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Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Nose Jobs

It’s quite easy to notice that 37 years old actress Christina Hendricks has multiple plastic surgery. Stated as the Best Good Looking Woman in America and the sexiest woman in the world in the last 2010 by  Esquire magazine, people believe that some part of her body is fake. Christina Hendricks who who takes a role in  AMC television series Mad Men as Joan Harries make every woman envy her due her amazing full figure. Christina Hendricks was blessed with perfect hour glass body figure but how knows this woman probably has conducted plastic surgery done. Christina Hendricks neither denies nor admits she has had plastic surgery like breast implant or nose job. That’s why people then accused even though Christina Hendricks has sexy figure, but it was faked due multiple plastic procedure.

It has been considered that she has got the experience of a nose job and breast implantation. Some peoples accuse her due to multiple plastic surgeries. It is true she has sexy figure, however it is not natural. The artificial breast shape of Christina Hendricks is envying other women. Christina Hendricks is known due to her overhanging breast area. Christiana Hendricks plastic surgery has not confessed by herself but everybody knows that her figure is different and more prominent now.  It is cleared through her past pictures that she had small breast but with the passage of time there was a significant modification in her breast shape and size. People believe that she has taken as plastic surgery treatment.  Moreover, her breast is tough, bigger and larger with overhanging shape. It has made her the sexiest women in the world. Plastic surgeon doctor Walden tells about her breast implantation that it has made her sexier with the voluptuous perfect body figure. However, Dr. Weldon declares that Christiana Hendricks plastic surgery has made her  breast too big and it seems unnatural as well as artificial.

Despite of silicon pad treatment, she has probably gone for nose treatment. In order to enhance her beauty, she has taken plastic surgery. Some people are agreed that her nose construction is not to make her more refined but it is the result of her eagerness to look different than others. In the past, she had a big nose but now her nose is more pinched and thinner. The tip of her nose is cramped and looks more straight. Whatever is the reason behind Chiristina Hendricks plastic surgery, she is more prominent with modified looks, it is admitted that she is the sexiest women in American society. She has an appealing size of breast that every male wants to  get her as her girlfriend.

What kinds of plastic surgery Christina Hendricks had done?

Breast Implant
Looking at Christina Hendricks body figure that make every woman envying her, our attention must be looked at her provocative breast. Christina Hendricks has known with her full figure with the protruding bust area. But back then her first debut, we can notice that her breast is much different, very different compared than todays. Everyone must remember her pose with silver bikini for the Mad Men poster. There with blonde hair, skinny body, and silver two pieces bikini, we can see Christina Hendricks with small breast that wasn’t protruding at all. But from time to time we may see there is significant changing on Christina Hendricks breast are that make people believe this woman has conducted breast implant procedure. Public believe that Christina Hendricks breast has increased from A cup in a DD cup that of course much bigger compared than before. And now you see that her breast looks very tough, larger and bigger with more protruding looks that make Christina Hendricks even sexier than before. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer talked about Christina Hendricks breast implant speculation. The doctor believes that Christina Hendricks probably has breast implants that make her breast looks bigger that also combined with gaining weight. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden tells Make Me Heal that Christina Hendricks seems a bit overdo her breast implant procedure. The doctor admits that Christina Hendricks looks sexier with big breast and voluptuous body figure. But in other hand Dr. Jennifer Walden says that breast is too big and unnatural in Christina Hendricks figure.

Nose Job
Despite breast implant, Christina Hendricks also probably has nose job or Rhinoplasty too. Similar with breast implant issue, it’s likely that Christina Hendricks has undergone plastic surgery procedure for the nose job to enhance her appearance. By comparing her before and after photos, you must be noticed there are differences in her nose shape and size which is creating speculation she has had plastic surgery for the nose job. People believed that Christina Hendricks has nose reconstruction not just to make her nose more refined but make it looks very different compared than before. She used to have a piggy nose that looks very big and wide on her face. And now her nose looks more pinched and narrowed compared than before. The tip looks more cramped and pointed to more straighter nasal bridge. Overall Christina Hendricks nose looks more defined and refined compared than before as the indication this woman as conducted plastic surgery for the nose job. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says that Christina Hendricks nose looks much narrowed and the bridge looks softer and curved. The doctor says that Christina Hendricks new nose looks very natural and suits her very well.

No matter about the rumor that Christina Hendricks body is just a fake, but we should admit she is very sexy. And regarding the multiple plastic surgery rumor, I think Christina Hendricks already knows the consequences about it all.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Job, Lip Augmentation and Botox Injections Before and After

Christina Aguilera was born in 1980 and famous for her melodious songs. She is a legendary star with appealing looks. Christina started her career as a singer and now she is one of the best songster with top class albums. Christina Aguilera had undergone four major surgical operations before the start of her career. Christina Aguilera plastic surgery includes her breast augmentation, lip augmentation, Rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery. Though Christina Aguilera has not admitted about her treatment but viewers can detect many alarming changes in her physique as well as facial looks.

