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Kourtney Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Talking about Kardashians’ plastic surgery seems never end, like Kourtney Kardashian who openly said that she got breast augmentation and nose job. Well, we obviously can say that Kourtney Kardashian who was born on April 18, 1979, is more openly talking about the plastic surgery, unlike what her sister Kim Kardashian did. Kourtney Kardashian said that it’s nurture for women to be beauty no matter what kind of ways you take to make it come true.

Kourtney Kardashian Hates Kim For Neglecting North West During Plastic Surgery Recovery and Paris Vacation

You didn’t really believe that Kim Kardashian has spent the last 3 months willingly at home embracing first-time motherhood and bonding with her daughter, did you? I didn’t think so and it’s smart of you guys to have thought otherwise. Sure, Kim did give birth back in June but we have it on very good authority that the only people really bonding with North West are her team of nannies! Kim delivered her baby and immediately went back to obsessing over her looks. She spent six weeks recovering from childbirth and then willingly was ushered in for an intense round of various nips and tucks in order to give her a push towards reclaiming her once noteworthy body.

It’s not motherhood that has caused Kim to lay low, but instead it has been her recovering from painful procedures such as lipo on top of having a baby that have contributed to Kim’s hellish life. She raised eyebrows last week by taking off for Paris with baby daddy Kanye West without little Nori. Of course Kim told the press she was sad but the truth is that Nori is her newest accessory. She gets attention, looks cute and is then passed back to a nanny. Even Kourtney Kardashian has distanced herself from the sister that she was once really close to.

Think about it, shouldn’t Kourtney be Kim’s closest ally right now? Kourt is a great mom and could really support her sister better than anyone else but instead she is too pissed off to talk to her. Kourtney had hoped that after suffering through Kim’s self absorption while pregnant it would all change once she was actually a mom. Kourt can’t imagine anyone not putting their child above and beyond everything else and to see her niece already bonding more with nannies than Kim infuriates her.

This American socialite, television personality and fashion designer also never regretted her decision for plastic surgery. Although personally I wasn’t kind of person who support plastic surgery for woman like Kourtney, but at least Kourtney Kardashian is more open minded and says everything about her plastic surgery procedures and never tries to hide it.

But of course, in other hand she must take the other risk. By openly admitted that she got plastic surgery, Kourtney Kardashian be a great target for paparazzi that want to know more about her condition.

Let’s Dig More Her Plastic Procedures

Kourtney Kardashian openly admitted she got at least two major plastic surgery procedures. Those are breast augmentation and the nose job and she proud of it. But the breast augmentation had been a problem for Kourtney Kardashian. It because she has a plan to breast feeding with breast implants for her first baby boy. In the end with the help of doctor she still can breastfeed her son, and whether with or without breast implant, it is never clear enough reported.

Actually Kourtney Kardashian, like her sister Kim Kardashian, has blessed with curved body which is giving her not skinny or perky body. That is why actually with or without breast implant, her bust area is quite obtrusive. But it seems not enough for Kourtney Kardashian, so she decided to get breast implant to enhance her bust area appearance.

Kourtney Kardashian also has a nose job which is to refine and enhance her previous nose into something pinched, smaller and more pointed on the the tip. Dr. Paul A. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California, agreed it by saying Kourtney Kardashian has mid conventional plastic surgery for the nose job. It is not overdone so it looks natural and suit for Kourtney Kardashian’s face.

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Rumor Kim Tae Hee had Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections, Eyelid Photos

Kim Tae Hee has a controversial look. Many people are debating to get to know if she had a plastic surgery to enhance her look. At her current age of 34, there is nothing to show she is over 30. She is not aging at all and people think she might have prepared her body for this. Looking at Kim Tae Hee before and after photos, you cannot see any difference. We always use photos to get to the bottom of celebrities’ secrets but in this case it is hard to say if she really changed.
Kim Tae Hee: More Korean Cosmetic Surgery?

Has Kim Tae Hee had plastic surgery to maintain looks that some of her fans have compared to divine goddesses?

The Korean actress and model that’s starred in dramatic films such as “My Princess,” and “Stairway to Heaven,” is a beautiful woman, and one whose career has reflected her looks and skills.

However, as with any starlet that reaches a certain amount of fame, there are rumors and speculations as to whether or not Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery is a natural beauty, or if she’s had some help from a surgeon’s scalpel. Questions that others in similar circles, such as Yoona plastic surgery rumors, can certainly empathize with.
Has Kim Tae Hee Had Plastic Surgery?

It’s a good question, but not one that seems to have an easy answer. As with many American stars, Kim Tae Hee is keeping quiet on the subject and giving no grist to the rumor mill whatsoever.

Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery silent for years for example, and it’s a solid strategy for making sure that speculations die down over time. But fans in Korea and around the world are curious, and debates rage online as to whether her smooth good looks are all hers or if there has been some help beyond traditional cosmetics.

