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Chloe Lattanzi Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

It can’t be easy having a beautiful, talented, adored mom like Olivia Newton-John. And that pressure has definitely taken its toll on her daughter, Chloe. Back in 2007, she was photographed looking frighteningly thin, and later the family issued a statement that young Chloe was being treated for severe anorexia. Most recently, Chloe was seen on the reality show “Rock the Cradle,” a talent competition for the offspring of celebs. Chloe finished third on that show, and proved that she does have some talent. But most people who saw her on that show couldn’t get past the size of her obviously enhanced lips. Since the show ended, Chloe’s lips have gotten even bigger and she’s had a nose job, too.

Chloe Lattanzi has the voice to rival her famous mom Olivia Netwon-John, but it looks like the 22-year-old, who recently placed third on MTV’s music competition Rock the Cradle, has decided to give nature a helping hand by plumping her lips way up and whittling her nose!

“I think she definitely had a procedure to increase the size of her lips,” Dennis Hurwitz, M.D, director of the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery tells Star. “She may have used a temporary filler.”

Restylane and Juvederm are popular and go for about $800 per four-month treatment. “Or she may have had a permanent fat graft or silicone implant that would cost $5,000,” explains Dr. Hurwitz.

Unfortunately, he adds, “She’s overdone her lips. They have an unnatural, pouty look.”

You can say that again! This girl is so young – it makes no sense for her to be messing with her face like this. The photos of Chloe taken prior to her surgeries reveal a very pretty girl, so I can’t understand why she would elect to make her lips look so grotesque. And furthermore, what reputable plastic surgeon would agree to make someone’s face look that way? I suppose if the price is right, it doesn’t matter to the doctor.

I guess when you are young and rich from your famous parent, there isn’t much else to do besides hate on yourself and mutilate your face. It’s really sad. Whatever the case, it’s clear between her bout with anorexia and her excessive surgery that the girl isn’t happy with her appearance. Hopefully her mom can convince her to get some help with her issues before she goes to another plastic surgeon.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Chloe and her mom, Olivia Newton John, are shown on 12/10/05 below at Grammy Jam, thanks to PRPhotos. She’s shown in the header in a photo with her backup dancer from Mani’s myspace, and below in an early May still from “Rock the Cradle,” thanks to Splash.

Chloe Lattanzi’s Plastic Surgery

Olivia’s plastic surgery appears to be fairly natural-looking (See Make Me Heal’s story on Olivia Newton-John’s plastic surgery), the results of her 22-year old daughter’s journey under the knife look decidedly fake.

Chloe is following in her singer/actor mother’s footsteps as she has appeared in various film and television project, including her most recent foray into the public on the reality show Rock the Cradle.

Although Chloe has openly battled the eating disorder anorexia, some parts of her anatomy have gotten curiously larger, rather than smaller, namely her lips and chest.

In addition to darkening her hair color, Chloe’s lips have gotten progressively larger over the years, the result of lip fillers. Because of their perpetually plump state, she likely has collagen injections, or even Gortex implants, which tend to last longer and blow up more than temporary lip fillers like Restylane.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says, “It appears from the photos that she may have gotten lip injectibles such as hyaluronic acid, fat grafting or possibly even a permanent treatment such as a Gore-Tex or silicone implant in both upper and lower lips.”

Her face in general is smooth and plump, which could be the result of dermal fillers in her already high cheekbones and even some Botox, which gives her eyes that surprised look, without any crinkling. Fine lines often begin to appear in the 20′s and although Chloe is rather young for Botox, it is becoming more popular with young women seeking to prevent wrinkles.

Dr. Walden tells Make Me Heal, “Her cheeks also look a bit fuller so she may have had soft tissue fillers or even cheek implants.  Chloe is looking more and more unnatural, given her history of body image issues this is someone I would choose not to operate on if further surgery was requested.”

In addition to cheeks and lips, it has been speculated that Chloe has had a rhinoplasty to give her nose that upturned shape and her wide-eyed expression may be the work of a blepharoplasty, not youthful innocence.

