Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cynthia Gibb Plastic Surgery Nose Jobs Before and After Photos

Cynthia Gibb has gotten a fair bit of plastic surgery through the years, but it's always been subtle and almost undetectable. From before and after plastic surgery she actually looks almost the same. This 1st pic shows her after the nose job and Botox injections. Notice she still looks fabulous and doesn't have that fake Hollywood allure.

Cynthia Gibb made her mark on the world in the Mid-eighties, starring in Youngblood with Rob Lowe, and the television series Fame, and then her career slowed down…and then she got enough plastic surgery to look like a different person altogether. Rumor, and comparative photo evidence, has it that she has had chin work, a nose job (rhinoplasty), and possible brow and face lifts.

Her chin appears to be larger and less pointed than it was back in the Eighties, perhaps the result of a chin implant. As for her nose, it’s straighter and less wide at the tip, both results one usually gets from rhinoplasty. It’s hard to tell if she’s gotten brow and facelifts, although her eyes look a bit wide(in a good way actually) for her age, and she doesn’t seem to be showing many wrinkles, so both surgeries are entirely possible.

In the end, she does look very different than she did when she was younger, so it’s almost a given that she’s had work done. The lesson here is actually really simple: never stand next to Rob Lowe, you will automatically think you’re not pretty enough.

It seems like actress Cynthia Gibb is a huge fan of plastic surgery, because she has experienced so many surgical procedures, like chin implants, brow lift, cheek implants and nose job. The lady has completely changed her body through plastic surgery and she looks very happy with the results of these surgeries. She says she was loosening her charm and beauty and was looking for a way which could give her old charm back, thanks to these surgeries that they worked 100% on her skin and made her young once again. Now, she happily tells others to adopt these procedures as well saying they have worked 100% on her skin and she knows that they would work for them as well.

The lady was born on December 14, 1963, in Bennington, Vermont. Before joining the acting world, she has also been working as a model as well. She was just 14 years old when she entered in the modeling world and has been attached with the same world since then. She has spent almost entire her life in modeling and acting. It was Eileen Ford Agency which had first discovered her in New York City. They prepared her for the photoshoot and presented her on the cover of Vogue and Young Miss.

It was the result of her good fortune that later director Woody Allen saw her featuring on one of the magazines and sent her an invitation to work in his movie Stardust Memories, which she happily agreed. In 1986 was film, Salvador, she performed the role of a nun who belonged to El Salvador and who gets raped and then murdered.