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Ellen DeGeneres Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Necklift

Ellen DeGeneres Had Plastic Surgery "Facelift" and "Necklift"

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the famous faces of the CoverGirl beauty brand – but according to a new report, she may be relying on old-fashioned plastic surgery to get her fresh look!

Portia de Rossi’s talk show wife has had more work done to her face and neck, multiple sources told The National ENQUIRER.

Studio insiders scored photos of the 57-year-old TV star sporting new scars on her neck while shooting her show – and top doctors believe that she’s had more work.

“The noticeable scars on her neck are most likely a result of a facelift and/or neck lift,” renowned New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who has not treated DeGeneres, told The ENQUIRER.

“Scars are often a telltale sign of plastic surgery, and her neck and jawline appear rejuvenated and defined. At her age, she doesn’t have sagging skin, and her skin appears smooth and wrinkle-free – a sign of surgical and nonsurgical procedures to tighten loose skin and restore volume loss.”

Chicago-based facial surgeon Dr. Steven Dayan, who has also not treated DeGeneres, agreed. “It appears that she probably had a face and neck lift,” he said. “Her jawline is clean and sharp – the neck muscles conjoin in the center of the neck, which is commonly seen when they are tied together.”

“They’re usually tied through an incision that is located under the chin and that can leave a scar, but it usually hides very well. Looks like she went to a good surgeon!”

Ellen DeGeneres Is NOT A “Plastic Surgery Junkie,” Despite Report

Ellen DeGeneres is NOT a “plastic surgery junkie,” despite a new report claiming she’s “been botoxed, peeled and lifted.” Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story, which originated in the National Enquirer, an outlet the regularly ignores the truth and prints wild, false speculation about the talk show host.

A so-called “insider” tells the Enquirer, “She had a lift and still gets Botox! She drives her hair and makeup staff nuts!” The magazine claims DeGeneres’ beauty crew has to work to conceal the scarring she’s allegedly had done. “It usually takes them about two-and-a-half hours to give Ellen that peaches-and-cream glow her fans love,” explains the Enquirer source.

One doctor who’s never treated DeGeneres gives the outlet exactly what it wants — a list of procedures the comedian may have had done, including a facelift, forehead lift, eyelid smoothing, eye fillers and laser peel. The Enquirer insider adds, “She pretends not to care about her appearance to the world but in reality, she’s obsessed with plastic surgery — and a sucker for new cosmetic procedures and products.”

Fascinating. Of course, it wasn’t true when the Enquirer said DeGeneres was rushing to have plastic surgery before last year’s Oscars. Nor was it true when the outlet claimed her marriage to Portia de Rossi was on the rocks, or when the tabloid announced DeGeneres had been hit with a “cancer shocker,” or when the magazine said she feared her mansion was haunted by a ghost, or when it repeatedly alleged that she and de Rossi were going to have a baby. The Enquirer does not have good DeGeneres sources.

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Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox Injections Before and After Pictures

Ellen Barkin is a celebrity who has their plastic surgery well done compare to many celebrities who became the victims of fail plastic surgery. In general, we cannot say that Burkin’s plastic surgery is the perfect one. However, it is good that now she looks better and younger than her truly age. Her pretty genes is suffered as she grows old. If she wants to be younger and more beautiful again like before, it is something nearly impossible. Ellen was already beautiful and then she becomes more beautiful with the help of the surgeon. Time has taken away the youthful face of Ellen so if she has plastic surgery, people can see why. That is why, give thanks to plastic surgery.

Which plastic surgery rumors of Ellen Barkin are true?
Rumors of Ellen Barkin has had plastic surgery or not is becoming a major question for the fans and what are those surgeries so far no one can say exactly. Not many stars who own a beauty as they want so they must have plastic surgery to get a perfect image to the public.

Ellen Barkin Is Plastic Fantastic! ‘She Looks Better Than Before,’ Says Expert

“I suspect that she’s had a facelift, causing her face to look tight and a bit pulled,” Dr. Youn told “Her face appears terribly tight nowadays, as if she’s in a wind tunnel but if it was done recently, I suspect that she will look more and more natural with time.”

Barkin opened up about the aging process and her secrets to looking great at over 50 to five years ago, when she revealed that she wasn’t a fan of Botox.

“I don’t like the way it makes people look. Too many people go overboard, and for an actress, that’s deadly. It keeps you from being able to have expressions,” said Ellen.

