Thursday, April 30, 2015

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before and After Images

Has Denise Richards had plastic surgery? After having botched breast augmentation operation twice, she, at last, won the battle, the third time. They’ve got to keep their confidence and spirit high, especially, where you’ve to be presentable and camera-ready about your work. There’s more the Denise Richards plastic surgery story, hang on, tight!

Denise Richards, former fashion model and the American actress, has had lot to her name and fame, after playing as a Bond girl in The World Is Not Enough and movies like Wild Things, Drop Dead Gorgeous and more. Talking about Denise Richards cosmetic surgery, she suffered through two botched breast augmentation procedure, came out just fine, the third time and had Botox and fillers to keep her facial features tight and toned, wrinkle-free.

Change the performance and give the best appearance always become the priority for the celebrities. It is also done by Denise Richards. She is known as an beauty and sexy actress. Although her beauty looks natural, actually she is judged getting cosmetics surgery on her some parts of body and face.

In her photos, before running 42 and after running 42 in her age, her boobs are different. She is indeed like undergoing the breast implants. In advance, her breast seems flat. Then, her size becomes bigger too. That different doesn’t look natural. By having breast augmentation, it can change. Beside, her face also looks as having botox injection and facial fillers. It shapes her face very tight and shiny with smooth forehead. Have no wrinkles in some areas also makes her face always looking young. Her eyes also looks wider and gets good eyebrow. Those are as the result of botox injection which can get the change like those.

As an actress who has sexy lips is also given to Denise. But do you know? In behind her sexy lips actually lips injection which is judged as the cause of her difference. Her new look indeed makes her look perfect. Perfect performance indeed creates the happiness for everyone. She also ever admit her happiness because of her change in a media. According to her, it is important to keep her age and style. But, whatever makes the person getting the better performance, that has been her decision.

Denise Richards Breast Augmentation Story

Flat as a board she was, at the age of 19, had her first breast augmentation operation. Result of no research in finding a good plastic surgeon and little eagerness in getting the work done, costs her. Result came out as botched breast augmentation procedure and she’s not happy with the results. That’s her first experience with the surgeon’s knife, at the age of 19. (Nicole Kidman plastic surgery)

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Failed at first, she decided to have another try to get her breast implants replaced. Considering her thin body frame, which a plastic surgeon ignored, planted a little too bigger breast implants in her. Another failure, just because the surgeon thought she’s an actress and model and got to have a bigger breasts to boast about! Failed miserably, she didn’t liked the work done.

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After having failed at two breast augmentation procedure, she decided to give it another try, luckily breast implants surgery favored her. Result came out just fine, a breast size nor too big, neither too small. Breast implants that fit her frame well and didn’t stand out much. (Andie MacDowell plastic surgery)

Breast Implants (boob job)

Having big boobs had already been a dream for many women. They thought that it made their appearance sexier and hot. Of course it made their confidence much higher than before. Denise Richards had revealed that she got not only one boob job. She even did 3 times. the earlier 2 procedures in 1991 and 1997 didn’t make her satisfied. The boob job was not done well. Denise told that, at the time, she was in  a hurry and didn’t do some research for the plastic surgeon. As the result the plastic surgeon didn’t do the best.

Therefore, she finally did the third breast implants. The last breast implants was done successfully. The size of her breast looked much bigger and rounder.

When she was asked about the third breast implants, Denise claimed that she felt great after having the procedure, She looked much sexier.

Dr. John Di Saia  responded positively. He agreed that choosing a good plastic surgeon was very important to get the best result. In this case much communication will give the patient more information about the good thing or even the risk of plastic surgery they do.
Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

How was the face? Denise Richards  is not young anymore, but her appearance still looks tight. This could be the result of botox injection. Further, she might also got some fillers injection on her lips and some other area on the face.

Botox and Fillers Injection

This sign of procedure was possibly done by Denise. As you know that she is getting older and will reach 50. But her appearance still looked tight without wrinkles or lines on her forehead. The wrinkles problem might have been solved with regular botox injection.

And the sign of fillers injection was seen from the shape of her lips. It appeared with fuller shape. Kins of fillers like juvederm and restylane might have been injected in this area.

Commenting about the fillers and botox, Dr. Jennifer Walden also gave an agreement.  She saw that Denise’ tight look was caused by the botox in the forehead and the brow area. She also believed that her lips got fillers injection as well. What do you think of it guys? Did she get the better look right now?