Thursday, October 2, 2014

Catherine Bosley Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Catherine Bosley, a former news anchor for CBS in Ohio was unknowingly photographed when competing in a wet T-shirt contest while on a 2003 Key West vacation. The then 37-year-old had allegedly stripped down to being totally nude. Upon the shocking images hitting the web, she had been removed from her anchor position.

Bosley and her husband had previously and successfully negotiated with the photographer for the rights to the racy pictures in 2004. However, the scandalous photos were still published by Larry Flynn and his Hustler magazine without any consent, as part of their 2006 "Hot News Babes" spread, according to Yahoo! 

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s not every day that we get to write about an Ohio newscaster here at celebrity plastic surgery.

Today is the day though folks! Let’s get excited about Catherine Bosley’s chest!Excited yet? No? Well this should be comforting: we’re not sure that anybody is, because her breasts are some of the least impressive we’ve ever seen.

Speaking of people seeing her chest, that’s really why she’s a “celebrity” to begin with: she was the subject of a huge scandal when pictures of her posing in a bar’s wet tee-shirt contest hit the internet.

Did we happen to mention that she did the contest while she was part of the news team? Yeah, it wasn’t like some old “modeling” photos showed up from before she was famous; she flat out went and flashed her lady parts while on staff at WKBN Ohio.

Once the web caught of glimpse of her, she began her fifteen minutes of fame, and her obvious breast augmentation began its fifteen minutes of infamy. Seriously folks, Bosley has some of the worst bolt-ons we’ve ever seen.

We’ve never bothered to fully violate her privacy and look at her naked photos, but from what we have seen, it looks like she went over the muscle with her implants and got ripped off by her surgeon. Her girls have zero hang to them and look stuffed in.

We can assume that she had a very small chest before going under the knife, and that her implants never had a chance of looking even remotely real. It’s a shame too, because she’s an otherwise nice looking lady.

There’s also rumors that she’s had Botox injections in her face, but we’re not buying those, and we’re giving her credit for being nice looking and aging well on her own.

Catherine Bosley isn’t the biggest celebrity we’ve ever reported on here, but she’s definitely a prime case of unnecessary cosmetic surgery making a good looking person look far worse. We don’t get why she had the work done in the first place, but we can say for sure that she made a mistake and that she probably went to bad surgeon.

She was really better off leaving wll enough alone. Sorry for your results Catherine, we hope that they stop you from going under the knife ever again, because you’re still a pretty lady, and any more bad work could ruin that. Stay strong Cat!