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Dayana Mendoza Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants Before and After Images

Dayana Mendoza Plastic Surgery, Miss Universe 2008, stepped into her modeling career at age 15. She never confirmed or denied that she had plastic surgery. Dayana Mendoza said that people should do what they can to improve themselves. Dayana Mendoza always avoided questions about her plastic surgery. She is just one in a lot of beauties who resort 'cutlery' in Venezuela. Dayana Mendoza's surgeons confirmed Dayana each had breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and liposuction.

Daniel Slobodianik, a surgeon working for Miss Venezuela organization from 2004 to 2007 reveals Dayana has had breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and knee excessive liposuction. 'Well, I did for Dayana and so many more that I cannot remember', said Slobodianik. Dayana is a somewhat portly woman. Upon deciding to participate in the first beauty pageant, Dayana just wanted to earn enough money to buy a car. Not too confident in her beauty but editing is the final aesthetic appearance of the Miss Universe 2008's thinking.

It is clearly to say that maybe the wings are at the same position but after plastic surgery, the tip of Dayana's nose is lower and the bridge of the nose is longer with evidences. Venezuela is considered a 'kingdom of beauty' - the country has 5 Miss World, Miss Universe and 5 Miss International - more than any other country. Behind every beauty that is a shadow of the man to teach them how to walk, talk and laugh, they are opting for best cosmetic surgeons. Then things have changed since Dayana met Osmel Sousa - sorcerer in industry beauty business in Venezuela. 3 months later, she dropped 24 pounds, her nose was edited to slimmer and the breasts are pumped up for bigger. "I was surprised when losing weight so I pumped up my breasts. My face is reduced so my nose is looked a little big so I had to do it. Osmel frequent encouragement: 'Do not worry, we have to edit this place the other one too, then everything will be fine', Dayana illustrated.

The breasts were the first thing that people keep an eye on. Dayana 's recently breasts are larger than previous breasts a cup in such a short time without weight gain is certainly due to cosmetic surgery. Despite denying the plastic surgery of the breasts, Dayana is also very nice. 'Venezuela has the ability to create a line of beauty queens. Nothing is improvised in Miss Venezuela Organization. And the contestants are edited and practiced very hard', Ines Ligron, Director of the Miss World Organization of Japan, who has trained Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori, comments. Dayana must also undergo pain because liposuction and nose jobs, this can be seen very clearly in her latest pictures.

However, there are many opinions against the raids of science in human beauty. Arthur Caplan, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, U.S., said: 'No surgeon can confirm that the breast augmentation for a teenage girl is ethically. It is horrible when the beauty contest turns into the race about editing technology. Would not the natural beauty'.

Dayana won $30,000 and an apartment in New York covered all expenses within a year. Mendoza also received a two-year scholarship at the New York film Academy, a wardrobe and shoes. Candidates need not pay any fee for study with Osmel Sousa but when was crowned in a beauty contest and they will have to deduct 20% of income earned in a year to pay for Sousa.

Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada (born June 1, 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela) is a model, actress and beauty pageant titleholder who won the titles of Miss Venezuela 2007 and Miss Universe 2008.

Mendoza beat 27 other candidates to win Miss Venezuela 2007 on September 13, 2007, and became only the second woman representing the Amazonas state to win, following Carolina Izsak in 1991. She was crowned Miss Universe 2008 at the pageant in the Crown Convention Center, Nha Trang, Vietnam, on July 13, 2008. Mendoza became the first winner of the pageant from Venezuela since Miss Universe 1996's winner Alicia Machado, thus making her the first Venezuelan Miss Universe in the 21st century.

Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori crowned her with a tiara worth 120,000 U.S. dollars. Her prize package includes cash, a year contract promoting Miss Universe, world travel, a rent-free, prestigious New York City flat, luxury apartment and a gift bag stuffed with designer shoes, dresses and beauty products, a $100,000 stipend for a 2-year course at the New York Film Academy and free access to famous fashion houses and beauty parlors. Mendoza will spend her year-long reign traveling the world to lecture on humanitarian issues and to promote education regarding HIV/AIDS.

As of June 2009, Mendoza as Miss Universe has traveled to Indonesia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Italy, Vatican City, Spain, France, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bahamas, Russia, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Argentina, Romania and Vietnam, in addition to numerous trips around the USA and her homecoming in Venezuela. Together with Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz, Mendoza was also used as the goodwill ambassador of Venezuela-based technology firm Smartmatic to thank the Philippines for entrusting the company the success of their 2010 presidential elections.

Mendoza was a contestant on the 2012 season of Celebrity Apprentice. In Episode 3, "How Much is That Celebrity in the Window?", she was the winning project manager of her team on a task to create two themed living window displays for Ivanka Trump's clothing and accessory line, winning $20,000 for her charity, the Latino Commission on AIDS. Mendoza notes in Episode 11, "Winning by a Nose" that she holds the record for being brought back to the final boardroom, having done so six times by that episode. She came in sixth place after being eliminated in the 12th episode, "Jingle All the Way Home" (her seventh time in the boardroom), in which she was project manager of the losing team on a task to create a jingle and presentation for Good Sam Club.