Dr. Walden says, “It is also speculated that she may have had rhinoplasty; the photos show a small rather upturned nose for her face so this may be the case. Judging from her wide-eyed, surprised look it seems like she may have had a brow lift and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

The daughter of Grease’s Olivia Newton-John, Chloe Lattanzi has struggled with anorexia and body image issues which I hope she has recovered fully from and wish her well.”

Below the neck, Chloe’s most outstanding feature is her breast implants, which on her extremely thin frame have the same bolted-on, half melon appearance as Victoria Beckham’s (See Make Me Heal’s story on Victoria Beckham’s breast implants). Like Victoria, Chloe’s thin frame gives plastic surgeon’s very little breast tissue to work with, but a more natural appearance can be achieved by placing implants below the muscle, which clearly isn’t the case.

Chloe may sing and act like her famous mother, but she started having plastic surgery far too young to ever have a reputation as a timeless beauty.

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Chiclet Teeth plastic surgery before and after pictures

The overly done Faye Dunaway (described by CityRags as suffering from ‘madamism‘, a malady caused by too much plastic surgery which leaves the victim looking like the 80′s puppet Madam) has chiclet teeth. Actually, her teeth are not chiclets, but veneers.

Veneers can look fantastic, but are not for everyone. If you have extremely stained teeth, teeth that are too small (a la Kirsten Dunst), or even twisted teeth, veneers are a great option. But for someone who already had nice teeth, what was the point?

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Chely Wright Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before and After Images

Comparing some pictures of Chely Wright with some more recent ones she looks basically the same, so most probably she didn't go under the knife to have some major procedure such as a rhinoplasty or breast implants, that doesn't mean that she couldn't be having some little help from botox injections or facial fillers, but again, we doubt it since her face shows some wrinkles and her skin looks like she is aging naturally.

Your first response when reading this title might be “who are these people?” so I’ll recap. Chely Wright is a country singer with a few minor country hits. She had a number one country single in 1999 called “Single White Female,” and another hit with 1997′s “Shut Up and Drive” (not related to the Rihanna song) but if you’re not a country fan, or even if you are, you might not have heard of her. Wright just came out of the closet as the first country singer to openly admit they’re gay.
When I heard that Wright was announcing her orientation I assumed “well, she’s doing it for publicity after a stalled career.” That seems to be supported by the fact that she has a new album and memoir out. However, I saw Wright on The Today show yesterday (you can watch the video here) and she seemed both earnest and genuinely torn about coming out. She said that she’s Christian and a conservative and that she’s struggled with self acceptance of her orientation since she was a little girl. Wright wants people to know that it’s not incompatible to be gay and conservative and that no one needs to go what she went through. She almost committed suicide before she realized that she deserved to live an authentic life.

While explaining how she tried to keep her homosexuality a secret, Chely Wright aid that she encountered open resistance from people in her industry. She told a story about a guy named John Rich, from the country band “Big and Rich,” asking her if she was gay and telling her that it homosexuality was “sick,” “deviant,” and “unacceptable to country fans.” This encounter with Rich was a real turning point for Wright in that it was the first time she lied about her orientation, and it forced her to face the prejudices in her industry.

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Chaz Bono Plastic Surgery Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Chaz Bono Completes Weight Loss with Plastic Surgery

Chaz Bono, the transgendered son of Sonny and Cher, began his weight loss journey as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars a few seasons back. Now, a year after starting to lose weight, Chaz has appeared on the popular television show The Doctors to discuss his transformation and the steps he took along the way.

Since beginning taking steps to lose weight a year ago, 44-year old Chaz Bono has dropped a total of 85 pounds. How did he do it? Chaz has chronicled his transformation in Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man, and revealed his theory that his weight issues stem back to his childhood.

Now, after losing weight through a combination of diet, exercise and diet pills, Chaz decided to undergo further cosmetic surgery to get rid of the excess skin he had as a result of his rapid weight loss. reported earlier that often when patients lose weight, they also opt to have skin tightening plastic surgery procedures, as well as liposuction to get rid of the loose skin that can’t be eliminated with just exercise or diet alone.