Her eyes, a very commanding feature of her overall beauty, and especially her screen presence, have been rumored to have been crafted by plastic surgery. Is there any truth to it?
Except in the case of the worlds worst plastic surgery, where it’s obvious to anyone what happened, the only sure way to know that plastic surgery was involved is to get either the patient herself or the doctor to testify and confirm, the latter of which only typically happens once the client is dead and the promise of confidentiality no longer applies.

Since neither of those things have happened, all fans can do to lend credence to the argument for or against Kim Tae Hee’s plastic surgery speculations is to look at pictures of her throughout her career and compare the changes they see.
Unfortunately for those that believe Kim Tae Hee has undergone plastic surgery in order to maintain her looks, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of inexplicable change in the starlet’s appearance. In fact she seems to be rather timeless, holding the same shape and smoothness over the years. However, some people might argue that the sheer lack of change proves that she has a good surgeon.

In the end it seems that claims by the “must have had plastic surgery” camp don’t really have much of a leg to stand on. There’s no obvious changes, no one with insider knowledge has come forward and even Kim Tae Hee herself has remained mute on the subject.

So the only real course of action concerning the rumors and speculations about Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery is to just leave them as the possibilities they are.
Did Kim Tae Hee Have Plastic Surgery?

Recently, plastic surgery rumors have been buzzing around Kim Tae Hee’s fans. Her followers have been wondering if this star has gone under the knife, as have many other Korean celebrities recently. Of course, Kim Tae Hee has not made any official statements about her plastic surgery, neither to confirm or deny the plastic surgery, so all her fans can do is speculate.

Without official word from Kim Tae Hee’s people, as is the case with many Korean celebrities, the only way to tell what plastic surgeries she has had, it’s necessary to compare her before and after photos. Looking at her photos, it’s difficult to confirm whether or not she’s had plastic surgery. If she has tweaked her current look using plastic surgery, she’s done a good job of keeping the changes subtle and minimal.
Close inspection of Kim Tae Hee’s photos show that this star in her thirties has the same eye shape in the past, and the same face shape. Two of the most common plastic surgeries in Korea are double eyelid surgery and chin implants. If these features have not been changed, it may be safe to say that she is telling the truth. Now that she’s in her thirties, however, it will be interesting to see if she begins to show signs of using anti-aging plastic surgery procedures like facial filler injections and Botox injections.

Some women just look ageless, and their looks are kept up naturally with lifestyle and good health. According to plastic surgery experts, there is not strong evidence of having gone under the knife. This is one case in which the rumors might be wrong.
Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery rumor buzzes among the public as her teenage photo was released. People come to compare her teenage and her current appearance. The recent Kim Tae Hee looks more beautiful than her teenage. Therefore, people believe that she has undergone plastic surgery. From Kim Tae Hee before and after photos, we can see her significant transformation. If we look closer at both photos, we can find out that she has undergone eyelid surgery. Her eyelids look more tucked now. These photos definitely tell us that she had such eyelids enhancement by going under the knife.

Well, considering where Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery comes from, it is not pretty big news. We know that Korea is such a heaven for surgery fans. Both celebrities and common people go under the knife to improve their appearance. For celebrities, plastic surgery is kind of a must to boost their career.She might want to boost her beauty by having plastic surgery. Even though her fans claim that she did not do any surgery, the photos tell the different story. Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery is not just a rumor. It might be a truth.

Video Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery:

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Has Kim Kardashians Have Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Breast Implants, Botox Injects

Doctors say "Kim Kardashian Had Nose Job, Botox & Breast Augmentation"
Kim Kardashians has had multiple plastic surgeries including breast augmentations and a nose job, says a plastic surgeon in a new report. See what a friend says the reality star had done to her famous butt and what a source tells about this report below!
Kim Kardashian, 33, has been very open about plastic surgery, going as far as getting a butt x-ray on her hit reality show to prove she hasn’t had implants. A source is spilling to OK! magazine that Kim is hiding something — and that she’s had more than a few procedures to enhance her looks. A separate source tells EXCLUSIVELY that this report is false — what do YOU think?

Kim Kardashians has said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she has tried Botox and Fraxel, a skin firming laser. But she hasn’t had any butt implants.

Do you think Kim has had work done?

A new source tells OK! magazine’s December 16 issue: “while her butt is all hers, she did have the area between her rear and her thighs [worked on], so that she has definition there without working out. She had the tip of her nose shaved off years ago, and she’s had numerous procedures done to flatten her stomach — two weeks after [giving birth] she started getting CoolSculpting to freeze the belly fat.”

Has Kim Kardashian Had Face Surgery?

