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David Archuleta Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Did David Archuleta get plastic surgery? 63% of experts believe he did…

David Archuleta (Crush) has gone under the knife at least once, if recent rumors regarding 24-year-old singer are to be believed. Fans were asking the question after new photos surfaced of David on Friday (March 27) looking a bit different.

Who Has The Smoother Skin?

There is something terribly wrong when a 63 year old’s skin is as smooth as a 17 year old’s skin. Good plastic surgery isn’t this extreme.

Dave Navarro Plastic Surgery Chin Implants Before and After Pictures

Dave Navarro Chin Implant!

Dave Navarro … hasn’t had any plastic surgery that I can tell. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Navarro and call myself a fan. He’s a guitar legend and one of the key members of Jane’s Addiction. He also has a pretty rad (80′s term) goatee. One thing I have learned as a plastic surgeon is that men often wear goatees to cover up a small chin or a double chin. In the same way, women often wear bangs to cover up wrinkles of the forehead.

I believe that Dave Navarro is no different. He does appear to have a smallish chin, termed microgenia, which is hidden by his goatee. A chin augmentation would be great for him, as it would give him a much stronger jawline. I would place a large size solid silicone implant through the inside of the mouth. This creates no visible scars, and heals very quickly.

However roguishly Dave wears his goatee, it brings to mind a trick a lot of men use to cover up a chin that is less defined. Chin enhancement surgery works to correct just this deformity.

By way of a chin implant cosmetic surgeons add volume to the chin of the patient. Of course, in Dave’s case his chin suits him just right as it is in balance with the rest of his facial features. A weak chin could pose a problem for men who don’t have enough facial hair growth or unevenly proportioned features though.

If you belong to this group, then get help from the chin surgery experts at the Plastic Surgery Institute of California.

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Did Daryl Hannah have Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery – Procedures Ruined Her Natural Beauty

Daryl Hannah is the actress from the United States. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and she is 53 years old. She became popular thanks to her roles in movies such as Roxanne, Blade Runner, Steel Magnolias, Splash, and Kill Bill. She is involved in various campaigns for environmental protection, and she has been arrested, because she protested. Last year, Hannah told the media how she has been struggling with issues such as social anxiety and autism since she was a little girl.

When she finds herself in unpleasant situations, she rocks herself forth and back, because that helps her to calm down. When those issues were discovered, medical experts advised her parents to place her in the institution. Her first debut role was in the movie called The Fury. She used her popularity to become an environmental activist, and she lives in the house built with only environmental friendly green materials. Her house runs on solar power as well. When it comes to her love life, she did not get married yet, and she was in a long relationship with singer Jackson Browne, and John F. Kennedy Jr. Very often, stories about Daryl Hannah plastic surgery procedures are the reasons why this actress is in the center of attention. For many, she lost her natural beauty, and ruined her looks completely.

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery lately steals public attention. It is all because she looks so weird and even horrible after being reported having some cosmetic surgery procedures done on her face. Has Daryl Hannah plastic surgery gone bad? Let’s see what plastic surgery experts say about it.

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Based on the pictures comparison between before and after plastic surgery, many plastic surgeons very regret to what was done by Daryl Hannah in enhancing her appearance. She does not look better after getting some works done, but her appearance even looks weird.

According to some plastic surgeons, Daryl Hannah plastic surgery procedures include Botox injections, facelift, cheek implants, and lips augmentation. In order to make clear the rumor, let’s discuss together why Daryl Hannah plastic surgery gone bad.

Daryl Hannah Facelift

Judging by before and after pictures, she does have tight face skin in her 54-year-old age. Born on December 3, 1960 her face still looks toned with no wrinkles. Some plastic surgeons claim if her tight face skin is gained through facelift surgery. It is impossible for other 50-year-old women to have such face skin if they do not have any beauty enhancement surgery.

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

Even though her face skin still looks tight and smooth, but some people notice that Daryl’s face now looks swollen. Looking at her recent appearance, many surgeons worried if the actress had got too much facial filler injection like Botox.

Facelift and Botox are cosmetic surgery procedures that can complete each other. Facelift surgery purposes to pull out the sagging skin, meanwhile Botox injection is for softening the face skin. Both of them are basically for removing the aging signs on the face.