Although some extra weight does come off with the plastic surgery procedures, a tummy tuck and liposuction, the procedures that Chaz had, are not recommended as weight loss tools and the star was careful to say this during his interview.

“I’m just hoping that I’m going to look that much thinner without the extra skin on me,” he said prior to the surgery.

Chaz opted to have a tummy tuck to get rid of the hanging skin on his abdominal area and in addition to the abdominoplasty also opted to have some liposuction on his neck, resulting in a more defined neck and jawline. Because his procedures involved both his body and face, his plastic surgery was a little longer but most likely enhanced with a plastic surgery recovery kit especially designed to make the healing process, faster and easier and resulting in minimal scarring.

Dr. Ordon also credited Chaz with having a positive mindset that helped him focus on his weight loss goals, which helped makes his journey successful from start to finish. notes that during the interview the doctors discuss the differences between a tummy tuck for a man and a tummy tuck for a woman. On a man, the goal is to pull the waistline straight down and have a bellybutton with a round shape, whereas on a woman, the waistline is pulled in and the bellybutton is given an elliptical shape.

Prior to his cosmetic weight loss, Chaz had undergone an elective dual mastectomy during his female-to-male transition.

Chaz Bono’s Drastic Weight Loss

Chaz Bono popped up recently looking like half the man he used to be…He’s lost a ton of weight! The transgendered daughter of Cher went through a gender transition that started in 2008, which included hormone treatments and a double mastectomy. The transition seems to have been successful and not only does Chaz look more comfortable in his skin, he has lost quite a bit of weight!

Chaz was born Chastity Sun Bono and is the only child of the famous couple Sonny Bono and Cher. Chastity began her social and physical transition to becoming the man that she always felt that she was in 2008. In 2010, she legally changed her name to Chaz and her gender to male. Currently, 44-year old Chaz is going through another transformation and is dropping tons of weight! Judging from pictures, it looks like Chaz has lost at least 60lbs in the last couple of years and is looking healthier than ever. It also looks like he is enjoying his new freedom of being able to walk around topless and seems to do so as often as possible ;).

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Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Charlize Theron plastic surgery is both funny and beautiful, something that seems difficult for many women in Hollywood. At a recent awards ceremony, the Oscar winning actress got a few laughs when she joked about considering plastic surgery.

Charlize Theron may transformed through the plastic surgery help. Well please don’t wait until Charlize Theron admits about the plastic surgery allegations that floated around her life. Charlize Theron who rose her fame by appearing at 1997 movie the Devil Advocate said she doesn’t need any plastic surgery for this time. But looking how she transformed bit dramatically, no wonder people then accused she may put herself under the knife. Charlize Theron was accused has nose job, lip enhancement, Botox and breast implant. Charlize Theron herself just laugh and joking about this rumor of plastic surgery transformation. But even Charlize Theron doesn’t admits she is transformed through plastic surgery I think she look very pretty with it.

Charlize Theron's Nose Job

We writes that Charlize Theron ay combined her lip enhancement procedure with the nose job. She may has nose enhancement regarding how subtle and smooth the result is. I won’t say that Charlize Theron old nose looks bad, but well yeah you know the nostril is kinda big. But looking at Charlize Theron new nose, you must be understood that her nose looks more subtle, well defined with smaller nostril and cramped nasal board. The nasal bridge looks higher with very sculptured and reshaped nose shape looks so suits and pretty to Charlize Theron face.

Charlize Theron's Breast Implant
The rumor that Charlize Theron may conducted breast implant is bit vague. Some says that actually Charlize Theron hasn’t conducted breast implant procedure. She is just gaining some weight that also affected significantly in the chest area. But well looking at Charlize Theron bust region, its likely this woman breast is gotten bigger and larger compared than before. This speculation was broke by Charlize Theron herself. She said that she is gaining weight up to 30 pounds while filming Monster. This condition make Charlize Theron breast looks protruding and bigger. But I think if the breast implant rumor, its likely that Charlize Theron still looks good with it.

