Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rumors Blake Lively Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Blake Lively has done nose job before which she publicly confirmed. There’re too many photos to prove her nose became much smaller than before with the bridge of the nose much narrower!

Blake Lively nose job is a successful one. Before, she had a prominent tip that was quite broad and downwardly pointed, particularly when smiling. She also had some problems with her wide and broad nasal bridge. Her plastic surgery included some tip cartilage removal, nose tip narrowing that could define a pointed nose as well as nose tip rotation.

Additionally, her nose bridge was lowered during the procedure and extremely narrowed. Nevertheless, Blake Lively’s look wasn’t substantially changed. The tip of her nose was simply repositioned and beautifully miniaturized. Still, it’s her nose tip. Her nose bridge was merely transformed wonderfully to match her refreshed look.

After some interviews with Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif and Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, they accounted how they appreciated the nutritious result of nose job before and after. The actress said her nose was really wonderful and she had discovered great rhinoplasty doctors who made her look even better.

With or without her nose transformation, Blake Lively is really beautiful and stunning. On the other hand, she knows that she can enhance her already stunning look through the use of a nose job surgery.

Blake Lively  is a famous actress and has worked in several movies. The surprising thing about Blake Lively is that she has experienced plastic surgery in her early 20s. Before she came in front of the public, she transformed her nose with the help of plastic surgery. The proof of her plastic surgery can be noted in her old pictures with wide bridges of the nose. Now she has mush narrower bridges and quite a pretty nose.

Blake Lively plastic surgery is in rumors for years that is refused by her but her old photos are speaking the truth. In her pictures, it is completely visible that she had a smaller breast and a broad nose. Now her boobs size is larger than before. The reason behind her sexy breast is not her weight gain but her plastic surgery. She has definitely implanted her breast.

Blake Lively was rumored to have done plastic surgery of breast implants. If you look at the photos below, her breast seems much smaller larger before and it’s not because of weight gain or pregnant! So the only reason to explain this change is she had done breast implants!

What kind of plastic surgery Blake Lively had done

Blake Lively Nose Job (Rhinoplasty):
The nose job is one of surgery procedure that was alleged to Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively. There are  a lot of her before and after plastic surgery procedures for the nose job that spreading on the internet. Some said that it’s true that her nose looks shorter in it’s shape than before. It doesn’t mean that she has a piggy nose but everybody must be knowing that she uses date has wide condition in the nasal board area. The wider nasal board area than the bridge seems to make her nose less proportional. She said nothing about her nose condition at that time. She neither said feeling uncomfortable or feel insecure about her nose. But now, her nose seems more defined than before. The nasal board looks more pinched and smaller and more cramped. It looks suit’s with her nasal bridge that looks higher than before. Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn even said that her new nose looks so suit’s to her face. The doctor explains that her nose appear thinner and it suit’s her face perfectly.

Blake Lively Breast Implants:

She was also accused to have breast implant procedure regarding her before and after picture that spreading on the internet. She was accused has breast implants to prepare herself before marries to actor Ryan Reynold years ago. In Blake Lively before and after photos, people stated that her breast seems bigger, larger and tougher than before. It’s really obvious especially when she was wearing low cut dress that showing her protruding and bigger her breast is. In this condition, people said that she is now having very up and though breast, looks fuller and juicier than before. Even some people said that Blake Lively is too young for the breast implant, but they admit that she looks so great with it. But, among the experts there is pros and cons about her breast implant rumor. Like a Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer that believes she has moderate breast implant procedure. The result really good and great on her. But different explanation was delivered by Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston. He said that she does not show the indication of breast implant. Magical wardrobe like bustier and push up bra help her very much, that’s why her breast is till very natural on her.

Whether Blake Lively is too young for plastic surgery or not, I think she is mature enough to know the risk. But until this time she only conducted the moderation procedure so she still looks natural and great.