Instead, she explained her dream was to get, “Just a tighter version of my face.”

While Barkin appears to have softened her attitude about plastic surgery and attained her dream of tightness, Dr. Youn still thinks she is opting for other less restrictive injectables over Botox.

“She appears to have had filler injections to some of the wrinkles of her face, causing her to look smooth,” he explained.

Whatever she has had done, Ellen isn’t going to let age get in the way of living life to the fullest. “Old is the new sexy!” gushed the Modern Family guest star, who happily flaunted a boy toy 31 years younger her junior last year.

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Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Nose Job, Lip Augmentation Images

Elle Macpherson has earned herself the nickname "The Body" through her years of modelling.

But rumours are circulating that Elle Macpherson's body may have had a little enhancement, judging by pictures of the supermodel.

The model was spotted looking significantly bigger in the cleavage region, compared to bikini photographs of her in previous years.

Elle Macpherson, the Australian supermodel and international superstar who mesmerized and captured the hearts of audiences across the globe for over three decades. Macpherson, which was well deserving of the nickname “the body” as proven by her five time appearances on the cover of Sports Illustrated. But you can’t stay a supermodel forever can you? Macpherson, who is now 51 has started to show clear signs of plastic surgery in her recent appearances, and the star of countless gossip sites. It is suspected the tremendous pressure of maintaining the super model look at 51 years of age is the main culprit to cause the actress/model to turn to unnatural methods of maintaining her youth. Lip Augmentation It doesn’t take a keen eye to notice the major discrepancies in Macpherson’s previous lips and current one. The lips are visibly fuller and plumper which is not a typical of women in her age group, and ever her younger self. Restylane or Juvederm is the likely culprits as injectable lip fillers that seem to have been incredibly popular among celebrities.

Breast Enlargement Elle Macpherson was always considered blessed in the chest area, sporting a rather large C-cup bust, which was rumored to have been the result of breast augmentation before she became a household name. Nowadays, however, her cup size seems to have become even bigger going up to a surprising D-cup. In addition to the obvious breast enlargement, it appears that Elle Macpherson had turned to science in order to battle age, and child bearing related “droopage” using a breast lift. Botox Elle Macpherson is not only wrinkles free at 51, it appears that wrinkles which were quite visible on her face during her heyday have also disappeared. Her forehead in particular shows a strange shine to it that is notoriously associated with repeated Botox use. Various forms of laser treatment to battle natural aging have also been rumored. To Elle’s credit, she did admit to having experimented with Botox in the past, but to us it appears phase two and three of this experiment is continuing. Brow Lift Botox is often combined with a brow lift, a combination which must have appealed to Elle Macpherson. She’s showing clear signs of having gone through this procedure as demonstrated in her unusually elevated eyebrows. Overall, Elle Macpherson looks absolutely gorgeous at 51 years old. While she prides her youthful look as the result of hard work and dedication to a healthier lifestyle, it is quite obvious that plastic surgery has helped her along the way.

Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery: Successful Beauty Enhancement

Rumors of Elle Macpherson plastic surgery spread like bush fire in the savannah forests. It was however expected of a supermodel that has such a wide fan base and international repute. The celebrity, who was nicknamed “body” by the Time Magazine following her appearance on their cover, began her career in 1982.

This is however a side story, the main one revolves around the issue of plastic surgery which she is presumably said to have undergone. True to the speculation and the allegations being floated around, she looks youthful in appearance and more beautiful than before. To confirm this, you need to look at her before and after photos.

The change in her looks made people speculate on the possible surgeries that the star is likely to have undergone. Jointly considered, the rumors point toward some specific cosmetic procedures that the celebrity is likely to have procured to make her look the way she is today.

The Elle Macpherson plastic surgery rumors are not surprising, given that she was a supermodel. The changes can be see clearly by comparing her appearance before and after. Some procedures that she possibly did include Botox injections, a nose job, lip and breast augmentation. Anyone noticing the similarities to Lori Loughlin?

She has no wrinkles on her forehead. This could be caused by the Botox that was injected on her forehead. She looks so youthful. It’s not too surprising due to the fact that it is a common procedure that was used by many celebrities.

Uniquely, she also used Botox in her knee to remove the wrinkles too. Dr Youn, a plastic surgeon also stated that she did a nice job with the Botox injections. In other hand, Elle Macpherson herself revealed that she didn’t get the best results from the Botox.

