Monday, May 13, 2013

Teresa Giudice Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Breast Implants

Teresa Giudice Talks Plastic Surgery: What Did She Have Done?

As a group, the Real Housewives are pretty partial to plastic surgery, but not all of the ladies are fond of talking about their experiences under the knife.
Thankfully, that’s not so for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, who was very open about the breast augmentation she received several years ago. We watched as Tre toyed with the idea of a boob job on RHoNJ, and she finally went through with it in 2008.

As for why she wanted to enhance her bust, Teresa tells Us Weekly that after nursing three daughters her breasts looked “deflated.” Yikes!

But after getting plastic surgery five years ago — just months before welcoming her fourth daughter, Audriana, — Teresa insists she feels “much sexier.” We bet Juicy Joe doesn’t mind either!

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Teresa Giudice: Plastic Surgery Is No Secret

There’s two things you can do when you get very obvious plastic surgery: you can deny that it happened and essentially call everyone around you an idiot; or you can admit it, own it, and be proud of you new look. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice recently made the right move and proudly spoke about her very obvious breast implants. The surgery, which she even got on an episode of the Bravo program, took her breasts form a very small A-cup, to at least a large C-cup. She says about the surgery’s results, “I did it just for me. My husband still loved me with my little boobies… We were married for nine years when I got them done. He still loved me the way I was… [Now] I feel so much sexier. Way sexier!”. Good for her, really; we here at celebrity plastic surgery aren’t against people going under the knife, we just don’t like when they over-do it or try to hide it. Teresa’s done neither, so more power to her; she looks great. There’s also rumors that she’s had a nose job (rhinoplasty), but we don’t really see it; it looks more like a case of “different make-up, different face” syndrome. You’re on top right now Teresa, but don’t go overboard, or we will be back.
The Real Housewives of New Jersey ladies bared their claws in a recent reunion show, bashing the work their fellow co-stars have had done and finally coming clean about their own plastic surgery procedures. Kathy Wakile was at the center of the RHONJ showdown, confessing to undergoing lip injections to plump up her otherwise ultra-thin lips. That’s not the only cosmetic procedure Kathy has had during the past year though; the 46-year-old also admitted to having a rhinoplasty on New Year’s Eve, although she claims she only did it to remove the bump she had from two broken noses. Apparently she’s not too athletic. Go figure.
Kathy’s lovely co-stars Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita were also present for the reunion show, and had their own fair share of plastic surgery procedures to dish about. Jacqueline admitted to having facial fillers injected at the first hint of her face sagging, while Caroline revealed that she had a tummy tuck at the age of 39. Teresa didn’t exactly confess to getting Botox or facial fillers on her own, but Caroline made sure everyone was aware of Teresa’s plastic surgery, including the boob job she received during season one. In return, Teresa recommended that Caroline do something about her wrinkles, sagginess and “blubber,” considering the fact that she is on TV and all.
Caroline’s daughter, Lauren Manzo, discussed her reasons for undergoing lap band surgery, and gave Teresa a piece of her mind as well, saying that comments like hers are the ones that result in people killing themselves. All in all, the Real Housewives of New Jersey was probably a big hit as far as ratings go, considering the women turned the show into a full-on cat fight and succeeded in perpetuating the horrific stereotypes regarding people from New Jersey. And then there’s the paradox posed by calling these women “real” housewives, when they’ve confessed that their noses, lips, bellies and wrinkle-free faces are far from it. Reality television at its finest, folks.