Charlize Theron's Lip Enhancement

Make Me Heal revealed that Charlize Theron lip looks pouty than before make people accusing her has put herself under the needle for the lip enhancement. The trout pout condition that was combined with very fulled, larger and juicy lip than before, make people believed that Charlize Theron may has lip enhancement by injected filler or some fats grafting. It was predicted that Charlize Theron used Restylane that was injected under the tissue membrane for the lip enhancement procedure.

Charlize Theron's Botox Injection
Everybody must be wonder how could Charlize Theron having very smooth yet toned facial skin even she is almost 40. Then people speculated that Charlize Theron may has regular Botx injection. The indication that Charlize Theron has Botox injection was showing from the forehead that looks very toned and smooth. Despite looks so smooth and flawless, Charlize Theron face also looks very fresh without any laugh lines, crows feet or horizontal lines on the forehead area. Charlize Theron herself denies she has Botox injection. She revealed her secrete is just luxury cream named  ZO Skin to abolish wrinkle and fight the aging sign.

“If I knew that 3D was gonna be such a big deal I would have gotten that boob job ten years ago,” Charlize Theron joked as she received the Distinguished Decade of Achievement in Film Award on Thursday, during the 2012 CinemaCon awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

On his blog, OcBody plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia writes, ” Funny. Charlize Theron might figure that 3D movies are a reason for an actress to get a boob job. Well as long as she didn’t go too big (she is a thin gal) she would do fine with one…or without one of course.”

In the past, Charlize has been suspected of having a nose job as well as Restylane injections in her lips to plump them and also Botox or blepharoplasty to help give her eyes a lift (See Make Me Heal’s story on Charlize Theron’s plastic surgery).

Charlize looks great, whether or not she has had or will have plastic surgery and congratulates her on her recent family addition.

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Charlie Sheen Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Picutres

Charlie Sheen, born Carlos Irwin Estévez on September 3, 1965, is an american movie and TV actor. He gain his popularity with movies Platoon, Wall Street and Hot shots. Recently, he is best known for sitcom Two and a half men in which he depicts a drinking, irresponsible womanizer.

Although one could think Charlie Sheen is all natural, these are his words: “Yeah, I’d get an eye tuck or a chin tuck. A lot of my job is how you look.”  Also, his nose looks a bit different than when he was younger. Before, he had the classic Spanish nose, since his father’s side of the family is descended from Spanish immigrants.

His nose had a very noticeable bridge with a small hook in it. Now, it seems smoothed down and very straight. However, it is not too small for his face, it fits perfectly and is of a perfect size and still masculine. A lot of plastic surgeons screw up when they take too much off of a male patient’s face.

Charlie Sheen has been in the news lately. He is never too far away from a little celebrity misbehaving. Has he had any work done? You know it. Nobody watches his sitcom but if it was a reality show maybe they would, or maybe not.

Charlie Sheen’s hit television show Two and a Half Men has been cancelled for the rest of the season, to the disappointment of many loyal fans. But although Charlie’s weekly appearances on primetime are now officially over, it seems that fans and not fans are seeing more of Charlie than ever, thanks to his fantastic exploits and frequent interviews. Seeing how Charlie looks lately, it seems that he could use some help from plastic surgery, in addition to that of a mental health professional.

Does Charlie Sheen Need a Winning Plastic Surgery Recovery?

45-year old Charlie Sheen has long been touted as one of Hollywood’s baddest bad boys. For a while there, it looked like he had reformed but since destroying a New York hotel room, it seems he’s been on a long and windy downward spiral.

At some point in his life, between marriages and movies, Charlie likely had rhinoplasty to get rid of the bump on his nose (See Make Me Heal’s story on Charlie Sheen’s plastic surgery).

Charlie’s brother, actor and director Emilio Estevez, has also been under the knife, as his ex-wife actress Denise Richards.