Nonetheless, if they are not done professionally and properly, they will ruin the beautiful appearance as we can see on Daryl Hannah’s appearance after getting plastic surgery. Even Daryl Hannah bad plastic surgery is claimed and crowned into top 10 celebrities with plastic surgery gone wrong.

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery: Cheek Implants

The most sticking plastic surgery sign on Hannah’s appearance is on how her cheeks appear. Both left and right cheeks look swollen. She may have an idea to make her cheek rounded, which would give her youthful, fresh, and cheerful, but instead, her cheeks now look swollen as if she has just been punched by a boxer.
Daryl Hannah Lip Augmentation

Some people also notice that Daryl’s lips now appear fuller than she used to. They predict that the actress does not only have facelift, Botox, and cheek implants, but she probably has been also under knife for lips filler injection.

Every woman wants to have flawless and youthful look, but it seems to be impossible to look more than 30 years younger, without any cosmetic surgery procedures done. Dealing with Daryl Hannah plastic surgery, she possibly had gone too far with her surgery procedures, so that her new appearance now looks worse and even horrible which is completely the opposite of what she desired.

What do you think of Daryl Hannah plastic surgery disaster? Do you agree if her bad appearance is totally caused by bad plastic surgery? Feel free to comment here.

Darryn Lyons Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Jobs Pictures

Darryn Lyons plastic surgery is a semi-famous Australian paparazzo, who is on the current season of Celebrity Big Brother. Darryn has garnered quite a bit of attention after doffing his shirt to reveal bizarre 6-pack abs that have been etched into his over-weight belly.

Darryn underwent a plastic surgery procedure called abdominal etching (a type of body contouring), where liposuction is used to remove the fat in a pattern that is supposed to resemble ripped abs. While this procedure can help a very fit person look extra-lean, it makes a fat man, look ridiculous. Darryn’s etched abs have been compared to abs stenciled onto a barrel…and I think that’s a pretty accurate description!

Even more bizarre than Darryn’s fake abs are his beliefs that they look awesome. Darryn is so pleased with the results of his abdominal etching, that he has invested in the company and is now co-director and the main investor in Body Contour.

Some plastic surgeries were not meant to be gotten; abdominal surgery is on that list, but don’t tell Darryn Lyons that. The media personality, paparazzi, and star of Celebrity Big Brother 2011 (UK) admitted to having, and showed off his surgically contoured abs while filming the hit reality show. He seems very proud of the surgery and refers to it as the male version of a boob job; it’s not.
When a woman gets a breast augmentation it is usually to help her feel more confident and correct some sort of insecurity. However, when a chubby reality star gets his eight-pack made for him and then proceeds to surround them with fat, it’s because he’s lazy and ridiculous. The only positive to the situation is that when he inevitably gets more out of shape, we will get a good look at what happens to contoured abs when they truly go wrong. Also, his “abs” make him look kind of like a Ninja Turtle, so that’s cool. Thanks for the freak show Darryn!

Dannii Minogue Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants, Facelift Before and After Photos

Dannii Minogue plastic surgery, sometime pop star and sister of pop singer Kylie Minogue  has had some plastic surgery of her own. The popular judge of Britain’s X-Factor has admitted to having several different plastic surgery procedures, although none of them have left her feeling happier about herself.
The 36-year old actress and singer turned entrepreneur has openly admitted to having a breast augmentation to achieve her large breast size. She is also suspected of having a lip augmentation as well as a nose job and has also readily admitted to having used Botox to help herself to look as young as her pop-star peers.

Danielle Jane “Dannii” Minogue is an Australian singer, songwriter, radio and television personality, fashion designer and talent show judge. She is the sister of former Australian singer Kylie Minogue. This popular celebrity is more than one thing and maybe that is the reason she is ageing so fast.

Dannii Minogue Plastic Surgery

To get rid of this, she chose cosmetic surgery as an option like other celebrities. She is supposed to have Botox injections, nose job, lip fillers, and breast augmentation. As most of the celebrities deny the fact of taking surgical help to enhance their looks, on the other hand, Dannii admitted that she has gotten her breasts implanted, and she is not happy about it.

It’s not hard to make out the difference between the two pictures given above. As you can clearly see, Dannii had her breasts implanted.