Nose Job

The nose job is an enhancement that she did to make her look more beautiful and elegant. The shape of her bridge looked a bit narrower with a nice shape of the tip. She did a fine result that matches her face.

Lip Augmentation

The supermodel was also reported having a lip augmentation. This procedure made her lips plumper and fuller. It seems the fillers ran well to reshape her lips. The kind of filler might be juvederm or restylane.
Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Before and After Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Botox, Nose Job, Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Another procedure she probably did was a breast augmentation. She might be obsessed with having a hot pair of breasts and she got it with a breast augmentation. The breasts look bigger and rounder than before. She did so well. When she was asked about her breasts, she claimed that her C cup breasts were the natural ones.

Ella Nolan Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Breast implants Images

Ella Nolan’s Amazing Plastic Surgery Transformation

The veteran reality star — she appeared on the Jake season of the “Bachelor” last year before returning to the tube for “Bachelor Pad” — apparently wasn’t happy about how she appeared on screen: “TV magnifies all your flaws, and seeing my profile really bothered me.”

Her Bachelor Pad co-star Vienna Girardi recently received a nose job by celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, and Ella Nolan has chosen to go under the knife as well.

But while Giardi just had the one procedure, the 31-year-old underwent five surgeries in a marathon five-and-a-half hours.

The Nashville native had rhinoplasty along with breast implants, and liposuction to her stomach, hip and thighs in order to achieve her dream look.

Ella Nolan has five plastic surgeries after seeing self on camera

Erica Rose may have been good for one thing on "Bachelor Pad" - hooking her fellow contestants up with her father Dr. Franklin Rose, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. First Vienna Girardi had her nose done, now Ella Nolan has revealed her body after her five procedures.

Ella tells LIfe & Style, "TV magnifies all your flaws, and seeing my profile really bothered me. And I've always wanted my breasts done. Before I got pregnant with my son, Ethan, about 10 years ago, my boobs were fabulous. They haven't been the same since."

So Ella underwent over five hours of surgery that included a rhinoplasty, breast implants and liposuction on her tummy, hips and thighs.

Dr. Rose says, "We removed 3 liters of fat from her hips, thighs and lower abdomen. That should bring her down at least four dress sizes. Her breasts, a small B, were enlarged to a large C-small D."

"I got everything I wanted. I feel incredible. I can't stop touching my new boobs!" says Ella.

For the full set of before and after shots, pick up Life & Style on newsstands now.

We're all for feeling like the best version of yourself, but we always liked the way Ella looked, she was already a beautiful woman. What do you think, "Bachelor Pad" fans?

So True? So False? Did Bachelor Pad's Ella Nolan Really Get Five Plastic Surgeries in One Day?!

Ella Nolan may have won that kissing contest, but she apparently wasn't feeling too hot about herself while she watched it.

According to the new issue of  Life & Style, the Bachelor Pad babe couldn't stand how she looked in real life (which we thought was striking) after she saw herself on television, so she decided to change some things with some major plastic surgery. Like, oh, her whole entire body.

But did she really get a whopping five procedures in a single day?

Believe it or not, this story is so true. Ella banged out all the surgeries at once: rhinoplasty, breast implants and liposuction to her belly, hips and thighs.

But why did the reality star get all the work done if she was already considered so pretty?

"TV magnifies all your flaws, and seeing my profile really bothered me," she tells Life & Style. "And I've always wanted my breasts done. Before I got pregnant with my son, Ethan, about 10 years ago, my boobs were fabulous. They haven't been the same since."

It seems Ella's tiara wearing costar Erica Rose has had a big influence on her fellow Bachelor Pad ladies and their transformations. Erica's father, Dr. Franklin Rose, is the one who has been performing their surgeries. Erica admits to getting her own lips plumped every six months by her dad, and he's responsible for getting rid of Vienna Girardi's old shnoz, too.

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Elizabeth Taylor Cosmetic Surgery Facelift, Botox Injection Before and After Images

Elizabeth Taylor was one of America greatest film actresses who was born in 1933 and passed away in 2011. Many people around the world have known her for her role as Cleopatra in 1960s movies. Throughout her life, she had been famous with her glamorous lifestyle, her beauty and her violet eyes. Her violet eyes had made legions of male fans love her so much throughout decades and a lot of female fans had wished they had such beauty. Yes, in her heyday, Liz Taylor had been regarded as one of the most attractive women in the world. Additionally, she had won numerous prestigious awards like Academy Awards. Her personal life was on the spotlight of attention as well. She had been married eight times during her lifetime and she had various dangerous illnesses which she successfully combated during her lifetime.

