Sunday, June 9, 2013

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift, Browlift and Cheek Fillers

In celebrity world, we can hear various rumors about plastic surgeries. For quite some time people were talking about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery and whether she really had one or not. Suzanne Somers is a famous American actress and writer. Her more known appearances were on TV shows such as „Three‘s company“, and „Step by Step. Having in mind that she‘s in her 60s, it‘s nothing strange that people started speculating about her possible plastic surgeries.

Looking at some of actress‘s photos, we can see that she looks quite youthful for her age. However, many people believe that her appearance doesn‘t look very natural. Even the plastic surgeons agree with this opinion. Dr. Jennifer Walden and Dr. Paul Nassif were asked to share their opinion on possible Suzanne Somers plastic surgery. They have agreed that actress‘s face looks not quite natural. In their opinion, she might have had a face lift, brow lift, cheek and lip fillers and fat grafts. Of course, these are only speculations and shouldn‘t be taken as a fact. Suzanne Somers has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors about her possible plastic surgery. For now on, these opinions of plastic surgeons and photo comparisons are the only proof we can get.

However, we will probably all agree that even if the rumors about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery are true, the results were pretty good and actress looks beautiful for her age. The surgeries, if they really happened, were done in order to maintain her youthful looks without visibly changing her face. When celebrities get such procedures as rhinoplasty, lip augmentation or breast implants, it is quite easy to notice the changes. It is a whole different story when talking about subtle procedures. For example, the fullness in person‘s face can be caused by weight gain. There really is no way to know if there have been plastic surgeries until actress decides to talk about it.

All things considered, we cannot know for sure if the rumors about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery are true but from what we have it seems more likely that she had at least a little procedure done in order to look so youthful. One way or another, she surely is not one of those bad celebrity surgery cases like, for example Mickey Rourke or Michael Jackson plastic surgery. Let‘s hope that it will stay this way and Suzanne Somers will not become one of those „plastic“ looking celebrities who become addicted to plastic surgeries and end up destroying their good looks.

Suzanne Somers on stem cell surgery: "We're not that far away from being able to regrow limbs"

This evening "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomed actress and author Suzanne Somers for an endearing and engaging primetime exclusive.

Well-known for her television roles as Chrissy Snow on "Three's Company" and Carol Lambert on "Step by Step," Somers opened up about her recent bout with breast cancer, detailing her choice to fore-go radiation in favor of alternative treatment:

"They took the fat from my stomach – boo hoo – and, this is in lay speak, in a sophisticated technology like a centrifuge, whipped it around at supersonic speed, and extracted my stem cells, separated them, cleaned them, discarded the weak ones, took the strong stem cells in a small amount of that fat, made it rich with my stem cells and then, again, for lack of a better term, took a turkey baster and injected into this breast, and poof! Wow!"

The face and legs behind the infamous infomercials for Thighmaster, Somers told Piers Morgan that her type of surgery may be the first step in tremendous medical progress:

"It is the blood vessels and the nerve growing," said the 65-year-old Somers. "To me, the ramifications of what this can mean for the future uses of stem cells, I think of our enlisted people and we're not that far away from being able to regrow limbs. I hope this just opens the door a little bit."

Usually people start creating all kinds of plastic surgery rumors when they notice something unusual – a drastic change in person’s appearance or unusually youthful appearance. The rumors about possible Suzanne Somers plastic surgery started to form just recently, when people have noticed how unnaturally youthful she looks even when she is already in her 60s. For those who don’t know, Suzanne Somers is an actress, known for her roles in movies “Step by Step”, “Three’s Company”, “She’s the Sheriff” and others.

Suzanne Somers is also known as a healthy lifestyle guru. She claims that her good looks are a result of healthy diet and regular exercising. When she was younger, people had no problem believing this theory, but now, when actress has reached her 60s, it has become very hard to believe her words. There were a lot of different rumors about possible Suzanne Somers plastic surgery. The list of procedures that she might have had includes rhinoplasty, face lift, brow lift, lip augmentation, cheek fillers and Botox injections. Looking at the photo comparisons, we can see that her face does look very smooth and almost wrinkle-less which doesn’t look very natural for a woman in her 60s.

As mentioned before, Suzanne Somers has denied all the rumors regarding her plastic surgery. However, even plastic surgeons have different opinion on this subject. Famous plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif has been asked to comment on the subject of possible Suzanne Somers plastic surgery. According to him, it seems that she might have had cheek fillers, brow lift and possibly lip fillers. One way or another, we can see that even if she did have some plastic surgery, it wasn’t a case of plastic surgery that went wrong. Suzanne’s face looks natural, just a little younger than it should look in her age. The changes on her face have been very subtle and haven’t drastically changed her appearance.

All things considered, there is a big possibility that at least some of the rumors about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery are true. However, we cannot state it as a fact until it has been confirmed. For now, everyone can decide for themselves – maybe it is her good genes and healthy lifestyle which helped her maintain her youthful appearance. Most of the people believe that she did have at least a little plastic surgery done, but the procedures were done very subtly and are hardly noticeable.