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Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Facelift

When we are talking about plastic surgery, we usually think about female celebrities, but the truth is that nowadays gender doesn’t really matter because it’s a popular thing for celebrities to get at least little plastic surgery when they start getting older. Having this in mind, there’s nothing strange that people started creating rumors about Steve Martin plastic surgery. As everyone knows, he is a famous Hollywood actor and comedian, best known for his roles in movies “The Pink Panther Two”, “Father of the Bride”, “It’s Complicated” and many others.
Most of the speculations about possible Steve Martin plastic surgery began when actor started getting older. According to plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, Steve Martin might have had little plastic surgery procedures done, but they were very subtle. It is possible that he might have had a face lift and Botox injections to keep his face youthful. Another plastic surgeon Dr. Salzhauer has also expressed his opinion on this subject. He has started that while usually he would recommend Botox for everyone, Steve Martin is an exception. Reason for this is that is is very important that comedy actor would be able to freely show all kinds of different expressions on his face and Botox would probably make this difficult.

Actor himself hasn’t confirmed nor denied any of the rumors about his possible plastic surgery. The only proof to support these rumors are photo comparisons. However, even if we look at them, it is still hard to decide whether the little changes might have happened because of plastic surgery or entirely different reasons. Most of the people who believe that there really has been a Steve Martin plastic surgery are pointing to the pictures which were taken from his movies, which, of course could have been altered with photo editing programs and effects – they are not a reliable source of information. One way or another, Steve Martin looks as handsome as he did before and he doesn’t look like one of the plastic surgery celebrities.
All in all, there is no evidence to confirm any of the Steve Martin plastic surgery rumors. At least for now, it seems that Steve Martin is aging gracefully without any kind of surgical altering and he still looks great. He is a great example which shows that people can look beautiful even when they start getting older and they shouldn’t be ashamed of some wrinkles and lines on their face.

Doing plastic surgery is not always going to Hollywood actresses, but also Hollywood actors. Steve Martin who is famous Hollywood actor or familiar as comedian, is one of them. The rumor is also going to him whom was born on August 14th, 1945, in order to make youthful appearance of her age.

The rumor was begun by doing Botox injection on his face. It is very clear to see on the bundle of his photos that he still has little bit tightly skin on his face. Actually it is also hard to judge whether he did it or not, because most photo of him is provided by the media that are taken from Movies series he has ever played. As we all know that there will be photo editing and filtering before the launching of the movies. Beside, Steve Martin himself denied it by saying that, “It is the best one to be getting old gracefully and no need to felt ashamed with any sign of aging on human appearance.

Did Steve Martin Have Plastic Surgery?
The temptation to looks attractive and young even make this American actor and comedian Steve Martin that was gossiper undergone plastic surgery to keep young and fabulous. Although we cant compared this American comedian and actor who was born August 14, 1945 in Waco, Texas as bed as Carrot Top or Michael Jackson, but sometimes I feel that Steve Martin recent appearance looks bit terrible and weird.

Actually Steve Martin himself never admitted that he has undergone plastic surgery to looks young in his 67 years old, but public even can noticed that the surgeon lancet on the face of men who has gaining some Emmy, Grammy, and American Comedy awards. His face not botched of course, but compared with her previously picture, people must be agreed that Steve Martin face looks much better before. Her recent appearance make people wonder what kind of plastic surgery that make this American actor and comedian face looks bit weird and horrible.

Observing Steve Martin recent appearance, Dr Nassif said it could be he has undergone some procedures of plastic surgery like mid facelift and could possibly rhinopalsty that was combined with the dermal injection. but in this case Dr Nassif said that Steve Martin has his job well so that he looks natural and well refined.

Personally, I think there is something wrong with his face, especially is facial that bit frozen, plumped up and bit stiffed. But well this is just statement from the one who didn’t know much about plastic surgery procedure, so I think Steve Martin have weird appearance here. Miami plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer says that it could be Steve Martin also coupled that mid plastic surgery with dermal injection like botox to male his forehead less wrinkle.
The doctor also said that actually Steve Martin doesn’t need this procedure so as the result his face looks frozen and could be crack anytime if he wasn’t careful with it.

Steve Martin is funny yet with his face that recently looks more weird and odd that was caused by plastic surgery I think he is looks much funnier or even horrible. So its your decide to think whether the plastic surgery for this American actor and comedian Steve Martin  true or not and make him looks good or bad.

Steve Martin plastic surgery – how well did it go?