There have been many rumors flying, both online and in the tabloids, about the work that Kim is supposed to have had done on herself.
Everything from face surgery, a nose job (what professionals refer to as a rhinoplasty), to breast implants to chemical peels, botox injections (see also Nicole Kidman) and even butt implants.
Like Jenni Farley (see Jwoww’s surgery) and Lady Gaga, there are all sorts of rumors when the truth may be quite disappointing.
Of course, it isn’t as though certain eminent plastic surgeons have stepped forward into the spotlight to tell all of this to reporters; part of their profession is supposed to be discretion and confidentiality after all.
But most fans, or just those who accuse Kim of going under the knife, will use the tried and tested method of comparing recent photographs to one in the past to point out how she may have physically changed as evidence of surgical procedures.
Of course, it is important that you keep an open mind since if you’re sure something is there you’re going to end up seeing it even if no one else does.
First of all, the human body changes over time and even if a person is recognizable, she isn’t going to look like the same person she was even a few years ago.
So it’s important that if you’re using pictures to support claims of cosmetic enhancement that the pictures were taken so close together that any changes can’t be a result of nature.
More than that though, pictures can be deceiving for other reasons.

When some people think cosmetic surgery, Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities that immediately jumps to  mind.
Born on October 21st, 1980, Kim Kardashians, on the surface at least, seems like one of those celebrities who is famous just for the media frenzy surrounding her mother, her stepfather and of course her sisters.
Kim along with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are the daughters of the late Robert Kardashian.

Her mother is Kris Jenner who is married to former Olympic decathlete and gold medalist and certainly no stranger to the world of cosmetic enhancement, Bruce Jenner.
An exotic blend of Armenian and Scottish heritage,  she possesses a unique look that she has used to her advantage becoming a model, a fashion fixture and later on an actress and a hostess.
She’s no stranger to controversy either, given that she’s one of the celebrities out there with a famous sex tape, but she’s also been on several television shows hosted by E! Entertainment, most notably Keeping Up With The Kardashians which has already spawned more spin-offs than you might think.
Since she relies so heavily on her looks, many are bound to ask whether Kim has gotten any cosmetic work done?
Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery, Laser Removal for Stretch Marks on Breasts?

"I'm like obsessed with my hands. I think they look really wrinkly. Is there anything to tighten them?"
Then she tells the doctor there is a scar on her toe that she wants to remove. The doctor says that the laser also works for stretch marks, so Kardashian decides she wants to remove the lines she has on her breasts from being pregnant and breastfeeding daughter, North West.

Though Kardashian visited the surgeon for laser work, she is adamant that she did not get butt implant injections after she gave birth last June. She recently took to Twitter to slam tabloids for making up false stories about her post-baby body.

"I'm seeing all these nonsense tabloids claiming I have butt implants-injections. Using pics of me 15lbs skinnier (before I had my baby) comparing me to now! I still have weight to lose. Anyone who has had a baby knows how hard it is to lose weight (especially the last bit of weight) & your body totally changes! Making fun of me pregnant & making fun of me trying to lose weight now shame on you," she wrote.

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Has Kim Jae Joong had Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Kim Jaejoong, or Hero Jaejoong as he’s sometimes referred to, has quite a gallery of plastic surgery rumors following him around.

South Korea is undoubtedly the fashion capital of the world. The Korean celebrities are frequent visitors to the plastic surgeons clinic and it’s all like ‘What’s the big deal?’. In a country where parents are ready to put their children under the knife for beauty enhancements, can celebrities stay away from it?

Korean singer-songwriter, actor and director, Kim Jaejoong – better known as Hero Jaejoong, has quite a few plastic surgery rumors following him around. 28 year old Jaejoong came into the limelight with Korean rock group JYJ and was one of the original members of boy band TVSQ. He is also popular by his stage names Youngwoong Jaejoong or simply Jejung. Jaejoong has also proven his talent in acting through several dramas like Sunao ni Narenakute, Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin. He also starred in movies like Heaven’s Postman and Jackal is Coming. Jaejoong has also served as the executive director of JYJ’s 2011 Worldwide Tour and the 2011 LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars.

Most of the plastic surgery rumors related to Jaejoong us centered on his nose. The singer has admitted to be shy about the appearance of his nose – but that was before the magical transformation. The debate has been intense with one group of fans ready to accept that their idol has indeed gone under the knife, while another faction denies it outright. When the star was directly questioned on this issue, he famously said; “That’s a secret.All my fans know the truth behind that, but if you don’t, let’s just skip the question.” Smart!

Has Jaejoong Had Plastic Surgery?

The answer is… we don’t know!

The debate among fans rages between “of course he did, just look at him!” to “You’re ridiculous, he would never!”

When the question was put to Kim Jaejoong and he was asked out right whether or not he’d changed his looks with the help of a scalpel, he was as at least as evasive as American actors and actresses, like the famed Lady Gaga plastic surgery speculations.

“That’s a secret,” Hero Jaejoong was quoted as saying, smiling at the interviewer when he gave his answer to the question of if he’d had plastic surgery. “All my fans know the truth behind that, but if you don’t, let’s just skip the question.”

However, when Jaejoong gave that answer he did elaborate, saying that he’d always been unsatisfied with his nose and that he personally felt it was a little flat. Hardly a ringing endorsement or denial of celebrity plastic surgery, but the K-pop scene has interpreted these vague statements both one way and the other.

