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Queen Noor Plastic Surgery Images Before and After Facelift, Necklift and Botox Injections

Has Queen Noor Had Plastic Surgery?

If Queen Noor has gone under the knife, then she is surely the first real Queen to have done so.

Before becoming Queen Noor of Jordan, Lisa Najeeb Halaby was born in Washington, D.C. to an Arab-American family on August 23, 1951.

She was the oldest of three children and went on to receive a BA in Urban Planning and Architecture from Princeton University in 1973.

After graduating, her interest in the Middle East increased while working for Royal Jordanian Airlines. During a social event focused on the development of the Queen Alia Airport, she met and befriended King Hussein of Jordan.

In 1978, the couple got engaged and married. She renounced her American citizenship, acquired Jordanian citizenship, converted to Islam and was renamed Noor Al-Hussein by her husband.

Even though Queen Noor is known for her work that’s focused on conservation, sustainable development, cross-cultural understanding and human rights, it’s hard to overlook the drastic change in her appearance, which suggests that she could have had more than the odd plastic surgery procedure.

Not only has her appearance altered , it also has affected the people’s perception of their Queen.

Queen Noor of Jordan is long maters for the plastic surgery gossip and people wonder whether it just rumor or fact? But looking at Queen Noor of Jordan facial appearance some people believed it probably the rumor was true. In facts the Queen Noor of Jordan may conduct some plastic surgery procedures to keep youthful and attractive. Media journalist spotted sometime the Queen Noor of Jordan has a facial expression from the plastic surgery sign. That’s why the Queen Noor of Jordan itself was accused has plastic surgery done and its kind of real fact. 61 years old Queen Noor of Jordan rumored has Botox injection and Necklift done. Jordanian media even reported that Queen Noor of Jordan plastic surgery gone wrong regardless her face that bit horrible and awful. But it’s likely that Queen Noor of Jordan status as the widow of the late  King Hussein of Jordan being a burden for her. This condition demands her to always look attractive, regal and elegance in front of her people. It may be a reason for the Queen Noor of Jordan to undergoing plastic surgery. If this rumor was a fact then Queen Noor of Jordan becoming first real life Queen who undergone plastic surgery in the history.

Queen Noor Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Many people may think Queen Noor looks great for a woman in her retiring years.

However, when looking at her face, you instantly see that it’s expressionless. There are no wrinkles or lines to be spotted. Her face doesn’t move, regardless of the emotions she’s trying to convey.

This raises the suspicion that she’s no stranger to frequent Botox injections.

Similar to other celeb plastic surgery, such as Janice Dickinson’s plastic surgery and Melanie Griffith, it appears that Queen Noor could have fallen victim to the possibility of bad plastic surgery and excessive cosmetic work.

Speculations rise when comparing plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures of Queen Noor.

Photos of the queen taken in 2000, show a round tired-looking face, with excess skin around the neckline. They also show many wrinkles and lines around her eyes and mouth.

Fast-forward to 2004, when photos show a different-looking, more polished woman. Her nose is believed to have been altered, her neck looks more defined, and her lips and cheekbones also appear more prominent.

Additionally, her glowing skin may be due to various laser or chemical treatments, which eliminate age spots, blemishes and creeping moles.

The facial lines she displayed years earlier have mysteriously disappeared.

Queen Noor Botox Injection
Queen Noor of Jordan actually blessed good genes from an Arab American parents that even make King Hussein of Jordan head over heels for her. But she is getting older now and even good genes couldn’t help much. Recently the Queen was spotted has bit weird facial appearance that probably from the plastic surgery or at least Botox injection done. Unfortunately Queen Noor of Jordan probably overdo Botox injection that gave her bit terrible facial appearance. Sometimes she was spotted having expressionless, frozen and stiffer facial skin that was probably from overdo Botox injection. And even worse Queen Noor of Jordan ever spotted with too oily facial skin that gave melted impression at her beautiful face. From that people than stated that probably Queen Noor of Jordan plastic surgery rumor of Botox id fact and she seems a bit overdo it.

Queen Noor Necklift

It’s common for women when they are getting older the fat reserve that was placed under their chin becoming saggy. It will create what you call as the Turkey neck as the sign someone has gotten older. It’s likely that Queen Noor of Jordan more aware with this condition then she decide to have Necklift done to abolish that turkey neck from above her chin. The Necklift indication was looking from Queen Noor of Jordan neck that looks so smooth but too tight and stiff. Necklift seems  to help her to disguise turkey neck that appeared in that area.

