Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Has Betsy Russell had Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Betsy Russell: Scream Queen Is Also Plastic Princess
Betsy Russell has had an interesting film and television career that has spanned almost three decades. She began with roles in b-grade sex-comedies, then moved on to appearances on television shows before landing the part of ‘Jill Tuck’ in the Saw franchise, the role that she’s become known for. Her early career and continured success is no doubt due in part to her good looks, which have been helped by plastic surgery. For starters, it’s clear that she’s had a breast augmentation, as her breasts are too perky and round for a woman in her late forties; they also have the shine and cleavage spacing of breast implants. Furthermore, it would seem that in recent years she dabbled in Botox injection (check out her smooth and shiny forehead), and perhaps got eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to give her eyes the wide open look that they currently have. Overall, she still looks great, albeit a little fake, and is proof that plastic surgery doesn’t always have to be a disaster.

Betsy Russell has had plastic surgery, and she’s not afraid to show it! This American actress has appeared in Private School, and the very popular and very scary Saw movies. Her real heyday was in the 80′s when she starred in a number of television programs and B movies, and gained a measure of fame in the United States. Today, she’s known for her looks, but not necessarily in an entirely positive way! This middle-aged actress, now in her fifties, is also known for her love of going under the knife!

It’s obvious from looking at her before and after photos that Betsy’s been under the knife a few times! First of all, the most obvious plastic surgery she’s had is to her breasts. Her breasts went from a large A cup to a large C cup seemingly overnight. Now, her chest sticks out far beyond what it would if her breasts were natural. This look is a bit strange on her tiny body, but she seems very happy with the results, and likes to show them off! Her chest is also very round and perky, which gives a very obvious breast implants look. Clearly, she’s not concerned about anyone finding out!

Adding to her plastic appearance, Betsy has used Botox injections in her face in areas like her cheeks and forehead. While she doesn’t have the ‘frozen’ look yet, her skin has taken on that plastic-like sheen that regular Botox usage can give.

What do you think of Betsy’s plastic surgery? Are her breast implants a good size for her, or has she gone a size or two too large?