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Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery Botox Injection and Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Heather Locklear plastic surgery is in the news lately because of 51 year old actress’s pretty face and looks. This beautiful actress, who shot to fame with Melrose Place, was recently seen in Beverly Hills area in a restaurant and she looked ravishing to say the least. Despite her roller coaster of a life involving breakups and relationships, Heather Locklear continues to defy her age. No, she hasn’t aged gracefully in the traditional sense of the word as she is looking fresher and younger than she has ever looked in her life before.

Most of the female celebrities start to get more attention regarding their possible plastic surgery when they reach their middle ages. This actress is no exception – recently, when actress turned 50, people started speculating about possible Heather Locklear plastic surgery. Most of the people remember this actress for her roles in TV shows “TJ Hooker” and “Dynasty”.

Has Heather Locklear Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Heather Locklear plastic surgery, always beautiful, started her career with appearances as a TV cop on the show TJ Hooker and a character named Sammie Jo in Dynasty.  In the 1990′s, she was a star on Melrose Place.

Now having turned 50 on September 25, 2011, speculations as to plastic surgery she may have had are surfacing.

If we look at some of the more recent photos of the actress it becomes clear why people started speculating about possible Heather Locklear plastic surgery. Firstly, there are obvious signs of Botox injections and face lift procedures seen on her face – her face looks shiny and smooth and her expression seems to be frozen and shows no emotion on her forehead. Secondly, some people have noticed some changes on actress’s nose – now it looks much thinner than it looked few years ago. This clearly point out to the fact that she might have had a rhinoplasty procedure. Finally, actress’s lips look altered too – it seems that she might have used some kind of filler like Restylane or Juviderm which are nowadays very popular amongst celebrities.

It seems Heather Locklear has to do botox injection on a regular basis. The follow picture is when Heather is out of botox!

If you think the picture horrible, then you are totally wrong! In fact, too much botox injection is much more dangerous. I just wonder why she is still out to enjoy sunshine?!

There is a sudden spurt in the number of people making frantic searches on internet trying to find Heather Locklear plastic surgery before and after 2013. The plastic surgeon continues praising the smooth texture of her skin saying it might be a result of chemical peels. It is no secret that the Hot in Cleveland star had a nose job and a breast implant some time ago. It is really surprising how anyone so deeply involved in relationships can continue to look so young despite having crossed the age of 50. Heather has a 15 year old daughter with her relationship with Bon Jovi Guitarist Richie Sambora.

When Botox Goes Wrong

Earlier in 2011, a two sided picture featured on celebrityplasticsurgery.tv speculated that Heather Locklear may have had Botox treatments that went wrong.

On this page, the picture is unattractive, and it appears that she’s about to cry. The heading below the picture sported the phrase “When Botox Goes Wrong“.

The actress herself has neither confirmed nor denied any of the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her. Despite that, there really is no need to get any kind of confirmation, because it is obvious that her face isn’t natural. However, many people agree that even after all the surgeries she underwent, she is still a beautiful woman and Heather Locklear plastic surgery story isn’t one of the plastic surgery gone wrong stories, at least for now. Of course, if she will continue to surgically alter her appearance, she might end up completely ruining her appearance. There are many stories about plastic surgeries which went extremely wrong such as Michael Jackson, Jocelyn Wildenstein and many others.

All things considered, we can be certain that at least some of the rumors regarding Heather Locklear plastic surgery are true. We cannot state it as a fact until it has been confirmed by the actress herself, but the photo comparisons show that her face has definitely been altered. One way or another, we can see that Heather Locklear is a beautiful woman and she will continue to look that way if she will make the right decision to age gracefully. However, if she will continue to get all kinds of plastic surgery procedures, there is a big change that she will become one of the celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong examples.

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Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Botox, Breast Implants and Nose Jobs Before and After Pictures

Halle Berry seen being wheeled around and wearing heavy facial prosthetics while filming "Truth or Dare" in Los Angeles. The actress is later seen wearing massive fake breast implants.

Most actresses who have won Academy Awards are always dealing with plastic surgery. Halle Berry, who has been changing her appearance, is one of them. Even though she denied this rumor, her photos recently showed that her appearance has changed, at least for some parts of her body. Further, when an incision appears on her body, there is no doubt that she surely has had plastic surgery.

It is no secret anymore that when a person has plastic surgery, there will be a scar or incision that will appear, but it depends on the surgeon whether he can hide the scar or not. First, she had a  breast augmentation that is very easily seen by the public. It is common to have an incision on her armpit after this procedure, because most of the work is done through the armpits. Halle’s recent photos show that she has bigger and fuller breasts than she had a few years ago.

Has Halle Berry Had Surgery?
According to the actress herself the answer is ‘no’: Halle Berry has not gone under the knife.
“No I haven’t,” Berry said in 2007 when asked by Reader’s Digest if she’d had plastic surgery.
“But that’s one thing I’ll never say never about, because I don’t know.”

It seems pretty obvious from this quote, and from other statements Berry has made where she said she hoped to be able to avoid the temptation of being a plastic surgery celebrity, that the actress hasn’t undergone any cosmetic procedures just yet.

While the fear of plastic surgery gone wrong likely plays a factor, Berry has said that she hopes she can allow herself to age without trying to hold onto more transitive standards of physical beauty.