Queen Noor of Jordan may be a bit bothered by her status as the Royal family of Jordan.  The demand to  look impressing in front of her people maybe force her to undergo plastic surgery. But it’s not too good for the Queen Noor of Jordan to force herself by overdo plastic surgery that seems gone wrong.

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Star Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery is not just a rumor, it is news – big news, debated and analyzed over the years. There is no need to go looking for clues and slip-ups on the issue, just take a look at her Priscilla’s face and you will know. Sadly, we will have to say that Elvis Presley’s pretty wife is a plastic surgery victim.

Priscilla Presley Has Selected The Naïve Surgeon For Plastic Surgery

Priscilla Presley is a renowned actress and has worked in TV shows and movies as well. Priscilla Presley is married to Elvis Presley. Priscilla Presley plastic surgery reveals a sad story regarding her appearance.

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery has grasped the consideration of public and media to her dreadfully changed looks. The news regarding her plastic surgery has been circulating and people are feeling sorrow for her miserable looks. The majority of people claims that these drastic changes have been resulted due to unnecessary use of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, all these news are true as she has attempted for different surgical treatments for several times. No doubt, she is the real victim of bad plastic surgery. She has taken the services of unsuitable person for her plastic surgery. Daniel Serrano is disreputable due to his inexperienced attitude. He has damaged Priscilla Presley’s face. There are many other celebrities who have become horrible after getting treatment from Daniel Serrano. He has the power to impress people by telling them some magical treatment that can give them everlasting beauty.

Daniel Serrano had injected silicone in Priscilla Presley’s face and this injection had ruined her attractive appearance. She had become the victim of ghastly medical treatment. However, she has tried to get the services of the best surgeons to for her damaged face. Priscilla Presley plastic surgery by experienced surgeon has given her much better looks but we can still find out the signs of ill-treatment by the so called fake surgeon.

Daniel Serrano’s preys have got the treatment by Dr. Anastasatos. He has expressed his regrets that young and attractive looks have made the people mad and they do not even research for the right surgeon. People get impressed by so called surgeons and go blindly for plastic surgery. The inexperienced and naïve doctors change their charming looks into freaky appearance. Priscilla Presley plastic surgery is an example of selecting the wrong person.

People should love with natural appearance but unfortunately the western world has become crazy for an artificial look. They want to modify their skin, eyebrows, breast, hips, buttock, nose, cheeks, forehead and lips by excessive plastic surgeries, Botox injections, fillers, liposuction, breast augmentation, face uplift and rhinoplasty etc.  people have to keep in mind that skin treatment is a sensitive process and they should go under the knife of well experienced, expert and certified surgeon.

Take a look at her before and after photos – I know! What a change, right? Aggressive use of multiple cosmetic surgery procedures has transformed Mrs. Presley’s otherwise perfect features into a stiff plastic doll face. The lips are too pumped up; the skin is too tight for her age and almost looks like it has been polished off. The first and foremost suspect has to be facelift coupled with a necklift too. There are also possibilities of a Blepharoplasty to open up her eyes and eliminate the eye bags that come along with age. It has also been reported that Priscilla regularly uses Restylane to keep the smile lines under check. A sharper tip on her nose indicates a Rhinoplasty too.

Priscilla Presley Plastic surgery photocheek implants

Mrs Presley’s cheeks have also appeared plumper – it could be the result of implants, but then it could be because of weight-gain also. Botox seems to have made its fair share of contribution to the gleaming smooth skin. Laser skin treatment, chemical peels or dermabrasions are also definitely at play here to maintain her youthful skin.

Priscilla, if you are planning to do some damage control or if you have decided to stay faithful to plastic surgery – we suggest that you find a better surgeon next time. There may not be much for him to do, since everything on your face is already overdone and plastic.

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Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Nose Job Photos

Preity Zinta plastic surgery is done for making her appearance look perfect. As you know that Preity Zinta is a Bollywood actress who has a beautiful face. But make some changes to her face. You have to know that doing the plastic surgery may be something good for getting the best performance. But, we have to remember that there are some bad effects of that surgery. There is some description about the plastic surgery which is done by Preity Zinta.
Preity Zinta plastic surgery rumor has been a hot topic in Indian times. Bollywood actress who was born on January 31st 1975 recently reported to hide away from reporter who want to take her pictures when she arrives in the airport after her new film photo session “Ishq in Paris”.

