Monday, September 1, 2014

Brittany Murphy Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Lips, Breast Implants Before and After Images

Did Brittany Murphy have plastic surgery?
Brittany is accused of re-shaping her nose and also opting for lip and breast augmentation. We could easily agree to the lip surgery. It could have been fillers which gave her those plump overdone lips, which will easily remind you of a fish. The pout seems to be fixed on her face – another Angelina Jolie attempt gone wrong? The change in her lips seems to have changed her looks all together. Did you know that such a small part of your face could change the way you look?

Brittany Murphy is believed to have undergone plastic surgery – at least according to celebrity rumor mongers. Her untimely death did not have much effect on the already spread wildfire talk that she had gone under the knife for bigger lips and breasts. A look at her photos from different time periods would render most of these as false news. For example, her nose looks all the same in both pictures.

Next suspect is her breasts. Mostly it is argued that her boobs had grown in size over time. We think it could have been a push-up bra too. There isn’t enough proof to believe that it was in fact breast augmentation at work here. About the shape – we don’t see any change there and there isn’t much a good stylist can do to look glamorous. May be Ms. Murphy had a good stylist!

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The nose job rumors are absolutely baseless. There are arguments about the bridge looking narrower than before. Brittany Murphy’s nose was always narrow and we do not see much of a difference there.

Brittany Murphy Plastic Surgery Speculations               

At the beginning of her career, Brittany Murphy was a fresh girl which inspired energy and happiness. Her sincere smile and her natural beauty turned her instantly into a Hollywood sweetheart. However, it seems that Brittany was not too fond of her fresh, innocent image and she wanted to be make the world see her in a more sensual aura. In an effort to become a Hollywood diva, Murphy turned to plastic surgery. There are a lot of interesting before and after photos which clearly show differences in her image. She is believed to have had a breast augmentation, a lip augmentation and a Rhinoplasty. Her fragile and insecure personality also drove her to use a lot of medication which is believed to have caused her untimely death. At the time of her tragic heart attack, her bedside table featured ten different types of medication. Some of them were prescribed in her name while others were prescribed for her mother and her husband. It is believed that Brittany was having a hard time coping with the Hollywood life, an problem which also affected her career. According to numerous rumors, Brittany was fired from her last movie due to the fact that she was very difficult to work with. However, today we will not discuss her career. Today, we will try to find the truth behind the Brittany Murphy plastic surgery rumors.

The plastic surgery rumors surrounding Brittany Murphy are almost as controversial as the Kim Kardashian surgery
rumors. Much like Kim, Brittany has always aspired to be a symbol of sensuality, but it is safe to assume that the two divas had different approaches towards that goal. Despite being very thin, Brittany never had a flat chest. In fact, she had great natural breasts. Nevertheless, as Brittany was never a fan of natural looks, she chose to upgrade her breast to a bigger and perkier model. The two pictures chosen by us clearly show an obvious breast increase. In the first picture, you can blame the breast differences on her tight corset. However, in the second picture, Brittany is wearing a loose blue dress which could not have been able to enhance her breasts in such an obvious way. The

rumors first appeared due to this sudden increase of her breasts. This drove the media to analyze her pictures more closely in order to see whether she also had other types of cosmetic procedures.

While breast implants and lip augmentation surgeries are easier to spot, it can be very hard to spot a subtle nose job. However, we can’t help but notice that Brittany’s nose has suffered some modifications over the years. This modifications are very subtle and they might be caused by a good makeup. However, Brittany’s lip augmentation and breast implants show that she was very comfortable with cosmetic surgeries so it is possible that she also has a rhinoplasty surgery.

These being said, it is pretty obvious that the Brittany Murphy plastic surgery rumors are true. It’s a pity that we live in such a superficial world that drives woman to go under the knife, only to increase their self esteem.

Ever since Angelina Jolie sparkled up men’s obsession for plump lips, a lot of celebrities have turned to plastic surgery in order to enhance their lips. As you can clearly see from our two pictures, Brittany Murphy also has had a lip augmentation surgery. The first two pictures clearly show that her natural lips were very slim, even when she wore lip gloss. Therefore, then can be no natural cause for the plumper lips featured in the second pictures.