Monday, March 23, 2015

Darryn Lyons Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Jobs Pictures

Darryn Lyons plastic surgery is a semi-famous Australian paparazzo, who is on the current season of Celebrity Big Brother. Darryn has garnered quite a bit of attention after doffing his shirt to reveal bizarre 6-pack abs that have been etched into his over-weight belly.

Darryn underwent a plastic surgery procedure called abdominal etching (a type of body contouring), where liposuction is used to remove the fat in a pattern that is supposed to resemble ripped abs. While this procedure can help a very fit person look extra-lean, it makes a fat man, look ridiculous. Darryn’s etched abs have been compared to abs stenciled onto a barrel…and I think that’s a pretty accurate description!

Even more bizarre than Darryn’s fake abs are his beliefs that they look awesome. Darryn is so pleased with the results of his abdominal etching, that he has invested in the company and is now co-director and the main investor in Body Contour.

Some plastic surgeries were not meant to be gotten; abdominal surgery is on that list, but don’t tell Darryn Lyons that. The media personality, paparazzi, and star of Celebrity Big Brother 2011 (UK) admitted to having, and showed off his surgically contoured abs while filming the hit reality show. He seems very proud of the surgery and refers to it as the male version of a boob job; it’s not.
When a woman gets a breast augmentation it is usually to help her feel more confident and correct some sort of insecurity. However, when a chubby reality star gets his eight-pack made for him and then proceeds to surround them with fat, it’s because he’s lazy and ridiculous. The only positive to the situation is that when he inevitably gets more out of shape, we will get a good look at what happens to contoured abs when they truly go wrong. Also, his “abs” make him look kind of like a Ninja Turtle, so that’s cool. Thanks for the freak show Darryn!