Related to her unprofessional action,  Indian times speculate that she tries to stay away from reporter to hide the change in her recent appearance. What’s wrong with her face? Many rumors said that Preity Zinta seems has had some plastic surgery procedures, her face looks fresher and more beautiful. It seems impossible for someone to look younger in no longer young age, except plastic surgery help, right?

Although she has not clarified about surgery rumor, one of Indian time “One India” show us the prove that she has had plastic surgery procedures such as a nose job, brow lift & Rhytidoplasty.

As everybody can see the before and after plastic surgery above, it can be seen that her nose looks thinner, her eyebrows seem higher and her skin seems softer & smoother, almost there is no wrinkles sign at her age 47 year-old.

Related to the rumor, Preity Zinta seems unwilling to give a comment in the public whether she has or has not had any kind of plastic surgery procedures. I hope she will clarify the rumor as soon as possible to the public about the change in her recent appearance.

How Truthful Are The Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Accusations?

Preity Zinta plastic surgeryPreity Zinta is one of the most famous Indian actresses and arguably one of the most beautiful Indian actresses. During her illustrious film career so far she has starred in many Hindi movies that have turned out to be successful like The Hero: Love Story of a Spy and Kal Ho Naa Ho among other great Hindi movies. Just like other celebrities in Hollywood, there have emerged allegations of Plastic Surgery all over the internet and some magazines.

There have been rumors of Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery recently and most people are engaged in debates over which cosmetic procedure/surgery she used on herself. The rumor mongers and mills have even gone a step further and stated some of the possible surgery procedures she may have used. The list so created includes claims of a facelift, botox injections, liposuction and a possibility of breast implants.

There are websites and magazines that have gone a step further and made a comparison of her looks by using her before and after photos. The sites use these pictures to prove their claims and have gone as far as highlighting the most noticeable plastic surgery key points on her face and body. They are speculations that the famous actress went for a nose job and a nice boob job as her before the procedure pictures portray a different image from how she looks presently.

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Before and After photos

A deeper analysis of the new look Preity Zinta reveals that her eyes have been widened to give her a more western look. In the past, the actress’ face was more round but recently this shape has been altered to more of an oval shape. Her facial features have also become more defined thanks to the cheek implants that she must have gotten. Her lips have also been altered thereby rising a speculation that she must have gotten herself some new lip implants.

The Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery rumors are not new to any celebrity name as there are a lot of media speculations anytime a change is noted on any part of their bodies. Preity on her part has not responded in any way to these rumors concerning her sudden changed appearance. There are chances that the new facial shape could have occurred naturally as some baby fat is lost when people grow up. This would occasion a change in the facial structure but the way her eyes have changed to become wider could be used as evidence that indeed she underwent some form of surgery to change them.

After all factors are considered, there is a strong possibility that some parts of these rumors about Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery could be indeed true. However, this cannot be taken as the correct position until the time maybe when the actress herself would confirm or deny the claims. Owing to her stunning new look, it would be safe for one to assume that the plastic surgeries she probably underwent were successful as they have helped increase her beauty. The procedure as fundamentally altered the looks of the actress.

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Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Photos and Pictures Before and After 2014

Pete Burns Nightmare Cosmetic Surgery

The former Dead or Alive Singer and English songwriter made it to celebrity status with the groups first hit “You Spin Me Around (Like a Record)” way back in 1985.

Pete Burns is also known as an author and television personality many will recognize him for his appearances in Celebrity Big Brother circa 2006.

Pete Burns’  experience has been quite extensive; in 2006 he even discussed his cosmetic surgery complications in a TV special. His television special not only dealt with his own personal experience, it also considered celebrity plastic surgery and its many complications.

Pete Burns was born August 5, 1959 to a German mother and an English father. He felt his mother always knew there was a special plan for him as she called him star baby. A dynamic back ground and strong belief in a kind of destiny has shaped his personality and career.

It’s kind of disaster and horrified could be first impression when seeing bad plastic surgery of the Dead or Alive frontman, Pete Burns. It seems that the man who was born 5 August 1959, really has been botched his own face. Pete Burns who well known with his rock voice and eccentric action on stage with his band Dead or Alive seems never get enough of plastic surgery and go for it over and over again.

