Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Carmen Campuzano Nose Job Before and After Plastic Surgery Images

Carmen Campuzano is a Mexican model that obviously has had some tragically bad plastic surgery. Sadly, Carmen Campuzano’s severely botched nose job is just one of many disasters to befall the once successful supermodel, who has graced the cover of Vogue a record three times. Carmen has struggled with her addiction to drugs and alcohol, which has turned her life into a disaster. As a result of her addictions, she has been run over by a taxi, severed a finger, broken her arm so badly that it had to be reconstructed, she’s been committed to a mental institution, attempted suicide, overdosed on cocaine and lost custody of her children. One has to wonder if her lack of good judgement is also to blame for the poor result she’s gotten from plastic surgery. Do you think a raging cokehead is going to stop doing cocaine in order to let a nose job heal? Probably not and probably not a good idea…

So just how did Carmen Campuzano’s nose end up in its currently deformed state? There are several stories out there swirling around, but a severe cocaine addiction, an overly aggressive plastic surgeon and a battle with a flesh eating bacteria (that Carmen picked up from stepping in pig poop!) could all be contributing factors in the disfigurement of her nose.

Carmen Campuzano is or was a model in Mexico and currently works as an event organizer and hostess. Carmen demonstrates the number one lesson that should be taught about cosmetic surgery and that many people ignore – never go too far, too fast. If you make some subtle changes, a little botox, a little lift here or there, you just might get away with it and improve on what you’ve got.

As you can see above Carmen did have a big nose in 1999 but her surgery was a big mistake. She chopped off about half her nose.

The doc succeeded in making a button on the tip of the nose, that part went ok. What went wrong was the nasal phalanges on the sides of her nose. Too much flesh was removed, and without enough support, the nostrils collapsed. Subsequently, doctors performed various surgeries to try and give it some structure and repair the nose but so far no luck. Not only that, but Carmen has had trouble with infections, fluid and blood flow in her sinuses which can potentially be very dangerous and has required further surgeries. And you know what happened to Michael Jackson’s nose, he eventually had to use a prosthetic, or else plastic fillers instead of actual flesh.