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Christopher Knight Plastic Surgery Hair Remove Before and After Pictures

On the latest episode of Dr. 90210, the Brady Bunch’s Christopher Knight underwent laser hair removal on his neck, between his eyes, inside his ears, and even inside his nose! While my practice offers laser hair removal, I’ve never seen it done to some of these weird areas. I’m not the one who normally does it though, since most of my time is spent in surgery.

Joey Fatone is back in the spotlight for the first time since his NSYNC days. Unfortunately, it’s as a spokesperson for Bosley hair restoration, which has just released a cringeworthy infomercial starring the 36-year-old singer and his new luscious locks. Truth be told, his hair barely looks any different in the “before” and “after” pictures, but who are we to judge? According to Joey, his hair began thinning while he was still performing with NSYNC (which explains his horrible fedora phase), and that led him to seek help from Bosley, the “hair restoration expert.” In other words, he broke down and got hair plugs.

It must have been a tough decision for Joey Fatone to come clean about his hair plugs, but don’t worry, he’s in good company. The Bosley infomercial also stars fellow former star Christopher Knight, of Brady Bunch fame, who credits Bosley with helping him get his sexy back and calls it the “best kept secret in Hollywood.” Also, AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys admitted to getting hair plugs earlier this year…and chose to share the big news on social media: “Some girls get their boobs done some guys get ab implants all to make them happy! This was the one thing I did and I couldn’t be happier thank u dr G!” Joey decided to go one step further with his hair restoration story and actually become a spokesperson for Bosley, saying:

Performing in front of a live audience can be pretty intimidating, so having a full head of hair was important to me. Back then, I was the only one in the group getting thinner on top. I became self-conscious and started wearing hats more often. That’s life, but the beautiful thing is that now you can do something about it. The answer for me was going to Bosley where lots of celebrities go.

Yes, “celebrities” like Christopher Knight and AJ McLean. And the only time Joey Fatone will be performing in front of a live audience these days is on his new cooking show My Family Recipe Rocks on the Live Well Network, if that counts.

So, are you wondering what made Joey Fatone finally ditch the hats and get hair plugs instead? Bosley revealed in a press release the inspiration behind the NSYNC singer’s decision: “Like millions of people, Joey found that he had to reinvent himself, launch a new career, and deal with the economic changes before him. He took action.”

Hmm…sounds like he was broke and needed a quick paycheck. Unlike former NSYNC bandmate Justin Timberlake, who has an uber-successful solo career and solid acting chops to boot, Joey Fatone hasn’t enjoyed much success over the past decade. But now thanks to Bosley’s revolutionary “hair artistry,” he has joined the ranks of other balding, washed-up celebrities like Christopher Knight and AJ McLean. Maybe one day he’ll be able to rock cornrows a la Justin Timberlake in 2000.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Christine Lahti Plastic Surgery Botox Injections Before and After Photos

Christine Lahti is known as a veteran American actress. She has even won 2 Golden Globe Awards in her career. The 63 year old woman recently was discussed in many forums. This was not about the achievements, but another thing. Christine Lahti recently appeared with a new look. She was rumored to have had plastic surgery.

She looks more youthful than usual, it seems she has had a facelift. We can imagine what the look of an older woman is. There will be a lot of wrinkles and sagging skin around the face. But in her case, we didn’t find any wrinkles. She completely looks 20 years younger. She has tightened her face perfectly and didn’t overdo it. Botox might also be used by her to remove the wrinkles on her forehead. She has successfully done plastic surgery without changing the shape of her face. She looks so amazing for a woman in that age.

Christine Lahti is well recognized as a veteran American celebrity who has won the Golden Globe awards twice in her life as an actress. She has maintained a constant visual appeal all through her career and now into her sixties, rumors regarding her plastic surgery are fast spreading because people expect to see some signs of aging on her body. Although some supporters are criticizing the media for concentrating too much on such gossips, the changes that this celebrity has undergone are too obvious to escape public scrutiny.

