Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Procedures Before and After Photos

Into her fifties she decided that there was something need to change and she decided to gone under the surgeon’s knife in order to maintain a fresh and youthful look. At the age of 57, she was speculated to be too young for her age, because her skin appeared fresh and rejuvenated. That’s why today we are going to talk about Dana Delany plastic surgery.

Dana Delany, who got her fame thorough her role as Colleen McMurphy in the ABC television show China Beach, may look good today, but whenever she is questioned dealing with her beauty secret, she always hides the secret. It makes some people wonder if the actress has got plastic surgery for her attractive appearance though her age is no longer young, 58 years old.

Plastic surgery and entertainer are both of two things that can not be separated each other. It is based on so many actresses whose age has reached more than 50 years old reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures to maintain their youthful appearance, as well as Dana Delany. She seems belong to the celebrity whose wrinkles paranoia. She may be afraid of looking old. So that’s why she decided to get some beauty enhancements to keep her beautiful and sexy appearance. The big question is what typical surgery procedures that she had got.

Judging by before and after photos, the former of Sweet Surrender star has indeed some unusual appearance than other women in her age especially on her face features. Let’s see what kind of surgical procedures that she had got.

Based on before and after pictures supported with some plastic surgeons’ review, the actress has possibly got facial filler injection like Botox. It is almost impossible for 58-year-old-women to have such youthful appearance if they do not have some works done on their face, as well as Dana Delany.

As we know that Botox is kind of cosmetic surgery procedures that may help Dana Delany to always look young. Nevertheless she still looks so great for her age, her face looks so frozen so that her appearance looks unnatural. She seems unable to move her forehead as if it is hard for her to create an expression on her face. Botox also makes her face looks a bit swollen. Botox is indeed useful for quickly and easily rejuvenating facial skin (instant rejuvenation). But unfortunately Dana Delany seems too obsessed with Botox, as result it has made her face looks unnatural.

Dana Delany herself admitted that she has been under knife for regular Botox injection. The former star of  Light Sleeper also said that she is really regretting her Botox decisions since it does not give her natural appearance.

In short, Nevertheless she does look a bit unnatural, but over all what she had done for her appearance has made her look younger than other women in her age. We could not say that she got successful plastic surgery, but we really appreciate that she is too brave to admit all her cosmetic surgery procedures. Not all actresses in Hollywood are brave to admit their surgical procedures, let’s take a look how Raquel Welch keeps her beautiful appearance.

Dana admitted that she had botox injections into her face. Here you can notice that she has too tight and unnaturally toned facial skin as the indication of overdoing botox procedure. I can not tell that botox worked fully successfully on her, but there are no wrinkles or lines on her face. The only disadvantage of botox injections was that it caused her droopy eyes.

There may be several reasons, why celebrity decided to make cosmetic procedures. Maybe she was afraid of looking old, she did not want to leave her acting career, so that’s why she decided to make some procedures to maintain her beautiful and pretty appearance. The result is that she still looks so great for her age.

Dana may look a bit unnatural but over all what she had done for her appearance has made her look younger than other women in her age. We have no right not to estimate the fact that Dana admitted all her plastic surgery procedures. How can you appraise Dana Delany plastic surgery? How does she look today?