changed beyond what I might expect with aging.  Tip is elevated and narrower, so she might have had a nose job.”

Sara Gilbert, best known for playing the role of Darlene on Roseanne, has had multiple nose jobs. The plastic surgery basically took a good nose and made it bad. She had a fine looking nose that was maybe a tiny bit bulbous and made it weirdly shaped. The tip is now much smaller which actually makes the nostrils look like they flare out more. Overall, Sara Gilbert's nose was much better proportioned to her face before the nose job.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sara Jean Underwood Nose Job and Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sara Jean Underwood had plastic surgery to get a better look. But it didn’t work well. If you check the pictures of her before and after, you can see that there is some changes in her face. Her face look like she’s wearing a thin plastic mask.

Sara Jean Nose Jobs

Sara’s nose was not proportionate to her face. And she decided to change its appearance by nose job.
If you go through the old pictures, you can see that her nose was round shaped. But now, it is thin and narrow. It is because of the rhinoplasty she had done.

In my opinion she doesn’t really have to do a nose job. Her nose was good anyways. I don’t know why she had done so.

She changed the size of nostrils and the tip. And it turned to a longer one. Well, she is totally satisfied with her nose.

Did she had Breast Implants ?

When she appeared in Playboy, her breast size was a normal one(32B). Everyone thought that it would be because of small breast implants.

But now, her breast size increased. She upgraded her breast.  Sara is now 28 year old. Actually she looks better with the old breasts.But, Sara was not at all happy with the small sized bosoms. Her new breast enhancement is too large in size.

Implants increase her confidence level. Sara felt that her breasts were under developed or too small.  As a model and an actress, appearance matters a lot.

Celebrities will go under knives to look good. They doesn’t care about how much it costs or the risk of failures.

This rumor is likely a mushroom which is spreading so rapidly. Sara Underwood is being talked by people about the possibility whether she has undergone plastic surgery or not. The rumor says that Sara did at least rhinoplasty and breast implants surgeries.

What do you think? Is it true?

It is annoying when I should admit that Sara Underwood looks so beautiful in very natural way. From her photos year by year there is a different in her tip nose. If she did it, it is just so well done. She – and her surgeon of course – did it perfectly. The changes just a very little and subtle, even we can’t examine it when we just seeing her photos at glance. Appearing at Playboy for the first time, she has normal size for her breasts, 32B and now when she is going older, is it means her breasts are also boosted?

Her appearing in some chances show of her growing breasts. It is bigger now, and again, beautiful. If it is the result of breast augmentation surgeries I may say that she is good. The surgeries are pretty success and she looks wonderful in it. Well, it is different from other plastic surgeries that show off the completion and perfection, everything in Sara are look so natural. Her nose and her breasts are appropriate and appropriately. Could it be she is ready to re-start her debut in adult magazine again?

Sara Underwood Rhinoplasty

Sara Underwood always avoids talking about this topic, so we can’t really certain that she really did rhinoplasty and breasts augmentation. However, photos are not the only one proof. Differences can be from the person itself or from the process of taking pictures. Make up, dress, or gaining weight can be the reasonable reason for Sara Underwood plastic surgeries rumors.

When Sara Jean Underwood first appeared in Playboy, many thought that the Oregon native was an unusual pick because her breasts appeared to be natural or the result of small breast implants. Now it looks like Sara may have upgraded her implants.

Sara Jean Underwood has become a favorite Playmate thanks to her girl next door looks and smokin’ hot bod. Although Sara once seemed to be all natural or curvy with the help of only small implants, it seems that the television show host has upgraded her breast implants to a larger size.

Pre-augmentation, Sara Jean’s official cup size was 32B (Sara Jean Underwood’s breast augmentation), which is small for a traditional Playmate.