Saturday, May 24, 2014

Alyssa Milano Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Breast Implants, Nose Job Before and After Photos

Alyssa Milano Boob Job Photos

Alyssa Jayne Milano is best known as an American singer, producer and actress. She was born on December 19, 1972 and got the fame when she had role as Samantha Micelle on Who’s the Boss sitcom. Now, the beautiful sensual actress becoming a host on the third season of Lifetime’s Project Runaway: all stars is rumored having plastic surgery. She looks so pretty with beautiful face and great body shape like young girl. Although she has been forties’ right now, her stunning appearance still makes people adore her. So, that is no wonder if there are many people say that she has some works done to maintain her appearance.

Alyssa Milano is not a name to forget easily when you have gotten acquainted with the lady behind it. Alyssa first bewitched the world while starring in Charmed and ever since then people’s eyes have been on her. And while a lot of time has passed, her beauty appears to remain at the same level. Is she still the same though? Does she actually look the same as she did back when she starred in Charmed? Read on and find out more.
Alyssa Milano is known for the fact that she changes her hairstyle quite frequently and that her hair color has gone from blond to black and from red to a lot of other shades of hair color. While she does not necessarily deny this (it would be impossible to!), one thing she has never acknowledged publicly is related to the plastic surgeries she may have undergone. Secret or not, if you take a look at the before and after pictures, you will notice that there is more than just her hair that has changed and that it is not just growing up (or old), but something else a swell.

One of the plastic surgeries Alyssa Milano has been “accused” of is something related to her chin and to her jawbone. Apparently, if you take a look at the pictures, you will realize the fact that her jawbone and chin do actually look quite differently. In the pictures taken nowadays, it all looks a bit more masculine and although it may be the short hair’s fault as well, it appears that her entire physiognomy has changes.

Alyssa was clearly beautiful before and she continues to be beautiful. But some criticize the fact that by going under the knife she lost that one special trait that made her different from all the other beauties. Furthermore, she is also criticized for having went under the knife for a breast implant as well. Again, checking the before and after picture is quite revealing in this matter: you can obviously see that the size and shape of her breasts looks different now.Why Alyssa may have felt that she needs plastic surgery, most people cannot know. Since she was already considered to be extremely attractive and incredibly beautiful, it is almost impossible to believe that she may have wanted changed something about the way she looks. However, the pictures speak for the truth.

Some people may disbelieve it, but most of them can believe easily after they look at and compare Alyssa Milano before after photos. People believe that she has gone under the knife to advance her career. So, she decides to have breast implants to make her bust fuller and rounder than before. It is not like other many celebrities who always hide their surgery procedures, but Alyssaopenly shares and admits that she has got breast augmentation in front of public. She desires to have rounder and larger cup size because sexy and beautiful appearance becomes her assets as a famous actress. So, it is no wonder if her new cup size now looks fuller, tighter, and larger than she used to in the past.

As it was reported by many celebrity magazines, she openly told that she was unhappy with the size of her breasts because they were too small. Thus, to boost her confident, she went to a plastic surgeon and did some implants to increase her cup size. Some people think that she has applied a successful surgery without any imperfectness. Her breasts really look not overdone but it looks natural. Therefore in her 40-year-old-age she can still look attractive and stunning. Her fans also say that she has had a right choice to improve and enhance her performance so that it makes them still adore her appearance and her talent.