Perhaps the oldest, most tried and true method when it comes to detecting plastic surgery in any country is to examine pictures of the celebrity in question before and after the dates of the supposed cosmetic procedures.

However, when it comes to whether or not Jaejoong has gotten a rhinoplasty, even a minor one, the jury’s still out on the results of his photos. The doesn’t appear to be much of a change, but that has lead those that believe the star’s gotten surgery to claim he had a very talented surgeon and it’s lead those on the other end of the spectrum to say that the pictures show he never had any work done in the first place.

And as has been shown in interviews, Jaejoong just isn’t telling us his secret.

wpid kim jaejoong plastic surgery before and after 1 Kim Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Before and AfterHowever, with celebrities like Demi Moore coming clean about plastic surgery, one might think that it was becoming more accepted as something that celebrities do.

When your looks are your paycheck, why shouldn’t you take every possible step to ensure that your career progresses? But whether Jaejoong enjoys the mystery, or he doesn’t want to outright deny any procedures is unclear.

However, the debate still rages on about whether or not all of the Kpop singer’s features are really natural or his own in the Jaejoong plastic surgery speculations.

Rumors Jaejoong Plastic Surgery

For some reason the recording label that sheltered the JYJ boy band where Jaejoong belong to will be denied the rumor that said their actress committed plastic surgery. But seeing how perfect is Jaejoong looks could not help the rumors of plastic surgery was floating around him. Of course the rumor he had plastic surgery was triggering pros and cons among the fans of JYJ boy band,  and to calm them down Jaejoong dispute plastic surgery rumor and said he just lucky by blessed with good genes.

Kim Jaejoong or Han Jaejun or better known with stage name as Hero Jaejoong or just Jaejoong is a Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and director. He is the member of famed Korean boyband JYJ who was born in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea on January 26, 1986. Jaejoong proved that he is not only cool and charming with melodious voice and great dance but also blessed with acting talent. Jaejoong was apper on some Korean drama series like Sunao ni Narenakute, Protect the Boss, and most recently Dr. Jin.

Along with his popularity and being one of favorite male idol in Korea, of course the personal life of Jaejoong was being a public consumption including his cool appearance that was gossiped from the plastic surgery. His previous picture when Jaejoong still kid and teen boy spreading o the internet and there you will see how difference he is with now. You may say that Jaejoong was changing so drastically and but unnatural, indicated that the rumor of plastic surgery was true. The rumor said that Jaejoong was done rhinoplasthy for the nose job and double eyelid surgery. This rumor was spreading because  formerly Jaejoong ha big piggy nose but now along with his popularity his nose looks thinner on the bridge and sharper on the tip.

As commonly Korean boy, Jaejoong has narrowed eyes and it can be proved with the picture when he was still kids (you can find them a lot in internet). But now he has bigger eyes with more wider eyelid indicated that she has done double eyelid surgery. When confirmed about this rumor, Jaejoong laugh of it and denies. He said that he has good genes  from his parents that make him good looking and cute just like now.

No matter how hard Jaejoong denies plastic surgery and said he just blessed with good genes is bit difficult to be accepted. Korean idol mostly enhance their good looking appearance with the plastic surgery, and not impossible that Jaejoong has done the same thing here. But no matter of what, Jaejoong appearance really effective to make every girls melted and screaming his name a loud. You rock cutie!

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Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery Botox Injections, Facelift Before and After Pictures

What happen to Kim Delaney’s facelift? It is the questions commonly stated by the fans. It is found that there are too many significant differences in her face, especially in the upper lips. Many fans state that they cannot recognize Kim. They just recognize this actress by from her voice. That’s it. So we can question what happen to Kim face.

Has Kim Delaney Had Cosmetic Surgery?

That’s the question that thousands of fans worldwide are asking. If her change in looks did not cause enough suspicions, then her meltdowns publicly have. There are only rumors about her possible use of plastic surgery gone bad.

The American actress was born on November 29, 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is best known for her television roles as Detective Diane Russell on NYPD Blue and her early career role as Jenny Gardner on All My Children, both which were on ABC.

She has had leading roles on TV shows like CSI: Miami, Philly and more recently with the Lifetime network drama Army Wives. Her work in feature films includes The Delta Force and Some Kind of Wonderful. She has had a career working in both television and movies, but her movies have been less renowned by fans.
Kim Delaney: Substance To Surgery Rumors?

There is a lot of pressure for women in the limelight and celeb plastic surgery often is a solution for them.

They try to fight back aging and keep their looks vibrant for the cameras. This is especially true of television actresses, due to the constant seasonal shooting schedules.

Although Kim Delaney has not made public any plastic surgery, it appears that her lips could have undergone some work. If so, it is most likely injections of collagen to make her lips appear fuller.
Kim Delaney Before and After…?

The Aesthetic Surgery Education & Research Foundation claims that 9 out of 10 collagen injection patients tell their friends about getting work done. Since no such leaks have been reported, it is not confirmed if Kim Delaney has had lip work done.