All in all, Liz Taylor was such a flamboyant yet controversial figure ever living in the history of Hollywood. And now, we are going to talk about one little side of her controversial life, which is her history of undergoing plastic surgery. It is rumored that this legendary actress had undergone at least four facelifts and done her first nose job back when she was just in her twenties, when plastic surgery was not as popular as it is today, even among celebrities. Some sources also speculate that this late actress had a neck lift to combat the saggy skin on the neck area, thus, allowing her to have rejuvenated skin just like that of younger women.

Did Elizabeth Taylor Had Plastic Surgery?

It is also a public secret that during their lifetime, both Liz and Michael Jackson were quite close friends. And one of the factors was that they often visited the same surgeons. It might be so reasonable that both had exchanged their views on surgeries and skin treatment, as well.

All in all, everybody agree that Elizabeth Taylor was a legendary actress and any rumors about her also become the public consumption even after her death. Yet, all agree that no matter how many surgeries she had been undergoing during her lifetime, her works and dedication to the movie world has been so priceless and ones should not reduce her stardom simply because of some plastic surgery rumor and her personal life’s controversy. And until now, everybody agrees that she is still the Hollywood’s best Cleopatra.

She lived her entire life along with her gorgeous and elegant look, violet eyes, thick brows, ravens hair, and also doubles rows of eyelashes that every woman on the face of earth would envy about. At her 79, she still looked very beautiful, like she never aged a bit and looked like any aging signs couldn’t get along with her. The speculations about her having some facial reconstructions was spreading as it was a nonsense that she didn’t appear like she was 79 where she should have had wrinkles like everyone at her age. No matter how the noise about this rumor kept increasing, she didn’t talk much in public about her often-rumored plastic surgery.

Her face was very smooth and fresh, some experts in cosmetic surgery were sure that she had at least 4 times facelift procedures. Botox was the most suspected that ever landed on her skin. It was done to rejuvenate her forehead and made it wrinkle-free. Rhinoplasty was certainly done as well, she said she underwent this kind of procedure when she was 20s in order to perfect the shape of her nose. And I think she did it! The neck lift procedure did happen too to her, this pulled out the skin around her neck so that it looked tight without any sagging skin there.

Liz was a woman with exceptional physical beauty. The magnificence of Cleopatra, in which she played the role in 1963, stick with her regardless how time had stolen her young age and look. She was loved whether all the rumors about plastic surgeries she had undergone were fact or not. Rest in beauty, Liz!

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Has Elizabeth Berkley Had Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Breast Implants Pictures?

Has Elizabeth Berkley Had Cosmetic Surgery?

There are fans everywhere who are wondering that exact same thing and we are going to try to put an end to all of those questions you have been asking.

Many of you are probably familiar with Elizabeth Berkley for her role as Jessie Spano in Saved By The Bell.

Born on July 28, 1972, she played in that show for years before spawning into other roles later on. Some people may recognize her as the star in the movie Showgirls or her role on the series CSI: Miami as the mother of Horatio’s son.

She has done other things along the way as well but, this is what most people will probably associate her with is one of the above roles.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren as known as Jessie Spano- a well known name in Hollywood, especially for her role in the movie "Saved by the Bell". However, Elizabeth Berkley previously has not been successful as now. Her name is only known when she joined the group who underwent a series of numerous plastic surgeries in Hollywood. She was rumored to have had Botox injections surgery, nose job and boobs job.

Elizabeth Berkley is a famous actor with two eyes color. In addition to other notable point is apparently Elizabeth was not old even over the years? Has anyone seen the strange and was being surprised to learn that Elizabeth was about 40 years old with the 40-year-old face like this? Smooth, free-wrinkles face and a high nose. It is such a perfect face. However, also notable as the face seems a little tense, a little fake and glossy. Two eyes too strange and the face appeared to have been "stretched" out of all size, not natural anymore. Curiously, this has made many people to ask questions, intervention or the help of Botox into this strangely youthful or not? Or is this a favor by nature?

Also note the recent big boobs of Elizabeth Berkley. She has always denied using the cutlery but the audience and the fans are much more intelligent, they searched for images from her youngest days to compare. There is no chest has change so much like that whether to use the thickest padded chest bra.