Her appearance has changed greatly and despite hitting the age of 60, she still enjoys the youthful looks of a teenage actress. Here are some of the surgeries which she might have undertone to maintain such a look.

Facelift surgery

Looking at the skin across her face, it is almost obvious that this celebrity has found comfort under the knife in a facelift surgery. Her skin looks so tight especially across the forehead. This is not characteristic of any woman in her sixties. At such an age, it is expected that one would have some developing signs of old age such as saggy spots and wrinkles close to the eye region. Although cosmetic products have revolutionalized the beauty world, they never delay the signs of aging as much as cosmetic surgeries do. The surgery has left her looking almost 20 years younger and we can say it did her some justice because she can now bounce in the industry a while longer.

Botox injections

Christine Lahti must be suffering serious insecurities with regard to her facial skin because her photos before and after plastic surgery also indicate that she must have sought some Botox injections. Her forehead displays the shiny look which is mostly associated with Botox injections. It has worked so well for her because she does not seem too plastic. Will she stop there? It is a question that most critiques are waiting to answer. Most of these celebrities are never satisfied once they have found courage to go under the knife for the first time. Because of the excellent results, however, she may opt to use Botox a number of times just to touch up the youthful appearance that she has earned herself.

Her reactions?

Despite these rumors spreading wide and fast, the celebrity has not had much to talk about. She has never admitted or even denied some of these gossips. Silence could be taken as a sign of admission because there are several actresses in her class who come up to their defense whenever such news arises.

Perhaps she has also kept mum because the surgery has worked well for her. Christine Lahti has no reason to feel ashamed because she has attained the looks that she wanted and at least she can win big before age decides otherwise. However, such celebrities rarely admit because plastic surgery has always been portrayed negatively by the media.

On the other hand, her images before and after surgery are very clear. Even if she decided to fight this gossip, she would have to coin a good explanation to cover the changes that have occurred on her face, especially now that she is growing old. If you take a clear look at her neck, you will notice some sagging skin, perhaps because she concentrated too much on the face. This in itself indicates that she has gone under the knife. Like most celebrities however, the trick is to watch and see because she might also choose other procedures like eyelid surgery and breast augmentation. Appearance is everything in the acting industry, which means she could be up to anything.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Did Christina Hendricks get Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Have you ever watched a Mad Men show? It is one of the popular tv shows. Well, Mad Men show certainly will never be separated with the hottest actress Christina Hendricks. Christina Hendricks is rumored to have had boob job to boost her breast size. Being an actress on the one of the hottest program will not be shocking if she tried to make her body sexier than before, this is the reason why she is rumored to have a boob job to improve her appearance. At recent Emmy award, when she walked on the red carpet, she was wearing a green dress and looked really sexy and beautiful. However, her sexy boobs seemed unnaturally bigger. It was one of the reasons fans started gossiping, “does Christina Hendricks underwent boob job”?

Well, Christina Hendricks boob job is still not clear. In addition, the plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden assumed that Christina Hendricks actually has had breast implants to enhance her boob size, it could be proved by her unnatural boobs when looking at her performance on the red carpet of Emmy awards. The plastic surgeon said Cristina had a boob job to enhance her appearance because she has noticed Cristina’s boobs look slightly different. Cristina is actually beautiful and stunning, however when looking at her former body and if compared with her current body, it is really different. She looked more charming sexy and stunning with her breasts.

In the recent press con, Christina Hendricks finally admitted about her boob job rumors. However, she was ashamed of about it. Even, she still plays in television program. She looks more confident with her current breasts; this could be one reason why she wanted to have breast implants. She never regretted for her plastic surgery.

Did you know that Christina Hendricks posed for Playboy magazine before she was famous? Well, it looks like Playboy is trying to ride Christina’s new found fame by releasing pictures from her Playboy shoot from 1999. While Christina did not pose nude, she did wear a teeny silver bikini that revealed something missing from the Christina Hendricks of today…

I think it’s blatantly obvious that Christina Hendricks now has gigantic breast implants. Seriously. they are really, really big! While Christina has the body to pull off large breasts, I still stand by the “breasts shouldn’t be bigger than your head” rule. What do you think?