Dannii Minogue, Plastic Surgery

When asked about plastic surgery, Dannii, responded, “I’ve had botox because I want to be the best I can be and look the nicest I can. There’s no right and wrong – it’s a personal choice.
“It didn’t make me happier, though. If you link cosmetic surgery into happiness or to be perfect you’re never going to be happy. It’s not about being perfect – that’s where people get it wrong.”
Her cute nose is likely the result of a rhinoplasty as it is just the right size and shape for today’s pop star. She has a narrow bridge and a rounded tip, unlike her wider nose of yesteryear.

Although Dannii still looks good, if she continues to overuse Botox and plastic surgery, in a couple more years, Make Me Heal predicts Dannii will cross the line from pretty to plastic.
Check out these pictures of Dannii Minogue before and after plastic surgery. Do you think Dannii Minogue had good or bad cosmetic surgery?

Dannii Minogue Breast Implant

She also accepted the fact that she agreed for the breast augmentation. Dannii is clearly not happy about her surgery. Though, it enhanced the beauty and the overall look of her personality. It totally improved her appearance.

Dannii Minogue Facelift/ Botox Injections

Dannii is 41, and her beautiful skin is the gift of Botox injections. Her face has become so smooth and wrinkles free.

Her face looks glowing and tight. Her skin appears to be toned and smooth. It looks as she has taken Botox injections in a good amount. Her forehead looks firm, and it gives Dannii a shiny look. Dermal fillers can be the second choice after Botox. Her under-eye skin looks flawless, and there is no sign of any fine line. Facelift worked out really well for her. She looks incredible at the age of 41. In an interview, when she was asked about plastic surgery, she commented, “I’ve had botox because I want to be the best I can be and look the nicest I can. There’s no right and wrong – it’s a personal choice”
Nose Job

Nose job or rhinoplasty is the reason behind her sharp and edgy nose. It seems like Dannii was not happy with the nose she used to have. With the help of rhinoplasty, her nose was re-crafted, and she got a better nose.

She used to have a wide nose with a rounded tip. After surgery, her nose looks a bit long, and it has a smaller round tip that is extremely pinched from the sides. Also, her nose looks slimmer and thin. Her new nose looks pointed, and completely changed the way she used to look. Though she looks better, but it seems like Dannii is not happy with her surgery. In fact,  she said that cosmetic surgeries can never make you feel good about yourself.

Dannii Minogue Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is the most common plastic surgery after nose job and breast implantation.

She had such thin lips, which did not suit her personality. Lip implantation gave her the exact lips. Now, her lips appear to be fresh, filled, and plumped. Lip augmentation helped her in enhancing the most beautiful feature of her face. We all agree that her new lips suit her the best. After all, who doesn’t want a beautiful, charming and sexy smile?

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Danielle Staub Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Boob Jobs Photos

Danielle Staub’s Lawsuit: ‘She’s Pathetic’ Plus Danielle’s Diet!

Just days after Danielle Staub announced her plans to sue all “perpetrators” involved in the fashion show fiasco, co-star Jacqueline Laurita is now slamming her lawsuit.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, who is looking much slimmer nowadays, thinks the lawsuit is pathetic. “You can’t defame someone who defames herself,” Jacqueline told Zap2It. “I have not told any lies about her. I never physically touched her or threatened her, so I am not worried.”

Danielle’s attorney, Paul Giblin told the HollywoodLife on Tuesday, “We are going to use this footage and prepare a case against these women,” despite the fact that Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashely Holmes, was the only one shown physically attacking Danielle. Giblin continued, “We are seeking assault and battery charges, defamation of character and punitive damages as well.

No one was arrested as a result of the attack, but Ashley did get fined $189 by the courts for pulling Danielle’s “hair.”

As for Jacqueline, she feels this is just another way for Danielle to get publicity. “She will do anything, and I mean anything, to stay in the press,” she says. “I think she’s pathetic and desperate. Maybe she has a fear that she won’t be asked to return next year so she’s grasping at straws to keep a connection between us. I don’t know.”

Danielle Staub Breast Augmentation

Danielle Staub plastic surgery, Danielle Staub plastic surgery before after photos, Danielle Staub photos, breast implants, breast augmentation, browlift, botox, fillers2

It’s in the fourth time, she got the kind of boobs she’s expecting. With three botched breast implants, she’s had a rough ride so far. She wasn’t shy of camera and had her last breast augmentation live on camera on her show, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She increased the size of her breast from a moderate B-cup to C-cup.

