Friday, February 13, 2015

Cybill Shepherd Plastic Surgery Botox Injections Before and After Pictures

Cybill Shepherd Faces Botox Fear

Actress Cybill Shepherd hasn’t had Botox yet. But despite her plastic surgery fears, In Your Face blog is reporting that the blonde is about to take the next step.

Cybill Shepherd is best known for her television roles on Moonlighting and Cybill, but she rose to stardom playing a sex kitten in the film The Last Picture Show.

At 58, many women have moved beyond dermal injections like Botox to having much more invasive plastic surgery. Cybill says she hasn’t had any Botox yet, not out of fear of needles, like actress Eva Longoria has said (See Make Me Heal‘s story on Eva Longoria), but because she fears the results.

When queried about trying to look as young as possible, Cybill tells writer Patricia Sheridan of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“It’s a big issue for me because I feel a responsibility that I should do something. I have fear of doing it. I will do things. I will be doing things. I haven’t yet. I just cringe at the thought of needles going in my face. I’m not afraid of shots, having almost died of pneumonia when I was 5 and again when I was 7. I had to get shots every day. I’m just afraid of what might happen to my face [laughs]. I have fear of what it’s going to look like afterward.”

Cybill has always been beautiful and it’s a nice change to hear a Hollywood heroine make an honest statement about Botox, rather than deny a need for it like many actresses have recently.

Now in her 60's, Cybill Shepherd is looks great which is most likely due to plastic surgery. She definitely had Botox injections and possible had a facelift. When she graced the Red Carpet with her presence in 2010 people immediately noticed the difference in her look. Even though Cybill Shepherd had the plastic surgery, she's looking absolutely stunning!