There have been some rumors about possible Steve Martin plastic surgery. Most of the Hollywood celebrities get these kinds of rumors when they start to get older. Steve Martin is a famous actor and comedian best known for his roles in numerous popular movies. Some of the most popular titles are “Pink Panther Two”, “It’s complicated”, “The Big Year”, “The Jerk” and many others. Some people might not know that Steve Martin is also a pianist, playwright and banjo player. In 2002 he has received a Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance and another one- in 2009 for Best Bluegrass Album. He has also received various awards for his achievements in comedy and movies.

If we want to truly find out the truth about possible Steve Martin plastic surgery, it would be most wise to hear what the plastic surgeons have to say. According to Dr. Salzhauer, Steve Martin may have had some facial fillers or Botox injections, but his looks seem very natural and the actor doesn’t need any surgeries done, because he looks very well as he is now. Steve Martin fans also agree with this opinion and secretly wish that the actor would choose to grow old without any kind of surgical altering of his face. In the same article, Dr. Salzhauer expresses his personal opinion: he would feel

devastated if comedian Steve Martin would choose to get a dramatic cosmetic procedure done to his face. It would ruin the actors’ facial expression that people love seeing in all his movies. Plastic surgeon states that while usually he recommends Botox for most of the older people, Steve Martin in an exception.

There is no way to know for sure if Steve Martin has had any plastic procedures done. During the filming of “It’s Complicated”, actor has stated his opinion on plastic surgeries. He expressed that he doesn’t have anything against it, at least theoretically, if a person doesn’t end up looking unnatural and weird. The actor hasn’t said anything more regarding this subject, so, again, people can only guess. A lot of the speculations about possible Steve Martin plastic surgery started after him showing up in movie “Complicated”.

People speculate, that looking at the photos from that movie, it looks like Steve Martin has used Botox to erase some of the wrinkles. However, this kind of effect can be easily achieved using Photoshop programs.
All facts considered, it looks like there probably hasn’t been any major Steve Martin plastic surgery done. Despite that, it seems that this actor doesn’t need any fixing as everyone already thinks that his natural looks is what makes him look so charming and funny.

Has Steve Martin Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Fans are questioning whether or not Steve Martin has had celebrity surgery. People love his humor. Steve has been successful in all facets of entertaining.

He has performed in movies, on TV and has been a playwright, pianist and banjo player. His genres include slapstick and stand-up comedy, blue grass music and improvisational. He was born in Texas in August 1945. He began his entertainment career working at Disneyland during his teen years. From there, he was catapulted into the entertainment industry in a big way.

He received a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 1978 for Lets Get Small and in 1979 for Wild and Crazy Guy. In 2002, he received a Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance in Foggy Mountain Breakdown and in 2009 for Best Bluegrass Album with his The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo.

He also received An American Comedy Award in the year 2000 for the Lifetime Achievement Award, 2000 Lifetime Achievement. And he received the NYFCC award for Best Actor in his 1984 film All of Me.

His credentials are so long and varied that it is impossible to list all of them here. Even his well known ones are too many to numerate. But some of his more recent ones are It’s Complicated, The Big Year, and Pink Panther Two. And, of course some of the all-time favorites, The Jerk, Roxanne, which he won so many awards for and Father of the Bride Part II.

He’s certainly one of the older candidates (see also Mickey Rourke surgeries and Kenny Rogers before plastic surgery) as much as cosmetic procedures are concerned.  A tad older than Simon Cowell (see Simon Cowell plastic surgery before and after) but certainly looking great for his age.
Steve Martin Cosmetic Surgery – Before and After?

While filming It’s Complicated, Steve Martin said, “I think there’s a cliche of how people look when they have it done. I don’t have anything against it theoretically, if you don’t end up looking weird like a non-person“.

In 2010 Dr. Paul Nassif, facial and reconstructive surgeon is quoted as saying “Steve Martin may have had some facial fillers and botox at one point. He would not benefit from anything else right now, as his look is natural and suits him very well right now“. The Steve Martin ‘before and after’ pictures they used appears to support this evidence. Dr.Salzhauer says in the same article:

“I personally would be devastated if comedian Steve Martin did a dramatic cosmetic procedure to his face. His funniest performances are when he contorts his face and makes facial expressions that only he can do. I usually recommend Botox for everyone, but he is the one person I say should go without. I look forward to seeing his forehead muscles performing new tricks when he does the Oscars.”

It appears that doctors as well as his fans would prefer that their beloved Steve Martin would choose to grow old gracefully. Fans love his distinguished aging profile! And, especially his generous smile that sends us all into belly laughing the minute he begins to talk.