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Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections and Facial Fillers

Steven Tyler is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrument player born on March 26, 1948 in Yonkers, New York. He is known worldwide as the frontman and lead singer of rock band Aerosmith. His perfomance on stage is unique and distinctive – he has a high vocal range and is known for his high screams. Also he has a trademark of his own while performing – his microphone stand has colorful scars hanging off of it. Throughout his career he has had some problems with drugs and alcohol but has managed to overcome them.

Recently, Steven Tyler has gotten the opportunity to be one of the judges on American Idol show. It lasted for a season and Steven already got famous for his crazy comments to contestants.

At 62 years of age he has perfectly un-lined and unwrinkled face so he is the subject of many debates about whether he has done some plastic surgery. Even though there was a time when he denied having any job done, nowadays he admits openly that he had done some cosmetic surgery and that he is a big fan of Botox.

Plastic surgeons claim that Steven looks like he has had Perlane or Radiesse injected into his cheeks to smooth out the hollow under his eyes, and Botox to eliminate wrinkles. Steven likely had other procedures as well – people suspect he’s had some form of laser peel to tone and brighten his skin.

Several plastic surgeons have collected his early-teen photos and photos taken of him throughout the years and made a comparison, but they are not in total agreement concerning what has Steven also changed in his appearance. Some of them claim that he has had more than one facelift and some of them say that his nose appears thinner than before. Even so, they all agree that his lips are natural and have not undergone any plastic surgery procedures.

Although, after his initial plastic surgery the fans were put off by it, Steven Tyler likes his new look and the public seems to slowly accept it.

Before and After Plastic Surgery for Rocker Steven Tyler

Even though he wasn’t kind of good looking guy used to, but I would love to say that rocker Steven Tyler is much and much better before the plastic surgery compared than the after. I know that Steven Tyler is not kind of good looking rocker at his time, but people were really mesmerized and hypnotized with his melodious voice. But when looking at Steven Tyler recent appearance or after plastic surgery was conducted, its likely that he has followed another male rocker who botched their face through plastic surgery. After the plastic surgery Steven Tyler is not much different with Axl Rose or Mick Jagger. This man also accused has too much plastic surgery like facelift, Botox and facial filler. And if you are compared his before and after plastic surgery picture, you must be noticed that this man has gone far with plastic surgery. Steven Tyler seems botched his face after the plastic surgery done and need more recovery to return his face at least like before.

By comparing Steven Tyler before and after picture, it can be guessed that this rocker has put himself under the knife for the facelift procedure. Even though he is kind of a rocker, but Steven Tyler is aware that he is getting older now. Steven Tyler has been 64 years old and like common human being he is starting to aged and gravitational pull his skin being saggy and slacked down. For some people, or whose those compared this rocker facial appearance before and after, they must be notified that this man facial skin is tight, too tight for 64 years old man. His eyebrow arched, the eyes are bit lifted and the lip more elevated too probably from the result of a facelift procedure. When asked for the judge in 2011 American Idol series, some people noticed that this man has conducted plastic surgery for the facelift. Even though for some people he looks bit odd, but a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Paul S. Nassif approved that Steven Tyler has had a facelift done. Disagree with hearsay, the doctor said that he looks much better it the facelift especially when he was sitting as the judge for the reality show American Idol.

Botox and Facial Filler
Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn wrote on his blog regardless his before and after picture. He said that it’s likely that this rocker who rumored has Botox and facial filler are not only an empty rumor. The doctor says that  Steven Tyler probably has too much Botox that make his face looks bit frozen and expressionless. Dr. Anthony Youn explain that actually Botox will work well to minimize the aging signs, but looking at his appearance that looks frozen, stiff and expressionless, its likely that rocker Steven Tyler bit overdo Botox. The doctor also added that Steven Tyler has facial filler called  Perlane or Radiesse or even Juvederm that we injected in some parts of the Steven Tyler face like cheek, chin and lip area. Dr. Anthony Youn said this man is bit overdo the filer too so the result or after plastic surgery gave Steven Tyler feminine expression. Different opinion was delivered by Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer. He said he doesn’t sure that Steven Tyler has conducted plastic surgery or filler injection especially into his lip. According to the doctor by comparing Steven Tyler before and after picture, his lip is naturally bigger. He just needs a little bit procedure to fix his chipped teeth.

When his shirtless picture that was appearing on the internet, it’s likely that Steven Tyler looks thinner compared than before. The skin in his part of the body looks saggy and slacked down. Celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City Dr. David Shafer, guessing this man has laser liposuction especially on his chest and tummy area.

Even though Steven Tyler looks worse after the plastic surgery procedure compared than before, but I still adored his action stage and melodious voice. I hope rocker Steven Tyler soon got plastic surgery recovery at least to return his appearance like before.

Did Steven Tyler Need More Plastic Surgery?

Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler seems to need more plastic surgery to recover his recent look. He is one of celebrity men who addicted to the surgery. Public notices that he had many times surgical procedures that might affect her recent look.

It cannot be denied that willingness to look attractive and perfect is not only desired by women, in some cases, men also had a similar desire about it. We have noticed that there are many men celebrities who have had surgery like Bruce Jenner, Carrot Top, Michael Jackson and many more. Now, when you are watching Steven recent appearance, you might list him within the ranks of celebrity men who allegedly addicted to surgeon knife.

 Steven Victor Tallarico or better known as Steven Tyler is a popular American singer. He might be one of the best front man of a rock band. He was born on March 26th, 1948 in Yonkers, New York.

He is very well known for his attractive action stage and amazing voice that brought Aerosmith into the ranks of great bands with millions fans around the world. Despite he is well known for his amazing voice, he also seems obsessed to have eternal youth. She had many times surgery in the past.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif & Dr. Anthony Youn agree that he might have a facelift, Botox and facial fillers.

Observing his before and after picture, it seems that his face looks plumper & fuller. It indicates he might have a filler injection to his eyes, cheek and also frown lines. We also almost cannot see the aging signs around her face, it might be as the result of good Botox work he has had.