Before the aforementioned breast augmentation surgery, she’s out of luck and always ended up with terrible breasts.

The only plastic surgery that boosted her confidence was the one that’s recorded on her show. Strange.

Take a look through Danielle Staub’s breast implants before and after photos to get the idea of the recent changes.
Danielle Staub Botox

Danielle Staub plastic surgery, Danielle Staub plastic surgery before after photos, Danielle Staub photos, breast implants, breast augmentation, browlift, botox, fillers

She’s a fair advocate of everything plastic. Along with the four breast implants, Botox’s another handy trick to sort the wrinkles and face lines. She’s 52 and early aging signs has already started creeping in. If not facelift or other major cosmetic surgery, Danielle Staub play fair with the help of Botox.

Rush through Danielle Staub’s botox before and after photos.
Danielle Staub Browlift

Danielle Staub plastic surgery, Danielle Staub plastic surgery before after photos, Danielle Staub photos, breast implants, breast augmentation, browlift, botox, fillers3

It’s uncanny to see how her eye-brows are lifted up so high, little out of place, if not much. But whatever that is. It’s not natural and reeks of cosmetic surgery on her part. To keep her face frozen for few more years to come, she’s to get used to the feeling of Botox, of knives and scalpels and swollen face.

Go through Danielle Staub’s latest cosmetic surgery photos to get the idea of the work done.

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Danielle Lloyd Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants Photos?

Is Danielle Lloyd a Plastic Surgery Beauty Queen?

British beauty Danielle Lloyd has had a lot of controversy in her beauty pageant career. But one thing is certain, her plastic surgery has been a success.

Danielle Lloyd first became popular in Britain when she was stripped of her Miss Great Britain crown for posing nude in Playboy. It has also been speculated that the brunette bombshell had been sleeping with the judges of the competition.

After her beauty queen was cut short, Danielle turned to lingerie modeling, reportedly getting three plastic surgery breast augmentations to get her bust just right.

Danielle is quoted as saying, “At first I had them done because they were too small,” the model explained. “They were still not big and bouncy enough, so I had them done again.”

“Unfortunately the boob job went wrong,” she added. “They were all wonky, so I had them done again. Now I’m a 32DD and I’m very pleased.”

In addition to breast implants, Danielle likely also had a nose job to get her narrow and regal nose. She may also use Botox and dermal fillers like Juvederm to keep her flawless skin smooth.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Danielle Lloyd certainly has had her breasts augmented to get such a voluptuous chest.  Her beautifully shaped nose is most likely the result of a Rhinoplasty procedure.  And she has flawless skin most likely from Botox and dermal fillers.”

Indeed, it was a job well done, as it is hard to tell whether or not Danielle has even been under the knife for plastic surgery or not.

Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “Danielle Lloyd does not appear to have had any work performed to her face at this time. There is a possibility she had facial fillers and Botox, but that is about all.”

Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer says, “It is hard to tell if Danielle Lloyd has had plastic surgery or is just a natural beauty.  Some of her photos look as if she has had beast implants.  However, no one can no for sure.”

Danielle has also dabbled in lip fillers in the past, but her trout pout has thankfully died down and she is back to her normal beauty.

The former Miss Britain - Danielle Lloyd married in May last year after having two children with her husband - the footballer - Jamie O'Hara. Danielle Lloyd is actively losing weight to regain her shape after childbirth. Despite many discussion and controversy words about her plastic surgery beauty but there is an indisputable fact: her plastic surgery was a great success. In addition, she had the confession having breast augmentation, nose job, injecting Botox and lip pumping.

Previously, Danielle Lloyd had have breast augmentation surgery but after two births, her breasts have many changes and so she felt the need to "edit" again. "I want breast augmentation before the wedding. My boobs are still beautiful but I still have a little sagging due to breastfeeding and so I want to "repair" it but I will still keep this size", Danielle Lloyd shared. It is undeniable that the breast implants of Danielle is now a "masterpiece" even though she previously had to go through two sets of edits chest when things do not go according to what she wants. First time editing makes the breasts go in the wrong direction, causing her to perform cosmetic surgery the second time. Then, the breasts are not big enough as she had expected so she has performed surgery for the third time. And now things have stabilized. Her boobs are now a perfect work in all the work of plastic surgery.

