Saturday, October 4, 2014

Catherine Hicks Plastic Surgery Before and After Blepharoplasty and Elid Surgery Pictures

For those of you who love really bad television shows that had no business staying on the air for over a decade, Catherine Hicks plastic surgery must be a goddess. The star of the ultra-bland series “7th Heaven”, Hicks spent over ten seasons as the matriarch of an overly dramatic family, and while she did a great job in her role, the show’s only real contribution to culture was Jessica Biel.

The all-time hottie and wife of megastar Justin Timberlake got her start on the family drama, so is it possible that her sheer gorgeousness drove her older co-star into the arms and table of a plastic surgeon?

If we’re being honest…not likely. Hicks is a great looking woman i her own right, so we doubt she felt threatened by someone who was a child at the time. We also doubt that she’s had the crazy amount of work that some critics say she’s had (she’s the subject of liposuction, lip injection, and face lift rumors), but she seems to have gone under the knife at least once, so let’s talk plastic surgery… Catherine Hicks is on the left in the above photo ladies and gentlemen, she was not born as a cat.

To our knowledge, there’s no cosmetic surgery procedure that can turn someone from a feline into a lady. Not one that works well at least…but you never know. Anyhow, Hicks hasn’t changed that much as she’s started to approach life as a senior citizen, but one thing that has changed, or rather two things that have changed are her eyes. From the looks of the are around her peepers, it’s pretty safe to say that Catherine underwent a blepharoplasty at some point in the last few years.

This eyelid surgery was most likely to reduce the signs of aging, and while it went well, it still left some tell-tale crinkly skin around her eyelids. Other than that, we can’t really see her having anything else done. Maybe…maybe she’s had some dermal injections of Botox to keep her skin looking smooth, but we’re more inclined to believe that she’s just doing her makeup a little differently now to cover her wrinkles. Catherine Hicks is still a very nice looking lady, and she always has been. So long as she stays away from going under the knife anymore, she should keep looking good well into her seventies.

We look forward to watching her age gracefully, but if she doesn’t, we’ll be here to talk about it!