Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Tina Louise was born on February 11, 1934 in New York City. She was a high school student when she realized that she had no middle name with her name and she was the only student in the class who was facing this problem. She talked to her teacher who immediately suggested a name ‘Louise’ for her which she still using. She says she has fallen in love to this name and she can’t erase it from her personality now. The actress is best known for her role as Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. The play aired during 1964 to 1967.

Besides being a good actress, she is also a huge fan of the plastic surgery procedures as well. She has been undergone knife for many times and we can’t say whether she would stop doing that even in future or not. There are lots of plastic surgery reports about the star, including a nose job, chemical peels, jaw reduction and several facelifts. The famous plastic surgeons say that they have found various evidences of different surgeries on her face and the reports which say that she is cosmetic are actually right.

Dr. Paul Nassif says that due to the several facelifts, she has been lost all the charm of her face and now she is nothing than an artificial lady who can never become pure and original. She also uses chemical peels for her wrinkles and lines and is expected to use them even more in future. There are no chances of come back for the old lady.

Tina Louise is an old lady, who was born in New York City, in 1934. There are various cosmetic reports about the lady, where the media sources say that she has had various cosmetic procedures including nose job, facelift, jaw reduction and chemical peels. She is probably best known for her portrayal of Ginger which she performed on ‘Gilligan’s Island’. The show remained airing for three years, from 1954 to 1967. She is said to be a huge fan of the plastic procedures, as the media source say that she is a person who feels no shame talking about the plastic surgeries.

She was a student of high school when she first realized that she had no middle name. This was a thing which made her much worried; she discussed the matter with her teacher, who immediately suggested a name ‘Louise’ for her. She still uses this name as her second name even after passing so many years. She says that she has fallen in love to this name and she has adopted it as her permanent name which she would not erase ever.

The experts say that it is very easy to trace the evidences of surgery on her face, as she has undergone knife for many times. No one can say for sure that when she would stop undergoing these procedures. It seems like she would continue experiencing these procedures till death.  Dr. Paul Nassif has criticized her for her surgeries, as he says that she has ruined the charm of her face and has become a plastic lady. There is no real charm left on her face now.

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Facelift

Tina Louise refused to age gracefully and got scary plastic surgery. Her facelift and Botox have given her a frightening looking face. At a certain point you want to find a healthy balance between aging and looking young. But, if you try and ignore nature by giving yourself an entirely new and unnatural face you will end up looking like this. Tina Louise refused to go the route of subtle plastic surgery, so here she is...