Monday, June 30, 2014

Ashley Dupre Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Nose Jobs

What a world we live in folks. Every day, millions of teachers, fire fighters, police, doctors, and nurses go to work and change lives, and no one knows their names, but Ashley Dupre is famous and worth millions because of her life as a prostitute. Then again, most teachers don’t get plastic surgery and accidently bring down the Governner of New York, so we guess she’s got that going for her.

Ashley Dupre, who went from “Elliot Spitzer’s call girl” to posing in Playboy and a job as a columnist with the New Yor Post, looks like she’s had at least two plastic surgeries. First off, it seems like she’s gotten a nose job (rhinoplasty), because when you look at older photos her bridge used to seem fuller; now her bridge is less bulky and the tip of her nose seems turned up a bit. Secondly, it looks like Ashley has breast implants, as older pics show her with a smaller bust; and if you look at the picture below, her breasts have what looks like some seperation between her natural chest tissue and the implant. They’re also a bit too round and perky to be as big as they are, further signs of a breast augmentation.

Ashley Dupre is a New York based call girl, who made huge headlines in media after she made relations with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. The relationship cost governor in a way that it forced him to resign from his seat. She is said to be the second most controversial call girl in America after Heidi Fleiss. The lady used to charge the heavy amount for her services, but then she herself broke the news of her being involved with the governor.

With that money, she underwent a couple of cosmetic procedures and corrected her shape. Looking at the recent and past pictures of the lady, it appears like she has had a nose job through which she pinched her nose a bit. There were some faults in the shape and structure of her nose which were making her worried, so she underwent knife and corrected these problems. The other cosmetic report about the lady is about breast augmentation surgery, where Dr. John Di Sai said that the lady has also had a breast augmentation surgery as well.

The reason for this surgery was obvious that she wanted to attract people towards herself through big busts. Since she is an escort, the big breasts would help her make more customers and earn money. The new photos show that now she makes a bit more deep cleavage. The lady is in 20s right now, and was born as Ashley Yeomans, but after she entered the escort world, she opted to change her name to Ashley Alexandra Dupre.