Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brad Pitt Botox and Facial Fillers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Is it just me or does Brad Pitt look ‘redone’? One of his hobbies is renovating homes and maybe he has applied that technique to his face.

When he started in the industry, Brad had acne scars. Those appear to have vanished and his facial skin looks very smooth and even toned all over. If a man could be described as having a ‘peaches and cream complexion’, that would be Brad Pitt.

Despite Angelina Jolie, it’s probably her partner American actor and film producer Brad Pitt has plastic surgery done too. But like Angelina Jolie did, Brad Pitt plastic surgery rumor just remains unspoken. Its because this actor who receive four Academy Award nominations just smile and shy away when confirmed about this kind of plastic surgery rumor. Rumor stated that this 49 year old actor has under the needle for the Botox, facial filler and probably laser treatment. Although it was kind of minor facial work done, but Brad Pitt never clearly admitted does the rumor is true or not. But some people say that Brad Pitt does those cosmetic surgery because his partner, Angelina Jolie is younger than himself. That’s why there is a psychological burden on the Brad Pitt side to look at least as young as his partner. Whether the rumor of plastic surgery is true or the reason he do it, but so far Brad Pitt still looks good with it.

Some people don’t believe that Brad Pitt only put himself under the needle by undergoing Botox and facial filler. But some experts and media journalist both are agreed that they haven’t spotted that Bradd Pitt has more than minor facial work done. They believed that Bradd Pitt still too scared to get major facial work done like facelift or Browlift that why he decided to get Botox and Facial filler that was combined with laser treatment too. On the other hand, rumor has it that he has Otoplasty to refine her ear shape and size. Brad Pit only reported has Otoplasty is done to reduce his “Dumbo” ear into smaller things. Even for the vocal work, doctor and paparazzi both agree he just has Botox, filler and regular laser treatment.

What kind of plastic surgery Brad Pitt has done?

Botox and Facial Filler
So far if the rumor that Brad Pitt has undergone plastic surgery for the Botox and facial filler are true, the result looks good on this 49 year old man. Brad Pitt looks younger, as young as Angelina Jolie and still make every woman melted looking at his facial appearance. Brad Pitt face looks very smooth and flawless with bit elevated and lifted forehead from the regular Botox injection result. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden told Star Magazine that she only noticed  Brad Pitt has minor facial work done through Botox and facial filler. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden Botox helps Brad Pitt to get shinier and free wrinkle facial skin that makes him looks younger. The doctor also believed that Brad Pitt has conducted regular laser treatment called Fraxel and chemical peels for skin resurfacing procedure. The doctor also added that Brad Pitt cheek, lip and chin are more filled so she believed that he has Filler injection to add volume there. Dr. Jennifer Walden also added that Brad Pitt doesn’t show the indication of overdo Botox or facial filler so the result he looks good and younger with fresh and smooth facial skin.

Brad Pitt is an amazing and popular actor, which is reasonable if he is rumored with numerous gossips of plastic surgery. The rumor said that he has nose job for his nose looks different than before. Look at him, he is not young anymore, but his body and his face say different, still fresh and tight, that is why many speculations about plastic surgery rumors to him.

And one other factor of his handsomeness is his jaw; he is rumored having jaw implants because of it. Take a look closer to find out more from Brad Pitt before and after photos.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
Brad Pitt plastic surgery firstly rolling when his face was caught still in young look whereas he is not young anymore, he is for about more than 50 years old. Even in his old age, he can still attract the women who are younger than him. Based on before and after of Brad Pitt photos, he seemingly had some jobs done his face to enhance his good looking, he was accused of having rhinoplasty for his nose shape. Besides nose job, he was also charged of having facelift and some filler injections on his face, it can be seen through his latest appearance in which he is not likely as man with 50 years old; he looks younger than his age used to be. In his 50s years old, his face still looks fresh as though facial fillers and Botox were well done there so that his face appears tighter than he should be. From the comparison between his old and latest pictures, it was found that his jaw also appeared differently each other. His latest jaw looks as though it was implanted with some filler.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, Brad Pitt face jobs are noticeable that he has minor facial procedures done including Botox and facial filler injections. He told that those filler injections possibly helped him to obtain the youthful appearance without any wrinkles on his face. Besides those surgical procedures, he was likely having skin laser treatment routinely which is usually well recognized as Fraxel and chemical peels. Based on before and after photos, the doctor convinced that the most attractive man apparently had his cheek, lip, and chin were injected with some fillers so that they look fuller. But most of them have been done based on his face proportion, they did not look overdo. And the result of those procedures can be seen throughout his fresher and smoother face skin.

In short, many believed that his effort to have youthful appearance was inspired by his co-star Angelina Jolie who was also charged of having plastic surgery. So he decided to have minor facial procedures to enhance his youthful appearance as well. The most important thing that we have noticed from his effort to enhance his appearance is that he did not go further for plastic surgery, he did it based on his face proportion.