At the start of her career, she had  A cup breast size but within a few years it became C cup. Such visible change cannot be hidden from the close and deep eyes of cameras. Moreover, after delivering a baby, her breast size had grown to E cup that is marvelous. The most interesting fact is a sudden change in the size and shape of breast after some months of her delivery. No doubt, it can be the result of Christina Aguilera plastic surgery with silicon pad implantation.

Has Christina Been Under The Knife?

Many people believe Christina Aguilera has had four plastic surgery operations since she began her singing career. These include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and liposuction.  In common with other stars and celebrities, such as Leah Miller’s plastic surgery, many search the internet every day in an attempt to discover the truth.

You may not know that 1000s upon 1000s a day search for information about Kim Kardashian before & after surgery!

When her career took off in the 1990′s her breast size was an ‘A’ cup but later on became a ‘C’ cup. During her pregnancy of her son and after giving birth to him, her breast size grew to an ‘E’ cup. After a while, they went down in size and there was some speculation that she had the implants removed.

Some believe Christina Aguilera has also had rhinoplasty. In some pictures of years after she became famous, her nose appears to be thinner at the bottom and wider at the tip. The supposed nose job also makes her nostrils look more even.

Before and after surgery? Really? She also may have had lip augmentation or what others call botox injections. Her lips look fuller than they have in her earlier years as a singer. If she did have this done, it only made her lips look more natural instead of fake and too full like other celebrities.

Many fans also believe she had liposuction after the birth of her son. Since she gained weight from having her son, of course she would want to get back in shape so liposuction might have been the way to go for this celebrity.

If Christina did have celebrity surgery, it has made her look more natural.

Her breast size is bigger than it used to be when she first started out in her singing career. Her nose is thinner, she has lost 40 pounds after the birth of her son and her lips look fuller without looking like she had botox injections.

Since she has never confessed to having plastic surgery, we can only speculate as to the reasons why she might have. Maybe she thought her nose looked too thick before and her lips were not full enough.

Maybe she thought the weight gained from having her son would make her look bad since she is a big celebrity.

Since her breast size was small when she started her career, maybe she thought bigger breasts would make her look better.

All we can do is speculate whether she did or not have these cosmetic surgeries by looking at before and after the supposed plastic surgery and comparing the two differences (see also Scarlett Johansson).

It is discussed by the majority of people that Christina had treated her nose with a Rhinoplasty because her nose was not as thinner in the past few years as it is now. Definitely, she had taken Botox injections for her lip augmentation. Her lips are more glossy and plumpy now. It is good that Christina Aguilera plastic surgery and Botox injections have given positive effects. Her plastic surgery has not given her artificial looks. She looks young and fresh and weight loss can be one major reason of this sudden change. Figure and face look prominently get changed with the reduction of weight.

Christina Aguilera plastic surgery  is the topic of discussion among many media groups. Some are in the view that delivering a baby and reducing weight has made her more charming and effective but the other group do not admit it. They have bundles of pictures to prove their viewpoint that these alarming changes are only the result of plastic surgery. May be the size of her breast has been changed due to age factor or delivery but it can never effect on the shape of lips. May be she went for breast implantation to get attention of her audience. It is in fashion in Hollywood to attract the viewers by sexy lips and bigger breasts.

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Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Botox Injections and Facial Filler

Christie Brinkley nowadays looks continually young. Her youthful skin at the age of 59 year looks a bit strange as a natural thing. The former super model was rumored to have had some plastic surgeries. Christie possibly had eyelid surgery, botox and a chemical peel. Dr. Anthony Youn said that Christie nowadays looks as young as she used to in the 1980s.

Has Christie Brinkley Had Surgery?
While she might have been eclipsed temporarily by Lady Gaga’s gossip or Angelina Jolie’s rumors, Brinkley has been a favorite target for plastic surgery celebrity speculations.

While Christie Brinkley has been quoted in public as saying that she doesn’t rule out plastic surgery as an option, she has alluded that she’s “just too chicken,” or at least she was at the time she said it.

While she hasn’t become a victim of bad celebrity plastic surgery, not like Mickey Rourke or Michael Jackson had anyway, people expect to see certain signs of aging, even when you’re a blond bombshell.

And of course when people don’t see crow’s feet or laugh lines, and your skin remains taught and wrinkle free, that’s when the rumor mills start spinning.

However Christie Brinkley hasn’t said yay or nay to whether or not she went under the knife, so all we have is supposed before and after pictures, supported by the opinions of fans and doctors who like to weigh in on the plastic surgery guessing game.