One of the most common types of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong is with lip injections. The plumping is embarrassingly apparent when the lips are done badly.

Kim Delaney may have had this problem. If you compare the results from the plastic surgeries on Courtney Love or Lisa Rianna, you see similar issues with their lips.

Did Kim Delaney’s Cosmetic Surgery Go Bad?

Still a StyleList staffer commented recently, “Kim Delaney’s lips have taken on a life of their own. It’s a little condition we like to call ‘Trout Pout’ (when lips are artificially enhanced to the point that they curl back unnaturally, resembling those of a fish).”

This type of lip work gone badly is sometimes also refereed to as ‘duck mouth’. The end result of badly overblown protruding lips has cursed more than a few actors and actresses in the entertainment industry. There are before and after pictures online that make fans question Kim Delaney’s use of plastic surgery.

It is just another example of how an actress can unwittingly go from attractive to attraction. The media is never kind about such matters as plastic surgery lip work, but neither are the cameras on television today.

Her drastic appearance is found when she stared as Claudia Joy Holden in Amy Wives movie. This is the first time she performed with big differences. Many fans start talking about her in social networking sites and there is a fan writes, “It is absolutely the collagen lips! I watch her since her first appearance.” The other fan writes,” I know she isn’t aged naturally.”And there are still other comments, bad responses.

Kim Delaney is a lovely American actress. She started her career as jenny Gardner in All My Children, and as famous of her acting as a detective in Diane Russell in NYPD Blue in ABC channel. She is 52 now, and unfortunately public judge she is not aging normally. There have been many examples of them who do not aging naturally through plastic surgery. Maybe someone will be beautiful when she is young but it will be a danger in her old time. Kim Delaney should take the lesson of them.

Kim Delaney may encounter about the wrong plastic surgery nowadays. It is often found that there are wrong jobs in lips. Kim Delaney never clarifies about this issue, but she is suspected underwent some plastic surgery procedures and they go bad. Those are Botox injections, breast implants and facelift. The fact about this is still questionable. But if she really did it, I just can say it doesn’t go well.

Botox injections is known as a potent liquid which is able to support youthful appearance. Kim Delaney maybe applied them to her face. Until today, there is no a fact about the Kim’s plastic surgery rumors, yet I see that her cheeks are like changed much. I think it is the effect of Botox injection or a kind of fillers. What’s your opinion?

Besides, many people had discussed her lips. Her lips are wrong, even there is fan comments that Kim’s lips plastic surgery makes her in ‘Trout Pout’ condition. It is a condition called when lips are enhanced artificially and look so unnatural, such as fish. I think it is just her effort to make her appearance better. What do you think? Is it true?

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Did Kim Basinger have Plastic Surgery Botox Injections, Facelift Before and After

Kim Basinger is an actress who is considered as the prime suspect in having plastic surgery on her face. Recently, the news about Kim Basinger plastic surgery spread quickly, but, it is still debatable. According to some of her photos, there are so many different things on her face. Her face looks so beautiful now. That is why she is suspected having plastic surgery to beautify her face. Seemingly, she injects Botox and facelift to her face. Besides that, she may also have facial fillers and collagen therapy in her cheeks. After plastic surgery, her face looks smoother and younger than before.

Kim Basinger plastic surgery is a primary suspicious of face medical treatment.  From the before and after images this indicates she is had Botox injections treatments and a renovation. Also, she may of had face filler shots in her face and bovine collagen treatment.  After medical treatment her face looks sleek and eternal. Here’s Kim Basinger before and after medical treatment. Kim Basinger medical treatment gossips and rumors have been around almost as long as she is been one of Hollywood’s most identifiable sex signs. The United states superstar popular for positions in films such as Superman, 9 1/2 Several weeks, and even 8th Distance has been in The show biz industry for quite some time, and so have the gossips that her sustained elegance might have had a little bit of outside help.

The main gossip that seems to affect Kim Basinger plastic surgery is that she is had a renovation, but there is still a lot of discussion over whether or not she is had something that excessive done. While The show biz industry is affected with bad medical treatment experiences, if Kim Basinger has had medical treatment then hers is certainly not a story on that list. In fact Kim Basinger’s techniques, if she has had any, would be more similar to Her Fonda’s medical treatment than Heidi Montag’s medical catastrophe. Kim Basinger herself has neither verified nor declined a renovation, enjoying it intelligent, but Dr. John Nassif has an viewpoint of his own on the topic.

 “The after image may be a sign of a renovation,” Nassif said. “Her jaw line looks too younger.” However, the key term to remember here is could be.” Even professional physicians can only be so sure, especially given that they are not the physicians that were on employees and executing the process.So unless Kim Basinger chooses to crack her quiet on the topic, all lovers have to go on is rumours and the earliest way of superstar medical treatment sensor, the before and after image.

