Friday, May 3, 2013

Tom Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelid and Botox, Nose job

Tom Jones’ plastic surgeon has cut him off

Tom Jones, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth last week, has said that his plastic surgeon has told him not to get any more work done.
SIR Tom Jones’s face will collapse if he goes under the knife again, his plastic surgeon has warned him.

“He advised me against having anything else done,” reveals Sir Tom, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror…

“He told me: ‘Your eyes will be bloody popping.’ He said I should try to look as natural as I can.”

He pulls down his bottom eyelids, revealing how he will look if he succumbs to the surgeon’s steel again…

“I’ve had some nips and tucks,” he admits, with a laugh. But now, even with the health warning of one of America’s top cosmetic surgeons, he’s not convinced he can resist another op or bout of Botox. “I don’t know,” he muses. “It depends on what I think needs doing.”

Jones, 65, also admits to dyeing his jet-black hair and beard, and has a 48 year-old son with shock-white hair.

Jones does all his own moves on stage and works out on a cross trainer an hour a day to stay in shape. He says he loves performing, gets bored if he takes time off, and has no plans to stop.

People speculated that Jones’ 49 year-marriage to Linda Woodward was in trouble when he showed up solo for his knighting ceremony. Jones said that his wife doesn’t fly after 9/11 and seems to reveal that he has a non-traditional relationship: “Neither of us felt strong enough to walk away from the marriage… There’s no need and it works for us and everything’s cool.”

Jones has a new album, Stoned in Love with DJ Chicane, that is quite catchy and will be out later this month. You can listen to the title track online. (Scroll 3/4 down the page.) It’s sure to be a hit.

Tom Jones grew goatee to disguise plastic surgery scars

Poor old Tom Jones. Despite years of plastic surgery he still has a face that doesn't just look lived in, it looks like it's been terrorised by squatters for years. He has admitted to spending a ridiculous amount on plastic surgery to keep those incredible good looks, though he might have been better off going to the DFS sale and having a couple of sofas grafted onto his leathery old head.

For the last few years the singer has sported a badly-dyed goatee beard covering the lower half of that face like a brick-strewn allotment, which he now admits was grown to cover various scars from surgical procedures.

"My nose, that was straightened. Then, with the eyes, they took the heaviness out of the lids."

Unfortunately, Tom was unable to grow hair over these areas so he settled for a liberal coating of Cuprinol, hoping that the fact he couldn't blink would draw attention away from the nose. To be honest, I hadn't noticed the nose job so the eternally staring eyes are working. The chin area however is another story.

"I had the fat removed from under my chin. That's why I wear the goatee because it covers the scar. If I went for laser treatment, I could get rid of it, but I thought, fuck it, I'll wear a goatee."

He's not really wearing it, more minding it until the original owner comes out of hibernation. It's actually a relief to find out that it's a goatee. I'd always assumed that Tom's facial hair was the result of too many facelifts bringing his bikini line northwards.