Doctor who did Christie Brinkley’s plastic surgery

As it is true or not, people believes that the plastic surgery gives Christie Brinkley such type of beauty. She has been conducted breast implant, facial filler, Blepharoplasty and Botox. But she did not cross the limit pf plastic surgery so that she looks so cute despite of her age. The plastic surgeon who had done all these things may be Dr. Norman Rowe at Lenox Hill hospital. Norman Rowe has the specialization in rhinoplasty procedures, breast procedures and revision procedures. But it is not able to know whether the news is true or just a rumor.

It is said that Christie Brinkley had the breast implant because she has a very small breast at her debut and now she has a bigger breast than her debut time. It is also said that she had undergone the blepharoplasty procedure to get rid of the crow’s feet under her eyes due to her aging. After that blepharoplasty procedure, her eyes look wider and bigger than normal and makes her look so young. To remain young all the time, Christie Brinkley may have the facelift and Botox regularly. She looks very good after her plastic surgery and she looks so youth and natural that makes her feel so young. She remains young after the plastic surgery because she did not overdo any treatment.

Christie Brinkley plastic surgery can be spotted out through comparing her old and new pictures. People have definitely noticed distinctive changes in her outlooks. People do not wonder about her plastic surgery but they are really astonished about her anti aging skin. She is getting younger day by day. Her skin is more fresh and shiny than before. It has been thought that she might be taking Botox injections; blepharoplasty and face lift to enhance her beauty.

Christie Brinkley plastic Surgery is still not confirmed and people are taking interests in such rumors. In reality, the face of Christie is not at all freaky and artificial. She has her innocent and natural looks like she had in past. Moreover, we can find out wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. It may be the result of face lift that her skin has become tighter and smoother. It is really difficult to confirm that she is taking any kind of Botox injections. Her face does not show any sign of injections. It can be due to her genes, regular exercise and healthy diet.

Christie Brinkley plastic Surgery has not been approved through any evidence. Her face looks a quite natural and make the people surprised her about her youthful appearance. Whatever is the cause of her beauty, all people are agree that she is strikingly beautiful woman the world.

What kind of plastic surgery Christie Brinkley has done?

Christie BrinkleyBlepharoplasty
Even though she was accused has multiple plastic surgery, it’s likely that Christie Brinkley is not overdone plastic surgery including this Blepharoplasty procedure. Its seems that Christie Brinkley got Blepharoplasty to abolish crows feet that appears around the eye area. Despite the Blepharoplasty also make Christie Brinkley eyes look bigger and wider without any baggy eyes that make her look much younger.

Christie Brinkley Breast Implant:
Like any other supermodel, Christie Brinkley also should keep her body shape curved and sexy. It’s probably been her reason to conduct breast implant years ago. It’s because at her first debut, people noticed she has a small breast even too cramped for the supermodel like her. But recently this woman has even bigger, tougher and up breast with more filled and juicy condition that possible from breast augmentation. However, Christie Brinkley dismisses this allegation by saying that she is cowardly and too scare to put herself under the knife for the breast implant.
Botox and Facial Filler
To keep ageless and remains young till today, media journalist guessing that Christie Brinkley got regular Botox and facial filler done.  Her face that looks much younger than her real age make people believe that Botox worked well in her face. Christie Brinkley has elastic skin that looks so smooth and toned without any wrinkles or frown that appears there. The crows feet around the eyes was disguised, the nasolabial folds seems looks smooth and the forehead looks bit elevated. Her lip looks fulled that probably from the filler injection result. Dr. Paul A. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California agrees that Christy Brinkley looks great with plastic surgery. She looks very natural and not overdo so she is ageless and youthful now. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhaue and also added that it’s probably that Christy Brinkley also had laser treatment and chemical peel to enhance her Botox and facial filler. The result looks good but she should aware and not overdo it.

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Christa Miller Plastic Surgery Botox Injections, Facelift and Nose Job Before and After

Christa Miller is best known as an American television actress, who has appeared on a number of successful sitcoms like The Drew Carey Show. Her comedic presence, spunky, and funny bone have gotten her far, as well as her pretty face. Today, however, she’s known more for her funny face than her  funny jokes! Christa has begun to appear on numerous plastic surgery blogs, and in the media too, for her interesting results after getting some anti-aging plastic surgery work done.

It would appear that she was getting worried about wrinkles, so Christa decided to get a mini-facelift and Botox injections. As happens to many stars after plastic surgery, she had her facelift done just a bit too tight, and injected Botox into her face one too many times. Now, she looks like her face has been frozen. It must be hard to make funny expressions when you can’t move your face at all!

No matter how hard she tries to deny about plastic surgery rumor, Christa Miller face just tells us about the before and after condition that quite diverse. For some people Christa Miller looks good after plastic surgery, but the other said she is much better before it. Of course celebrity before and after plastic surgery picture like Christa Miller has will lead pros and cons. But apart from this condition, she is still hasn’t admits about a plastic surgery procedure that was performed by her. 48 years old Christa Miller who has recently appeared on 2013 TBS sitcom Cougar Town was accused has a plastic surgery procedure neither for beauty transformation or to stay ageless and youthful. By looking at her before and after picture, Christa Miller was accused has Blepharoplasty, cheek implant and probably overuse Botox and filler called Restylane too. Even though Christa Miller doesn’t admit this rumor, but her before and after plastic surgery photos has revealed everything.