Christina Hendricks Got A Breast Reduction

The curvy actress shot to fame on the popular TV show “Mad Men” and has quickly become known for her fiery red hair and gigantic breasts. Christina Hendricks has always maintained that her breasts are real, going so far as to claim that her boobs are “so obviously real, that anyone who has every seen or touched a breast would know“, but it it pretty obvious to anyone that has eyes, that she is lying about her lady lumps.

While 38-year old Christina is still boasting some serious curves, the change in her cup size is apparent and she has gone from an F-cup to what appears to be a much more manageable DD-cup. She has had her previous implants for around 10 years, which is the typical shelf-life before it is recommended that you replace them, so we are not surprised that she decided to downsize when given the option.

What do you think about Christina Hendricks, less-in-your-face breasts? Good call on the breast reduction or do you think it will effect her career? Personally, I prefer a woman with breasts smaller than her head, but, hey, perhaps thats just me…

Friday, November 21, 2014

Christina Fulton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

“Why is Christina Fulton a celebrity?” That’s the first question most of you will probably ask when you first come across this article.

Well the answer is two-fold: if you’ve ever even heard of her it’s because she was an actress and a singer who appeared in “Snake Eyes” and had a song called “Thank You” (it was apparently on an episode of “Jersey Shore” or because she used to date and later sued Nicolas Cage.

It’s most likely the latter of the two, seeing as how she is the mother of his son and she made a ton of money taking him to court after his inability to pay taxes allegedly lost her over a million bucks.  It’s also most likely that used that money to fund some of her plastic surgery, because she’s had a good amount of it.

Let’s take a look at what she’s had done…Looking at her before and after photos, it’s pretty obvious that she’ spent a good amount of time in the plastic surgeon’s and dermatologist’s offices. For starters, she’s had a ton of Botox injections, which have left her with a frozen face, a veiny forehead, and an overall “too smooth” look.

She’s also very clearly had cheek implants that have left her cheeks looking way too plump and have taken out the natural contours of her face in the eye region. Speaking of her eyes, she also seems to have undergone an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) that didn’t really go too well, because her left eye looks a but whacky and both look smaller and more almond shaped than they did when she was younger.

It looks like she’s had some work done on the bridge of her nose too, as it looks a bit “sleeker” than it did back in the day. We also wouldn’t be shocked if she’s had some sort of breast augmentation, because her chest still looks pretty perky despite the facts that she’s had a child and is getting up in age.

We can’t guarantee that last one, but considering the other work that she’s had done, we think that it’d be dumb to rule it out.Overall, Christina Fulton looks a bit rough these days, especially when you consider how naturally pretty she once was. She’s by no means “ugly”, but she’s a classic case of someone getting plastic surgery when they don’t need it and it making them look worse than before.

We really hope she quits now before it gets worse, because we don’t want a full fledged disaster on our hands.

Who is this woman? Christina Fulton, the former wife of actor Nic Cage.

Nicolas Cage and his ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton have reached a settlement in their long-running dispute over her Los Angeles home.

Fulton hit Cage with a $13 million lawsuit in 2009, accusing him of failing to properly transfer a property he gave her, thereby preventing the actress from selling it.

The former couple came face-to-face in a courthouse on Tuesday as Superior Court Judge Teresa Gordon-Sanchez urged them to reach an agreement before trial.

The actor and his ex appear to have taken the advice and negotiated a settlement to the satisfaction of both parties.

The terms of the agreement have been kept confidential.

But the actor’s day in court was not without drama Fulton told reporters she plans to seek a conservatorship for the former couple’s troubled son, Weston, after he was hospitalized and underwent a mental evaluation last week.

Cage hit back by insisting, “I hope Ms. Fulton will come to her senses one day and get some help. … Weston is a man. I have complete faith he will weather this well.”

