Friday, November 28, 2014

Christine Lahti Plastic Surgery Botox Injections Before and After Photos

Christine Lahti is known as a veteran American actress. She has even won 2 Golden Globe Awards in her career. The 63 year old woman recently was discussed in many forums. This was not about the achievements, but another thing. Christine Lahti recently appeared with a new look. She was rumored to have had plastic surgery.

She looks more youthful than usual, it seems she has had a facelift. We can imagine what the look of an older woman is. There will be a lot of wrinkles and sagging skin around the face. But in her case, we didn’t find any wrinkles. She completely looks 20 years younger. She has tightened her face perfectly and didn’t overdo it. Botox might also be used by her to remove the wrinkles on her forehead. She has successfully done plastic surgery without changing the shape of her face. She looks so amazing for a woman in that age.

Christine Lahti is well recognized as a veteran American celebrity who has won the Golden Globe awards twice in her life as an actress. She has maintained a constant visual appeal all through her career and now into her sixties, rumors regarding her plastic surgery are fast spreading because people expect to see some signs of aging on her body. Although some supporters are criticizing the media for concentrating too much on such gossips, the changes that this celebrity has undergone are too obvious to escape public scrutiny.

Her appearance has changed greatly and despite hitting the age of 60, she still enjoys the youthful looks of a teenage actress. Here are some of the surgeries which she might have undertone to maintain such a look.

Facelift surgery

Looking at the skin across her face, it is almost obvious that this celebrity has found comfort under the knife in a facelift surgery. Her skin looks so tight especially across the forehead. This is not characteristic of any woman in her sixties. At such an age, it is expected that one would have some developing signs of old age such as saggy spots and wrinkles close to the eye region. Although cosmetic products have revolutionalized the beauty world, they never delay the signs of aging as much as cosmetic surgeries do. The surgery has left her looking almost 20 years younger and we can say it did her some justice because she can now bounce in the industry a while longer.

Botox injections

Christine Lahti must be suffering serious insecurities with regard to her facial skin because her photos before and after plastic surgery also indicate that she must have sought some Botox injections. Her forehead displays the shiny look which is mostly associated with Botox injections. It has worked so well for her because she does not seem too plastic. Will she stop there? It is a question that most critiques are waiting to answer. Most of these celebrities are never satisfied once they have found courage to go under the knife for the first time. Because of the excellent results, however, she may opt to use Botox a number of times just to touch up the youthful appearance that she has earned herself.

Her reactions?

Despite these rumors spreading wide and fast, the celebrity has not had much to talk about. She has never admitted or even denied some of these gossips. Silence could be taken as a sign of admission because there are several actresses in her class who come up to their defense whenever such news arises.

Perhaps she has also kept mum because the surgery has worked well for her. Christine Lahti has no reason to feel ashamed because she has attained the looks that she wanted and at least she can win big before age decides otherwise. However, such celebrities rarely admit because plastic surgery has always been portrayed negatively by the media.

On the other hand, her images before and after surgery are very clear. Even if she decided to fight this gossip, she would have to coin a good explanation to cover the changes that have occurred on her face, especially now that she is growing old. If you take a clear look at her neck, you will notice some sagging skin, perhaps because she concentrated too much on the face. This in itself indicates that she has gone under the knife. Like most celebrities however, the trick is to watch and see because she might also choose other procedures like eyelid surgery and breast augmentation. Appearance is everything in the acting industry, which means she could be up to anything.