As the result, Pete Burns’ face looks so horror and weird, make everyone almost forgetting his real face when he is still rock star in Dead or Alive band. Pete Burns actually has nice appearance although he wasn’t as cool as Axl Rose. But this ‘man’ want kind of ugly guy too.

Actually when he was young Pete Burns has nice and innocence face, but it could be seems that Pete Burns following the syndrome of “rock star with plastic surgery”. And now Pete Burns has botched his own face and it seems that the plastic surgery was worked really badly on him.

It’s being a long time rumor that Pete Burns has cosmetic surgery complications that was revealed openly in TV entitled ‘Pete Burns’ Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares’. Pete Burns even has very bad and horror plastic surgery for the lip augmentation that showing his lips which is plumped up and filled with dreadful stitches. In 2007 Pete Burns has been announced he has planned to sue Dr. Maurizio Viel, who was performing plastic surgery for his lip, for £1 million.

Did He have Other Procedures too?

From his big face changes, of course it is not only caused by just one plastic surgery procedure. Beside the above procedure, Pete Burns also accused got another procedure of plastic surgery like cheek and lip implants and a nose job.

It can be seen from his face that bit lifted and plumped up as indication that Pete Burns has performing cheek implant that was combined with that horrible lip implant like I was said before.

Recently he has more feminine looks with frozen expression, stiffened and wax facial looks that was combined with swollen condition there. His nose also looks bigger and wider which previously looks better refined and better than now.

Pete Burns plastic surgery Bad Plastic Surgery of Pete Burns Before and After

It seems that at first Pete Burns’ nose looks good but recently he has overdo it, so his nose also looks abnormal, unnatural and didn’t match at all with his face. Overall, recently Pete Burns has more feminine looks that was combined with horrified appearance as the indication that this Dead or Alive frontman has had bad plastic surgery procedure for himself.

Actually when we are talking about Pete Burns, he is one of legendary rock stars in 80s, as well as Dead or Alive. That’s why so many people especially his fans regretting and feel sorry with bad plastic surgery that was experienced by the Dead or Alive front man Pete Burns.

Pete Burns On Other Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeries

After his 2006 appearance on Celebrity Big Brother Burns had a multitude of unflattering things to say about Michael Jackson’s surgeries.

It could be called a dramatic foreshadowing of his own personal experiences. Starting with a bad nose job and moving on to his lips, Burns has spent the greater part of 2 decades altering his appearance.

He acknowledges that he has had this desire since he was a small boy and looks upon his face as if it were made of clay that can continuously be remolded.

He says he will never give it up, other musical super stars like Madonna’s cosmetic surgery pales in comparison to Burns’ ability to choice to alter the features of his face.

Cosmetic surgery is a worldwide celebrity cultural phenomena and it does not look like it has any signs of slowing down. Burns would be the first to agree that almost anything that goes wrong can be taken care of, but at what cost to quality of living.

We all age, but some of us just do not want to age gracefully, or for that matter at all. It is true that Pete Burns’ plastic surgery seems to have nothing to do with a fear of aging.

Many celebrities want to halt the sands of time. It appears that Burns’ on the other hand just wants to reinvent himself over and over and over again.

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Has Patricia Heaton had Plastic Surgery Done Before and After Pictures

Patricia Heaton Breast Reduction

We know many celebrities who are rushing to increase their breast size by implants. But in this story Patricia wanted the opposite result. Yes, you heard me right. A celebrity really wanted to decrease the breast volume and size. Breast reduction is not much common among celebrities.

The decision was good. Result was awesome and she looks incredible with the new breast size. At least she has a common sense that to have medium and natural size of breast. I really liked that clever decision. Patricia Heaton has four sons and had to breast feed them. It is not possible to breast feed after a breast reduction surgery. I think may be because of that reason, it became little shaggy and out of shape.

Patricia was not at all comfortable with the shaggy breasts. So the only way to make it in shape is breast reduction. It was a successful plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons commented that there would remain some scars. But we can’t confirm. Whatever it looks good and suits her well. It seems that she is happy and confident with new pair of bosoms.

Patricia Heaton plastic surgery  have been doing rounds on online forums, blogs, magazines, tabloids, and gossip columns. With very few exceptions, everyone hails her plastic surgery work as tastefully done.

She is one of the very few celebrities who freely admit to having had a few nips and tucks to maintain her youthful looks. On Back To You, she freely admitted to having had a few procedures done to shed off the extra weight gained from four pregnancies and to take care of the resultant stretch marks.

