Friday, August 22, 2014

Has Bret Michaels Plastic Surgery Before and After Before and After Images

Did Bret Michaels’ Ex-Fiancee Kristi Gibson Have Plastic Surgery?

Poison rocker Bret Michaels plastic surgery famously revealed he didn’t really need to find love after a couple of seasons of his reality dating show didn’t find him a soulmate. Instead, he turned to the mother of his children, Kristi Gibson, for a life partner. Alas that has reportedly come to an end even before it started—but the couple did have plastic surgery, if nothing else, in common.

When you have a bandana permanently attached to your head and you also have your own reality dating show where you’re the prize, plastic surgery probably isn’t something you’re worried will make you look stupid. So is that what Bret Michaels did? Rumors abound that the Poison front man and reality star had surgery to make his stomach look more defined (either liposuction, or abdominal etching, where the muscles are sculpted to look more defined than they are. The next question is has Brett Michaels had plastic surgery on his face? The short answer is yes. He’s either had a facelift, or possible fat injections at various spots (brow, cheeks etc.), and to be honest, this rumor seems true, as Bret looks very different, and sort of swollen when compared to his younger days. Brett was also in a pretty bad car accident many years ago so that also could have been when he had his first cosmetic procedures.  However, his stomach seems to be natural. It looks more like he takes care of himself and eats healthy (being a diabetic, he has to), than that he had any surgery. So as with many stars, Bret Michaels probably had plastic surgery, just not as much as you’d think.

Kristi Gibson and 49-year old Bret Michaels have had an on again off again relationship for 16 years. But after two kids, they were finally going to tie the knot. Now it seems that the engagement has been called off, but not before the two had plastic surgery.

Bret famously revealed his hair extensions under his signature bandana and he is also suspected of having had Botox injections and liposuction as well (See Make Me Heal’s story on Bret Michael’s plastic surgery).

For her part, Kristi looks like she would have easily fit in with the girls on The Rock of Love Bus, with her obviously oversized breast implants and she likely also overdoes Botox, given her super smooth and shiny complexion and possible Juvederm injections in the lips.

And it is due to a car accident Bret had in 1994, he was seriously injured, including fractures on her face, after which he got his nose and jawline done to reduce the fractures.  Many people speculates that he has some huge scar on his forehead and that’s why he almost always appears publicly with his bandanna, but we found some pictures without it and we couldn’t see any scar, it could be cover with make up or he just doesn’t have any, anyhow he was using those bandanas for a long time before the accident.  The other reason they say he uses it is because he wears a wig.

We see that his lips look thinner than before, but we don’t think he did anything in purpose for them to change, it can be a normal aging process in some people and it could be affected by his accident and the plastic surgery that he got after it.  That’s what we see for the moment on him, maybe he will start getting botox injections as many celebrities do and who knows even a face lift.