The breast pump surgery is certain. But nose job rumors are not sure. Her beauty can be the natural beauty or also can be caused by cutlery. But look at the two pictures before and after becoming Miss Britain with higher and slimmer nose. It is also sharper, then, surely everyone has their own answer to this question.

Not only that, we also found a series of pictures with swollen lips and appears like a speculum. This is even more evident in the closer face photographs. Lips almost completely deformed. It's hard to deny that Danielle did not use collagen to inject her lip as though she is rumored for a long time.

Recently, Danielle appeared in a fashion show with strange style, heavy makeup and looks pretty old, older than her usually youthful looking. It is right to note the face is covered by a thick layer of chalk and red lips, taut face, lifeless and not emotion. Many people believe that Danielle Lloyd had Botox injections to the desired lasting her youthful beauty. Danielle admitted this rumor to the press, all things with no unwanted facial wrinkles, though she had just stepped over the age of 30.

Danielle Fishel Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Augmentation, Nose Job

Ladies and gentelmen! Let… the… speculation… begin! Danielle Fishel made her name as every boy’s crush and every girl’s role model on the 90s sitcom stalwart “Boy Meets World”, but now that Topanga Lawrence is all grown up, she’s subject to the scope of us gossip types. Now this isn’t to infer that she hasn’t been in the public eye at all in the past few years, because she has, she’s just about to be in said eye a whole lot more. The star of Style Network’s “The Dish”, Fishel has been playing to a somewhat exclusive audience in recent years, but now that she’s set to star in “Girl Meets World” (a sequel to her seminal show) as Topanga once again, she’s about to pop up on a whole lot more radars…oh yeah, there’s also those risque pictures that she took for Maxim Magazine (Playboy for dudes who don’t like to admit they like Playboy). This is the point folks: she’s about to be all over the place again and we’re pretty sure that her looks are going to raise some eyebrows in the plastic surgery community, so we’re weighing in with our opinion before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. That opinion is as follows: Danielle Fishel hasn’t had any plastic surgery.

The first rumor that we’re all going to hear, because we’ve heard it already, is that she’s had her lips done. Theories will range from Juvederm to Restylane, but we’re not going to buy any of them, because that girl has always had the ole’ fish lips. Even as a child actress, she had a pronounce pout that was unmistakably natural, and we don’t think that anything has changed in recent years. Next up, you’re going to hear all about how her breasts were worked on…okay, that one is a little more plausible, because those bad boys look great.

It’s nto out of the realm of possibility that she had a breast augmentatin done in the form of a lift after her highly publicized weight loss. However, we’re not buying it; we think that her chest pals are all hers. We’re sure that there will be liposuction rumors too, seeing as how she lost all that weight (she was the spokeswoman for Nutrisystem), but again, we’re not buying it. There’s better odds that her great bod is the result of diet, hard work, and photoshop.

So with all of that said,do we think that Danielle Fishel will never have plastic surgery done? No, of course we don’t think that; she’s a celebrity, it’s part of the gig. We do however think that she is currently one hundred percent plastic free, so we’ll keep you posted if there comes a time when this girl meets scalpel.

Danielle Fishel plastic surgery before and after

By comparing Danielle Fishel plastic surgery before and after, we can realize that something has changed too much there. Her face has changed too much and seems that it wasn’t in a good way. The plastic surgery didn’t give her the positive way entirely. Of course, the plastic surgery want bad at all. It means that the plastic surgery still giving a good result and it still can be seen obviously on her face. But well she will much better and will be prettier yet aging gracefully if her face hadn’t touched with plastic surgery at all. We don’t know her motive, but she may feel insecure about her age right now.

Lips enhancement gives her a bad luck

Lets say that Danielle Fishel still having a beautiful looks due the traces of plastic surgery obviously seen on her face. But looks at her lip that unnaturally thicker and bigger. We can say that her lip which is appear bigger and thicker giving her a little bit bad looks. Her lip seems thicker and bigger unnaturally. Yes it’s true that her lip seems plumped and seems fuller than before. But instead of looking sexy with her new lip, her face looks bit weirder now. It too pout and swollen rather than we called it sexy and fuller.

Danielle Fishel may gets the nose job too

Her before and after picture also showing the indication that she got the nose job procedure too. Lucky for her the nose job seems working well and she is still looking good with it. Her nose that used to bit piggy now looks defined and refined with the subtle looks too. Her nose getting cramped and thinner but it still natural and normal. Overall we can say that Danielle Fishel got both good and bad fate from the plastic surgery she has had done.

