Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dave Navarro Plastic Surgery Chin Implants Before and After Pictures

Dave Navarro Chin Implant!

Dave Navarro … hasn’t had any plastic surgery that I can tell. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Navarro and call myself a fan. He’s a guitar legend and one of the key members of Jane’s Addiction. He also has a pretty rad (80′s term) goatee. One thing I have learned as a plastic surgeon is that men often wear goatees to cover up a small chin or a double chin. In the same way, women often wear bangs to cover up wrinkles of the forehead.

I believe that Dave Navarro is no different. He does appear to have a smallish chin, termed microgenia, which is hidden by his goatee. A chin augmentation would be great for him, as it would give him a much stronger jawline. I would place a large size solid silicone implant through the inside of the mouth. This creates no visible scars, and heals very quickly.

However roguishly Dave wears his goatee, it brings to mind a trick a lot of men use to cover up a chin that is less defined. Chin enhancement surgery works to correct just this deformity.

By way of a chin implant cosmetic surgeons add volume to the chin of the patient. Of course, in Dave’s case his chin suits him just right as it is in balance with the rest of his facial features. A weak chin could pose a problem for men who don’t have enough facial hair growth or unevenly proportioned features though.

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