Pictures of Kim Basinger plastic surgery have proven that she is stayed wonderful and stylish, making her one of the most popular illustrations of superstars that are ageing beautifully. And images of her do show that she is modified over the many years of her profession, but those changes are so constant that it’s hard to say exactly what exactly is resulting in them.

The rumor about Kim Basinger plastic surgery firstly spreads out when she became the most popular sex icon in Hollywood. The actress who is well known with her role in several movies such as Batman, 8th Mile, and 9 ½ Weeks has been in Hollywood for a long time. She is really beautiful so many people think her beauty is not natural, but she gets surgery.  The most popular issue about her surgery is about her extreme facelift. But, the issue is still questionable whether it is right or not.

Actually, a plastic surgery which is done by the actress in Hollywood is old news. So, if Kim Basinger beautifies her appearance with plastic surgery is proper news. Basinger herself does not confirm the truth. She lets public curios. But Dr Paul Nassif has an opinion about that. He says that “The after photo indicates that she may have a facelift, her jaw line also looks youthful.” But, he says that the opinion is just an opinion; it is still “may be”. So, just Kim Basinger that can answer public question, whether she have plastic surgery or not. If she still keeps silent, the public should stop talking about this news.

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Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Disaster Before and After Facelift and Nose Jobs

Kenny Rogers’ facelift and plastic surgery woes are nothing new for those who pay close attention to the doings and dealings of big names in music.

Born on August 21st, 1938, Kenny Rogers, one of the biggest as well as one of the oldest living names in country music, has been a singer, a song writer and more for decades now.

He’s famous for hits such as The Gambler and for some of the duets with other country stars such as Islands In The Stream with Dolly Parton.

More Kenny Rogers pictures showing the affect of various cosmetic surgery procedures (image hosted by despite the rugged, manly image that those who sing country music tend to portray, Kenny Rogers has undergone plastic surgery in the past. And as the singer has admitted himself, it did not go as well as he had hoped it would at the time.

Kenny Rogers is 68 years old and known as one of the famous singers as well as songwriter. He included in the list of celebrities that have experienced the surgeon’s knife for their plastic surgery.  Kenny Rogers plastic surgery  has made the media  more attentive and enthusiastic.  His fans as well as reporters have given their views regarding his facial surgeries. The appreciating point about Kenny Rogers is related to his description about surgical treatments. He has admitted several times about his plastic surgeries.

No doubt , Kenny Rogers is a well known plastic surgery celebrity. He has modified his face, the area of the eyes, forehead and has taken Botox injection for his wrinkles. Nowadays, women as well as men are interested in little plastic surgeries to sustain their youthful appearance. Kenny Rogers attractive looks are not at all a secret to his viewers or his audience because he has disclosed his plastic surgeries attempts proudly. He has admitted that he underwent for first plastic surgery in 1990. In that time period, plastic surgery was not as common and professional as it has become now. He had great fear  that has plastic surgery would get wrong. Therefore he attempted for a face lift. Moreover, Kenny Rogers plastic surgery has disclosed that all his efforts for keeping his youthful appearance are the result of his fans love. He has the pressure to look younger and energetic.  His wife is 20 years younger than her himself, in order to look better with her he has undergone plastic surgeries.

Though the result of Kenny Rogers plastic surgery is not horrible but his looks are no more  natural. His wrinkles have vanished from his face but his skin has become too tight. Still there are some rumors regarding Kenny Rogers plastic surgery. It is said that one of his plastic surgery went wrong and made his skin tight and unnatural. With the passage of time , his wrinkles had adjusted the tight skin and now he has a more refined look. However, it is proved that he has taken Botox injections , facial surgery and face lift. His past and present looks are remarkably changed. Truly speaking, he has better appearance in these years as compared to his old pictures with bad plastic surgery. Unlike women, men are not eager to have excessive surgeries because it can spoil their masculine  looks.
What Surgery Procedures Has Kenny Had?

Kenny Rogers is a plastic surgery celebrity, and he’s fully admitted to the Courier Mail in Australia that he thinks of himself as a “bionic man”.
A complete list of Rogers’ plastic surgeries would be quite a long one, but he’s had surgery on his face, mostly around the eyes and the forehead to try and eliminate wrinkles and to achieve a more youthful look.

As far as celebrities getting cosmetic procedures done, Rogers was nowhere near unique in his desires to alter his looks. But his procedures were first done in the 1990s, and unfortunately it was also celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.
Kenny Rogers Facelift Before and After Photos

Kenny Rogers married a woman that was more than 20 years his junior in 1997, and that lead to a lot of the pressure for him to maintain a more youthful appearance.Kenny Rogers eye surgery before and after photos (image hosted by Not unusual given that he was in his 50s at the time, and he must have wanted to look like he belonged with his wife. While perhaps not the best reason for going under the knife, it was Kenny’s reason.

Unfortunately the result was that his eyes looked too tight, creating a pop-eyed look that was quite a tell tale sign that his new, smoother skin was not a gift from the fountain of youth. His face also looked tighter and more stretched, which gave him that unique, plastic appearance that only celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong (see also Mickey Rourke) can really manage.