Emilio has likely had a browlift, rhinoplasty, and may have had an injectable filler to add volume to his cheeks. Emilio has hollows under his eyes and very arches brows indicating a possible browlift. His nose appears straighter and with a more rounded tip indicating a possible rhinoplasty. The lack of furrows on his forehead and lack of crow’s feet around the eyes indicate the use of injectable fillers like Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm (See Make Me Heal’s story on Emilio Estevez’s plastic surgery).

Denise has admitted to having three breast augmentations and likely also uses fillers like Radiesse as well as Botox to stay young and fresh (See Make Me Heal’s story on Denise Richards’ breast augmentation).

Partying with his “Goddesses” and appearing on every possible broadcast medium know to man, from the Internet to traditional television and radio talk shows, looks to have taken a toll on Charlie Sheen. Instead of focusing on tiger blood and flaming fists, Charlie may want to consider some good ole plastic surgery to cure what ails his tired features.

Since leaving rehab and embarking on a media frenzy, Charlie looks to have aged considerably. Loosing volume in his face and with bags under his eyes, Charlie either needs to stop talking and start sleeping or get some fat grafts and fillers like Sculptra placed in his face, especially in the hollows of his cheeks. He could also use eyelid surgery to take care of his sags and bags under his eyes. And a little Botox would definitely help eliminate the perpetually worried look caused by the 11 between his eyebrows, as well as relax the lines across his forehead and even his neck. Most likely, he could also do with some chemical peels or laser resurfacing with a laser treatment such as Fraxel.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin, a Yale-trained facial cosmetic surgeon and UCLA faculty member, with practices in Malibu and Westwood, says, “Charlie Sheen – the face of winning, the not so winning face of Charlie Sheen. The years of abusing his body with drugs have taken their toll on Sheen. Even TV makeup cannot hide the poor quality (in his case you can clearly see that his skin has lost much of its elasticity and hangs more loosely than it should in a guy his age) of his skin and the gauntness of his face. Drugs have accelerated the natural volume loss that befalls all of us with time. It seems like he could really benefit from Sculptra re-volumizing throughout his cheeks. The advantage to Sculptra is that it will also improve the quality of his skin through collagen stimulation. He could also do with some Juvederm filling of his tear troughs. The depth of the depressions of his tear troughs gives him the circles under his eyes that make him look more tired and haggard than he would otherwise. Filling of his nasolabial folds with Juvederm would be a good idea. I would guess that laser resurfacing would be nice, although I would have to see his skin without makeup to be sure.”

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Charisma Carpenter Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before and After Pictures

Charisma Carpenter plastic surgery took place under a trained surgeon which did not bring any risk to the celebrity. It is always necessary to choose a correct plastic surgeon who will notdamage the body by their treatments.
Charisma Carpenter breast implants before and after.

Charisma Carpenter is a popular American actress who has been very successful in Hollywood. She is popularly known for her role in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and spin-off series Angel. Charisma Carpenter has been one of those people who like to keep her critics and fans curious and when her new avatar came into the picture both her critics and her fans were amused. There are so many instances when people actually do not approve plastic surgeries and there are people who talk about taboos. But the fact is there are many other people who are living a life of happiness and looking good is perfectly great with them and that is what the demands of these cosmetic surgeries are increasing every year and the number of people doing such surgeries is increasing every year.

Charisma Carpenter has been a very popular star and she is famous all over the world. Although lots of celebs are dragged into topics related to surgeries most of them have positive reactions about such things. There are many such celebs who have recently commented about Charisma Carpenter plastic surgery. When asked in an interview, charisma carpenter was quite positive about her opinion about cosmetic surgeries and this was proven by the fact that recently she has breast implants that enhanced her looks to a greater level.

