Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cathy Dennis Plastic Surgrey Before and After Photos

One Hit Wonder With Lawsuit

Cathy Dennis, and her management company, 19 Management, have threatened the site with a lawsuit. It seems Cathy (click here and chortle at the very photoshopped picture of Ms. Dennis on their website) does not like being mentioned on And if, I don’t take her off the site? Something bad is going to happen.
The email from 19 Management reads:

    Dear Sir
    I am writing to you regarding Cathy Dennis. Our company represents her and it has been brought to our attention that two photographs of Cathy are featured on your website ‘’, along with words that suggests that she has had plastic surgery and that she is an ‘avid fan of plastic surgery’.
    I am writing to inform you now that this information is incorrect. Cath Dennis has never undertaken plastic surgery and she is not a fan if it as your website suggests. She abhors plastic surgery and does not want to be associated with it in any way.
    Therefore I am serving formal notice on you and your owners that if you do not remove the images of Cathy Dennis from your website and any other websites that are connected with your company immediately then we will commence legal action against your firm.
    Around a quarter of the Plastic Surgery site is pictures taken from a different angle compared side by side with OHEMGEE she has had a nose job and had her eyelids shaved and her chin boosted with lego bricks'. It's bullshit. There are so many procedures available now that surgery isn't always why people look so preserved.