The beautiful star actress confessed to having undergone a breast reduction procedure in order to boost up her breasts which were hanging down unpleasantly after breastfeeding.

This was accompanied by some liposuction to take care of the accumulated fat around the waist. A tummy tuck took care of the stretch marks and the surgical scar that can now easily be hidden out of sight even when wearing a bikini.

Patricia Heaton Facial Reconstruction

To add to her youthful look, it is suspected that Patricia has also had some facial work done. Some possible procedures include having lip injections to attain a fuller mouth. She may also have had some facial fillers which have given her face the smooth flawless look.

She may have had some botox treatments which have done a good job of reducing the creases around her mouth, cheek, forehead, and eyes.

Patricia Heaton Tummy Tuck

The 55-year-old American actress has done tummy tuck also. Fortunately it was also a successful one. It is not used to literally remove fat from body. It is done to get rid of excess skin which are formed after weight loss or pregnancy.

After the delivery of four child, the shape of her tummy area has probably lost. There is a chance of forming excess skin layers. Well, that’s kind of ugly and might make you feel uncomfortable. Tummy tuck is the best way to remove those unwanted skin. It is common and will give good results.

She had already reduced the breast size. So to make them suit with the body, she chose Tummy Tuck to make it perfect. If you check the old and recent pictures of Patricia Heaton, you can see the changes in her stomach area. It slimmed a bit. It is done by tummy tuck and she publicly admitted about the surgery procedures. Most of celebrities are not ready to accept plastic surgery rumors. But good woman Patricia accepts and revealed about the steps she had undergone.

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Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants Before and After Rumors Pictures

Has Paris Hilton had plastic surgery?

What do they alter their own beauty for? And are there any natural stars left? When discussing this problem, the first star to remember is Paris Hilton. Perhaps, she is the most disputed celebrity nowadays. It’s rumored that she has undergone a plethora of plastic surgeries and finally has completely transformed her look. But is that really truth or just evil speculation?

If we believe the gossips and look at the photos of Paris Hilton before and after plastic surgery we’ll see noticeable differences. The pics of her show us that her nose, lips, eyelids and bust are not the same as they were a few years ago. But Paris Hilton herself admits she is happy with the way she looks, so she doesn’t plan on any plastic surgery?!
What Is Natural in Paris Hilton?!

Anyway, it’s believed that Paris Hilton had a nose job twice! Two cosmetic procedures one by one changed the bridge of her nose and slimmed down the tip of it. The next part of Hilton’s body to discuss is her lip. We can see in the photos that after Paris Hilton’s plastic surgery her lips have become much plumper. The same goes for the breast of the socialite heiress. The size of her boobs changes in a matter of days. But, on the other hand, it disproves the rumors and states in favor of just a good choice of bras.

Finally, Paris is the subject of rumors about her eyelids. Poor Paris is believed to have several eyelid surgeries after which her left eyelid is drooping. That’s why now she needs some more operations to eliminate the problem. So, how can we find the truth? Only photos of the star can discover it!

Paris Hilton plastic surgery is at the center of a lot of Plastic Surgery speculation; it is rumored that she had a Nose Job(Rhinoplasty) and Lip Enhancement Surgery(Lip Augmentation)(hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane augmentation on both lips.). Still, Hilton maintains that she has never had Plastic Surgery in the past nor does she plan to have Plastic Surgery in the future.

Did Paris Hilton have plastic sugery or nose job ?

 “I’m staying out of trouble. I have grown up”, Paris explained. “I think that’s the meaning of life to have kids and have a family one day. I am so in love. I feel so lucky to have met him. He’s one of the kindest, most loyal men I’ve ever met in my entire life, and he treats me like a princess.

She says her boyfriend is so handsome and kind, her partner says like that too. But guys, let’s think, could you marry a girl with a lot of scandals, parties, men … even thought surgeries like this ?

Upgrading aesthetic beauty is nothing too strange for the beauties of the showbiz world. Despite owning a compact, straight nose is always the desire of the girls today, although it was really difficult because not any face can always fit the same nose. Paris Hilton is a typical example.

If you look at the picture, you can guess that Paris Hilton may be got a nose job. You will see that her nose is little higher. She already seem to had good features. Maybe she lost weight and probably did rhinoplasty and small changes here and there, and it’s too drastic that totally altered her faces. Paris Hilton's nose is completely different, slimmed on the sides as all the celebrities do. Also she has had her jaw sculpted. People naturally change but noses do not dramatically change shape or course many of them have photoshop done...