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christina Applegate Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job Before and After Pictures

In periodic health examinations in 2008, the famous actress Christina Applegate, who won the Golden Globe award, in the age of 36, received a bad new from the doctors. Christina Applegate had a breast cancer and her mother also suffered from the disease. Although detection early, but she is still be treated immediately. Initially, Applegate kept it, but then, she has become an active propaganda person. People should have a periodic health examination. Many Hollywood celebs, including Christina Applegate have breasts removed and reconstructed their breast when facing new risk of dying from breast cancer. Christina Applegate is also one of those people. Besides breast implant, Christina Applegate also a facelift and a nose job.

It's been a while since I've done a Before & After! But when I saw a picture of Christina Applegate at the Critics' Choice TV Awards last month, I made an immediate mental note—she was for sure going be the next subject.

First, let me preface this by saying I am a Christina Applegate fan. Truly, I think she is beautiful and smart and hilarious. How many actresses have been working steadily (with A-list name recognition) since the 1980s?? The sitcom Married With Children started in 1987, when she was just 16 years old. She's 42 now, so she's been famous for nearly three decades—the majority of her life!

I also think it's tremendously admirable that Christina both survived and went public with her battle with breast cancer and her double mastectomy, in 2008. I can't even imagine how hard that would be.

And so if injecting stuff into her lips makes her feel better, then by all means, she should go for it.

I just wish she wouldn't. Let's examine her beauty evolution and see...

First, here's her claim to fame, Kelly Bundy circa sometime in the late '80s or early '90s.

Methods of breast implant that Christina will use the expander implant method and it is also the most common method. First, all of the breast tissue is removed, then the doctor will put a division into the expander to stretch the skin to cover the breast implant trace will occur. Then the doctors started the tip parts of her breast reconstructed both breasts. However, instead of using silicone to put on the chest like the others, they would pull the breast tissue and fat cells from the body of Christina to pump into her chest. It is convenient both ways when having new boobs and liposuction to lose weight.

Many people believe that, Christina Applegate also used Botox on her face when appearing on the red carpet recently with a taut face. A light smile, puffed lips, stretching skin and rigid cheeks are still higher than normal in a weird way.

Not only that, it also pointed out that Christina had a facelift when comparing two pictures of her eyebrows. Previously, it was very natural, somewhat a little bit chubby face. But after this, her eyebrows were deformed from a line slanted to turn into a characteristic curve like the faces of the other famous faces. Obviously, she had to use cutlery to lift the face so it looks slimmer than before.

Her nose is also changed, from a big rough nose and turned into a short and high nose, but the nose is longer and straighter with smaller nostrils. This is a pretty big change that everyone can recognize.

Christina Applegate’s Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Christina Applegate is no stranger to going under the knife, as Make Me Heal has previously reported on Christina’s plastic surgery. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Christina Applegate’s plastic surgery). But when the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer, Christina joined the ranks of women who opt for double mastectomies as their preferred treatment. Now, Christina has said she will spend the next several months undergoing reconstructive plastic surgery to help repair her breasts. Make Me Heal speculates on Christina’s surgery as well as other celebrities who have survived breast cancer.

It is difficult to speculate on what kind of reconstruction surgery Christina may be in the process of undergoing, as recent images aren’t revealing as Christina is, understandably, not wearing especially revealing clothing. As a young woman, recently diagnosed and treated, Christina is likely undergoing the most advanced techniques in reconstructive surgery, which spares as much skin as possible in order to later place implants.

