Friday, March 13, 2015

Daniel Craig (Jame Bond) Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Daniel Craig plastic surgery has admitted having plastic surgery to fix injuries sustained on the set of the latest Bond film.
Craig, who was recently pictured sporting an arm sling, told Elle magazine: “It’s a stupid inconvenience because we had to stop filming. But they gave me an excellent plastic surgeon.”

The heartthrob also admitted having a crush on 007’s boss.

He said all men fancied M, played by Dame Judi Dench, 73, in the Bond films.

Craig said: “M’s gorgeous. All men have thought about her at least once in their lives. “The great thing about Judi Dench is that she’s the matriarch of British film.

“She has an innate power about her. And yes, Bond needs a woman like M to contain his nonsense and say, ‘Look, 007, you’ve been an idiot!’

“But they won’t sleep together. Not unless the cupboard gets very bare in terms of storylines.”

The actor said: “I think it’s true that narcissists, thrill-seekers, and liars breed and survive in the gene pool because some women find them attractive.

“But I think James Bond has changed. He’s not a shallow brute.

The actor, whose long-term partner is film producer Satsuki Mitchell, added: “I won’t play Bond forever. But I’d like to think I’ve added something to the lineage of how the man has changed.”

Daniel Craig’s Marriage On The Rocks – Rachel Weisz Says “Choose Between Me Or James Bond”
Rachel Weisz has threatened to divorce Daniel Craig if he doesn’t quit playing James Bond. The actress has noticed sudden changes in her husband; he seems to care more about his rising fame as the 007 agent than spending quality time with her. The latest of the franchise, Skyfall, has grossed over $750 million worldwide – making it one of the biggest movies of 2012, but with all that success comes a lot of fame.

According to sources for Perez Hilton, Craig feels pressured to live up to his 007 Bond title and has therefore started pushing his marriage priorities to the side so that he can focus more on his career and his fans who have supported him throughout the years. At award shows, Craig dresses up in a black tuxedo and dark shades - notably something that James Bond would do – to live up to his character’s persona.
Rachel is starting to believe that Daniel is more in love with James Bond than he is with her. When the couple have arguments over the whole thing, the 44-year old tells her he sees nothing wrong with the way he’s behaving, explaining to his wife that she has to adjust to the lifestyle. If the disputation tends to get even more heated, Craig simply removes himself from the situation and leaves the house for a couple of days without informing Weisz where he has gone. Their love life has been said to be non-existent since Daniel started filming the latest Bond movie, which has made Rachel realize that eventually, if things don’t get any better, she will pull the plug and divorce her husband for good.

A source explained: “Daniel’s popularity has soared since playing James Bond and he’s often asked by fans for a picture. He is very aware of the duties of playing such a famous character and always stops to give fans what they want. He never shirks his responsibilities.“

Did Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Get Married with Plastic Surgery?
The quick marriage and relationship didn’t last long enough for traditional Hollywood wedding planning, which involves plenty of plastic surgery and a couple of weeks for plastic surgery recovery.
In the past, Rachel has been very vocal about her dislike of plastic surgery, including the popular dermal injectable Botox.

She says, “It should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen. Acting is all about expression; why would you want to iron out a frown?”

On the other hand, her new husband has been under the knife for some corrective plastic surgery after suffering an injury on the set of a James Bond film.
He said at the time,“I got tagged in a fight sequence and needed 8 stitches. Plastic surgery? Give it 5 years.”
Daniel and Rachel have kept their romance quiet thus far and us wishes the couple the best of luck in the future.