Friday, June 19, 2015

Elizabeth Taylor Cosmetic Surgery Facelift, Botox Injection Before and After Images

Elizabeth Taylor was one of America greatest film actresses who was born in 1933 and passed away in 2011. Many people around the world have known her for her role as Cleopatra in 1960s movies. Throughout her life, she had been famous with her glamorous lifestyle, her beauty and her violet eyes. Her violet eyes had made legions of male fans love her so much throughout decades and a lot of female fans had wished they had such beauty. Yes, in her heyday, Liz Taylor had been regarded as one of the most attractive women in the world. Additionally, she had won numerous prestigious awards like Academy Awards. Her personal life was on the spotlight of attention as well. She had been married eight times during her lifetime and she had various dangerous illnesses which she successfully combated during her lifetime.

All in all, Liz Taylor was such a flamboyant yet controversial figure ever living in the history of Hollywood. And now, we are going to talk about one little side of her controversial life, which is her history of undergoing plastic surgery. It is rumored that this legendary actress had undergone at least four facelifts and done her first nose job back when she was just in her twenties, when plastic surgery was not as popular as it is today, even among celebrities. Some sources also speculate that this late actress had a neck lift to combat the saggy skin on the neck area, thus, allowing her to have rejuvenated skin just like that of younger women.

Did Elizabeth Taylor Had Plastic Surgery?

It is also a public secret that during their lifetime, both Liz and Michael Jackson were quite close friends. And one of the factors was that they often visited the same surgeons. It might be so reasonable that both had exchanged their views on surgeries and skin treatment, as well.

All in all, everybody agree that Elizabeth Taylor was a legendary actress and any rumors about her also become the public consumption even after her death. Yet, all agree that no matter how many surgeries she had been undergoing during her lifetime, her works and dedication to the movie world has been so priceless and ones should not reduce her stardom simply because of some plastic surgery rumor and her personal life’s controversy. And until now, everybody agrees that she is still the Hollywood’s best Cleopatra.

She lived her entire life along with her gorgeous and elegant look, violet eyes, thick brows, ravens hair, and also doubles rows of eyelashes that every woman on the face of earth would envy about. At her 79, she still looked very beautiful, like she never aged a bit and looked like any aging signs couldn’t get along with her. The speculations about her having some facial reconstructions was spreading as it was a nonsense that she didn’t appear like she was 79 where she should have had wrinkles like everyone at her age. No matter how the noise about this rumor kept increasing, she didn’t talk much in public about her often-rumored plastic surgery.

Her face was very smooth and fresh, some experts in cosmetic surgery were sure that she had at least 4 times facelift procedures. Botox was the most suspected that ever landed on her skin. It was done to rejuvenate her forehead and made it wrinkle-free. Rhinoplasty was certainly done as well, she said she underwent this kind of procedure when she was 20s in order to perfect the shape of her nose. And I think she did it! The neck lift procedure did happen too to her, this pulled out the skin around her neck so that it looked tight without any sagging skin there.

Liz was a woman with exceptional physical beauty. The magnificence of Cleopatra, in which she played the role in 1963, stick with her regardless how time had stolen her young age and look. She was loved whether all the rumors about plastic surgeries she had undergone were fact or not. Rest in beauty, Liz!