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia tells Make Me Heal, “This one is hard as the possibilities in breast cancer surgery and reconstruction are many and the number of useful images we have to examine are few. Christina Applegate may have had contemporary skin-sparing mastectomies and may have started reconstruction with expanders as she seems up and around pretty early and is young.  She has also admitted to her double mastectomy and again looks pretty good (in clothing at least) pretty soon afterward.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden further explains Christina’s likely treatment and reconstruction process: Christina Applegate: She underwent a bilateral mastectomy given her diagnosis of breast cancer and being BRCA-1 positive, which means after the mastectomies she has with very little tissue (equally) on both sides. For this reason, and the fact that she’s young and slender, she’s an ideal candidate for placement of tissue expanders which may have even been placed at the time of her mastectomy surgery. In any case, expanders are placed under the pectoralis major muscle and inflated with sterile saline over time to stretch out the breast skin, and ultimately silicone breast implants are replaced some 6 to 8 months later.  Further down the road the nipples are reconstructed and even pigmented by a medical tattoo artist.  Some lucky women who get double mastectomies which have been skin-sparing in nature have supple enough tissues that they don’t even need the expanders placed, and go straight to placement of the submuscular breast implants.”

Over the years, many other female celebrities have come out about their battles with breast cancer and how they dealt with the aftermath, either opting for some form of reconstructive surgery or not. These survivors include pop-singers Kylie Minogue, Sheryl Crow, Olivia Newton-John and Anastacia, as well as actresses Edie Falco and Lynn Redgrave to name a few.

Dr. John Di Saia explains, “Some women decide upon partial mastectomies and radiation therapy. Not too long ago the options were not as many and skin-sparing mastectomies were not yet popular. This left many not-so-great-looking breasts with more problems. Some of the ladies operated for breast cancer and/or reconstruction in the not-too-distant past will probably be unlikely to appear in images that we could use to determine what had happened, as they may be self-conscious.

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Christian Slater Plastic Surgery Facelift, Hair Transplant, Botox Injections Before and After Photos

Christian Slater Overdoses On Botox Injections

Christian Slater used to be a Hollywood bad boy, landing him in the tabloids as often as jail. Now it’s his possible tinkering with plastic surgery that’s making headlines.

At 39-years old, Christian Slater seems to have reformed his bad boy ways, but his famous eyebrows look more arched than ever, thanks to some Botox and his notoriously receding hairline.

Facial plastic surgery expert Dr. Paul S. Nassif says, “I don’t think that Christian Slater has had any invasive surgery. He may have had forehead Botox, as his forehead is very smooth and his medial eyebrows are low. I think his receding hairline matches his face. He should not have any treatment for lowering his hairline, nor hair transplant surgery.”

While views are mixed as to whether or not Christian should help his receding hairline by getting some hair transplants, one thing is certain, he needs to stay away from the Botox injections which are accentuating his forehead and brows, giving him an almost feminine appearance.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “Christian looks like he has had too much Botox – his medial brows are down and his lateral brows appear asymmetric. He may benefit from hair transplantation to help his large forehead and receding hairline.”

While Christian is a talented actor, his face looks nearly frozen into place from his Botox use.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston says, “I suspect the Christian Slater is using heavy doses of Botox to achieve such a frozen appearance. In my opinion he looks a little unnatural and too feminine. I would advise him to give the injectables a rest for a while.”

While Christian may not be as popular as he was back in the 90s, look out for him Lies & Illusions, due out later this year.

Christian Slater Before & After Hair Transplant

From the before & after picture it's pretty obvious that Christian Slater had a hair transplant. The surgery kept the natural flow of his hairline the same, but it lowered it down his forehead a bit. Here's Christian Slater before and after his hair transplant.

Christian Slater Facelift Before and After

Christian Slater used to be a Hollywood bad boy, landing him in the tabloids as often as jail. Now it’s his possible tinkering with plastic surgery that’s making headlines.
Actor Christian Slater has been rumored to have had some plastic surgery procedures to help him maintain his look, but some of his fans think that it is only botox and his receding hairline just doesn't help him too much.
Looking at his forehead it is hard not to notice that is pretty much wrinkle free suggesting botox injections, but the look of his eyebrows takes a lot of our attention, since he didn't have that look when he was younger, it could be the result of too much botox, but also a brow lift, his large forehead could be a sign of it if we wouldn't see it become to this point with time.