Paris Hilton Nose Job!

Socialite heiress Paris Hilton has vowed never to have plastic surgery because she is convinced it makes people look older.The 27-year-old insists she has never gone under the surgeon’s knife and swears she never will...

Despite all the rumors, Hilton's representative stress that the celebutante has never had any type of surgery.

Paris Hilton Breast Implants!

Paris Hilton is rumored to have had at least two nose surgeries, one in 2001 to build up her nose's bridge, and a second one to slim down the tip of her nose.

    “Years ago, I asked my dad for a boob job and he said it would cheapen my image,” said Paris about her brief temptation to get breast implants.

Paris Hilton plastic surgery is also the subject of rumors about having a breast augmentation, which appear to be unsubstantiated. While some believe that Paris Hilton has been surgically enhanced, it is more likely that she has been wearing push up bras.

This is substantiated by the fact that Paris Hilton's breast size appears to change with different clothes that she wears, which suggests that the change in the appearance of the size of her breasts is due to the type of bra that she is wearing.

Paris’ natural eye color is indeed brown and she wears different contact lenses to change her eye color.

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Has Olivia Newton John had Plastic Surgery Facelift Before and After Rumors Pictures

Olivia Newton-John, 65, recently appears with a very youthful look. Many fans and celebrity watchers criticized her new appearance. If we are observing her photos through the years, it is obvious that her new appearance looks better than ever. Unlike other women of her age, Olivia Newton-John seems free from wrinkles and crow’s feet around her eyes.

Olivia Newton John Has Gained Smooth And Juvenile Appearance By Plastic Surgery

Olivia Newton John is a well known Australian singer and actress. Olivia was born in Cambridge. She has been awarded four Grammy awards and her almost 100 million albums are being sold up till now. Her father died of her cancer and she was also diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992.  Olivia Newton John plastic surgery has reconstructed her breast.

Olivia Newton John plastic surgery has not changed the size of her breast. She says regarding her surgery that she is satisfied with the result as she was not a large breasted lady. Now, she has focused her attention to help the victims of cancer. She has organized a cancer clinic in Melbourne. She has arranged a handsome amount of funds from her friends and other celebrities for the cancer clinic. She was married to Matt Lattanzi and her marriage sustained for eleven years. At the critical moment when she was fighting against breast cancer, her husband was busy to have an affair with someone else. She divorced her husband due to his affair. In 2008, she was married to John Easterling.

Olivia Newton John plastic surgery is not admitted by the actress. However, we can compare her past and present photos and see the visible differences.  It seems Olivia Newton John has undergone for a face lift, brow lift, forehead lift and Blepharoplasty. In her recent pictures, she has a tight jaw line with the smooth and clean neck. It shows that she has undergone for surgery because in her old pictures she had sagging skin. In her recent pictures, we can notice that Olivia Newton John has wide eyes and tight skin around eye lids. Under eye puffiness makes it authentic that Olivia Newton John has undergone for eyelid surgery.
Olivia Newton John plastic surgery is famous due to  her breast cancer. She admitted it in front of camera. However, she has not admitted about her other plastic surgeries. We can not find wrinkles and lines on her face even in her golden age. Her eye areas, mouth and forehead are completely flawless. It is considered that she uses dermal injections for her youthful appearance. In order to get rid of wrinkles and lines, she may be using Botox injections,  Restylane, Juvederm etc. some surgeons states that Olivia is taking laser treatment for her youthful appearance.

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery has given her a flat and smooth face but her expressions re not as attractive as in the past. She has crossed her early 60s but her face skin does not show wrinkles and aging signs. However, there are several conjectures regarding her facial surgeries. She has taken facelift, brow lift, Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty etc. Though the changes in her face have occurred slowly with the passage of time, this slow process has made it difficult to know whether these changes happen due to her age or some treatment?

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery was a question for media reporters and they finally asked her regarding her facial treatment. She had denied the use of plastic surgery. It seems possible as her face does not show bad results of plastic surgery. May be the facial changes and perfect appearance is the result of her good diet, exercise and anti aging creams.

