Thursday, June 19, 2014

Anne Heche Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Botox Injections Before and After Eyelid and Browlift

Anne Heche get plastic surgery just to tweak a spot or two on the body or face. It would seem that Anne Heche decided she wanted a complete overhaul! While she is still very recognizable, her look as been changed in so many little ways that it’s very obvious she’s been under the knife. In a reversal to the order many Hollywood actresses get their plastic surgery in, Anne was offered some new roles, then got plastic surgery, instead of getting the surgery in hopes of getting offered a new role!

Anne Heche was a lesbian, then she was straight, but first she was straight, and that was before she was a lesbian. Confused? Me too. One thing that you won’t have trouble understanding is that the Hung star and former Ellen mate has had work done in recent years. Looking back on her in the old days, she had a very natural, granola chick, kinda look. Recently tho, she appears to have had rhinoplasty, as well as a brow lift. This gives her an almost robotic look when she wears a lot of make-up. Anne has never been my type, but I can tell you I usually prefer my women to be of the non-android race, so I prefer her pre-plastic surgery.

It’s obvious that Anne has had plastic surgery more than once, including a facelift, Botox injections, an eye-lift, a brow-lift, and a rhinoplasty. It is clear that Anne has these procedures done to help her look more youthful. She may have been afraid that her age was showing thanks to her wrinkles and fine lines, and decided to get rid of the problem. These procedures were done right before she began work on a new show called Hung on Showtime.

While some people think she got either one of these surgeries or the other, and some people think she never had surgery on her eyes, it’s clear that her eye shape has changed. This could be the result of Botox injections near the eyes to remove her crow’s feet, but it could also be caused by plastic surgery. The overall look makes it appear that her eyes have been pulled sideways, which speaks more to a combination of a slight brow-lift and slight eye-lift working together!

It’s clear that the bridge of Anne’s nose has stayed the same, but the tip has been changed. The nostrils of her nose have been refined by being pinned back. This small change has given her a very different look!

What do you think of Anne Heche’s plastic surgery? Does she look good, or does she look strange? Check out her before and after photos for yourself!