If you check the pictures of her before surgery, you can see that her nose was little wide. And in the recent pictures the nose seem changed a bit. It got slim and yeah, better than before. Just like breast implants this one also got good results. The size of the nostrils got reduced after the surgery. I think Halle was not comfortable with her big nose. ​

It is a good thing that she got desired results from the rhinoplasty. Her nose after the work suits her face well. It is one of the risky procedures among plastic surgeries. Because the chances are too low if the surgery fail.

What kinds of plastic surgery Halle Berry has done?

Halle Berry Nose Job
The next thing about Halle Berry is her nose. The size and shape of it got changed. You know that the nose is actually important to a model. Because a small change can make the face a lot difference. So, the celebrity has done nose job for better look. But I don’t know why she had done this. It was actually not so bad and there were no imperfections before.

If you check the pictures of her before surgery, you can see that her nose was little wide. And in the recent pictures the nose seem changed a bit. It got slim and yeah, better than before. Just like breast implants this one also got good results. The size of the nostrils got reduced after the surgery. I think Halle was not comfortable with her big nose. ​

Halle Berry Breast Implants

First noticeable change in Halle Berry is her breasts. It seems that she had upgraded her breast size to 36C. Breast implants are common among actresses and models. But only few had done at this almost-middle age. Well, age doesn’t matter in case of Halle. Because she was born with natural beauty and maintained a perfect body structure.

The breast implants made her look better and it suits well. Halle Berry is lucky to have the natural look even after the surgery. It’s actually very hard to maintain beauty when you’re at 40. It’s the age when the wrinkles, forehead lines and other aging signs appears. I’ve seen some celebrities who has done plastic surgeries a lot of times and ruin their face. But Halle has done it in a perfect amount and she chose the right surgeon.

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Did Ha Ji Won have Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Facial Fillers and Eyelid Surgery Photos

Koren idol Ha Ji Won was accused has beauty transformation through plastic surgery. This rumor appears when her old photos that look so different with her recent appearance widely spreading among Netizen. Some believe she had put herself under the knife, but the other party or Ha Ji Won enthusiasm said its just make up that make her quite different from time to time. 34 years old South Korean actresses Ha Ji Won who has gain international recognition for her role as Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden (TV series) was accused has beauty transformation along with plastic surgery done.

Those who believe that Ha Ji Won has plastic surgery accused she has Rhinoplasty , facial fillers and eyelid surgery. Like any other Korean idol, Ha Ji Won plastic surgery triggering pros and cons among fans. But Ha Ji Won never gave a clear explanation regarding plastic surgery transformation that was accused of her.

She has beautiful face with innocence looks that was combined with good personality image make Ha Ji Won plastic surgery being one of Korean stars that has so many fan base around the world.

But her successful career and life will be costly by the emergence of rumors she is fake celebrities that doing beauty transformation trough plastic surgery to establish her career. It was strengthens with the fact that in previously photos that showing Ha Ji Won picture before she become famous celebrities was really different and showing that she is changes so drastically.

Has Ha Ji Won Had Plastic Surgery?

When you’re dealing with bad plastic surgery stories, such as Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgery maiming, it’s fairly simple to tell whether a celebrity has gone under the knife or not.

However, when you have an actress like Ha Ji Won, it can be nearly impossible to tell. A chameleon on screen and able to slip easily into half a dozen different roles as it is, Ha Ji Won is already hard to pin down.

However, when you look at the “rumors” of plastic surgery, no one seems to be quite clear what it is they’re accusing the young actress of in the first place. While tabloids and gossip forums claim that she must have had work done, no one can say what or where or when.

There’s just a blanket question, rather than wondering if she’s undergone rhinoplasty (a nose job), facial fillers, eyelid surgery, or any of a dozen different procedures that could be concretely investigated.

What kinds of plastic surgery Has Ha Ji Won has done?

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid surgery probably the most common plastic surgery procedure that was taken by Korean idol. Its probably Ha Ji Won does similar thing too whenever you look at her eyes that looks bigger than before. As a commonly Mongolian race, she should have cramped and small eyes. But looking at her you must be understood that he runs getting bigger and wider looks like Anime character who jumping into the real word. She looks good with her new eyes that gave her soft and tender sight at once.

Facial Filler
Facial filler probably was taken by Ha Ji Won to make her cheek more chubby. Despite injecting on her cheek, filler or collagen may inject to her lip too that make this part looks juicy and thicker. Ha Ji Won may have filler injection in the chin area to make it more pronounced by looking at how smooth and sharp her jaw line that make her facial shape getting an oval than before.
Nose jobs(Rhinoplasty)
Looking at Ha Ji Won before and after picture we may see there is slightly changing on her nose. There is bit differences in both size and shape that make Ha Ji Won facial appearance more perfect. It’s likely that in old photos her nose is less sharp, wide and bit bigger. The nasal board looks less high but wider than the nasal bridge. But from time to time, you may see that her nose more perfectly sculptured. The nasal bridge becoming smaller and cramped, the nasal bridge looks higher than before make her nose look slimmer, thinner and sharper. Speculation says actually Ha Ji Won hasn’t plastic surgery for Rhinoplasty done. They say a shading of the nasal area gave her illusions of nose shape and size.

Though there are dozens of websites out there, such as that shown on us which are releasing photographs of Ha Ji Won “after plastic surgery,” it seems like that phrase is being used as nothing more than an SEO search tag for those interested in seeing the post-surgery starlet.