Comparing some older pictures of Christian we don't think that he got anything else done since his nose looks pretty much the same as well as other facial features.  It is more and more common between men, specially celebrities to get some plastic surgery procedure to maintain their image as they age, being botox one of the most pupular.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chris Noth Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Chris Noth had very good plastic surgery because it was subtle and he simply just looks better. The before and after pics show that he got a nose job to straighten out a slightly crooked nose. In the before picture, notice how his nose is slightly deviated to his right. Now it's nice and straight!
Chris Noth facelift before and after photos
Some celebrity watchers estimate that Noth has succumbed to plastic surgery while others consider that the plastic surgery rumors are completely bogus.

Judging by the before and after images, it appears that Noth has not changed too much over the years.
Chris Noth nos job before and after.
According to a makeup artist who worked on "Sex and the City", Noth has really huge under eye bags. In fact, they are so large you could get lost in them!

One blogger wrote: "We here at Celebrity Plastic Surgery know him as a man that clearly got eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and may have gotten a nose job."

The same blogger continued that Noth's nose "appears to be thinner now than it was a few years back, with a less pronounced bridge."

Noth likely had a nose job to make his nose straight and slimmer. Before shots show that his nose was a little on the big side (slightly deviated to the right) and now it is much narrower, from bridge to tip. His nostrils have a much more pinched look while before they used to be round.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery also notices evidence of eyelid surgery: "They've had some work done for sure. Simply put: they were baggy, and now they're not; all signs point to surgery. Whatever exactly he's had done, he looks great, so more power to him."

Chris Noth looks more refreshed now than before. The reasons for his youthful image possibly are his healthy eating habits and weight loss.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Did Chris Evert get Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Greg Norman and Chris Evert: Why they really split'

Chris Evert speaks exclusively to Woman's Day, as Dylan Howard in Florida investigates the clash of wills that doomed the star couple.

With its nine huge bedrooms, guest wings, wine cellars and $US60 million price tag, Greg Norman and Chris Evert's estate, ironically named Tranquility, hardly seems a house worth ending a marriage over.

But this Florida waterfront mansion has emerged as the final tension that severed the highly passionate – and public – love affair between sporting super couple Greg and Chris.

Even Greg's recent addition of tennis courts to the sprawling waterfront palace, a final peace offering in the effort to keep the 15-month marriage strong, was not enough to keep the couple together.

The first hints that things weren't well with the pair came at their most recent public outing last month.

Gone were the physical fireworks – the long embraces, the dip and kiss, the adoring gazes. Instead, while they sat close together at the US Open tennis tournament in New York, the closest onlookers got to witnessing their famed chemistry were some shared smiles and a lukewarm declaration from Greg that he'd "been a big tennis nut for my whole life".

It was a long way from April, when the twosome hugged and kissed like teenagers in love at the Masters Augusta National tournament, with Chris even acting as her husband's caddy.

In fact, throughout the couple's very public courtship, their displays of affection have been almost as noteworthy as the way they got together – through the dramatic break-up of their long-time marriages.

Little wonder then that two of those hurt most by the Norman-Evert implosion – his former wife of 25 years Laura Andrassy and Chris's Olympian ex-husband of 18 years Andy Mill – remain bitter.

"They had been telling everyone how much in love they were, so everybody thought it would last a little longer than this," Laura says.

"I said to Andy [Chris's ex-husband] when I spoke to him today, 'It's like a bad movie – and we're in it!'

For his part, Andy was barely able to hide his disgust, exclusively telling Woman's Day, "The culmination of our marriages is over 50 years, and to break up two families for a three-year fling is just horrible.''

Did stepchildren kill off Chris Evert's 'life match' with Greg Norman?

Her fairytale marriage has ended after only 15 months.

But Chris Evert seems determined to show the world she is doing just fine.

Brave face: Chris Evert gives a tentative thumbs-up at the weekend

Dressed in black shorts, a vest and a navy baseball cap, she was pictured taking her children shopping near her home in Boca Raton, South Florida.

Last night, it was claimed that tensions between Miss Evert and Norman's two adult children, 26-year-old Morgan and Greg, 23, were partly to blame for the split.