Charisma Carpenter plastic surgery before and after.
Plastic surgery confidence boosters

Charisma Carpenter has been very successful to maintain her gorgeous looks on screen and also off screen and the recent boob job has enhanced her looks to a great extent. There are many issues that actually make a good process, a taboo and the same happened to plastic surgery as there are too many people talking about the harmful effects of such things, but these people failed to understand the benefits of these surgeries that have been changing the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Before surgery, most of the critics had an opinion about charisma carpenter figure and it was stated that her boobs were uncomfortable with her great body and that is when she decided to have a breast implants. That is when she made therapies that have changed her looks into a stunning reality. These cosmetics are really getting more and more demanding with each passing day.
Charisma Carpenter plastic surgery photos.
Her fans have observed her photos as of before and now. Her bra size has increased and in the age of 40 she enjoys a younger body. Any woman likes to have a young body. If she is a celebrity then she will surely have to maintain her body for the sake of her fans and status. Charisma Carpenter plastic surgery has made her to retain her celebrity status and her fans are proud of her. When compared to others of her age Charisma Carpenter looks very young and energetic. Though she is a mother her looks are young. Her breast size has been increased and she looks very sexy. From A to C her cup size has been reformed. She looks very fascinating in this age where people start thinking that they are old.

Her fans compared the present and the past photos of the celebrity and found a difference. She admitted that she underwent a surgery to get a beautiful shape to her body. Charisma Carpenter plastic surgery has made her more popular and her career is boosted with her attractive looks. There are no much changes in her before and after the surgery. The only difference is that she is having fuller breasts and her bra size has changed to a bigger one. Her fans are really happy with her appearance. Though she is a mother, when compared to the mothers of her age, she looks gorgeous. She put an end to the debate of her fans saying that she underwent a surgery to boost her breasts.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cathy Dennis Plastic Surgrey Before and After Photos

One Hit Wonder With Lawsuit

Cathy Dennis, and her management company, 19 Management, have threatened the site with a lawsuit. It seems Cathy (click here and chortle at the very photoshopped picture of Ms. Dennis on their website) does not like being mentioned on And if, I don’t take her off the site? Something bad is going to happen.
The email from 19 Management reads:

    Dear Sir
    I am writing to you regarding Cathy Dennis. Our company represents her and it has been brought to our attention that two photographs of Cathy are featured on your website ‘’, along with words that suggests that she has had plastic surgery and that she is an ‘avid fan of plastic surgery’.
    I am writing to inform you now that this information is incorrect. Cath Dennis has never undertaken plastic surgery and she is not a fan if it as your website suggests. She abhors plastic surgery and does not want to be associated with it in any way.
    Therefore I am serving formal notice on you and your owners that if you do not remove the images of Cathy Dennis from your website and any other websites that are connected with your company immediately then we will commence legal action against your firm.
    Around a quarter of the Plastic Surgery site is pictures taken from a different angle compared side by side with OHEMGEE she has had a nose job and had her eyelids shaved and her chin boosted with lego bricks'. It's bullshit. There are so many procedures available now that surgery isn't always why people look so preserved.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Catherine Ommanney Plastic Surgery Botox Injections Before and After Pictures

British mom of two Catherine Ommanney plastic surgery was cast for Real Housewives of Washington DC and she looks great for her late 30s.  As many women her age, she could be using botox injections to keep a smoother skin, but we think that she doesn’t have any major plastic surgery procedure.

We couldn’t find pictures of her when she was younger to compare if she got a nose job, implants or another procedure, but looking what we got, she looks fit and slim and we don’t see obvious signs of breast augmentation for example.

Many women with kids get what is known as “mommy makeovers” usually involving liposuction, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and breast lift with or without implants, even when they manage to lose the weight gained during pregnancy, these procedures are intended to eliminate excess skin and to help them improve their image after the natural changes that come with pregnancy.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Catherine Hicks Plastic Surgery Before and After Blepharoplasty and Elid Surgery Pictures

For those of you who love really bad television shows that had no business staying on the air for over a decade, Catherine Hicks plastic surgery must be a goddess. The star of the ultra-bland series “7th Heaven”, Hicks spent over ten seasons as the matriarch of an overly dramatic family, and while she did a great job in her role, the show’s only real contribution to culture was Jessica Biel.