None of the images presented seem greatly different from any other. In fact if you take into account what the woman does for a living, it’s highly unlikely that any of the slight differences seen in these online galleries couldn’t be pulled off with the help of simple cosmetic tricks.

After all, if you know what you’re doing you can slim down your nose, change the appearance of your eyes, alter your lips or even give your face an entirely different shape. Actresses excel at fooling the camera, and thus the eyes that are watching the pictures.

Ha Ji Won plastic surgery hasn’t made any statements about whether or not she’s had surgery either, which isn’t helping to settle the question. So what’s the conclusion? Is it possible that she’s had plastic surgery at the hands of an extremely talented and gifted doctor who’s hid the scars to well and performed so subtly that no one has noticed. Yes, that’s possible.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Botox, Breast Implants and Nose Job Before and After Photos

The beautiful and iconic actress Gwyneth Paltrow has again in 2013 been awarded the title Most Beautiful Woman In the World. After all of these years of fame, this American actress continues to be a simple, natural beauty. Just how natural her beauty really is has recently come into question, however, due to some rumors that she has had a nose job, as well as other forms of plastic surgery. Now in her forties, it would seem that some plastic surgery work might be required to keep her looking fresh and young.

Gwyneth Paltrow been looking a little different lately, hasn’t she? Inevitably, every woman in Hollywood faces the same pressure, whether they admit it or not – especially actresses. Some women are strong enough to resist going under the knife – a la Meryl Streep, Diane Lane, etc – but usually those women are known more for their acting ability than their looks. Gwyneth Paltrow, while not a bad actor, is known more for her looks, her lifestyle, her husband, and her off-screen life than she is known for being an Actor.

Has Gwyneth Paltrow Had Plastic Surgery Before 2011?

Unlike many contemporary female entertainers, actress Gwyneth Paltrow (who was born on September 27, 1972) and has said that she never wishes to undergo a celebrity plastic surgery operation of any sort, except for a breast lift, which she has stated as a possibility though not as a certainty.
In an interview with the German edition of “OK” magazine, she declared herself to be against “gimmicks for peasants” that include not only plastic surgery, but also substances like botox and silicone.
She once told Elle magazine: “People come up to me and say, ‘I want to have two kids and wear a bathing suit and not feel terrible about myself. I see how hard you work and it makes me feel like I can do that too.’”

Other anti-cosmetic surgery things she has been quoted as saying are: “Plastic surgery is excessive vanity.”; “Before I didn’t care about it. And I still refuse to use silicone, botox or other of those gimmicks out of pure vanity. But a breast correction after breast feeding — why not? There’s actually nothing else to restore the original condition, isn’t there?”.
Her views reflect those of other glamorous celebrities, particularly Erica Durance.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s opinion is even echoed amongst some of the younger celebrities who have already given great thought to the possibility of cosmetic alterations in the future – see Hilary Duff as a good example.

If the rumors are true, Gwyneth has likely had a rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and a chemical peel or even laser treatments. When comparing her new photos to her old photos, it appears that her nose has gotten smaller, narrower, and more defined, although ever so slightly. In order to help her eyes appear fresh and young, it would also seem that she had blepharoplasty done on both her upper and lower eyelids. Lastly, her bright, clean, fresh skin is probably the result of skin treatments like chemical peels or even laser treatments. Keeping her skin young and renewed has allowed her to appear younger than her 40 years.

Gwyneth Paltrow has always been fanatically concerned about her weight. She has maintained a very strict diet over the years to control her figure, and she might have figured that a breast reduction might have been the way to go. Either that, or she hated her ‘sagging boobs‘ so much that she got them lifted. Now, this is a very serious and personal decision, so we’re not criticizing her for anything. Rather, just pointing out that there is a noticeable difference in pictures.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Gwyneth’s changed her looks. Years ago, when she was at the top of the A-list and won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love, her nose also suddenly became straighter and narrower. Sure, some people attribute to the weight loss, but the bone structure of your nose and face doesn’t change from weight loss.

What do you guys think? Boob job, or no boob job? Do you think Gwyneth would ever admit to going under the knife, especially since she’s already admitted to dabbling in plastic surgery? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Of course, Gwyneth Paltrow is also known for her love of a natural lifestyle and natural treatments. It is possible that she has just taken great care of her face and body over the years, and is now reaping the rewards! There is some evidence that she had admitted to having a nose job, but nothing has been proven definitively. Generally, her stance is against having plastic surgery. As she was obviously born with great natural beauty, perhaps it is true that she was also born with great genetics, and is aging really, really well!

What kinds of plastic surgery Gwyneth Paltrow had done:
  1.     rhinoplasty – the bridge of her nose looks thinner than before and the tip also appears to have been decreased, but the most she could have had is minor surgery that widened the nostrils slightly;
  2.     blepharosty (possibly);
  3.     chin augmentation (possibly in her youth);
  4.     chemical peel treatments;
  5.     laser surgery;
  6.     eye and brow lifts;
  7.     mastopexy;

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Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox Before and After Pictures

Greta Van Susteren, the famous TV personality from America, is rumored that she’d plastic surgery. It is saying that Greta has done Eyelift, Botox and Facelift.

