Saturday, May 10, 2014

Abbey Clancy Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Botox Injections Pictures

Abbey Clancy looks like a completely different person after plastic surgery.  She overdid the Botox injections on her face which resulted in a super plastic look.  Notice how shiny and almost stiff / cold her cheeks and forehead look.  Also, she had Restylane lip implants.

Abbey Clancy shows off new ‘trout pout’ as she sports fuller lips

Peter Crouch’s wife Abbey Clancy appears to be the latest celebrity to have opted for lip enhancement treatment after stepping out with a fuller set that would make Angelina Jolie jealous.

The 25-year-old model appeared to display newly plumped-up lips as she pouted away at a special WAG’s Christmas lunch in Manchester thrown by fashion designer Phillip Armstrong.

Abbey looked her usual glamorous self in an on-trend black dress with white star print and her golden locks groomed to perfection, but it was her lips that drew all of the attention.

They have also caused a storm on Twitter with users taking to the social-networking to site to share their surprise at her new image, describing her as having a ‘trout pout’.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Looks like Abbey Clancy has got that stupid big pouting lip thing celebs get. She was hot – now daft with those lips,’ while  another added: ‘What has Abbey Clancy done to her lips?!?! #TroutPout.’And another tweeter added: ‘Does anyone else think Abbey Clancy’s turning into Katie Price?’.

But the leggy blonde’s apparent new lips come as a celeb craze of usingpurified bee venom to make the lip area seem fuller hits headlines.

According to reports, a new product which ‘fools’ the lips into thinking it has been stung has been a huge hit.

Abbey Clancy Denies Plastic Surgery Claims

Abbey tells UK’s now magazine, that in fact, she says that she is all natural and hasn’t had any plastic surgery.

I wish me boobs were big enough to get a boob reduction.

“Bloody hell. I haven’t had a boob job, I haven’t had veneers, I haven’t had Botox.”

While she hasn’t had a breast reduction, Abbey acknowledges that pregnancy did have an effect on her body. Abbey is the mother of a 3-year old, Sophia, with her soccer star husband, Peter Crouch.

My body changed,” Abbey says.

I lost my bust.

In the past, gossip magazines noted that Abbey had transformed from her fresh faced 18 year old model beauty into a frozen faced footballer wife. However, most likely it was the result of aging and no longer being 18 that made Abbey appear differently. If she was frozen faced, then it is possible that Abbey had tried Botox injections, perhaps to make herself appear to be more mature. It is important to note that Botox injections are only temporary if not done on a routine basis, so it is possible that Abbey was using Botox at the time that the claims were made, but that the Strictly Come Dancing star has since stopped using the injectable and so the results have worn off and that she is once again natural.

A few years back, Abbey Clancy also appeared to have very full lips, which were thought to be the results of lip augmentations. Again, as lip injections can be temporary when a filler like Juvederm is used, it is possible that Abbey tried the filler in the past but has since stopped using it and returned to her own natural lip shape. It is also possible that a shiny gloss or temporary superficial lip plumper was used by Abbey or her makeup artist, giving the appearance of having had some kind of plastic surgery lip augmentation.

Back in those days, Abbey did look to have been filling out her bikini tops a little more, but she never had such a full bust that she would have been a likely candidate to suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain, which is why many busty women opt to have a breast reduction breast procedure.

Recently, Abbey’s fellow soccer star wife, Victoria Beckham, admitted to downsizing her breast implants—although to be fair, she had never openly stated that she had breast implants in the first place. Earlier in her career, post-Spice Girl and pre fashion designer, Victoria Beckham was frequently at the center of plastic surgery controversy as she looked to have had obvious breast implants. She removed them just a few years ago, but only acknowledged their past existence and subsequent removal recently.