Friday, August 8, 2014

Has Billy Crystal had Plastic Surgery Botox Injections, Facelift Before and After Photos

In detail, Crystal's eyes, cheeks and lips looked suspiciously puffy. His cheekbones were abnormally large and his forehead was unnaturally smooth without any laugh lines. On the other hand, he sported a sagging neck and jaw line!

It is obvious that Crystal had a botched facelift on his cheeks and eyes while the botox smoothed out almost all visible lines.

Plastic surgeon experts speculate that Billy Crystal had the following plastic surgery procedures: dermal fillers or fat grafting, facelift, eye lift and botox injections.

The website Plastic Celebrity said: "The allegations suggest Mr. Crystal has undergone a minor facelift, an eye lift and facial fillers, however we strongly believe the culprit in his ever changing appearance is directly attributed to weight gain, which has altered the definition and shape of his face. The eyelids look a bit heavy and his cheeks are more pudgy due to a few extra pounds."

"I think overall Billy Crystal looks pretty good from these pictures," was quoted as saying Dr. Douglas Hendricks, a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, who nevertheless has some suggestions for him. "He has been able to stave off anyone trying to change the features that make him recognizable as Billy Crystal. I would take special precautions to avoid altering that."

"I suspect he's had a little help from a plastic surgeon, specifically with laser skin tightening treatments," Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated Crystal, revealed to "Billy may have undergone some injections of filler like Restylane to smooth out some lines, as well."

To Dr. Terry Dubrow, Billy Crystal's look represents an issue often seen in plastic surgery: "A mismatch," the Newport Beach plastic surgeon stated.

Dr. Christopher Zachary, chairman of the Department of Dermatology at University of Califoria, Irvine, claimed: "The only positive thing that can be said about this awful facelift is that Billy Crystal's humor will likely transcend it."

Dr. Vincent Afsahi, a cosmetic dermatologist in Newport Beach and Tustin and a clinical assistant professor at University of Southern California, put it this way: "My advice to Billy Crystal: No more surgery. The goal is to look natural."

Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California revealed: "Billy Crystal does look a bit different, and part of this is due to the normal aging process. He has put on a little weight, as there is some extra fat in his neck area. This can change an individual's appearance significantly. He also may have had a facelift at some point. Overall, any work that was performed was conservative."

Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer was quoted as saying: "Based on the images, Billy Crystal looks to have plumper cheeks which could be from dermal fillers or fat grafting. He also has a smoother forehead, likely due to Botox. If he is looking for any more surgery, he might want to consider a lower facelift for neck lift."

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer stated: "It looks like Billy Crystal's lower face has lost its definition and shape. This happens as people age loosing elasticity in their skin. Also, a little extra weight in his face is adding to his sagging look . A Neck Rejuvenation procedure could correct all that."

Conclusion: It is clear that Billy Crystal has gone a bit over the top with plastic surgery as his procedures resulted in the reduction of most aging signs and that doesn't make him seem normal looking for a man his age.

Did Billy Crystal Have Imperfect Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Billy Crystal name became more popular when he was elected to be the host of Academy Awards for nine times. This 65 years old actor has been playing in many films before his name became popular through Academy Awards. One of his best known films is City Slickers in which he played as Mitch Robbins who led him achieved American Comedy Award for funniest actor category. The more he became host, the more he became paid attention by public. And the latest news addressed to him is dealing with his significant look change which was considered as the result of plastic surgery. How well did Billy Crystal plastic surgery look?

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before and After

Billy Crystal was seemingly born to make us laugh for each the films that he was involved in it. But her brilliant joke was spotted by the rolling gossips that he had too much cosmetic procedure on the parts of his body which made his old appearance was look likely inelegant. Based on before and after pictures, Billy face looks to experience some fillers including Botox, Perlane or fat graft on his cheek so that his forehead did not reflect the aging signs, wrinkles. However some believed that his physically change was caused naturally aged process moreover he had weight gain.

When Billy plastic surgery rumors were confirmed to Paul S. Nassif, he said that he did look more different than he used to, he has undergone some fillers injection which can be seen throughout the remaining fat on his neck.  And after having looked and compared Crystal pictures, he confirmed that Crystal had facelift on the curtain spot which made his effort as though the conservative jobs. He also recommended him if he really would have additional procedures to perfect the previous surgery, he may need some treatments on his face including facelift or neck lift which revealed the hanged down fat.

On the other hand, Dr Manhattan David Shafer assessed that Billy apparently has fat cheek which was as if the result of dermal injection or fat grafting. His forehead seems to be smoother as well in which Botox as though worked well on his forehead. He also recommended that he should see the surgeon and have his remaining fat on his neck area to be a bit lifted. Agreed to Dr Shafer, Dr Michael Salzhauer told that Billy Crystal face was likely loosing its definition and construction which were usually caused by the reduction of skins elasticity. Moreover he seems to have some filler on his face more made his face unwell defined. And the best way to make it better is through having lifted up the neck procedures.

The last but not least, although Billy has been charged of having some procedures including facelift, cheek implants, facial fillers, Botox, and recommended necklift, he still looks funny. It is not because of his imperfect cosmetic procedures but his jokes still imprint in our mind. What do you think about his face change? Did he really have imperfect procedures?