When the famous host Greta Van Susteren moved from CNN to Fox news in early 2002, she got plastic surgery for her face to become younger and more attractive. Greta then appeared in a completely new style and trendy hairs. The image of Greta suddenly had left a lasting impression in the eyes of the viewer: a charming girl sitting behind the desk in dialogue with a short skirt and long legs.

The Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery story is no secret, as this legal analyst for a host of television shows has publicly talked about her eye lift.

Greta Van Susteren was born on June 11, 1954 in Appleton, Wisconsin, and she has gained international recognition for her legal commentary on a number of television news shows.

Now, Greta is aged 58 – the age which starts appearing wrinkles and lines. But did you see any signs of aging in her face?

No, her face seems smooth and tight. So, did she had any plastic surgery ?

The questions about the plastic surgery raised from the viewers. Well, Greta admitted about the eye lift (belpheroplasty). She said in an interview to “People” magazine that she’d done eye lift to change the appearance of her eyes. Also said that it helped her to make the eyes look better. Well, it’s true. She looks more beautiful with the changes.

But, did she quit cosmetic surgeries with eye lift ? The answer is no. The rumors saying that she has gone through botox injections.

Greta Van Susteren: I Had A Cosmetic Surgery Eye Lift

This media journalist has gone on the record during an interview with People magazine and has openly talked about her eye lift.

She has done this much the way that Cameron Diaz’ plastic surgery has been discussed. Her procedure is known as an eye lift, and the star says that she was tired of the black bags under her eyes, and she had a month in between jobs.

During this time, she decided to have an operation, and there are no worst plastic surgery pictures that are found with other celebrity plastic surgeries.

Most have commented on the improvement that Susteren has accomplished with her new look, and many have talked about its effects on her new job.

Owning big eyes, glitter is always the dream of many celebrities. That's why recent technological eye lift surgery is increasingly thriving. Greta Van Susteren is no exception. However, the cosmetic surgery of Susteren had led to many concerns : Does the appearance of women more important than their ability?

There were rumors Greta applied eye corner surgery. Thus, in addition to get 2 naturally lids, her eyes will be balanced through corners and bigger eyes are open wider than before. The wrinkles are not so much as before and the ‘ crow's feet ‘ are not on her face anymore. However, after the first time, this method gradually revealing the defects can only push to launch vertically but not horizontally effects. This sometimes makes the eyes lose the inherent balance.

It is said that Greta Van Susteren also had had surgery to have bow smile. Cosmetic surgery easily causes complications but fortunately, after surgery, Greta become beautiful and charming as ever. Ever-present smile is always on her lips.

On the woman's face, the lips are a highlight to show the glamor, sexy and most attractive to the opposite. However, due to the nature or impact of objectivity, some stars do not get the beautiful lips as desired. Lips are too thin or too thick will affect the harmony and elegance of the face. In particular, defects, birth defects of the lip can be a burden that many psychological inferiority in life. Greta who was known with the smile "distortion" feature, apparently she wanted to change her appearance to become more perfect, have a mouth looks more cheerful, smiling as always deposited on her lips.

Greta Van Susteren, an author and a well-known critic of the U.S., said: "Prior to surgery, Greta Van Susteren is considered a major step in the fields of women like a political analysis by intelligence and analytical abilities of her great legal. Gerber also concluded that Van Susteren is a heartbreaking example of inequality for women. For smart ladies, more intelligent or not intelligent enough for the whole world still prioritize look at their appearance.

Does Cosmetic Surgery Go Hand In Hand With A Career Move?

Many wonder if this news personality went under the knife for her new high paying job with the Fox News Network.

She is the recipient of nearly a million dollar a year salary as a result of the bidding war between Fox and CNN. Before she went to work for Fox News, the star went public about her operation, and this has left many wondering whether it is associated with her new job.

There are good chances that this is the case, as before this time, she was known for her indifference to her public appearance.

Whatever the truth is, her results are far better than the Michael Jackson plastic surgery that was the perfect case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Greta Van Susteren has a brand new job and a brand new eye lift to go with it. This television personality has been open about her surgery, and she has gone on the record to talk about her eye lift.

This is a procedure that relies on an eye tuck, and it is the third most popular type of plastic surgery in the United States. Most of the pictures that have been shown are surprisingly good, and people are talking of the new plastic surgery celebrity and her new television show for Fox.

The Greta Van Susteren cosmetic surgery is an issue that is public knowledge.

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery actually kind of pretty woman with or without  plastic surgery. But as I said before her professions that always appear on screen requires her to always looks perfect and stunning in front of the camera. Since she decide to go under the knife, people then started to compared her appearance before an after conducted with plastic surgery.

People said that before her face was touched with some procedures of plastic surgery especially eyelid surgery, bro lift and possibly botox on her forehead. After got involved with plastic surgery, its true that Greta Van Susteren looks much younger than her real age but some reason they said that its not looks like herself used to. Greta Van Susteren has very long time standing on screen, that why its easy for people to compared her before and after plastic surgery was conducted.

After plastic surgery its seems that Greta Van Susteren brow lift looks more lifted than before. Before her eyes looks narrowed and after eyelid surgery we may see that hilarious big eyes without any eye bag as the sign of aging. Greta Van Susteren also got botox that was injected on her forehead, before it looks naturally aging with some wrinkles but after botox injection Greta Van Susteren forehead looks so smooth but stiffed and immobile.

