Sunday, May 11, 2014

Did Adriana Lima have Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Botox Injections and Breast Implants

Adriana Lima, is estimated to have gotten a nose job, breast implants, lip injections, botox injections and even a chin implant!

Adriana Lima plastic surgery if you want to make the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world list. Adriana Lima has put her first step into celebrity world by being Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000. Not only named as the most beautiful and sexiest model, Adriana Lima also the highest paid model in the world.

But her perfect and amazing looks make people wondering, is her beauty real, or fake as the result of plastic surgery? With the amount of money she has, doing the best treatment for beauty enhancement is super light matter.

Adriana Lima herself denies the rumor she has plastic surgery for beauty enhancement. But many people say she looks good because the combination of good genes and plastic surgery. She was rumored conducted plastic surgery especially for breast implant, lip enhancement, botox and nose job procedures.

As most of models she started at a very young age and it is hard to tell whether or not she got breast implants or her breast just naturally grow when time came, anyhow we think that the size is proportional to her body, sometimes enhanced by push up bras, but using a bikini they stay too "up" so projected and round that they make it hard to believe that they are just natural.
 On her face we don't see any sign of plastic surgery, she is still young to say that she could go for any major plastic surgery procedure and her features haven't change over the years, even her lips were full when she was just starting, what we can say for sure is that she do have a great make up artist!

Let’s start with the hottest Brazilian babe of all time Ms. Adriana Lima, the epitome of what every woman strives to be a total sex goddess. I do not know if anything could make us resent her any less, however it appears as though those gorgeous curves aren’t entirely natural. Lima has undergone a breast augmentation during her career, and we think they look amazing! It appears as though her gorgeous face is all natural though, at least for now.

Are you looking for information on adriana lima plastic surgery? Actually, the aim of any cosmetic surgery is to make one’s facial proportions match the requirements of the so known as golden section. For example, you would possibly want to make your nose narrower so that the width of the nose base is the same as the distance between the eyes. The nearer your face is to the golden part standards the extra appealing you look. JW used to ignore these guidelines, and in consequence, she started to appear to be a mutant.

What kinds of plastic surgery Adriana Lima Has done?

Breast Implant

As a top model, it’s easy to find pictures that draw her body changes, including her breasts. It’s easy to notice that her breast has changed both in its size and shape. Her breast is getting bigger and tougher than before. Adriana Lima used to have small breast that left the space on her chest.

But by the time passed the empty space on her chest area is reduced, replaced by her big breasts. Yes, today you can see how big and full her breasts are. Gaining some weight is cliché reason that delivered by Adriana Lima regarding to the rumor she got breast implant procedure.
Lip Enhancement
See by yourself how thick and plump her today’s lips are. It’s not bitten by snake, it’s a lip enhancement of course. Small and thin lips she had now changed to the contrary. She gets the trout pout lips now, which give her a sexy and weird lips appearance at the same time.

Botox Injections

To keep her skin elasticity, Adriana Lima also rumored has put herself under the needle for botox. She is 32 years old now and of course we can’t call Adriana Lima is still young, the aging signs started to appear on her face. Botox helps Adriana Lima to prevent aging signs like wrinkles and frown that would appear on her forehead. That’s why she got an elevated and bit lifted forehead. It also looks so smooth and unblemished.

Botox may give tuned and tight facial skin for Adriana Lima. She took small doses only because she looks fine and doesn’t give a stiff expression.

Nose Job(Rhinoplasty)

According to some rumors, Adriana Lima also supposed having rhinoplasty procedure. But the rhinoplasty seems the minor procedure one. It’s likely the rhinoplasty helps her to get pointed nose and make the size looks tinier or slimmer.