The nose is also a significant point. Looking through could not see any difference because Elizabeth's old nose was very nice. But if the comparison is close, then you will see clearly the difference. The tip of the nose was shorter. However, this is not much affected by her beauty. The nose is somewhat smaller now but was slightly lower. The old nose is not big at first but it was much higher. If anyone noticed, they will ask the question: why did she have to have a nose job when the old nose was too beautiful?

Compared with images when she was still in "Saved by the Bell" and now, it is hard to recognize the similarities in the pictures, except for two specific color eyes. A girl with a black curly ruffled hair, a few wrinkles around the mouth, eyes with thick and bushy eyebrows. And a blonde girl, higher nose with impressive eyebrows, a beautiful smile and flawless skin. Whether she used the most expensive cosmetics or the youngest makeup style, it could very rare to younger than her real age in comparison with her previous pictures without the use of measures cosmetic surgery.

Elizabeth Berkley is one of the typical examples for the actress who wanted to change her ways of act by rebels on screens but unsuccessful. In the movie "Showgirls", she played a stripper, did anything to show the appeal body she has. But instead of being regarded as sexy, glamorous or famous makeover, but for the film that having Elizabeth appeared on it was commented as terrible and offensive.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren (born July 28, 1972) is an American television, film and theatre actress. Berkley's most notable roles were in the television series Saved by the Bell, as brainy feminist Jessie Spano, and the 1995 Paul Verhoeven film Showgirls, as exotic dancer Nomi Malone. Berkley was born and raised in Farmington Hills, a community located among Detroit's northern suburbs in Oakland County, Michigan. She is the daughter of Jere, a gift basket business owner, and Fred Berkley, a lawyer. Her family is Jewish, and she was raised in the Conservative tradition of Judaism and became bat mitzvah. Berkley was born with heterochromia, the condition of differently colored irises; her right eye is half green and half brown, and her left eye is all green. She graduated in 1990 from North Farmington High School in Farmington Hills after previously having attended the Cranbrook Kingswood School, a private school in Bloomfield Hills. From a young age she danced, and she practiced in a room that her parents arranged for her in the basement of their house. In 1982 at age ten she auditioned for the lead role in the film Annie, but was turned down. As her love for dancing increased, she became more interested in pursuing it professionally, traveling to New York to train with other dancers and choreographers. She began to take part in several ballets, including Swan Lake and in 1983 she appeared in some musicals.

Did Elizabeth Go Under The Knife?

There are numerous reports on what people believe Elizabeth Berkley has had done, in terms of plastic surgery.

Many people report that she has had a nose job to make her appearance different and separate herself from her role in Showgirls.

For that role many people believe she underwent breast augmentation as well, so she could fit the part better.

Her neck appears to be thinner than what it was in the past so, it is possible that she had liposuction performed to thin out her appearance (see also Erica Durance plastic surgery).

Botox and microdermabrasion are also a possibility when you look at how well her face looks and how well she has aged over the years.

It was only recently that people started noticing how smooth her face appeared and this is why everyone believes that she has had botox injections and fillers used to keep up her youthful looking appearance.

When you look at how Elizabeth Berkley looked from her Saved By The Bell years and how she looks now, it is hard to tell if she has had much of anything done if she is indeed one of the many plastic surgery celebrities.

The only thing that many people wonder about when they look at her pictures is the breast augmentation and how thin and youthful she looks.

Her face and skin appear as smooth as ever and she doesn’t look like she has aged much over the years.

She appears to be in great shape and has a beautiful appearance that many others would probably love to have themselves.

Eliza Dushku Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before After Images

There are many those who suggest that Eliza Dushku had a nose job when she was younger, and there might just be some truth to these allegations after all.

What’s surprising about Eliza’s decision to go under the knife is how young she was when she had the surgery.

Most people wait until their natural good looks fade away before having plastic surgery, well Eliza was a young woman still when she had hers.

If we are to look at pictures of Eliza from when she was still in her twenties, we see that she not only had a nose job, but that she had some work done on her cheeks as well.

Judging by these pictures, Eliza decided to have the bridge built up, thus making her nose more pronounced overall. This is more or less what she had done to her cheeks as well, making them fuller than before.

Eliza’s nose seem to have narrowed over the years, while changing in shape ever so slightly. Some plastic surgery experts have even suggested that Eliza had a very aggressive rhinoplasty to get her current nose, a nose that now has a pinched tip.