So which one did you like? Greta Van Susteren before or after plastic surgery condition? Well You are more than welcome to share your opinion about Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery before and after condition by written that on the comment box bellow.

Greta Van Susteren Facelift:

While going through the pictures of Greta before and after, we can see that there’s some changes in her skin also. It’s not looks like a 58 year old woman’s skin. Yes, she had some work done in her face. That’s the reason why her skin looks tight and fluffy.

This young looking skin is made by botox fillers. It makes the skin tight and will lessen the wrinkles. The line and excessive fatty skin on face can be removed by face lift. After the process, her face is kind of plumbed look.

Greta Van Susteren Botox Injections:

But I don’t the think her facelift is successful like Lesley Visser, because her skin is not seems natural now. Even a little kid can find that her “plastic” face. If she’d done in a normal amount or in a medium level, it would give great results.

But overall, plastic surgery procedures made her looks better. Not a utter fail one. It boosted her self confidence and esteem. As a TV anchor, appearance matters a lot. You know that, right?

Her facelift was not much perfect as the nose job. Well, she looks good with the plastic surgeries.

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Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Botox Injections Before and After Photos

This is the world of science and technology and it has made it possible for human beings maintain their youthful appearance for a long period of time. Now, healthy diet, yoga, and some medical treatment can keep our body fresh and charming. This trend has become more common among Hollywood celebrities. Even the actresses, who have crossed their 70s are still fabulous and gorgeous. They don’t have loose skin with horrible wrinkles. For this purpose, most of the celebrities use Botox injections, fillers, Rhinoplasty, liposuctions, cosmetics and plastic surgeries. Goldie Hawn plastic surgery is one of the best examples of Youthful appearance. She looks completely changed with several medical treatments.

The reporters and her fans can compare her bundle of pictures to guess about significant changes. She has appeared with well shaped breast and tight skin. Her boobs look fuller and sexy that is impossible in this old age. As compared to her age, her figure is more perfect and attractive as if Goldie Hawn is still youthful and energetic. One more proof of Goldie Hawn plastic surgery is related to implantation effects on her cheeks. She may have used fillers and Botox injections though it is not confirmed by the actress herself. However, people and surgeons have found some visible changes on her lips, breast and cheeks...

If I could say, I would refer Hollywood as a world of fake. Do you think that I am excessively? You better think once more. How many Hollywood celebrities come with their natural appearance? I believe it is one out of a hundred celebrities. Yes, it is kind of public secret that Hollywood celebrities come with their fake appearance as they had undergone plastic surgery. And now, we would like to reveal the rumors of Goldie Hawn plastic surgery. Do you know how old Goldie Hawn is? With her youthful look, everybody cannot recognize that she is almost 70 years.

Has Goldie Hawn Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Where the cutting edge of beauty treatments meets super stardom, we can expect to find Goldie Hawn. Just don’t expect to hear her be very outspoken about the subject of plastic surgery.
Born in Washington, D.C. on 21 November 1945, Goldie Hawn is best known for her role in the television series Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Foul Play (1978), Overboard (1987) and Private Benjamin (1980).
Goldie Hawn has long been tied romantically to Kurt Russell (since 1983) and is the mother of three, including Oliver and Kate Hudson (both from her second husband, Bill Hudson) and her third child, Wyatt Russell, is her only child with Kurt Russell.

Goldie Hawn Plastic surgery is claimed to give her youthful appearance. In her almost 70s, Goldie Hawn comes with her perfect breast shape and youthful facial skin. People come to question these significant changes of Goldie Hawn. Public try to compare piles of her pictures before and after plastic surgery. As everybody guess, Goldie Hawn has fuller breasts and some visible changes of her face are also identified. Where did she get those youthful looks? Plastic surgery has become the only thing to give her that fabulous appearance in her 70s age. She should be grateful with the result of her plastic surgeries.

Some reports claimed that Goldie Hawn has undergone breast augmentation, cheek filler as well as lip filler. She is also believed to get Botox injection on her face, as we cannot see either wrinkles or loose skin on her face. Goldie Hawn probably wants to refuse that she is getting older as she wants to keep her youthful appearance. Well, no matter how hard she tried, time cannot be stopped. She remains grow old with her fake appearance. Apart from the plastic surgery itself, still, she is a charming lady who wants to keep her beauty until her late age.

The team of reporters questioned about her plastic surgeries, she disclosed Botox injections and breast augmentation. Goldie Hawn plastic surgery looks natural as she doesn’t over use  the treatment. She has wrinkles on her face but her looks are graceful and gorgeous. Moreover, Goldie Hawn claimed that she has good genes to maintain her beauty. The use of plastic surgery as well as her body structure has helped her to sustain her beauty for a longer time period. She admitted the role of Botox injections and cosmetic surgeries, however she wants to grow old gracefully. She has decided that she will never misuse plastic surgery to tight her skin because excessive use of such treatments have given horrible results. Goldie Hawn plastic surgery satisfaction is the basic reason that her fans are happy with her natural looks and fabulous beauty.

Goldie Hawn Autobiography: I Had Breast Augmentation
Her 2005 autobiography A Lotus in the Mud reportedly reveals that Goldie has in fact undergone breast augmentation in addition to frequenting cosmetic doctors for skin smoothing injections (perhaps laser resurfacing or Botox). She was also quoted in a 1992 edition of People magazine (vol.37 No.3):.