The golfer's ex-wife said her son and daughter 'did not like Evert at all'.

The pair married in a £500,000 ceremony in the Bahamas last year after an affair that ruined both their marriages.

Narcissistic? Evert and Greg Norman, pictured last year, have separated after fifteen months of marriage

At the time, Miss Evert claimed the couple would stay together for the rest of their lives.

'At our age, over 50, it's not like you're 18,' she said. 'Both of us have lived long enough to know what we're doing.'

But last night, friends claimed the sports stars, both 54, had split because they 'were just too set in their ways'.

They revealed the pair had been living separately because they could not even agree where to live.

Rift: It has been alleged that Greg Norman's daughter Morgan, pictured, did not get on with her stepmother

It is understood that although Norman wanted Miss Evert to move into his £ 35million mansion on the exclusive Jupiter Island, Miss Evert refused to give up her £1.5million home an hour's drive away.

Norman's ex-wife Laura Andrassy, who was awarded £60million after their divorce two years ago, yesterday claimed the couple were 'narcissistic people' who wed 'in the throes of lust'.

The 59-year-old said: 'Here were two people very much alike - high-profile and narcissistic - and that would make a relationship difficult.'

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chloe Sims Plastic Surgery Botox Injections, Lip Fillers Before and After Photos

Chloe from Towie's cartoon-like faceshows the tell-tale signs of awful surgery.

She has had a breast enlargement, extreme Botox, lip fillers and teeth whitening.

Chloe Sims plastic surgery before and after.
Since being on the reality show she’s considered stopping any more work on her inflated lips, but admits:

“I’m going to carry on having work done until I’m completely happy with my body because I think you should love the way you look.”

Chloe Sims Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

British actress Chloe Sims, star of TOWIE isn’t shy about much of anything, including plastic surgery. So it was something of a shock to hear the reality star deny rumors of a facelift, after openly admitting to other procedures.
Rumors Chloe Sims plastic surgery?
After touching down in Las Vegas, photos of Chloe looking less than her best appeared. Most noticeable, was the tight, pulled look of her face in profile, leading to numerous rumors of plastic surgery. However, Chloe explained that it was just her hairstyle and her lack of her usual false eyelashes that made her look that way. If the 30-year had undergone a facelift, she would most likely admit it.

Chloe tells new! Magazine, “If I had a facelift, I’d just say it. It’s actually no eyelashes and a really tight bun that caused that.”

As for her detractors, Chloe explains, “I was going for a natural look. I had just landed. I’d like to fly those thousands of people to Vegas and see how nice they look!”

Indeed, in the past, Chloe has been painfully open about her numerous plastic surgery procedures. She has admitted that reading online comments about her appearance has affected her so much that she has actually gone under the needle in an effort to appease her critics.

In an issue of Reveal magazine, Chloe posed nude, revealing her breast augmentation and butt lift and dished on her plastic surgery.

“I’ve always been insecure about my face, but reading that you’re ugly just makes it worse.”

“Every day someone says something nasty. They tell me I’m deformed, that I look like Pete Burns and Michael Jackson’s love child – and those are some of the nicer comments. Everyone hates everything about my face.”

“Over time it does  make you think: “Am I unattractive?” It’s hard not to believe things like that when so many people say the same thing.”

As many comments seem to note her square jaw, Chloe began getting Botox injections in an effort to soften its appearance. She also thinned out her eyebrows when they were described as too thick.

“When I watch myself on the telly or see pictures, the first thing I notice is my square jaw.”

“And people always talk about it. They tell me I look like that woman from the film Dodgeball – the one with a square face and really thick eyebrows.”

“To be honest, I can see where they are coming from. My eyebrows were really big – but I’ve sorted them out now.”

Chloe also decided to get dental veneers after disliking her own teeth. But now she feels they are too big and many have said she looks horsey.

“I get called a horse and sometimes drunken people shout: “Sort your teeth out!” And, to be honest, I now think my teeth are too long and too square.”