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Danielle DiLorenzo Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Looking at Danielle DiLorenzo Plastic Surgery in Survivor we couldn’t avoid to notice that her breast that some of the signs of breast implants, even when she probably loose weight during the show, they stayed the same size the whole time.
Danielle’s breasts have that upper roundness and projection usually found when a breast augmentation was done, we couldn’t see the natural sagging that we would expect, but at least we think that the size is still proportional with her body since they do not look too big for her.

There have being rumors about some facial procedures including a nose job and cheek implants, but we couldn’t find some older pictures where she may look different, as far as we found her facial features haven’t change much since she is in the public eye, if she got something done it was probably earlier and very subtle.

Daniel Craig (Jame Bond) Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Daniel Craig plastic surgery has admitted having plastic surgery to fix injuries sustained on the set of the latest Bond film.
Craig, who was recently pictured sporting an arm sling, told Elle magazine: “It’s a stupid inconvenience because we had to stop filming. But they gave me an excellent plastic surgeon.”

The heartthrob also admitted having a crush on 007’s boss.

He said all men fancied M, played by Dame Judi Dench, 73, in the Bond films.

Craig said: “M’s gorgeous. All men have thought about her at least once in their lives. “The great thing about Judi Dench is that she’s the matriarch of British film.

“She has an innate power about her. And yes, Bond needs a woman like M to contain his nonsense and say, ‘Look, 007, you’ve been an idiot!’

“But they won’t sleep together. Not unless the cupboard gets very bare in terms of storylines.”

The actor said: “I think it’s true that narcissists, thrill-seekers, and liars breed and survive in the gene pool because some women find them attractive.

“But I think James Bond has changed. He’s not a shallow brute.

The actor, whose long-term partner is film producer Satsuki Mitchell, added: “I won’t play Bond forever. But I’d like to think I’ve added something to the lineage of how the man has changed.”

Daniel Craig’s Marriage On The Rocks – Rachel Weisz Says “Choose Between Me Or James Bond”
Rachel Weisz has threatened to divorce Daniel Craig if he doesn’t quit playing James Bond. The actress has noticed sudden changes in her husband; he seems to care more about his rising fame as the 007 agent than spending quality time with her. The latest of the franchise, Skyfall, has grossed over $750 million worldwide – making it one of the biggest movies of 2012, but with all that success comes a lot of fame.

According to sources for Perez Hilton, Craig feels pressured to live up to his 007 Bond title and has therefore started pushing his marriage priorities to the side so that he can focus more on his career and his fans who have supported him throughout the years. At award shows, Craig dresses up in a black tuxedo and dark shades - notably something that James Bond would do – to live up to his character’s persona.
Rachel is starting to believe that Daniel is more in love with James Bond than he is with her. When the couple have arguments over the whole thing, the 44-year old tells her he sees nothing wrong with the way he’s behaving, explaining to his wife that she has to adjust to the lifestyle. If the disputation tends to get even more heated, Craig simply removes himself from the situation and leaves the house for a couple of days without informing Weisz where he has gone. Their love life has been said to be non-existent since Daniel started filming the latest Bond movie, which has made Rachel realize that eventually, if things don’t get any better, she will pull the plug and divorce her husband for good.

A source explained: “Daniel’s popularity has soared since playing James Bond and he’s often asked by fans for a picture. He is very aware of the duties of playing such a famous character and always stops to give fans what they want. He never shirks his responsibilities.“

Did Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Get Married with Plastic Surgery?
The quick marriage and relationship didn’t last long enough for traditional Hollywood wedding planning, which involves plenty of plastic surgery and a couple of weeks for plastic surgery recovery.
In the past, Rachel has been very vocal about her dislike of plastic surgery, including the popular dermal injectable Botox.

She says, “It should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen. Acting is all about expression; why would you want to iron out a frown?”

On the other hand, her new husband has been under the knife for some corrective plastic surgery after suffering an injury on the set of a James Bond film.
He said at the time,“I got tagged in a fight sequence and needed 8 stitches. Plastic surgery? Give it 5 years.”
Daniel and Rachel have kept their romance quiet thus far and us wishes the couple the best of luck in the future.