Friday, July 4, 2014

Ashley Olsen Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Photos

What Plastic Surgery Are Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Planning?

Ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen got matching nose jobs last year, the Internet has been ablaze with rumors of what plastic surgery procedures the fashion-loving twins will do next.

After Make Me Heal reported on the billionaire’s plans to get matching rhinoplasties, (See Make Me Heal’s story on the Olsen twins’ nose jobs), it seemed that Mary-Kate when ahead with the procedure (See Make Me Heal’s story on Mary-Kate Olsen’s nose job). Since then, the fashion diva has been rumored to have lip injections (which are likely) as well as cheek implants and Botox injections, despite being 22-years old.

It is unlikely that Mary-Kate has had all that work done, as she still greatly resembles her sister, Ashley. Just as Ashley was said to be the leader in the nose job idea, it is now rumored that the older-by-two-minutes twin wants dual breast augmentations.

Star Magazine is reporting that Ashley would like to add some curves to her tiny frame and wants Mary-Kate to get breast implants as well so that “it wouldn’t be glaringly obvious that Ashley had work done.” However, the magazine says that Mary-Kate has said no to the breast augmentation.

On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia says, “Twins (even not so famous ones) do have some unusual issues. The debate over cosmetic surgery can take a very funky turn in cases like these. One twin may not have surgery unless the other does as well.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley are currently busy promoting their coffee table book, Influence, so Make Me Heal doesn’t see the dynamic duo having time in the near future to undergo the procedure and the time-consuming recovery.

Ashley Olsen got nose jobs in 2007 because they’re jealous of their sister

I’ve seen that some of you have an obsession with the noses of the Olsen girls. Elizabeth Olsen, in particular, seems to have an interesting, noteworthy nose and some of you think her nose is the product of a bad rhinoplasty. Personally, I don’t think that Elizabeth paid for that nose – if you were going to pay money for something, would you want it to turn out like that? No offense. But one thing I can’t deny is that Elizabeth’s older twin sisters might have gotten some nips and tucks along the way. Star Mag claims that Mary-Kate and Ashley went in for nose jobs together – in 2007!! And then purposefully scheduled their nose jobs for Elizabeth’s graduation because they’re jealous of their little sister:

    What’s more important than celebrating your sister’s graduation? Upstaging her with your own plastic surgery – at least if you’re Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

    A source says that in 2007, the twins ditched younger sister Elizabeth’s high school graduation for double rhinoplasties. Ironically, it was their obsession with Elizabeth that spurred them to go under the knife.

    “The twins have always been jealous of Elizabeth,” a source reveals. “They envy her height and confidence – and her nose!”

    Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, tells Star: “I suspect both sisters have undergone nose jobs. Mary-Kate’s looks like a smaller button nice, but a tad pinched. Ashley’s looks thinner than before but also more projected.

Sure. I’ll buy that they had nose jobs in 2007. I’m not sure about the claim that they skipped their sister’s graduation just to get plastic surgery, but God knows with the Olsen twins. Seriously. Who knows? I do think there’s probably some passive-aggressive girl drama going on between the sisters, but I genuinely buy that MK and Ashley are proud of Elizabeth and they want her to do well. Just not too well, amirite?