Has Christa Miller Had Plastic Surgery?

One of the most infamous roles she is known for is for playing Kate O’Brien on The Drew Carey Show. Also, she is very famous for her role in the hit-comedy series Scrubs, which she played Jordan Sullivan, which is ironically created by her husband Bill Lawrence.

She has appeared on numerous favorite America television shows: Seinfeld, CSI, Miami, and Cougar Town (see also Courtney Cox).

In Seinfeld, she played George Costanza’s boss, in the Sniffing Accountant episode. Playing this role was the boiling point of her career, where she turned to loving comedy.

What kind of plastic surgery Christa Miller has done?

It’s likely that Christa Miller conducted Blepharoplasty either to make her eyes bigger or abolish aging signs from eye region. Before she used have bit cramped eyes with baggy condition as the symbol of within aged. Feel insecure about this condition, Christa Miller probably then has Blepharoplasty done. Afterward her eyes look much larger and wider without any baggy or saggy skin under this region. This Blepharoplasty procedure gave Christa Miller smooth visibility in the eye area.

Cheek Implant
By comparing Christa Miller before and after plastic surgery picture, we can notice that her facial shape looks much wider with pronounced cheek shape line. We can say that before Christa Miller has bit cramped yet bit round facial shape as her natural look. And recently or maybe after cheek implant has done, her face looks wider with more pronounced cheek and smooth jaw line that make her face look more oval with higher cheek line and squared jaw.
Botox and Facial Filler
The thing that seems to make Christa Miller plastic surgery before and after looks worst is because she seems has overuse Botox. By comparing her before and after photo, we can notice that the recently Christa Miller face has looked a bit stiff and frozen. It’s true that Christa Miller face looks very smooth with bit lifted forehead that probably from the regular Botox injection. Her face looks immobile and expressionless showing the indication this 48 years old woman fall into plastic surgery for the overuse Botox trap. Before aggressive Botox, Christa Miller is a girl with a cute quirky face and after the procedure she has faked and filled face, looks so different and not like herself. Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn write on his blog then revealed despite Botox  Christa Miller also has had filler too. The doctor guessing it’s likely that  Christa Miller choose Restyle as the filler that was injected into her lip. Her lip that looks thicker and larger showing the indication that Restylane was injected there o added volume in that region.

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Has Cheryl Tiegs had Plastic Surgery Botox Injection, Facelift, Nose Job Before and After

Cheryl Tiegs, age 63, made a recent appearance on the “Oprah” show with other aging supermodels. She still insists that she hasn’t had plastic surgery.

Cheryl Tiegs Plastic surgery is an effort did by this more than 60 fantastic woman to maintain her perfect performance. Possibly more than two plastic surgeries that she did among others breast implants, nose job, lips job, check implant and more. Well, aging is a natural process, and plastic surgeries are the effort done by Cheryl Tiegs to have a good look.

Plastic surgeon and blogger Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente and Orange agrees that Cheryl Tiegs looks good, but he gives credit to plastic surgery.

He wrote this week, “She has always looked good and to look this good in her sixties, a little maintenance has likely been the order of the day. … Quality, timing and moderation reign king here.”

His evaluation is that Cheryl Tiegs has had multiple surgeries, including one or more face lifts, nose jobs, and perhaps breast implants.

Has Cheryl Tiegs Had Plastic Surgery?

As the well-known model enters her retirement years, adoring and curious fans are wondering what plastic surgery she’s had done to retain her Cover Girl and all-American good looks.
Born on September 25, 1947, Cheryl Tiegs was a successful American model with a long-running modeling career. At the early age of 17, she had already landed on the cover of cmagazine.

Soon after, her gorgeous face appeared on the front covers of Vogue, Time and Elle magazines. During her long affiliation with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the 1978 poster of her donning a pink bikini became the iconic image of pop culture.

Cheryl Tiegs
was also a fashion designer. In 1980, she created a signature line of casual sportswear for Sears and Roebuck that was a great success. Within a year, the Cheryl Tiegs’ line was featured at over 600 stores nationwide. She’s also considered one of the early pioneers of celebrity-endorsed clothing.

Plastic surgery is an effort did by this more than 60 fantastic woman to maintain her perfect performance. Possibly more than two plastic surgeries that she did among others breast implants, nose job, lips job, check implant and more. Well, aging is a natural process, and plastic surgeries are the effort done by Cheryl Tiegs to have a good look.