Oddly enough, Kenny Rogers has become more pleased with the results of his bad plastic surgery mishaps over time. According to Rogers, and it’s backed up by various photographs of the singer over the years, the tightness of his original plastic surgery has begun to loosen up.

Now, more than a decade later, his skin is returning to a more natural, youthful look that was the original goal of the surgery as his body heals from what was done.

“As that stuff settles in it looks better and better. If I don’t die soon it’ll look great,” Rogers was quoted as saying in regards to his plastic surgery.

So it looks like, in the end, the country music singer might have a happy ending to his plastic surgery woes after all. And if all bad cosmetic procedure stories could end like Kenny Rogers Hollywood would definitely rejoice. Some stars who had problems initially also have positive stories to tell.

Kenny Rogers Facelift Before and After Photos

Kenny Rogers married a woman that was more than 20 years his junior in 1997, and that lead to a lot of the pressure for him to maintain a more youthful appearance.Kenny Rogers eye surgery before and after photos Not unusual given that he was in his 50s at the time, and he must have wanted to look like he belonged with his wife. While perhaps not the best reason for going under the knife, it was Kenny’s reason.

Unfortunately the result was that his eyes looked too tight, creating a pop-eyed look that was quite a tell tale sign that his new, smoother skin was not a gift from the fountain of youth. His face also looked tighter and more stretched, which gave him that unique, plastic appearance that only celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong (see also Mickey Rourke) can really manage.

Oddly enough, Rogers has become more pleased with the results of his bad plastic surgery mishaps over time. According to Rogers, and it’s backed up by various photographs of the singer over the years, the tightness of his original plastic surgery has begun to loosen up.

Now, more than a decade later, his skin is returning to a more natural, youthful look that was the original goal of the surgery as his body heals from what was done.

“As that stuff settles in it looks better and better. If I don’t die soon it’ll look great,” Rogers was quoted as saying in regards to his plastic surgery.

So it looks like, in the end, the country music singer might have a happy ending to his plastic surgery woes after all. And if all bad cosmetic procedure stories could end like Kenny Rogers Hollywood would definitely rejoice. Some stars who had problems initially also have positive stories to tell.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kellie Pickler Nose Jobs Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures Facelift, Breast Implants Botox Injections

Kellie Pickler is no stranger to plastic surgery rumor. The former American Idol star has been reported to have more surgery after breast implants, they are including Botox injection, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) and possibly cheek implants.

Kellie Pickler was born on June 28, 1986. She became well known as a singer on American Idol. She finished in 6th place on American Idol.

Has Kellie Pickler Had Cosmetic Surgery?
She is very well known for being a country singer. Kellie has released two albums to date.

On one of the albums, she had a song called Best Day of Your Life, which made it to number 9 on the top 40 country songs of the week.

Has Kellie Pickler Had Breast Enlargement?

It is pretty easy to guess if Kellie Pickler has had celeb plastic surgery by looking at celebrity before and after plastic surgery pictures. The before photos show her with almost no breasts at all.

When she was on American Idol, she was almost flat chested. The after pictures show that she has huge breasts.

This would definitely lead people to believe that she has had a breast enlargement at some point. The after photos look somewhat like awful celebrity plastic surgery because her breasts are too big.

She went from having nothing to having too much very quickly.

They quote a plastic surgeon as saying she’s had botox and lip filler while Kellie’s rep denies she’s had “facial sugery”:
Kellie, 22, may have gotten Botox around her eyebrows as well as her lips plumped. “Her expression looks very unnatural and exaggerated,” says Dr. Geldner. “And her lips were very likely plumped with a filler. We see a lot more of her lower lip now.”

Kellie’s rep denies that she’s had work – “She has not had any facial surgery of any kind,” he says – and Kellie tells In Touch that she doesn’t worry about what people say about her: “As long as you’re happy with what you see in the mirror, that’s all that matters.”

Kellie Pickler before and after picture of course will leads pros and cons among fans and haters. Kellie Pickler fans said that she looks prettier after the plastic surgery. But her haters said that Kellie Pickler buy pretty through plastic surgery and look like any other celebrities to be. Kellie Pickler herself admits she has plastic surgery for breast implant, nose job, cheek augmentation and Botox. And along with her before and after plastic surgery controversy, Kellie Pickler remain silent and just laugh about it.

What kinds of Kellie Pickler plastic surgery has done?

Botox Injections and Facial Filler
Kellie Pickler haters said that by compared her before and after photos, its likely this woman is older than her real age. Those then blaming aggressive Botox and filler that may conducted by Kellie Pickler regularly. Kellie Pickler facial skin look so stiff and frozen with immobile and did not move forehead that was combined very lifted and arched forehead. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer tells  make Me Heal that even Kellie Pickler denies plastic surgery rumor, but her before and after picture said vice versa. This woman may bit over conducted Botox injection especially on the forehead and eyebrow. The doctor also added that Kellie Pickler plastic surgery before and after picture also showing the indications he used Restylane and Juvederm too.

