Friday, October 11, 2013

Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Lips and Facelift

Aubrey O’Day is a famous American actress who has got the experience of plastic surgery. She was born in 1984 and now she is celebrated her 28th birthday. She is known as one of the hottest celebrities of her time. She is famous not only in her own state but also in the overseas. Her fans, media and colleagues have suddenly found some amazing changes in her looks. Her changes are so visible and obvious that nobody can miss to spot them. She has bigger eye lashes, bigger breast, longer hair and sexy lips now.

Did Aubrey O’Day Have Plastic Surgery?

It seems that Aubrey O’Day has fallen into the “did she or didn’t she have plastic surgery?” trap.

The California native was born February 11, 1984 and is most famous for being the standout member in the now defunct R&B group Danity Kane.

Aubrey O’Day was fired on national TV during the October 7, 2008, episode of “Making the Band 4” when her role-model and mentor Sean “P. Diddy” Combs accused her of using Danity Kane to push her own agenda.

He didn’t think she represented the girl he had originally hired and complained about her increasingly sexy appearance, demeanor, and side projects which included starring on Broadway as Amber Von Tussle in “Hair Spray” and posing for men’s magazines.

Ever since Aubrey O’Day’s celebrity rose, there has been much speculation on whether or not she’s ever gotten “work” done. Even her most loyal fans have chimed in on whether or not she did. Her obvious physical changes over the last five years have been questionable.

So, let’s set the record straight. We’ll compare a few pictures of Aubrey taken in her early twenties with her more recent image.

In this first set of photos, Aubrey has similar facial expressions. Her eyebrows are the same shape and have the same form. Her eyes are light, pale green and her teeth are white and aligned. She even has the same set of parenthesis around her mouth.

Her eyes are not pulled back nor is there any stretched forehead skin from a face lift or botox. In both pictures, her top lip is thin and her bottom lip is plump. In the left picture, her makeup gives off an illusion of a slightly thicker bottom lip (makeup wouldn’t have any purpose otherwise).

These photos are taken five years apart. She has makeup in one, no makeup in the other. She just grew up – a girl on the right and a woman on the left.

Her jawline in these photos are different. One is more pointier than the other. So yeah, she definitely got plastic surgery.

Now take a closer look at the picture up top. When she turns her face slightly you can see a more tapering tip. But when she looks at you head on, it disappears. Sorry, it was just a false alarm! No plastic surgery done here.

Let’s take caution from now on, pay careful attention to details, and not make rash decisions that spread false rumors.

Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery is the basic cause of her beautiful and sexy figure that can grab the attention of viewers immediately.  In fact, she is a celebrity who refuses to admit that she has done plastic surgery of her breast, face and wrinkles. Aubrey O’Day first came on to the scene in the year 2005 through a reality show “making the band” . She became a bright star with lots of fans since her first work on MTV.

Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery has transformed a stone cold ox into cast member. Now she has boobs like watermelons and lips just like a red rose. Her wrinkled faced has been changed into a teenager fresh and charming face.

Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery has given her a lot of benefits. In her high school days, she was using A cup but after becoming a star her breast size increased. She started wearing C cup. Now she looks more sexy and appealing. Aubrey O’Day  is the center of gossips of Hollywood actors, actresses and producers. Still she is refusing to admit about her plastic surgery. We can easily spot out the differences in her old and new pictures. Moreover, her plastic surgery of boobs has been noticed by improper silicon pads  implantation. One of her boobs is slightly higher than the other.

Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery has made her more beautiful by her long hair and eyelashes. Her face with totally change looks has surprised her fans and they are more willing to watch her movies. She is the topic of discussion in print and electronic media. Unlike other actors and actresses,  she has hidden her plastic surgery event from all her audiences. However her looks and specially 34D size of the cups has alarmed the media.