Monday, August 4, 2014

Bette Midler Plastic Surgery Botox Injections, Browlift Before and After Images

Bette Midler has always had a unique look, but after extreme plastic surgery she's lost a certain appeal. The before and after photos make it obvious that she's had a facelift, Botox injections and fillers. At first glance of this before and after pic you can tell how puffy her face looks now. The Botox made her face shiny smooth and the fillers gave her the puffiness in her cheeks. Overall, Bette Midler may have gone a little overboard on the plastic surgery.

Jessica Lange & Bette Midler On Plastic Surgery

At a certain age, everything starts to go south and plastic surgery is a helpful alternative to letting nature takes it course. But plastic surgery is still viewed very differently by different people, even in the same age group. Entertainment icons Jessica Lange and Bette Midler are in their late 50′s and early 60′s, respectively, but have different opinions and attitudes about the benefits of cosmetic surgery for women of their age.

we previously reported how the 59-year old actress has undergone facial cosmetic procedures in the form of a facelift, brow lift, and Botox to maintain her taut skin and cat-eyed appearance she was famous for in her youth (read the full story on Jessica Lange’s Plastic Surgery account).

We finds it unlikely that Jessica Lange’s forehead could remain so unlined and her skin so tight without the help of fillers like Botox or a facelift. The rest of Jessica’s face as well as her neck, also seem unusually firm and wrinkle free, with no sagging or slack skin normally seen around the jawline and neck. This suggests that Jessica Lange had a facelift and a neck lift to make the lower half of her face to match her wrinkle-free forehead. Botox or another hyaluronic acid injection like Restylane and Juvederm are likely at play to have removed forehead forrows, crows’ feet around the eyes, lipstick lines around the mouth, and nasolabial folds (lines that emanate from the corner of the mouth).

A blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) may explain why Jessica’s aging eyes seem to look so refreshed without any hooding (bags of skin hanging over her eyes) and no puffy or under-eye bags and sagging skin.

Dr. Anthony Youn also thinks that Jessica’s eyes are more exaggerated now than they were when she was younger, “There are a number of changes now that just are not what we would attribute to normal aging changes. Usually as people age the corners of the eyes tilt downward, and they tilt more downward as you get older, not upward.”

But Jessica has adamantly denied having plastic surgery and chalking it all up to good genes, and her spokeswoman has said, “It’s absolutely not true.”

Decide for yourself whether or not Jessica Lange has dabbled with cosmetic surgery when her movie Grey Garden comes out later this year. Plastic surgery no longer carries the stigma it once did and Make Me Heal hopes that Jessica will one day have the courage to come forward about her cosmetic procedures.

On the side of the same-age plastic surgery spectrum is 62-year old Bette Midler. The Divine Miss M is currently starring in her own Las Vegas revue, ‘The Showgirl Must Go On’ and has said that although she has not had plastic surgery yet, this does not mean that she would not consider it in the future.

The multi-talented entertainer responds pragmatically to questions about plastic surgery, “Doesn’t everybody consider it? When it really starts to cave in, I probably will start to give it a real good think.” She credits her current appearance to good genes and a healthy diet and exercise program.

Legendary actress Bette Midler, 67, is rumored to have had plastic surgery to prevent her from aging and achieve a more youthful appearance.

To be more specific, Bette Midler's appearance at the Jean-Paul Gaultier show at Paris Fashion Week in March 2012 got tongues wagging.
Celebrity watchers and gossip websites have criticized Midler's stiff and unmoving face, claiming it was hard to tell Bette was pleased being there...(Ouch!)

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts believe about Bette Midler's plastic surgery?"

Celebrity plastic surgeon  Dr. Anthony Youn reveals Midler appears too "waxy" from Botox, insisting that she has gone too far that he doesn't even notice a single line on her decidedly tight face.

"The Divine Miss M appears to be trying to look as young as her look-a-like daughter," Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated Midler, told celebrity website in an exclusive interview.

"Her forehead is so smooth it appears to have the waxy sheen of supermarket fruit. This could be possibly due to overdone Botox injections. I also suspect that she's had injections of filler into her cheeks," Dr. Anthony Youn explained.
"I must hand it to her though, she definitely doesn't look like most 66-year-olds!" Dr. Anthony Youn  added.

Dr. Val Lambros, a Newport Beach plastic surgeon, reveals a smile can mask signs of some cosmetic treatment. But, he adds: "Surgery or not, I think she looks pretty good. More is frequently not better."
On the other hand, there are several plastic surgeons who estimate that Midler has also had a browlift, because her hairline seems pretty receded. (Browlifts typically move the hairline back a centimeter, sometimes two.)

Just in case you are curious to know Bette Midler's opinion about plastic surgery, Bette reveals that although she has not had plastic surgery yet, this does not mean that she would not consider it in the future.
"Doesn't everybody consider it? When it really starts to cave in, I probably will start to give it a real good think," Bette admitted.

It has to be mentioned that Bette Midler attributes her current appearance to good genes, a healthy diet and exercise program.