Breast Implants
Kellie Pickler agrees she has conducted plastic surgery for breast implant after shown her before and after picture. Kellie Pickler openly sad that she won’t worry about what people say because she can’t pleased anyone. Kellie Pickler herself said she is really satisfied and happy with her new breast that make her much confidence and happier. By compared Kellie Pickler before and after picture, we can see that there is significant changing in her chest size and shape measurement. People said before plastic surgery, Kellie Pickler actually already has medium size breast that actually fit with her body that quite thin at that time. And from time to time, its likely that Kellie Pickler breast size measurement was changed into C cup or bigger and larger compared than before. Kellie Pickler new breast looks more protruding, rounded, up and larger but its likely that she also gaining some weight so the new breast also suit too in this time.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) and Cheek Augmentation
Kellie Pickler may has conducted nose job and cheek augmentation regarding her before and after plastic surgery picture tells us its indication. People said that Kellie Pickler nose looks shorter with quite chubbier and higher cheek as the indication that nose job and cheek implant is not just a nonsense. Before photos showing that Kellie Pickler has kind of piggy nose with large nasal board and flatten on the bridge. And after the time passed, Kellie Pickler nose jobs getting pinched, smaller, and thinner with very high nasal bridge and cramped nasal board. Her cheek also looks higher and filled compared than before. With subtle jaw line, people believed that Kellie Pickler may has cheek augmentation too. By observing at Kellie Picker before and after plastic surgery picture, Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston agrees about this speculation. He said that Kellie Picker looks shorter with very plumped cheek that may from the Rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation result.

Video Kellie Pickler plastic surgery 

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Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift, Nose Jobs, Breast Implants Pictures

Katy Perry was staggering the public with her new ‘size’ so that the plastic surgery rumor cannot be avoided. There was became a big rumor about Katy Perry plastic surgery. the pop singer who is 28 years old is often seen making a sensation in her appearance, but her appearance when first seen by the media with bigger and rounded cups that looked like it was overdone by plastic surgery was the most makes sense.

Has Katy Perry Had Cosmetic Surgery?

If Katy Perry did not have celebrity plastic surgery, how can she look so different in just a couple of years?

This is the question that has bewildered fans of the rock-star titan.

Raised by Christian pastor parents, Katy Perry was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984 who started her career by singing gospel music.

At that time, nobody would have guessed that Katy Perry will become a singing sensation within a few years of releasing her first album in 2001.

The fame was so instantaneous that she became the first female artist to get five hits on Billboard 100 in a single year.

In May 2011, she also became the first artist to remain 52 consecutive weeks on the top 10 list of Billboard Top 100.

In a short span of time, her singing career has excelled from releasing an unsuccessful album in 2001 to rivaling Michael Jackson’s record breaking album, Bad.

Katy Perry has aroused interest and controversies from the media who seem curious to know how a gospel singer has suddenly become such a successful electro pop-rock icon.

Where Did Katy’s Cosmetic Surgery Rumors Come From?Later pictures of Katy Perry - did she or didn't she?

Nevertheless, December issue of Harper’s Bazaar interviewed Katy who confirmed that she wanted breast reduction at the age of 13 due to consistent back problems.

Such reports may have contributed to the news of Katy Perry breast implants plastic surgery that women with large breast size undertake to reduce back pain.

However, although some recent photos might suggest that she has mammoplasty, but people say that the overwhelming majority of them don’t. They said that she doesn’t have any of the classic signs of mammoplasty such as she never looked like she’s ready to explode out her shirt, she doesn’t have the classic super-round. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden sheds light on rumors of plastic surgery by explaining that celebrities with C-cup or larger size always attract attention due to their extra cleavage. The last, she also doesn’t have any weird lines, scars, or unusual contours.

Some reasons above seem to break the notion that she has done mammoplasty, although it was clearly visible in some photos that her cups look bigger and rounder up. Within an interview together with the Harper’s Bazaar, she explained the weight associated with her sizes provided her back pains like a teenager. This led her to need a reduction at the age of 13. She said that she had really painful back problems, and she said that it was a small bit heavier. Then she grew up as well as lost her baby fat along with more said that this is not all that bad.

Has Katy Perry Had Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty may be another culprit that has made fans to think that Katy Perry had a plastic surgery on her nose.

Fans notice that the bridge of Katy’s nose looks thinner than her previous photos. Makeup experts and various media personalities say that these changes are the result of makeup and different camera angles.

From expert testimonies, it seems that Katy Perry is not a plastic surgery celebrity but there are abundant rumors to keep everyone guessing.

Did Katy Get Breast Implants?

Compared to her breast size, Katy has a slim frame that may also have fuelled rumors about plastic surgery.

Supporters of Katy Perry have pointed out that the actress wears bustier attire to support her large breasts.

Women with fake implants always wear tops because implants do not need any support.