Many fans and mass media wonder what kinds of plastic surgery procedures she underwent. Chery Tiegs looks so fantastic in her age. She has ever been interviewed by Oprah magazine and she said that all of those she did are a kind of nurturing and paying attention to have spirit. Further, she said that it is something fun to do.

However it is not about the process of beautifying the outside appearance. What the most important is something what’s going on inside. In brief, she stated that she never did any cosmetic surgery. In True Beauty, she openly reveals what’s on her mind about beauty. She said that beauty is skin deep, and she stated that her long-career is the result of what is the so called inner beauty.

Cheryl Tiegs
is a talented American supermodel who has a very long career in modeling.  She was born on September 25, 1947 and she started her career since she was 17. At that time, she had become the cover model of magazine. Cheryl’s appearance with pink bikini in 1978 was a fantastic iconic pop culture at that time.

Look at her photos since she was young until nearly 70 years now. There are so many changes and there is no people doubt that what she has is unnatural. Her face looks like so artificial. Some parties even extremely comment that what she had after the series of plastic surgery is a ‘disaster’.

Paul Nassif, a specialist in plastic surgeon reveals that Cheryl Tiegs possibly have had plasti surgery procedure atleast for facelift and Botox. Besides, there is also an assumption that she had received rhinoplasty and a kind of Restylene injected in her lips. Dr. Marco Faria also states that Cheryl had too much plastic surgery.

Well, for me, what she had in her nose look so natural and good. The suspect about face lifting, Botox, lips jobs and anything can be true. Overall, what she has in her more than 60 is amazing and fantastic.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Has Cheri Oteri had Platic Surgery Facelift, Chin Implants Before and After

An American comic actress probably can’t hide the sign of plastic surgery that obviously shown on her face. I don’t have any right to say Cheri Oteri plastic surgery looks good or not because those were depending on each person’s opinion. But by looking at how her appearance that bit youthful although she is already 50 make us believed that plastic surgery seems to help her much. Cheri Oteri who becoming one of the cast members of Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2000 was known as a pretty woman with a lot of jokes and quite funny. People said despite funny and comics, she is also blessed with attractive looks. And now when she is getting older, Cheri Oteri not different with any other Hollywood celebrities that show plastic surgery sign. She was accused has Facelift, Blepharoplasty, nose job as well as chin implant too. Cheri Oteri may hasn’t admitted it but the sign of plastic surgery was obviously looking at her face.

Cheri Oteri who was born on 19th September 1962 is well recognized by worldwide as a comic actress. She got her popularity when she got roles as a Saturday Night Live cast member. She does not only spend her career being comic actress but she also ever appeared in numerous films. One of her best acting can be seen in Liar Liar in which she was portrayed as Jane. Even though she has apparently to be old woman but she still young for her golden age, 50 year-old age. For that reason why some people now begin to wonder and speculate that she has been under knife to alter her appearance.

Has Cheri Oteri Had Cosmetic Surgery?

No reports have indicated that Cheri Oteri has admitted to having plastic surgery but then again, she has not denied the rumors either.

After appearing on a few red carpets in 2009 looking noticeable “refreshed”, which is sometimes code for “work has been done”, the blogosphere erupted in searches for the actual plastic surgeries Oteri may have had done.

There are several noticeable differences in her face that prompted people to question some facial features that look a lot different now than say five or ten years ago.

It is alleged that she has had a facelift without surgery, an eyelift, a blepharophasty (eyelid surgery), conservative rhinoplasty, a chin implant, botox and facial fillers.

Again, Oteri has neither confirmed or denied any such plastic surgery. In Hollywood, cosmetic surgery is an all too common occurrence but many celebrities are still guarded about disclosing such information. It is like the last big taboo that everyone is doing or perhaps more accurately, hiding in plain sight.

What kind of plastic surgey Cheri Oteri done?

Facelift is the plastic surgery procedure that was taken by Cheri Oteri to keep youthful and ageless. It’s because as a woman in 50 her face looks tight and toned with bit elevated eyes from the Facelift done. The facelift helps Cheri Oteri smooth wrinkles and aging lines around her face. Despite she looks very youthful with Facelift, this procedure also makes Cheri Oteri facial skin looks very smooth and fresh.

It’s likely that Cheri Oteri had Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery a very long time ago. It’s because she has well known with her big eyes even though when Cheri Oteri was very young she has cramped and small eyes shape. Cheri Oteri has Blepharoplasty to make her eyes wider and bigger because she used known with baggy eyes that gave her tiring appearance. And it’s likely that Blepharoplasty still work well with Cheri Oteri even she is aged now.

Chin Implant
Having pronounced chin make people accused Cheri Oteri has a chin implant too when she was young. Her chin seems protruding, high and quite well defined. The chain that quite pronounced make Cheri Oteri has a sharp jaw line and sculptured facial shape. Her face becomes oval and defined creating more attractive looks on her face. Cheri Oteri also accused has laser treatment like Fraxel to rejuvenate her facial skin.

