Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rumors Billy Joel Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants before and After

Billy Joel daughter plastic surgery has become an issue to everybody.  Rumours are spreading that Billy Joel daughter plastic surgery has work done on her face as well as breast implants.

Billy Joel daughter plastic surgery his ex-wife Christie Brinkley claims their daughter has gone plastic surgery to transform her looks and insists she’s irritated of her child having to deal with critics cruel comments.

Billy Joel’s daughter recently showed up at New York Fashion Week looking radiant. That’s why rumours have spread that Billy Joel daughter plastic surgery.
The day after that, she hit the Project Runway show as well as Charlotte Ronson's Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Presentation. On Saturday, she broke out a black fur coat for the Herve Leger by Max Azria event and she rounded out the weekend with an appearance at the Custo Barcelona show on Sunday.

Billy Joel daughter plastic surgery was not true according to her mother. Alexa Ray Joel talked to People magazine that she’s undergone nose job. She felt really good and happy about her new nose. But she denied of having breast implants.
The reason she had gone nose surgery because she was self-conscious of pictures taken from the side. The 27-year old said “To some people that’s vain, but at the end of the day, we all want to feel pretty.”
She planned having a nose job a long time ago. Her nose always bothered her lot that’s why he decided to have a nose job.

Meanwhile, her mom Christie Brinkley defends her daughters against bashers.   The actress said 'My daughter Alexis, we call a late bloomer and she has blossomed so stunningly.'

She also spoke about her daughter to rubbish rumours she has had a boob job. She said 'She's totally natural, look at her.' Her daughter curves are all natural.
She added on an interview 'First of all, I think my ex-husband and my daughter are beautiful, talented, wonderful, and it really hurt to see the nasty criticism, the nasty writing, it hurts.'
She explained: 'My daughter is the most honest, open, sensitive and beautiful person and she had a little tweak of her nose, she had a rhinoplasty which she felt she wanted to tell everybody because she wanted other people to feel comfortable if they made that decision for themselves and she did. That's the only thing she's every done.'

Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel married from 1985 to 1994. Billy Joel daughter plastic surgery has been very open about her nose job.
Alexa Ray Joel is an American singer, songwriter and pianist. She is the daughter and only child of singer-songwriter Billy Joel and super model Christie Brinkley.

It is quite obvious that Alexa has inherited her mother’s beauty while her talent all of Billy Joel.

Why bother questioning the beauty of Alexa? Can’t you see? She is beautiful and gorgeous with or without a nose job.

Billy Joel daughter plastic surgery who cares? It’s her life. Billy Joel daughter plastic surgery has money to have a surgery on her nose.

For me, I don’t care if the person had gone plastic surgery. Well, at some point we will be wondering why they have to do so. Why aren’t they contented of what god given to them. But I realized they have lots of money. That’s the best that money can buy.

I must say that her surgeon did an awesome job. She was stunningly beautiful. I’ve seen her photo before well she still beautiful I don’t know why she came up to the point that she had done nose job. Of course not contented and she has her reason. She has the right and she has all the money.

About her breast implants, I think that was false alarm. If you can see she used a good push-up bra. Just saying!

Her new nose makes her happy so that’s her own business. There is no issue at all. What people do or do not it’s their own business.
She seems grown up to me. I don't know why she would even owe anyone an explanation about her plastic surgery. She looks good before and now.
She is talented. She has nice voice and songs. She deserves it. Alexa has a deep soul behind those beautiful eyes.
Pop legend Billy Joel has reportedly hired a bodyguard to protect his daughter from a woman who allegedly stalked her for months and wrote her frightening messages on Facebook.

Billy Joel, whose many hit songs include “Just the Way You Are,”  hired a private security firm to find the woman, the New York Post reported this weekend. The security firm was reportedly recommended to Joel by Beatles superstar Paul McCartney.

The alleged stalker, 40-year-old Sheryl Finley, was found naked in the woods in Minnesota in January, the Post also reported, adding that Finley was charged with stalking Alexa Ray Joel, 27, the daughter of Joel and his ex-wife, supermodel Christie Brinkley.

Finley, who had reportedly spent months in a mental institution in 2010, reportedly wrote more than 60 messages through Facebook, some of which involved pedophilia, sadistic-sexual behavior, violent physical assaults and murder, the Post said, citing court records

Mothers and daughters opting for plastic surgery in Jacksonville and across the nation is on the rise. Hundreds of plastic surgeons in Jacksonville and elsewhere report seeing more mothers and daughters coming in to discuss “plastic surgery duets.” We see it among everyday patients as well as the celebrity set. Just last month, former supermodel Christie Brinkley reportedly underwent a facelift while daughter with musician Billy Joel, Alexa Joel, had a rhinoplasty procedure. Last year, Lynne Curtin and daughter Raquel of The Real Housewives of Orange County made their set of plastic surgery procedures a family affair. Some even come in threes – after all, being a grandmother ain’t what it used to be.

Mothers and daughters increasingly are opting for plastic surgery "duets."

In discussing reasons for plastic surgery, Jacksonville mothers and daughters (and sometimes sons and fathers) often bemoan shared facial features, such as the “family nose” and a tendency toward the same droop of the eyelids or cheeks. Less-than-perfect hereditary traits can be a source of angst for multiple members of a family, and many plastic surgeons in Jacksonville and beyond are seeing correcting these traits become a family effort.

Sometimes, the mix is a trio. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters come in for plastic surgery procedures either together or in quick succession. Family-centric events such as weddings often spur the move, and mothers typically lead the way. The mother of the bride comes in for a facelift, forehead lift or dermal filler in an effort to look a little more radiant for the occasion, and inspires the bride to get a pre-wedding touch up of her own. Grandmothers are in the mix as well. After all, today’s grandmothers are far more active and live healthier, more youthful lifestyles than do generations of grandmothers prior. Today’s grandmother is more likely to rock a stair climber at the gym than ride a rocking chair at the local senior citizens center. They want their looks to match their energy and lifestyles.

At Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, Jacksonville patients get a thorough consultation before entering into any procedure. We think that mother/daughter visits can be great because going through a procedure together lends a strong sense of support. Family members can relate to one another throughout the entire process and enjoy the camaraderie of healing together. However, it is important to understand that plastic surgery must be an individual decision and undertaking. Age and other individual factors are at play despite common genes and a mother’s experience with plastic surgery may be very different from that of her daughter’s.

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