Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Botox and Fillers Cheek Implants Before and After

There have been plenty of Cindy Crawford plastic surgery rumors swirling around since she still looks beautiful and amazing in her 47-year-old-age. Her face still looks smooth and flawless without any aging signs like wrinkles, crows feet lines, and other aging signs typically seen in women her age. What’s going here? Is there botox involved, or has she discovered the fountain of youth? Let’s find out.

Cindy Crawford shot to fame in the late 1980s as one of the original supermodels. Her trademark facial mole and natural beauty were a refreshing contrast to the more plastic appearing models that were popular at the time. After retirement, Cindy has made thousands of dollars marketing skin care products and rejuvenating creams. Cindy Crawford has been touted as an ideal example of natural beauty, unblemished by the surgeon’s knife.

Unfortunately, things are not what they appear. Cindy has recently admitted that her “natural beauty” is simply the result of her decade long relationship with a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Cindy has admitted to using fillers and Botox injections to keep her cheeks defined and her brow relaxed and wrinkle-free. Prestigious cosmetic surgeons agree that her defined cheekbones are the result of several injection treatments of sculpting agents. This treatment has given Cindy sharp and defined cheekbones well into her fourth decade. Cindy has utilized Botox to relax the brow and banish the appearance of any crows-feet or age related wrinkles. Even years after retirement, Cindy has continued to sport an appearance unmarked by wrinkles or age related gravity.

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery

In recent paparazzi pictures, Cindy appears to have a more sunken look to her eyes. This has led to rumors of eye surgery, including the removal of fat from around the eyelid. Excess removal causes a sunken appearance, leaving the eye poorly supported and hollow looking, though this could be the result of excess Botox injections. Cindy has denied using surgery and states she only uses injection treatments, but many fans are questioning her truthfulness given the drastic change in her appearance. Although Cindy still demonstrates a gorgeous appearance for any woman of her age, she should be careful to not given in to further surgery and damage her appearance any further.

Did Cindy Crawford Have Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery seems to be the best way for Hollywood celebrities and models to keep their aging signs in check. This lets them keep their youthful appearance even in their old age. The latest news reported that Cindy Crawford has had some surgical procedures to enhance and maintain her youthful appearance. The big question is how good does she look after these supposed cosmetic surgery procedures?

Comparing Cindy Crawford plastic surgery before and after pictures, she surely looks younger than other women at her age. She likely has had some facial filler injections like Botox or other dermal injections done around her face to make it look smooth and fresh despite the fact that she is 47 years old. Other women near her age turn to the same options to keep a youthful appearance. Take for example Whitney Cummings who is still looking great.

According to a plastic surgeon, Dr. Ben Behnam, Cindy indeed has a face that looks fantastic for her age. The surgeon believed that she has had some filler injections like Botox, and collagen on her face so she can look younger than other women of her age. On the other hand, Dr. Sherrell J. Aston said that she does not only have Botox injecion on her face, but she possibly had cheeks implants done as well. This is because her cheeks now look higher and fuller than before. However, Both of the plastic surgery experts agreed that Cindy Crawford’s plastic surgery procedures were well done.

However, when Cindy was asked to make some clarifications regarding the plastic surgery rumors, she denied that she had been under a surgeon’s knife to enhance her appearance. She claimed that what she has is natural and without any surgeon’s aid. She claimed that her success was the result of a skin care line of products called “Meaningful Beauty.”

Over all, though Cindy has denied that she has had plastic surgery, before and after pictures reveal the fact that she indeed had some work done on her face. Regardless of whether she has really been under a surgeon’s knife or not, we noticed that she looks better, younger, and more beautiful than the other women in her age group.

What do you think of the Cindy Crawford plastic surgery rumors? Does she look natural or has there been some work done on her face? Feel free to share this post if you find any interesting news!

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery – How Much Genuine And Relevant Is This Fact?

There are no age signs and wrinkles whatsoever. These are clear signs that she too went under the knife and followed up with few surgeries and treatments to carry on with the stardom. Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery has been the point of discussion for certain period of time and there are lot of facts and evidences to get that she underwent some treatments or surgeries to look young and attractive. She is 47 and still looks that beautiful and attractive. 93757 cindy crawford fotos 2 Cindy Crawford Plastic SurgeryThere are no age or wrinkles in her face and it looks smooth as always, flawless. Plastic surgery is one of the best ways for celebrities to look or maintain their stardom and they don’t want to look old and for that reason undergoes several techniques and changes so that they are young and have that fan following all the time. There are some reports that she went for some treatments and it is only to maintain her young looks and the question is what changes that came in with surgery?

The most effective and best part of Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery is that she looks young and much attractive compared to women of her age and this plastic or cosmetic surgery does to you. There have been some fillers or Botox injections that are done, also there is the dermal injection that is provided around the face and it makes your face looks fresh and smooth. This is the most effective and quite evident fact about Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery. Experts too believe that she used fillers and Botox to look young and there are some cheek implants.

The best part about Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery is that there are some changes and it is evident from the pictures but it is not overdone and it suited her completely. The changes are done effectively and it suites her personality. This has been the main success story behind the model looking so young even at this age of 47 years. When the models was asked regarding such clarifications she utterly avoided and also said it was her strict diet and fitness system that resulted in making her young and stay so attractive at such age.