“Why would somebody want to talk about plastic surgery? I don’t think it’s anybody’s business.”
Goldie Hawn may occasionally fall victim to another celebrity plastic surgery rumor-mill but she has been allowed to age gracefully. This is due in part to her healthy lifestyle and not multiple trips under the knife.
Many are left wondering, though, with those beautifully arched cheekbones and full lips, if the iconic actress has in fact gone under the knife for some touch up work.
The overall consensus seems to be, that even if she has in fact had some work done, it’s not over the top and she is still as beautiful as ever.

Weighing 115 pounds at 5’6”, Goldie Hawn would appear to be a more likely candidate for touch up work on facial features and not more invasive procedures like liposuction.

There are too many celebrity bad surgery stories, see for example Mary Tyler Moore. Besides what was told in her autobiography, Goldie Hawn has managed to keep her surgery secrets under wraps while keeping the words true -“less is more.”

Dr. Paul S. Nassif has been quoted on us stating “Goldie Hawn plastic surgery may have had filler injected to her lips, as they do appear more pouty in certain photos. Overall, if filler was injected, it was not too overdone. Her look still appears natural.”

The “trout pout” look is a nickname given when the filler starts to wear off and a noticeably uneven effect is left in the injection site. For Goldie Hawn, this may be a result of Restylane or Juvederm.
On the flipside, many Hollywood critics have noted that Goldie Hawn’s face looks much different now than when she started in the film industry. Other critics would say that some plastic surgery may do her some favors.

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Georgia Salpa Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Lips Before and After Photos

For some time people were creating various rumors about possible Georgia Salpa plastic surgery. It is normal having in mind that she is a famous and beautiful young woman. Most of the people know Georgia Salpa as a part of Celebrity Big Brother project.

Georgia Salpa Gets Lip Injections…

So, the truth is out. Her lips are about as genuine as her all year round suntan.

Who let the cat out of the bag? Well, it was none other than her new manager, Dave Read, who clearly is in a great position to know the score:

“I’ve asked her about her boobs and they are real but she always winks when I ask her if she’s had her lips done,” he said.

Having done many nude photoshoots for a range of magazines, she now stars in her own reality TV series called Holly’s World, and competed in the eighth series of Dancing With The Stars, which aired in 2009.

Most of the rumors about possible Georgia Salpa plastic surgery started to show up when people have noticed some changes in her appearance. The first thing that we notice when looking at some of the photo comparisons is that her breast size has noticeably changed. It seems that her breasts have become at least two sizes bigger during a very short period of time. Of course, people started suspecting that she might have gotten breasts implants. However, Georgia Salpa has denied these rumors and said that her breasts are all natural.

There were other rumors about Georgia Salpa plastic surgery which were not as likely to be true, because there is almost no evidence to support them. People were speculating about possible lip augmentation, cheek fillers and rhinoplasty. Looking at the photo comparisons, we can see some subtle changes on her face, but it is hard to tell if they have happened naturally or because of plastic surgery. Recently one of these rumors have been confirmed – Georgia admitted that she has had lip fillers, but that is all. According to her, that is the only procedure that she has had, but she wouldn’t cross out the possibility of getting something done in the future. One way or another, we can see that Georgia Salpa plastic surgery isn’t one of the plastic surgery gone wrong examples. Even with the fillers, her lips don’t look too full or swollen – they look natural and fit her face perfectly. Of course, who knows how she will look in the future if she has started getting plastic surgery while she’s still in her 20s.

All things considered, we know for sure that there has been at least one Georgia Salpa plastic surgery and it was lip fillers. As for the other rumors, nobody knows for sure, because there isn’t enough evidence, at least for know. For now, everyone can decide for themselves and without a doubt there will still be various rumors about her possible surgeries. What we do know for sure is that Georgia Salpa is a young beautiful woman who doesn’t really need any kind of surgical alteration to look that way.

But Did Georgia Have a Boob Job?

Given the Celebrity Big Brother publicity, discussions have focused on whether Miss Salpa may have had celeb plastic surgery.

While clearly not in the Heidi Montag or Lindsay Lohan league, there’s possibly some evidence (as our before and after pictures show) to support the argument.

Dave, however, went a step further and adamantly denied the breast enhancement rumours despite the fact that things seemed have expanded from a genuine 32C to glamour girl 30E!

Dave said: “I’m not an expert in these things but there must be something in the milk in Dublin” which sounds a bit like the boob job equivalent of Father Christmas, so we’re sort of suspicious that to be honest.”

Georgia, who recently teamed up with Neon Management in London in an effort to get her UK career going, is an old flame of Calum Best.

Dave argued that appearing on Celebrity Big Brother should be the first of many stages of a potentially money-spinning career.

He said: “She’s not the big ‘I am’ type of person, she’s quiet and quite shy but she’s very down-to-earth and that’s what people will like about her. She’s just an all round good Irish lass and we’re taking things one day at a time but I’m confident the British public will embrace her just like the Irish have.”

Friday, December 20, 2013

Did Fergie have Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Botox Injections, Facelift and Nose Jobs

Fergie is an American singer-songwriter, fashion designer and actress (born March 27, 1975). Her real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson. Fergie was also a co-host of the television show Great Pretenders. Her debut album, The Dutchess released in September 2006, produce five Billboard Hot 100 Top 5 singles. She is also the female vocalist for the hip-hop group the Black Eyed Peas.

