Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Anne Archer Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Jobs and Botox Before and After

Whenever we look at the appearance of Anne Archer, there’s a question that we would like to ask, “how could she keep her face young in her old age?” Anne Archer was born as Hollywood star. Her parents, Marjorie Lord and John Archer were two famous American Hollywood stars.

Looking at her current appearance there are many speculation about the possibility of using plastic surgery. There’s a strong different between her look in the past and her current look. Some rumors told that she might have botox injection, lips plumping and a rhinoplasty too.

Looking young in front of public seems to be every woman expectation in their life, as well as Hollywood celebrities. Most of them will bet everything in order to achieve their dream, look pretty and gorgeous. The latest news reported that Anne Archer had some jobs done to increase her appearance. Did she really have plastic surgery? If she did so, what kinds of surgical procedures did she have?

Anne Archer is best known as an actress who got the fame through Beautiful Screamer television series. Her popularity became more popular when she stared It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia sitcom. Anne plastic surgery rumors were firstly rolling when she was caught by some of her fans appearing with youthful face whereas she has been too old for young face. Thus made some people wonder how she could manage her young appearance in her 60 year-old age.

What kinds of plastic surgery she might have done?

Her skin appears to be much harder and taut, appearing almost unnatural while her smile does not extend to her eyes, which seem almost pulled back to reduce her wrinkles.
Archer’s nose seems more pinched than her earlier pictures, something that was very obvious and noticeable just like Jennifer Aniston’s or Sandra Bullock’s  but probably does not fall into the worst plastic surgery celebrities list which include Anne Archer and Janice Dickinson.

Such criticism is at bay for Archer as she denies surgery and even though her face does look unnatural, she still has a glow about her face and sometimes her eyes seem to relax, giving her a more beautiful look.

Archer is one of the aging actresses in Hollywood and pressure is high with so many young faces showing up in television series.

First, when people look at her forehead, people can guess that, a forehead with no wrinkles seems unnatural. it is too strange if there is no wrinkles appear on the her forehead. She might have Botox injected to her forehead. The second, she also might have a rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty or nose job had made her nose t, it is narrower or more pinched than before. The difference between her past appearance with the current nose looked very obvious.

Her lip is also a bit strange. It looks like she had a lip plumping too make it nutritious and in order to make it sexy lip. She might have felt that she needed to keep young, fresh and energetic to make her stay on track in entertainment industry. Due to many starlet has already appeared to stop her carrier. In some view she, has done the plastic surgery well. But she has freezer look, unnatural . She look so strange even though she is a so beautiful