Cheri Oteri facial skins
showing a lot of signs of plastic surgery that probably hard to hide anymore. But I think she looks good with this condition and make Cheri Oteri  still dazzling even though she is already 50 years old now.

Based on Cheri Oteri before and after plastic surgery pictures comparison, she likely had some works done on her face and other parts of body. They are included eyelids surgery, facelift, Rhytidectomy, nose job, Chin augmentation, and Botox. The signs of her rhinoplasty project can be seen through her latest nose appearance which looks thinner than before in which she looks like to have wide and bulbous nose curve. While we can see Oteri’s chin implant sign through her much more defined than her old chin which looked rounded. And the last but not least her tightened face skin made us believe that she had facelift procedure done on her face.

However, when those rumors were confirmed to the Saturday Night Live cast member star, Cheri Oteri, she did neither deny nor admit those rumors. Hence her surgical procedures rumors are always spreading out among her fans even now they are still unconfirmed by her. Furthermore, if we look at her picture comparison she possibly had Botox injection as well which can be seen through her forehead appearance that does not reflect any aging signs as like wrinkles and sagging skin. For having such cosmetic procedures made her appearance look younger than ordinary women face whose the same age with her although her appearance look a little bit unnatural.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections Photos

Cher’s is well known for being an icon of youth and also for what plastic surgery can do for your image, she openly admits she has become "the plastic surgery poster girl".  But the star denies she has few original parts left on her frame as some people have said and rumors saying that she had cheek implants and a rib removed simply aren’t true. Looking these pictures we don’t see a considerable difference on her cheeks, it is more a difference in make up.

If you know about the king of pop Michael Jackson, you should know who the goddess of Pop. She is Cher, the american singer who is known as the Goddess of Pop whose popularity is almost five decades. The woman who is currently 66 years old. Knowing her popularity which has flown for almost 5 decades, we should appreciate her for a lot of thumbs. As well the other celebrities, Cher also had some plastic surgeries. It can be seen from her face that not loose like other old people. She is too beautiful for 66 years woman.

What kinds of plastic surgery Cher's  had?

First, facelift her jawline has been made tighter than her age. But it looked so natural, she has done okay to her looked, even it’s too strange for 66 year woman. The second plastic surgery she had is browlift, where she made it drawn higher than before.

The third suspect of plastic surgery she had are blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty. She decided to refine her eyes with blepharoplasty, she did it on the upper and the lower of the eyes, it unnaturally done, even the loose of the skin around her face had been removed. While the rinoplasty went on her nose by reshaping the nose to be narrower and smaller nose, she might do it for several times.

Not only those plastic surgeries, she also had the other jobs. She had gone under the needles too. Botox was injected to remove any wrinkles appeared on the forehead, while another fillers like restylane and juvederm are injected to create her current smiles. The last but not least laser treatment had removed many tattoos in her body and create her smooth-looked skin. For 66 years singer she might have been called as the Goddess of Pop, but was she also called as the goddess of plastic surgery too? it’s your judge then.

Cher Plastic Surgery Has Given her More Opportunities To Work In Hollywood Industry

Cher plastic surgery can be easily viewed by looking attentively at her face.  Her face has not natural looks in fact, it is quite artificial with lots of Botox injections and the use of surgical tapes. In order to stretch her face and neck skin, Cher mostly uses a surgical tape under the hairline. Unfortunately, the secret of her tapes revealed by the eyes of a camera on the red carpets.

In order to banish wrinkles around her cheeks and eye area, she used a tape and concealed it behind her ears.  Cher plastic surgery has made her figure impressive and smart. She has been closely pictured with cameras in her black net gown with towering heels and red wig. She was showing her inner beauty in a thin black gown. Everyone was amazed to see her younger and sexy on the red carpet. Cher wore almost a nude kind of dress to show her modified figure that is the only result of plastic surgery. Her flat tummy, sexy boobs, tight neck, shiny cheeks, straight forehead and fresh skin are completely the results of plastic surgery and Botox injections.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Chin Augmentation Before and After

Chelsea Clinton is a famous celebrity. She is the daughter of Bill Clinton, who was the former president of America. Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery had surprised her viewers on her wedding. It is the wish of any bride to look perfect on her special day. Chelsea had great plans in her mind for the upcoming important future event.

Has Chelsea Clinton Had Plastic Surgery?

Every bride wants the perfect body on her perfect day. The sudden pre-wedding fitness frenzy does not exclude First Daughters.

Like countless brides before her, Chelsea Clinton (born February 27, 1980) had a specific goal in mind during the months leading up to her summer wedding in 2010.

The only daughter of former president Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently became a full-time correspondent for NBC.

After years helping to promote the political work of her parents and furthering her business education, Chelsea Clinton will be stepping up as a correspondent on the nightly news.