Fergie is a famous celebrity of Hollywood. She was born in California on 27th March, 1975. Her real name is Stacey Ferguson but she has become famous by the name Fergie while she participated the TV show with the kids and Wild Orchid. Fergie plastic surgery has become the topic of media discussion. There are rumors about her cosmetic surgery, Botox injections, and fillers. It has become easy to spot out the differences in her appearance and physique.

Reporters have claimed that Fergie is the leading candidate, who has opted for several surgeries. Fergie plastic surgery has helped her to adopt new looks. If we compare her old pictures with the recent images, we can get to know that there is a visible change in her breast size and face cuts. Her breast size has prominently changed and her boobs are well in shaped now. She may have implanted silicon pads to increase the size of her breast.  Her forehead is remarkably smooth and her cheeks are more shiny. Critics have pointed out the use of Botocx injections, fillers and face lift. Moreover, her brow and eyelids are perfectly lifted. Once the total estimate of Fergie plastic surgery treatment was asked to a doctor, he estimated the round about price of her medical treatment as thirty thousand dollars.

Nowadays she is being rather famous for her Plastic Surgery Nose Jobs, which she used to perform not on stage but on her body parts (plastic surgery jobs), then for her songs. Singer from the Black Eyed Peas, rumored to have had a Nose Surgery/Nose Job, Breast Augmentation/Breast Implants, Endoscopic Forehead Lift and Botox Injections. She has totally transformed herself. She has gone under the knife many times and made her body a testing laboratory in past ten years.

She said that, she would be open to Botox but the rumor about her Plastic Surgery is completely untrue. She added that her skin used to damage by sun tanned.

When Fergie was questioned about her changed facial expression and perfect figure, she admitted the use of Botox injections. The opponents of Fergie denied to accept her truth and stated that she had undergone nose surgery and breast implantation as well. It is clear from her pictures that her nose bridge is thinner and pinched now. Now, she has started to expose her body especially her breast because these are perfectly uplifted and more in shape. There are significant signs of cheek lift, jaw implant, and brow lift. A quick fleeting look at Fergie’s pictures can indicate several changes like well defined shape of the jaw line, tight neck skin, shiny face, big boobs, flaccid cheeks and more refined nose. It is important to note that she has appeared in America Idol with stunning looks, and lots of people have given comments about her recent attractive looks and call it the result of Fergie plastic surgery. However, she has not accepted all these comments. It is still a secret for her fans and media.

You could be forgiven if coming up with a blank if asked about Stacy Ann Ferguson but yes; this is the real name of Fergie who has become a heartthrob of millions of her male fans all over the world. Not only is she a rap singer, Fergie also happens to be a songwriter, actress, TV personality, a fashion designer, and even a rapper. She sang many songs with the band Black Eyes Peas before releasing her own album The Duchess in 2006. She is in the limelight these days not because of her performances but because of her boob job, nose job, and face lift.

What kinds of plastic surgery Fergie has done?

Fergie breast implants:
 Fergie plastic surgery before and after photos, though she denied having done breast implant, but it’s quite clear right?

The rapper is not only looking voluptuous but fuller in her face also as a result of the entire Botox and boob job that she has undergone. However, the singer is not so magnanimous when asked about her experiments with plastic surgery as she claims that she has had only Botox but no plastic surgery on any of her body parts.  But plastic surgeons hold another view about her makeover as they say that it is clear from her before and after looks that she has not only undergone breast implants but also brow lift, forehead lift, and even an eyelid lift.

Fergie botox injections:
Experts also say that Fergie has had botox injections done as her photos reveal that she now has a slimmer nose and even the tip of the nose now looks chiseled. Even the jaws of the actress look almost perfect now. The ac tress now dares to reveal her upper body which is a tell tale sign of her plastic surgery botox injections.

Fergie nose jobs:

Fergie seems have done all kinds of plastic surgeries, in fact there’s a picture to show exactly which kind of plastic surguries Fergie had, not know how many times of plastic surgeries she has taken!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fan Bing Bing Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Chin Implants Before and After Photos

Fan Bing Bing is a Chinese actress and singer, best known for her role as Jin Suo in a television drama in Taiwan called Princess Pearl back in 1997.
This show was very popular in mainland China and a sequel to the film came out a year later.
Fan Bing Bing was born on September 16, 1981 in Qingdao, Shandong and was raised in Yantai, Shandong. She has done several other films since Princess Pearl and has become a very popular actress in China.
Other than acting, her fame includes, posing for magazine covers, being a spokeswoman for television commercials, and singing. She has also released several albums.

Hollywood celebrities aren’t the only ones who get all kinds of rumors about their plastic surgery. Recently people started talking about possible Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery. She is one of the most popular Chinese actress’s mostly recognized for her role in TV series “Princess Pearl”.

It has been noticed that Fan Bing Bing looks different than she used to. There is a lot of speculation about the changes. Some have said that she has had procedures to turn her into a new Fan Bing Bing nose jobs. In detail, they speculate that she has had significant changes to her face. In comparing her prior photos to the current, it looks like there have been three areas of change: her nose, her eyes, and her chin.

