Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Nose Jobs

The Most Expensive Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Disasters

Plastic surgery and Botox has become more and more popular in recent years for the public. However, celebrities have been famed for going under the knife for years and years. Some dabble in cosmetic surgery every so often just to lose a couple of years, however, for some it can become a dangerous addiction that has resulted in some of our favourite celebrities losing not just their looks but a small mountain of cash as well.
pete burns bad plastic surgeryPete Burns, 80’s frontman of Dead or Alive famed for their anthem ‘You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)’ and more recently for his surgery riddled face, which at one time was close to falling off completely. Pete, 51, has had numerous face lifts and other surgeries along with chemical peels and Botox, and the threat of having his lips amputated due to infection to lip enhancement treatment, has certainly not deterred him from further surgery. The surgery started in 1980 with a nose job that ended up looking crooked and even prevented Pete from wearing glasses. Burns became obsessed with surgery and in 2004 and after months of abuse and botched surgery ended up with an infection that left his lips swollen to 18 inches. After a lengthy court battle he won over half a million in a court settlement but the financial cost of the surgery is unknown. With Botox prices being over $400 per appointment, one can only imagine the total amount he’s thrown at trying to hold back the years tied to the intense emotional cost of years of surgery. As a result of the years of stress, botched surgery and media pressure Pete has been left housebound due to his fragile physical state.

tara palmer tomkinson bad plastic surgeryBritish ‘It girl’ and friend to the royal family Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was well known for her addiction to cocaine in her younger years, and as recent pictures in the tabloids show, this, along with intense plastic surgery caused terrible structural damage to her nose. In 2006, Tara paid $9500 to have her nose rebuilt using cartilage from her ear. However, the nose job ended up so looking squashed and fragile the 39 year old used Harley Street Medical Practice to fix her nose, at a cost of $800. Although Tara’s nose looks passable (in a Jacko kind of way) at the moment, this quick fix is far from permanent and as a result she will require various other reconstructive procedures throughout her life to keep her nose from caving in completely.

janice dikinson bad plastic surgeryJanice Dickenson, once labelled as ‘the first supermodel’ soon shot to stardom after bedding the rich a famous as well as appearing on TV programmes such as “The Tyra Banks Show” and “America’s Next Top Model”. However, after a number of surgeries such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, neck and face lifts, liposuction and Botox, Janice, 53, admitted to having a plastic surgery addiction, recently revealing she flies to Dallas every six months for Botox injections and has spent close to $200,000 on surgery. Recently Janice paraded her cosmetically tweaked body in front of the world through Twitter and showed off her seemingly ageless ‘beauty’ to a world that screamed back.

It is clear to see that what can start at a few harmless ‘tweaks’ to a body mixed with a dash of stupidity and an seemingly endless mound of cash can result in dangerous addiction and turn a once blossoming fresh-faced star in to surgery obsessed, age-dodging horror show. Hopefully with the help of rehab clinics, these and similar celebrities can spend less time trying to fix the physical imperfections that they believe are ruling their lives and look at the more deep-seated issues that no amount of Botox and lip fillers can cover.
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Nose, Plastic Surgery, & Drugs

It's widely known that Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is an ex-drug addict. That's what led her to get her collapsed nose fix with plastic surgery. The operation rebuilt her septum to give it support and improve breathing. She most likely got a septal fissure which is a hole in the middle of the septum. Here she is before and after her nose job.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Reveals Nose Job

Since before the royal wedding back in April, friend to Prince Charles Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has been bemoaning the state of her schnoz, which was wrecked by her drug use. Now it seems that Tara has finally gotten the nose job she has long been wanting.

39-year-old socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has been open with the press about how unhappy she was about her nose, which was deformed from drug use and a failed nose job (See Make Me Heal’s story on Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s Nose Job). Before the royal wedding, Tara even got fillers injected into her nose so that it would temporarily look good for the big day.
Now it seems that Tara has gone under the knife for a more permanent solution to her problem.

She explained, “When I first had my nose rebuilt in 2006, I only had three of the 12 aftercare sessions that I was meant to have. Stupidly I started to play around with fillers.”
“In the first operation, they used cartilage from the ear to rebuild my nose which is quite delicate. Since then, I’ve had a series of breakages and fragmentations, and it became misshapen.”