Olivia Newton John plastic surgery attempt is not only denied by the actress but she has also given a reason for her real and natural looks. She says that she is satisfied with her attractive body and looks and does not feel it important to change her appearance. God has blessed her with good genes and she has no plan to ruin her beauty with artificial looks. Moreover, she is inspired by her mother who has accepted the natural aging procedure. Her fans are pleased with her intellectual and like to see her gorgeous and natural. Unlike Meg Ryan, Olivia Newton John is not discontented with her appearance. She has some signs of aging on her face but her looks are gorgeous as she is the best example of attractive beauty and innate appearance.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Breast Implants, Botox Injections Pictures

Nikki Cox plastic surgery  is an example of freaking and horrible looks. In recent years, thousand of suspicions have been raised due to changed looks of Nikki Cox.  Many specialists have called her surgery as a stone cold fact at the back of her ugly appearance. Nikki Cox is an American famous actress, who has crossed her early 30s. She has worked in various TV shows. There are rumors regarding her artificial looks. We do not have proofs for her surgical attempts but the only evidence  that can show her changed appearance is her pictures.
Nikki Cox seems to have lost her once fledgling career to bad plastic surgery. The American actress is best known for her television series like Nikki, Unhappily Ever After and Las Vegas. Nicole Avery ‘Nikki’ Cox began her promising career at the age of four when she appeared in several ballet productions and TV shows.

It is common that celebrities like to undergo plastic surgeries and modify their appearance. Hence, Nikki Cox plastic surgery has produced drastic effects on her appearance. It is definitely due to the excessive use of surgical treatments.  Her changed features are so significant that an untrained eye can easily spot out the differences.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery  has not only changed her lips shape but also effected on her face. Her upper lips are extremely wider in appearance it doesn’t suit her personality. Her breast are not only bigger in size but also looked as if something has pushed them up. It is due to the use of large size silicon pads. However, it might be true that some of the changes will be the outcome of her weight reductions, lifestyle and diet. Nikki Cox has not accepted the wild spread rumors. She has straightforwardly denied the use of Botox injections and fillers. Nobody  can believe in her given statements because her lips are telling the truth. If we look at her present pictures then the first thing that can astonish  a person is her fuller and wider size of lips. It is clearly proved by many surgeons that she has used fillers in her lips. Plastic surgery is a procedure to enhance the beauty and to conceal the defects regarding face and figure. It has been noticed that such treatments should be used cautiously, otherwise the outcomes will be horrible or unnatural.

Her main attractions were her flawless smile and cute lips. Well, as they say, all this happened well before she went under the surgeon’s knife in the hope of improving her looks and physical features.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery is a very good specimen of how bad plastic surgery can ruin your high flying showbiz career and bring it to an abrupt halt all of a sudden. It is never good to dabble with your natural beauty, which is God’s gift and make modifications to it unless it is absolutely necessary and recommended by experts.

Nikki Cox breast implants:

The very first instance where Nikki Cox displayed her affection for plastic surgery was when she underwent one at the start of her career to get breast implants. The implants had a positive effect on her and nobody termed it as a Nikki Cox plastic surgery disaster as it suited her body well. She even started to get meaty movie roles after getting her implants done.

Somewhere around the year 2005, Cox went a step ahead and tried experimenting with Botox and other forms of artificial beautification methods such as facial fillers. Her experiments did not catch public’s attention until 2008 when something really horrible happened to her.

In that year, Nikki Cos underwent a lip augmentation surgery which filled her lips with an implant or some kind of filler and this brought about a drastic change in her looks. Her lips transformed from looking gorgeous to something that made her look like horrendous due to her overstuffed and strikingly large lips.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery disaster

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery soon became the headlines and the movie roles that were being offered to her slowly started to decline and it reached an extent where she no longer was the preferred choice for any of the producers in Hollywood. Hence, she had to accept voice over roles for animation movies in order to earn her living.

In her quest to reverse the changes that she did to her lips, Nikki Cox went under the knife several times more and this caused permanent and irreversible damage to her facial expressions.

Nikki Cox then and now!

Plastic surgeons cite that Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery fiasco could have been avoided if she had sought out expert advice instead of relying on the dumb advice provided by some relatively unknown plastic surgeon who has set up shop in Los Angeles.

Despite the clear visible changes to her face and body, Nikki Cox has repeatedly denied the allegations that the reason for her ruined career was her addiction to plastic surgery and the reckless use of Botox injections. All upcoming and established celebrities should take a leaf out of Cox’s book and refrain from abusing plastic surgery so as to gain a shortcut for showbiz success.