By looking at before and after pictures, we see that Eliza’s nostrils are collapsing while her tip looks pretty round. These, of course, are obvious signs of rhinoplasty, a procedure that Eliza likely underwent in the early 2000s.

It does seem however that this procedure was unnecessary to begin with, as Eliza had no medical reason to have it other than aesthetic purposes.

This being said, it has been quite a while since Eliza made her big breakthrough into the world of stardom, so maybe her reasons were different back then.

All in all, Eliza shows pretty clear signs of plastic surgery despite her assurance that this is not the case.

Eliza Dushku - the beautiful actress who hold the heart of the former NBA basketball star - Rick Fox always make other women envious with her beauty and her sexy body even though she has stepped over the age of 33. However, Eliza Dushku's youth is due to to plastic surgeries such as nose job, facelift and cheeks implants...

Although she walked past her 30th birthday but Eliza with her fiery curves is still regarded as one of the sexy icons of American cinema. She has been likened to "speak jewel" when appearing with the handsome actor Roberto De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio in "This Boy's Life" (1993). With fiery body, Eliza frequently appeared on the men's magazine such as Maxim, Allure, FHM or Playboy as a model. Thus, her name becomes more and more popular.

Firstly, referring to Eliza, people just mention about a very attractive body, plump and chubby face. Combining with white skin and black hair, she looks like a live version of Snow White in the real world. Men love that. However, Eliza should feel embarrassed for herself when having cosmetic surgery procedures at a young age, with a perfect physique and pretty face like this. She had surgery to lift up her cheekbones higher to help the face look brighter and edit her disorderly nose.

Prior to this, Eliza Dushku is a beautiful girl but her cheeks are quite low, Eliza's face is a little bit old and not fresh, not full of life as it is now. Her nose is big and short which led to the judgment that it was broken but actually it is just not like that. However, these are only valuable to compare when put the images before and after plastic surgery together. In particular, if someone told Eliza before she performed the cosmetic surgery procedure that it was a mistake because Eliza is nonetheless still very beautiful.

Began the first steps as an actress then Eliza promote the strength of her body and the adult magazines to the next. But everyone knows the main theme in the adult magazine and what do the readers of the magazine want. That is a major reason leading to Eliza had breast augmentation surgery. This is also an inevitable procedure and must happen. We can love and attention to an actress because of their talents but if they are beautiful and glamorous, they will attract more moviegoers. However, everything will have their values if Eliza is only an actress but Eliza was a Playboy model, so she is not able to develop a career with a normal breast. We can understand and predict that story.

Over the years, Eliza has changed but not much. However, most viewers are not interested in an unusual nose or breasts that are bulky but good roles or prestigious awards that not everyone has. If you are a talented actor or actress, everyone can accept that plastic surgeries would be the stuff of great help to them and vice versa.

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Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Did Drew Barrymore Have Plastic Surgery?
I loved to say that she is wonderful regarding from the gossip that was said beautiful actress Drew Barrymore rumored undergone plastic surgery was true or not. Drew Barrymore is smart actress that knows how to behave and has a lot of denial when people ask about she has undergone plastic surgery especially after giving birth her first child.

Actress who was born in Culver City, California, U.S. on February 22, 1975 really make public more curious whether she has got it or not. People must be admit that Drew Barrymore was really stunning and adorable. Her films like Never Been Kissed, 50First Date, Charlie’s Angels, Going the Distance and many more were kind of blockbuster Hollywood movies.

She is really brilliant in acting yet she also having unique pretty face with  innocence and cute looks that were kind of baby face which is make people more and more adoring her so much. Public said it could be Drew Barrymore has natural pretty face with good genes, that why from a very long time the gossip and entertainment media kept targeted her for allegedly plastic surgery rumor.

Involving 2006 and 2007 Drew Barrymore has been rumored plastic surgery for breast reduction because she said she feel insecure about her breast size. After that public noticed her appearance of body figure was quite changing, more curved with more proportional breast. After that it has been very long time Drew hasn’t rumored plastic surgery until recently people see that she is more glowing and flawless, indicated she has done some job for her facial looks.

Has Drew Barrymore Had Plastic Surgery?

The star of He’s Just Not That Into You Drew Barrymore has often been in front of the camera and continued with her acting career. She looks so beautiful day by day that people don’t know if she has gone under the knife to enhance her look. Mentioning to plastic surgery, the 38-year old star has stated that she is not against it. In an interviewed with Elle magazine, she was open to having cosmetic procedures.