It is the ultimate wish of each and every bride to look attractive in her sophisticated wedding dress. For this purpose, brides usually go for dieting and exercise. Chelsea Clinton did the same thing when she got engaged with Marc Mezvinsky. Chelsea Clinton reduced 25 pound weight before her wedding. Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery surprised the people when she emerged in wedding dress with a quite sleeker nose and well defined shape of the jaws. Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery is related to chin augmentation, nose treatment, and jaw-line. She has taken some dental work and dermal filler.

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery made it possible for her to define the shape of her face by modifying her upper lips. Her looks have become better with her surgical treatment. Chelsea is a celebrity, who is famous for her parents’ political background. She  was disappointed with her outlooks as her gums, lips and nose were  changing her image. Moreover, she was a bit healthier. In order to look the most beautiful bride on her special day, she went for counseling from certified and renowned surgeons. They suggested her for some minor plastic surgery treatment to get more impressive looks. Now, her nose, chin, jaw-line, the gums are modified. An appropriate surgery with combination to amazing weight loss has surprised all the guests at her wedding party. She was looking quite awesome in her white dress.

What kind of Chelsea Clinton plastic Surgery has done?

Fortunately, these cosmetic enhancements turned out the way plastic surgery always should.

Rather than radical and unnatural transformations, Chelsea’s celebrity plastic surgery – including nose job and chin augmentation – were minor procedures resulting in major success.

The rhinoplasty simply smoothed out a bump from the bridge of her nose and the chin work defined the jaw line a bit more. Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon, estimates that Clinton also underwent dental work and received Juvederm – a dermal filler – to disguise her “gummy” smile.

On Dr. Walden’s celebrity blog (Plastic Surgery Celebrity) she explains that the filler served to plump the top lip, transforming Clinton’s smile and redefining her face.

Chelsea Clinton had the good fortune of averting a bad cosmetic surgery experience by opting to go light and natural. In contrast to cases like Kate Gosselin and Daryl Hannah, which have completely altered the celebrities’ faces making them nearly unrecognizable, Chelsea is clearly a better version of herself.

Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon in New York, has commented on her improving looks over the years – an accomplishment all strive for but few successfully achieve.

As a result, Chelsea became happier after her transformation as she prepared to begin the newest chapter in her life.

The three made over areas – the nose, chin, and smile – in combination with weight loss and a new hairstyle refined Chelsea’s look and transformed her into a sleek bride ready to shine on her special day.

With successful weight loss and Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery, she boosted her confidence to walk down the aisle last year.

Thanks to her hard work and tasteful selections, Chelsea’s new career and marriage are off to a beautiful and confident beginning.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rumor Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants,Botox, Cheek Implants and Eyelift

Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery rumor is becoming wilder nowadays; she has been rumored to have had several plastic surgery procedures to boost her appearance.

If we are taking the comparison of her photos through the years, it is obvious that she has had a lot of work done to her appearance. One of the most obvious plastic surgery signs is on her face; it is likely she has had Botox, as her forehead looks very smooth for her age. Further, her cheeks appear slightly plump which may be caused of filler injection like Sculptra.

The Suspicions About Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery

Catherine Zeta Jones is a famous and beautiful actress. She has worked in top class movies like Entrapment, Mask of Zorro and A Little Night Music etc. The surprising fact about her figure is that she is above forty now with two children as well. Her age did not make any negative impact on her everlasting beauty. She is as young as she was in the past. It is in rumors that she has undergone many plastic surgical treatments. Still, the rumors are not being confirmed by the actress herself or her spokesperson but majority of people believe in it.

Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery
has made people anxious to know the secret of her youthful beauty. Mostly, people are discussing that she has implanted silicon surgery of her breast because her breasts are more perfect in shape now. Her face is shinier and wrinkles are vanished. It may be due to Botox injections or plastic surgery. May be she has lifted up her face. Whatever is the truth but it is clear that she has taken some medical treatment.

Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery can be clearly viewed by checking her pictures. Her recent pictures on the beach have alarmed the media and her fans as her breasts are firmed and tight. Some plastic surgeons have given comments on her pictures that she may have taken breast augmentation. Some fans are denying the plastic surgery rumors because they think that weight gain has made her breast a bit bigger than usual.

Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery is totally denied by her spokesperson. Even if we view her pictures while keeping in mind her delivery, weight gain and age factor then it seems true that it is a natural phenomenon.
Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery can be captured from the shape of her narrowed nose. Now, she has a slight thin nose. It may be the result of makeup. Whatever is the reason behind her shocking beauty but she is always liked by her fans. In case, all these changes are the result of plastic surgical treatment than his surgeon is awesome. He has changed his facial outlooks and breast augmentation or implantation is an artistic way that people cannot find out the truth about her. It is her quality that she is always loved by people and still she is the princess of her fans.

What kind of plastic surgery Catherine Zeta Jones had done?