There have been several different theories about which procedures she have possibly gotten. Most of the Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery rumors are concentrating on actress’s nose and eyes. It appears that her eyes have become wider – some people believe that she might have had eye lid surgery to make her eyes look less Asian. It is also rumored that Fan Bing Bing might have had a rhinoplasty procedure done at some point of her life. Reason for this is that when we look at some of the photo comparisons, we can see that in some photos her nose appears to be slightly bigger.

However, none of the Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery have been confirmed. Actress has denied having any kind of plastic surgery. In fact, she has even won a case in court against plastic surgery clinic which used her photo to advertise their business. It is entirely possible that Fan Bing Bing is telling the truth and she doesn’t have any experience with plastic surgery. Nowadays, when photos can be easily manipulated and edited, it is hard to tell if there really have been changes in persons appearance or is it just optical illusion.

Also, most of the photos used for comparisons are taken from various advertisements – they do not show how actress looks natural and she is wearing heavy make-up. One way or another, she is a beautiful actress and it is obvious that she doesn’t need any kind of plastic surgery to look as amazing as she does. When a person is given such good looks it would be a big risk for them to choose going under the knife. There are many examples which show that plastic surgery not always go as expected and some people and up looking worse than they did before plastic surgery.

All things considered, it seems that the rumors about Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery are not true. Actress looks very natural and there aren’t any drastic in her appearance which would indicate plastic surgery. She is a beautiful actress and her appearance is so perfect that there is nothing that needs to be fixed.

First, her nose she is quite a bit different. She used to have a wider and cute nose, and now the bridge of the nose looks narrower and more elegant than before. If she had a rhinoplasty, it was really well done. Second, her eyes look refreshed and more open. The fans speculated that this could be the result of double eyelid surgery.

Third, her chin has changed. From the photo you can see that the shape of her chin seems different. In the latest photo, the chin looks like it was reshaped nicely. Chin implants could be behind this change. When being confronted with rumors about whether or not she had the work done, she denied them and said it was natural. Overall, she is a completely stunning actress and people love her despite the speculation.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rumors Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Nose Job Photos

Another young starlet, who has likely had surgery to improve her chances of making big, is Erica Durance. Although you might not recognize her name straight off the bat, she is famous for her role in the television series Smallville, where she played Lois Lane. For any young actress this is a dream role, as Lois Lane is an iconic character who has been portrayed by a number of lovely ladies. Today, however, this Canadian actress is likely looking for greener pastures in the Hollywood Hills, and thought perhaps a little plastic surgery could give her the edge she needed.

Has Erica Durance Been Enhanced?

But her beauty has also been the cause of much speculation.

As with so many female celebrities in recent days, Erica has been the subject of numerous rumors about having had plastic surgery. For instance, it has been suggested she has had breast implants; a photograph of her and others both known or rumored to have had this operation may be seen on the internet.

Other operations that Erica is rumored to have had performed on her include rhinoplasty (a nose job — more than one person have commented that it looks like she had a bad one), liposuction, and improvements on her eyes, jaws, and lips.

Has Erica Durance had Plastic Surgery?
Erica Durance is a young actress, and as such she is rumored to have had the usual ‘young actress plastic surgery procedures.’ The first of these procedures is a breast augmentation. Her breasts appear more prominent and full than before, indicating that she has had breast implants. When a breast augmentation is done well, it is impossible to tell whether the actress has actually had surgery, or is simply making better choices for her cleavage such as push-up bras and herbal enhancements. As young women grow, age, and change weight, breasts can also grow and shrink a size or two. With young actresses, these ‘natural changes’ tend to happen overnight, generally indicating breast implants have been used.

When an actress’s nose gets thinner, more sculpted, and overall smaller, it is a safe bet she’s had plastic surgery. While her nose appeared thick and large in the past, today there is an obvious difference in the before and after images. It comes as no surprise that these claims have neither been confirmed or denied publicly, but few observers have much doubt as to whether her nose has changed over the years.

There are two rumors of plastic surgery related to Erica Durance. First, she had breast implants. It is difficult to prove whether she did this or not, because there are so many ways to make the breasts look bigger. She could have chosen a different bra or used a make up effect. Another possibility is that her breasts grew bigger naturally. However the rumor said that she likely had breast implants.

The second rumor is that Erica Durance had a nose job. In this case, it can be seen clearly that the shape of her nose is smaller and thinner right now, while she had a big and thick nose in the past. Unfortunately, this surgery doesn’t look like it turned out that well. She’s never confirmed whether or not she has gone under the knife, but she still looks charming.

Erica Durance herself hasn’t neither confirmed nor denied any of these rumors. This might be another reason to create these rumors, because it seems strange that she doesn’t deny it if she really didn’t have anything done. One way or another, her appearance seems natural and even if she did have something done, the procedures were very subtle and there are no drastic changes seen neither on her face nor on her body.

It seems that it is her good genes and taking care of her body which help her maintain youthful appearance over the years. Hollywood is filled with all kinds of stories about celebrity plastic surgeries that went wrong and Erica Durance’s fans are probably happy that she isn’t one of the “plastic” looking celebrities with frozen and expressionless face. At least for now, she looks as natural as it gets.

All things considered, it seems that the rumors about possible Erica Durance plastic surgery aren’t true. Looking at the actress’s latest appearances, we can see that she looks naturally beautiful and she doesn’t really need any kind of surgical alteration. Most of her fans agree with that and hope that Erica Durance will continue to embrace her natural beauty and won’t become one of the plastic surgery celebrities.