Monday, May 5, 2014

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Eyelid, Botox Injections and Facelift

The public suspicion toward the possibilities for Robert Redford to have plastic surgery is noticed by some people when they found him with youthful and fresh appearance whereas his age has crossed 78 years old. His face still looks so smooth and tight hence we guess that he might have got some facial surgery procedures like facelift combined with Botox injection or others. We could say so because it is almost impossible for other 78 years old men to have smooth and fresh face appearance if they do not have some surgical procedures done on their face.

Has Robert Redford had plastic surgery?

What happened to Robert Redford the heart throb of the eighties and what about the possibility of him having cosmetic surgery?

Born in 1936 ,Robert is now 78 years old and many fans are asking whether he had work done on his face or body.  One of the most well known movie stars of the late seventies and early eighties, Robert Redford has since faded out of the limelight to concentrate on other interests.

Robert started out as a baseball star, but lost a scholarship because of drunkenness. He then went on to study art and live the artistic life in Europe and the USA.

He decided to study acting in New York and then got his first staring role in Butch Cassidy and The Sun-Dance Kid. He later went on to play starring roles in The Sting, and The Way We Were.

After completing numerous other films, Redford moved to Utah where he founded the famous Sun-Dance Film Festival and became interested in politics and local government.

Rumors on Robert Redford Plastic Surgery?

Robert Redford is a Hollywood actor who is remembered for his important role in movies such as the String, the Way We Were among others. Today, Redford is interested in politics and his acting career is somehow dwindling.

Rumors on Robert Redford plastic surgery usually revolve around his face. Some individuals believe that he could have had eyelid lift, Botox injections and face lifts. Robert Redford has come out strongly to object the allegations of possible plastic surgeries.

However, if we compare his before and after photos, we notice some physical changes on the actor facial appearance. For example, if you look at his eyes they appear brighter and wider despite his old age. The sagging bag behind his eyes appears to have been removed. Furthermore, there are no wrinkles on the actor’s face which makes him looks younger than his age.

If you compare Robert Redford after and before plastic surgery pictures, you will realize he has no wrinkles. The use of Botox has eliminated the aging signs but has left his face frozen. Rumors suggest that it is possible Robert has had a face lift. This could have been done to rejuvenate the skin so as to give it a young and growing appearance. Facelift has left his facial skin well tighten up.

There is great possibility that Robert Redford has had eyelift. The eyelid surgery has eliminated the sagging skin on the eyes making them to remain wide open and brighter. When you closely look at his recent pictures, you will realize his upper lid has been reduced by removing the skin that was hooding the eye.

Did Robert Redford have Plastic Surgery gone wrong?

Redford did not confirm these rumors and said that he wants to get old gracefully. In as much as he denies it, the evidence is clear from his pictures. He is known as the heartthrob of 80s. He started his career as a baseball player but could not keep up with this because of being drunk most of the time. Redford having was born in Sana Monica an area where they experience a lot of sun shine. The sun can get a toll on any one and reduce one’s youthful look. The Robert Redford plastic surgery has led to a great discussion. This surgery has made him reduce his age by about half. A good number of celebrities go through plastic surgery so as to get a young look. From his pictures, it clearly shows that his face is tightened. He got this by the help of the Botox injection. This is the common method used by most celebrities.

The Robert Redford plait surgery is visible in as much as he is a reluctant to admit it. The evidences are clear on his pictures. Looking at his pictures one can clearly see the difference. His plastic surgery is one of the worst cases. This is because it left him looking a totally different person. His once handsome face has now been damaged because of plastic surgery. He knows this and regrets the decision he made to go to the wrong surgeon. Since then, all he has been trying to do is get his old self back and this has proven futile because it only makes the matters worse. The only solution will be for him to stop undergoing all these surgeries.

What kinds of plastic surgery did he have?

This veteran actor probably had a facelift, botox, fillers, and an eyelid surgery. Like many celebrities, Robert Redford had a facelift to rejuvenate his look by tightening the skin. We can see that his facial skin was tightened nicely. The second procedure removed wrinkles. The wrinkles in his forehead area have been removed with the botox injection. Nowadays, his forehead looks smooth.

And the third is the eyelid surgery. This procedure has made his eyes look more refreshed, especially for someone his age. It’s also been rumored that he may have had cheek injections to look even younger. Overall, he looks like he’s had successful surgeries, although he hasn’t acknowledged them. However his face can’t hide the truth.

The eyelid surgery was possibly, according to some surgeons, attempted to eliminate that hooked look from his eyes. There is no doubt he’s had an eye-lift,’ said Dr Peter Geldner, assistant clinical professor at the University of Illinois, after studying pictures of Redford. ‘The upper lid has been reduced and much of the skin that was hooding the upper lid is gone. The lower lid has also been operated on.’ Looks like the surgery worked, because it has opened up his eyes.

Though the actor hasn’t admitted to any of these procedures, we would say it is a job well done. After all he got be presentable on the screen and a little help from the plastic surgeon does not hurt.

On the other hand, if we look at Robert Redford plastic surgery before and after photos, this senior actor has fresh and wide opened eyes. It does not appear to have excess skins or eyes bag upper or under his eyes. Looking at his latest eyes appearance then synchronized with his actual age, it is almost impossible for him to have such eyes appearance if he did not get surgery procedures like eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). So we strongly believe if he has indeed been under plastic surgeon’s knife for his youthful appearance.

However, when this senior actor was questioned dealing with his plastic surgery rumor, Robert Redford denied if his youthful appearance was obtained through cosmetic surgery. He ensured that everything on his face was still natural and it had not been touched up by the surgeon’s knife. Well, whatever he had told and done to his appearance, we think that Robert obviously still looks so wonderful and great in his old age. However if Robert Redford plastic surgery rumor is true, we think that that is very good job that gives him amazing result.

What do you think of Robert Redford’s youthful appearance? Does he look like to have some works done on his face? Feel free to share your comments here..!