Catherine Zeta JonesBreast Implants:
In some photos, we can also notice that her breast is slightly growing, so it is no doubt that she has also had a boob job (breast implants). Judging from the before and after photos, Catherine Zeta Jones appears to have a bigger and fuller breast.

Well, it is hard to tell whether she has had breast implants or not, but if the rumor is true, I need to say thanks to her plastic surgeon. The surgery was done well, she looks great for her age.
Catherine Zeta Jones Botox:
Catherine Zeta Jones has done botox which was also confirmed by plastic surgeons who said that her forehead now looks smoother and with less wrinkles. Some plastic surgeons said Catherine Zeta Jones ‘Has Had Botox’. Radoronline claimed that she might have done that following the stress from Michael Douglas’ cancer diagnosis in August 2010.

“Her forehead and crows feet are also very smooth for a woman her age, likely a result of Botox injections.”"Botox is typically not injected under the eyes, though, hence the wrinkles in her lower eyelids.”
Catherine Zeta Jones was spotted with “Frozen face”, this photo published on a German website.
Catherine Zeta Jones eye lift and cheek injection:
Catherine Zeta Jones has done eye lift. Just check the follow below. She has done eye lifting and cheek injection to make her much younger and fuller. (left photo)

Catherine Zeta Jones’s possible cheek injection was raised by plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn who said: “Catherine Zeta Jones looks like she’s beginning to follow in her husband Michael Douglas’ plastic surgery footsteps. Her cheeks look somewhat plump, and may be due to injections of a filler like Sculptra.”.

Catherine Zeta Jones dental work:
There’re rumors that Catherine has done nose job, I don’t believe so because her nose shape now is not perfect at all, even seems not better than before. I would rather think it natural. Anyhow, though I didn’t find any materials on Internet, from her before and after photos, you can easily see that Catherine Zeta Jones has done dental work to make her teeth more even and more beautiful!

Cate Blanchett Talk About Plastic Surgery Before and After

“There’s been a decade or so of people doing intervention with their face and their body. Now that we’re emerging from that people are seeing that long term, it’s not so great,” the 42-year-old — who has been put on People‘s Most Beautiful People list — said, adding, “I’m not sitting on a soapbox telling women what they should and shouldn’t do, but I know what works for me. I’d just be too frightened about what it means long term. In the end if you have all that stuff done… in the end you just see the work. It doesn’t fill me with admiration, it fills me with pity.”

“I’d be too frightened about what it means in the long term. Looking at women in their 20s doing this stuff, in the end all you see is the work. It doesn’t fill me with admiration; it fills me with pity,” Cate Blanchett said to Fashion ETC. on Sunday, March 4th 2012.

This isn’t a unique opinion, but rather one of the two major camps. One side seems to be all for surgery if it makes someone happy, confident and more attractive, and the other side can’t see why you wouldn’t want to just age gracefully into an older version of the person you’d been your entire life.

However, Cate Blanchett was also careful to explain that she wasn’t passing judgment, just expressing an opinion.

“I’m not sitting on a soapbox telling women what they should and shouldn’t do,” Cate Blanchett said. “I just know what works for me.”

Why Cate Blanchett Will Never Get Plastic Surgery

The Academy Award winner, 42, says she'll never go under the knife to turn back the hands of time. "There's been a decade or so of people doing intervention with their face and their body," she tells Fashionista. "Now that we're emerging from that, people are seeing that long term it's not so great."

Cate Blanchett, one of the most elegant and beautiful presences in today's cinema, is very much against plastic surgery, she reveals in a new interview. Seeing its results in the long run absolutely fills her with pity.

Sitting down for an interview with Fashionista, Cate dishes it all on her beauty routine, the products she swears by, makeup tips and, last but not least, where she stands on plastic surgery or any other drastic intervention that would serve the same purpose.

Cate Blanchett on plastic surgery: “You just see the work… it fills me with pity”

Lemon juice in water as a morning ritual? Interesting. If Gwyneth Paltrow had suggested it, I would roll my eyes, but since it’s Blanchett… yes, I’ll try that. I had to look up “oxygen facial” though – you can read about it here. Apparently, it’s been popular in celebrity circles since 2006-ish, when Madonna recommended it. So I probably won’t try that. But I’ll definitely do the lemon juice in water thing. As for over plucking – define “over plucking”. I don’t have a scouse brow, or a chola brow, but I do like my brows to be well-groomed. So on that, I will debate Madame Blanchett. Cosign about blue eye shadow, cosign about eyelash curlers (I stopped because of my contacts, though). Cosign her thoughts on plastic surgery. Amen to that!

And why doesn’t anyone ever recommend St. Ives Apricot Scrub? I still use that junk. I love it. I love how smooth and exfoliated I feel. Maybe Jennifer Love Hewitt will talk about it. I bet she uses it.