“I don’t want to be vain or fearful, and I don’t think I’ll do anything, but if I want to do something, I will. From my perspective, there’s no reasons to be afraid of aging, because if you age, you’re lucky! The alternative is death.”

The Hollywood starlet might have had plastic surgery when she was young. It’s said that she experienced a breast reduction, Botox and filer injection.

Barrymore opened up about her breast reduction in 2006 or early 2007:

"I really love my body and the way it is right now. There's something very awkward about women and their breasts because men look at them so much. When they're huge, you become very self-conscious. Your back hurts. You find that whatever you wear, you look heavy in. It's uncomfortable. I've learned something, though, about breasts through my years of pondering and pontificating, and that is: Men love them, and I love that."

Drew’s breasts are noticeably perkier than before and have lost their sagging. Therefore, she is speculated to get a breast lift along with her breast reduction.

For Botox and Filer injection, it seems that her forehead little lifted but natural even her facial skin is so shiny and smooth as well. Her lip and cheek looks very plumped as the result of filer injection. The star looks ageless!

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, Miami plastic surgeon, said: “Drew Barrymore did admit to having a breast reduction in her younger years. Many breast reductions for teenage girls are deemed medical necessity due to the weight and strain that their large breasts cause on their still developing back and shoulders. Drew appears to have also had a nose job or Rhinoplasty in the past as well as Botox and dermal fillers to smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles.  As the spokesperson for Cover Girl, I’m sure she knows every makeup trick in the book to keeping a youthful look.”

Drew Barrymore is naturally beautiful with or without plastic surgery that so hard she didn’t admit this rumor. Anyway, she is still very attractive with great acting career. Now Drew seems to decide her plastic surgery stance as she gets closer to 40.

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Don Johnson Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job Before and After Images

Don Johnson had plastic surgery to improve his self image. The before & after pictures show that he had Botox, a facelift, and a nose job. Overall, were Don Johnson's 3 cosmetic surgery procedures a good or bad idea?

Sometimes people can’t decide what to buy at the store. I do this all the time. I pick up one bag of chips, then put them back and grab another one. Then I grab apples, but put them back because I want grapes. I just can’t stick to a decision. Don Johnson has done this with his nose. Looking back in the 70s, the Miami Vice and Nash Bridges star had a very small nose, which was thin at the tip and short overall. Then looking at him in the 80s, during his heyday, his nose was a little longer and had a wider tip. Now, we see him with a mid-ground. He has the longer nose and a thinner tip. This says to me that he has had at least two nose jobs (rhinoplasty). There’s also evidence that he may have had a face lift, seeing how tight his skin looks, but that could be anything from botox, to too much tanning, to make up. One thing is for sure thought, like his career, his nose has gone up and down.

Many of us certainly said that it with this actor is frightened of growing older. Eventhough it is debatable, however it is obvious that his face shows us the outcome of plastic cosmetic surgery procedures.

The actor seems put himself beneath the knife to find that iconic nose, as you can tell on his Before and After plastic cosmetic surgery pictures. His nose is bit changed and yes it strengthens the speculation about rhinoplasty (nose job). He used to have wider nasal cartilage and much less pointed nose shape. But by the point passed, he is spotted with sharper nose than before. The nasal cartilage looks cramped and smaller with additional pointed nose, too.

Also see other old men with surgical treatment on it. Check Burt Reynolds, Barry Manilow and Ray Liotta.

His face that appears younger than his real 65 years age strengthens the speculation this particular man get Botox injection done. It might probably help him to have skin rejuvenated and take off hard wrinkles that seen on his face.

Facelift for Don Johnson

Each celebrity owns a reason to conduct plastic cosmetic surgery. Several of whom admitted surgical treatment for aesthetic needs instead of a couple of claimed which they were ill so should be recovered through plastic surgery. As well rest of them didn’t explain why they did a surgical procedure. Don Johnson could very well be one of American actors who didn’t clearly say that he has got had cosmetic surgery. Some significant changes on his face made people wonder about cosmetic surgery he underwent.