The all-time hottie and wife of megastar Justin Timberlake got her start on the family drama, so is it possible that her sheer gorgeousness drove her older co-star into the arms and table of a plastic surgeon?

If we’re being honest…not likely. Hicks is a great looking woman i her own right, so we doubt she felt threatened by someone who was a child at the time. We also doubt that she’s had the crazy amount of work that some critics say she’s had (she’s the subject of liposuction, lip injection, and face lift rumors), but she seems to have gone under the knife at least once, so let’s talk plastic surgery… Catherine Hicks is on the left in the above photo ladies and gentlemen, she was not born as a cat.

To our knowledge, there’s no cosmetic surgery procedure that can turn someone from a feline into a lady. Not one that works well at least…but you never know. Anyhow, Hicks hasn’t changed that much as she’s started to approach life as a senior citizen, but one thing that has changed, or rather two things that have changed are her eyes. From the looks of the are around her peepers, it’s pretty safe to say that Catherine underwent a blepharoplasty at some point in the last few years.

This eyelid surgery was most likely to reduce the signs of aging, and while it went well, it still left some tell-tale crinkly skin around her eyelids. Other than that, we can’t really see her having anything else done. Maybe…maybe she’s had some dermal injections of Botox to keep her skin looking smooth, but we’re more inclined to believe that she’s just doing her makeup a little differently now to cover her wrinkles. Catherine Hicks is still a very nice looking lady, and she always has been. So long as she stays away from going under the knife anymore, she should keep looking good well into her seventies.

We look forward to watching her age gracefully, but if she doesn’t, we’ll be here to talk about it!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Catherine Bosley Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Catherine Bosley, a former news anchor for CBS in Ohio was unknowingly photographed when competing in a wet T-shirt contest while on a 2003 Key West vacation. The then 37-year-old had allegedly stripped down to being totally nude. Upon the shocking images hitting the web, she had been removed from her anchor position.

Bosley and her husband had previously and successfully negotiated with the photographer for the rights to the racy pictures in 2004. However, the scandalous photos were still published by Larry Flynn and his Hustler magazine without any consent, as part of their 2006 "Hot News Babes" spread, according to Yahoo! 

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s not every day that we get to write about an Ohio newscaster here at celebrity plastic surgery.

Today is the day though folks! Let’s get excited about Catherine Bosley’s chest!Excited yet? No? Well this should be comforting: we’re not sure that anybody is, because her breasts are some of the least impressive we’ve ever seen.

Speaking of people seeing her chest, that’s really why she’s a “celebrity” to begin with: she was the subject of a huge scandal when pictures of her posing in a bar’s wet tee-shirt contest hit the internet.

Did we happen to mention that she did the contest while she was part of the news team? Yeah, it wasn’t like some old “modeling” photos showed up from before she was famous; she flat out went and flashed her lady parts while on staff at WKBN Ohio.

Once the web caught of glimpse of her, she began her fifteen minutes of fame, and her obvious breast augmentation began its fifteen minutes of infamy. Seriously folks, Bosley has some of the worst bolt-ons we’ve ever seen.

We’ve never bothered to fully violate her privacy and look at her naked photos, but from what we have seen, it looks like she went over the muscle with her implants and got ripped off by her surgeon. Her girls have zero hang to them and look stuffed in.

We can assume that she had a very small chest before going under the knife, and that her implants never had a chance of looking even remotely real. It’s a shame too, because she’s an otherwise nice looking lady.

There’s also rumors that she’s had Botox injections in her face, but we’re not buying those, and we’re giving her credit for being nice looking and aging well on her own.

Catherine Bosley isn’t the biggest celebrity we’ve ever reported on here, but she’s definitely a prime case of unnecessary cosmetic surgery making a good looking person look far worse. We don’t get why she had the work done in the first place, but we can say for sure that she made a mistake and that she probably went to bad surgeon.

She was really better off leaving wll enough alone. Sorry for your results Catherine, we hope that they stop you from going under the knife ever again, because you’re still a pretty lady, and any more bad work could ruin that. Stay strong Cat!