Judging Don Johnson a surgical procedure, before and after, we might know that this man has his personal aspire to stay young forever. Although he is doingn’t state anything about skin rejuvenation, it would appear that the actor who reputed for his role as James “Sonny” Crockett when looking at the 1980s series Miami Vice, looks younger than his real age.
Don Johnson Plastic Surgery Don Johnson cosmetic surgery Before and After Pictures

Unfortunately, additionally, it left the unnatural looks for his face. His forehead looks so stiff and unnaturally pulled. It’s obvious about the botox was regularly injected when you look at the glabellas area.

On top of that, his appearance also shows us there is slight change happening with his facial countour. After that it led the speculation that he has put himself under the surgery knife for physical enhancement.

Besides two procedures above, Don Johnson face also shows manifestation of the outcome of facelift. It could possibly help Don Johnson to take out hard lines, frown and wrinkles from his face. Moreover it makes his facial skin looks so tight and also a bit inflexible. Although Don Johnson face looks smooth and wrinkles-free, but there is also feminine looks left. What do you imagine?

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Facelift, Eyelid Surgery

Dolly Parton plastic surgery has transformed her face to look like a dolly. Dolly Rebecca Parton, 67, has long been reported to be obsessed to look for eternal youth, and nowadays it doesn’t seem she stop having any procedures to fight the aging.

Parton is no stranger to surgery, in the past you may already know that she has admitted to having numerous surgery procedures such as a boob job (breast implants), brow lift, facelift, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), neck lift, chin augmentation and an over aggressive rhinoplasty as well.

Did Dolly Parton Undergone Plastic Surgery

When we are talking about Dolly Parton plastic surgery, there is really no need to create speculations. She isn’t ashamed to admit that she has had many plastic surgeries and she feels comfortable talking about it publicly. The long list of Dolly Parton plastic surgery procedures includes numerous face lifts, breast augmentation and reduction, numerous breast lifts, brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, fat grafting, chin implant and lip fillers. If we look at some of the photo comparisons, we can see how much her appearance has changed over the years.

It seems that her plastic surgery journey began in early 80s. If we compare the photos which were taken before her plastic surgeries and compare them with the most recent one’s, we will see that she looks like a totally different person. Furthermore, her face looks very unnatural and has that “plastic” looking appearance which happens when a person has had way too many plastic surgery procedures. Some people have even compared her with Michael Jackson and Jocelyn Wildenstein. Both of them are known for their terrible experiences with plastic surgery. Even if Dolly Parton would suddenly decide to age naturally, her looks wouldn’t be the same and the damage that has been done to her face would be still visible.

All in all, there is no doubt that most of the rumors about Dolly Parton plastic surgery are true. Singer isn’t afraid to talk about her experiences with plastic surgery and gladly answers all of the questions about it. We can be sure that when she’ll decide to get another plastic surgery, we will hear all about it. However, it would be interesting to see how Dolly Parton would have looked like if she would have made a decision to age gracefully. There is a big possibility that she would have looked much better than she looks now, but we will never know.

Dolly Parton – ‘Enhanced’ By Cosmetic Surgery?

Celebrity gossip magazines frequently speculate about Dolly Parton’s plastic surgery procedures and her enormous bosom.  The truth is there is no need for any speculation as Dolly herself has admitted that she’s gone under the knife on countless occasions.

She has always had a curvaceous figure but her bust size has been dramatically enhanced. Dolly has been open about her breast augmentation surgeries saying, “People always ask me if they’re mine. Yes, they are…all bought and paid for.”

It is rumored that she has had multiple breast augmentation surgeries, to increase and decrease her bust size, and several breast lifts.

Dolly Parton may have had multiple facial plastic surgery procedures. In 2003, she told Oprah that, “If I have one more facelift, I’ll have a beard.”

It is speculated that her facial surgeries have been extensive: a brow lift, chin implant, rhinoplasty, upper and lower blepharoplasties (eyelid lifts), facial fat grafting, Botox, chemical peels, and lip fillers.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a well known Los Angeles plastic surgeon told website that, “Dolly Parton looks as though she had a great deal of facial work done.”

Fans are hoping that Dolly learns a lesson from her friend Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeries and doesn’t dramatically alter her appearance.

Is Dolly An Example of Surgery Gone Wrong?

Websites that post bad plastic surgery stories frequently use Dolly as an example.

She is often featured on sites that show disastrous celebrity plastic surgery before and after photos, such as pictures of Joan River’s plastic surgery evolution.

Despite the concerns expressed by the public, Dolly seems to be pleased with her results and claims that she is keeping up appearances for her fans.